Your Destiny Awaits Chapter 9 : Edward's Issues

Your Destiny Awaits

By : Lost Betwixt Worlds

Disclaimer : I own nothing in regards to Twilight save the characters William Thomas Whitlock Cullen and Abby Warren and this storyline. All rights, privileges and so forth belong to Mrs. Stephanie Meyers who graced us with the world of Twilight, the Cullen family, the Swan family, the Black family and everyone or thing in between.

Chapter 9 : Edward's Issues


I had been waiting for this moment. A time when I could get this beautiful girl alone and kiss her senseless. A time when I could feel the softness of her lips , her hair. The gentle curves of her body.

I knew that I needed to take things slowly and that I needed to be aware of

my strength. This slip of a girl could easily get hurt or killed if I didn't keep a check on not only my vampiric strength, but also my emotions.

I could feel everything that she was feeling, which only helped to intensify how I felt. If I let go of too much at a time, the results could be disastrous.

I allowed my free hand to tangle in her hair and tightened my grip on her waist with my other hand.

This was heaven and I didn't want it to end, ever. After all this time of feeling everyone else's emotions when it came to their mates, I was finally able to really understand the feeling. Carlisle's devotion to Esme, Jasper's ties to Alice, Rosalie and Emmett's hot passion and Edward's deep love for Bella. Were I too lose this girl in my arms, I very possibly would wish to no longer exist.

In the short amount of time that Abby had been in our lives, my life, I realized that this girl in my arms had changed me not to mention my family.

As her breathing started to become shallow, I realized that she, unlike me, needed to breathe. As I released my claim on her mouth, Abby moaned at the loss. “ Why are you stopping?” she asked in a breathless voice. “ I don't want to stop, but you need air sweetheart.” I replied with a small chuckle and trailed kisses across her jaw and over to her earlobe. “ Breathing is highly over rated.” she stated.

“ Be that as it may, it is essential to your continued survival Sugar.” I stated before placing another gentle kiss on her lips and pulling away.

Emmett chose that moment to barge into Abby's room without so much as a knock.

“ Abbs you need to get you ass downstairs, Esme has breakfast ready and Bells is already.....” looking between Abby and I, Emmett's eyes got big as saucers “ Did I disturb something?” Emmett asked slyly.

“ Yes” we said together.

Abby's POV

I had thought I was alone in the room when the door closed. To discover I was not alone made me slightly nervous and I had to take in a slow breath least I send something or someone flying or god forbid blow up something. While I was slowly gaining control of my powers, sudden movements and unexpected appearances caused me to 'slip' and although Esme kept assuring me that it was ok, I knew that she had to be getting fed up with repairing or replacing things all the time.

Most of the time it was Emmett's antics that caused my 'slippage', but the others had all at one time or another startled me resulting in some sort of damage. I was starting to wonder how Pru and Piper managed.

I looked up and found myself lost in a pair of golden eyes. William pushed himself off of the wall and stalked towards me. My mouth was suddenly dry an my heart sped up the closer he got. “ William what are you doing?” I asked as he stopped directly in front of me. I took a step backwards only to have his arm snake around my waist and pull me to him. My mind was going in a thousand different directions and when he wove his fingers into my hair, the electric shocks went straight to my core.

“ Perhaps this will help you figure it out.” he whispered in a husky voice and then he kissed me.

The shock I felt at his movement was quickly replaced by longing. This man had been starring in my dreams on a nightly basis for the last three weeks and where I had only dreamed of him kissing me, it was now actually happening.

I never wanted him to stop. “ Any ideas yet?” William asked me as he broke the kiss.

“ I think I need another clue.” I told him in a breathless voice.

“ Gladly sweetheart.” He stated and then crashed his lips to mine, his tongue seeking entrance which I gladly granted.

This was heaven and I never wanted it too end. It felt right to be in his arms, to have him kissing me.

William slowly broke our kiss and I groaned at the loss. When I asked him why he stopped, he replied that I needed to breathe and I told him that breathing was overrated. He trailed his mouth across my jaw and over to my ear as I caught my breathe and I felt like I had a tightly coiled spring lodged in the pit of my stomach. I really had no clue why or even what it was but I liked the feeling.

Before I could get William to return to my lips, Emmett came busting into the room. I vaguely heard him mention Esme and cooking. Before either I or William could reply, Emmett had his goofy grin and was asking “ Did I interrupt something?”

William and I looked at each other and then looked at Emmett and said together “ Yes”.


Esme was fixing breakfast for Bells & Abby who had yet to make an appearance . I know girls like to take their time getting dressed and all, hell Rosie sure did, but breakfast was going to get cold if that little human didn't get down here soon.

“Emmett could you please see what's keeping Abby?” asked Esme as she scrambled eggs & piled bacon on Abby's plate.

“ Sure thing mom.” I replied heading for the stairs.

“ And Emmett?” queried Esme

“Yeah?” I asked, although I was pretty sure what she was going to say.

“ Try to keep the surprise/destruction factor to a minimum today please?”

Knew that was coming. “I'll try mom, but you know how jumpy Abby is, so no solid promises.”

As I headed for Abby's room, I wondered again what could be taking her so long. Abby was never one to dawdle, since she tended to ignore Alice when it came to hair/makeup/accessories. Abby was a simple style which drove Alice crazy, but unlike Bella who could be 'guilted' into things, Abby was firm in her choices.

As I got to Abby's room, I swore I heard Will's voice. That can't be right.

Without a second thought or even a knock to announce myself, I walked into Abby's room and was greeted by the sight of William and Abby holding each other tight and kissing.

Two sets of eyes were staring at me with a mixture of amusement and annoyance.

I knew I had a grin on my face as I looked from one to the other and asked “Did I interrupt something?”

Their unified answer of 'Yes' was enough for me to do a little happy dance inside my head and think to myself “well about damn time, I was starting to think that Edward's monk like demeanor was rubbing off on you Willy boy”.

“ Did you want something specific Emmett or did you come to get your ass kicked again?” snickered Abby with a deep blush staining her cheeks.

“Huh?” ok stupid much Emmett “Umm yeah, Esme sent me to find you and let you know to get your ass downstairs since your breakfast is getting cold.”

“ OK, tell her I'll be down in a minute, I just need to get dressed.” said Abby.

“ OK.” I stated as I left the room.

“ I'll see you downstairs sweetheart.” whispered William as he placed a chaste kiss on Abby's lips.

There was no response as Abby was trying to regulate her breathing.

“Boy must be a damn good kisser to have her that flustered.”

As Will and I headed towards the kitchen, I did what came naturally and boldly asked “So how was it?”

“How was what Emmett?” replied Will

“ The kiss William, how was the kiss?” I asked

“ It was nice and well worth the wait.” stated Will “and before you say or ask anything else Emm, that is the limit to the information you are getting at this time.”

The look he gave me told me that pushing the 'envelope' so to speak would guarantee me an ass kicking of more than one kind, so I did the wise thing for once. I shut my mouth.

General POV

It only took Abby a matter of minutes to get dressed once William was out of her room. As Abby made her way downstairs, she passed Carlisle coming out of his study.

“ Good morning my dear, did you sleep well?” asked Carlisle

“ Yes thank you Carlisle, did you have a good night?” replied Abby with a smile.

“ Yes I did my dear thank you.” answered Carlisle with a grin.

“ Are you headed for the hospital or just coming home?” asked Abby as they started to descend the stairs together.

“ I'm actually off for the next few days.” replied Carlisle

As they entered the kitchen, Abby was greeted by the smell of bacon/eggs/toast & juice and found Esme was just putting a plate on the table for her.

“ Thank you Esme, you didn't have to make me breakfast.” said Abby as she sat in the chair that William was holding for her.

“ Nonsense dear.” replied Esme “ I enjoy cooking for you girls.”

Edward, Jasper, Alice & Rosalie all entered the kitchen at the same time and it seemed that Alice had forgiven both her siblings and husband for the earlier events that had transpired in Abby's room.

A few things happened at that point. Jasper was grinning like a man possessed at both his brother and Abby. Edward was glaring at William and Alice got the glazed over look that preceded a vision.

“ William may I speak to you outside? “ asked Edward in a tense voice.

“ Edward” began Alice “I don't think that's a good idea.”

“ Not now Alice.” said Edward in a harsh voice “ Outside William, now.”

William smiled at Abby and brushed a stray hair behind her ear “ I'll be right back sugar.”

Alice shook her head “ Will please?” she pleaded

“ Relax pixie, we're just gonna talk.” William told Alice as he walked by her and ruffled her hair.

As the two men disappeared into the backyard, Abby looked at each face of the remaining family members before settling on Alice.

“ Alice will you please tell me what the hell is going on?” demanded Abby.

“ Edward saw Will's thoughts about kissing you and he's not happy about it.” replied Alice sadly.

Abby just stared at Alice.

Jasper had put his arms around his wife's waist and Carlisle and Emmett had each done the same with their mate.

Bella smiled sadly at Abby.

“ Edward sort of has issues when it comes to intimate relationships between vampires and humans.” explained Bella.

“ Since when the hell is it Edward's concern what William and I do? “ Abby asked


As soon as both men were in the backyard and away from the house Edward turned to William and started yelling.

“ What the hell were you thinking William, do you have any idea how easy it would have been to hurt Abby with that stupid stunt of yours?”

“ It's none of your concern Edward, so kindly stay the fuck out of my head.” replied William in a tense voice.

“ We are predators and Abby could easily get hurt or killed because of what we are.” fumed Edward.

“ For the record Edward I know precisely what we are, what I am and what could potentially happen if I am careless.”

“ Potentially William? There is no potentially, only a very high probability.” stated Edward in a voice that seemed more fitting to an adult reprimanding a small child than a worried brother.

William ran his hands thru his hair and attempted to calm himself down. Carlisle would not be happy if he hurt Edward, hell Esme & Bella would more than likely be very pissed if he had to resort to removing body parts in order to get Edward to back off. The direction of his relationship with Abby was none of Edwards damn concern and he sure as hell was not going to deny either one of them if it got that far.

“ Are you out of your mind? That could kill her!” Edward yelled

“ I told you to stay out of my fucking head Edward.” William stated tersely.

“ What Abby and I do or don't do is NONE of your damn concern Edward.” said William as he tried to keep a grip on his calmness. Edward was angry and projecting said anger at William making it hard to do the right thing and just walk away.

“ You know maybe if you took your head out of your ass Edward and actually bedded Bella like a real man, then you wouldn't be up in everyone's business.”

Edward's hands were clenching and unclenching and William felt Edward's resolve crumbling. If Edward was stupid enough to attack than that was his problem and for Bella's sake he would try not to kill him.

“ What did you say William? “ asked Edward in a deadly voice.

“ You heard me Edward. Just because your to chicken shit to make love to your human girlfriend who is literally throwing herself at you, doesn't mean that I have to follow your lead.”

Edward dropped to a fighting stance.

“ Kissing Abby was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced and let me tell you something little boy, I would do it again in a heartbeat.” William briefly thought about the kiss that had taken place just a short while ago and knew that Edward was invading his thoughts when he heard a low growl.

“Just because you want to live like a monk and force your girlfriend to take cold showers after you get her worked up and then shoot her down, doesn't mean the rest of us have to suffer. As long as Abby wants me to kiss her and hold her close I will, and if and when the time comes that we decide to be intimate, I will do everything I can to make it amazing for her.”

William did not bother to shield his thoughts from Edward's prying mind as he thought about all the things that he could do, wanted to do and prayed to God that Abby would let him do to her.

Edward's growl grew and William knew just from the emotions he was putting out alone when Edward launched himself to attack.

But the attack never came. Instead Edward was lying some 150 feet in the trees and trying to untangle himself from a mass of fallen trunks.

William realized that he was not alone when he sensed smugness rolling off of Jasper, mild sadness from Alice and fierce anger.

The anger though was not coming from Bella, although she was flipping through anger, sadness and determination ( let's see you get out of this one Eddy I thought to him quickly). The intense, I do mean INTENSE anger was coming from Abby and she was the reason that Edward was in the trees.

After finally extricating himself from the numerous fallen trunks and branches that had been the victims of Abby's wrath, Edward was quickly in front of me.

Jasper, Emmett,Rosalie and Carlisle were just behind me while Alice and Esme stayed at Bella's side.

Bella had her head buried in Esme's shoulder as she softly cried.

“ If you think for one moment that I am going too.....”

began Edward before he was cut off.

“ Edward do us ALL a favor and shut the fuck up.” came the firm, even voice of Abby.

The look on Edward's face was priceless.

“ What did you say Abby? “ asked Edward in a dumbfounded voice.

“ I said shut up.” stated Abby again “ You have issues Edward, serious issues that you need to deal with before you lose Bella who loves you no matter how big a jerk you act. As for mine and Will's relationship, we have neither asked for nor want your opinion on the matter since it is OUR relationship and NOT yours.”

Abby was standing toe to toe with Edward and was quite literally in his face.

“ Get a grip, get a life and get over yourself.”

No one had ever told Edward to get a grip before , and it was obvious from what I was sensing that Edward was actually scared .

Damn if I didn't find that hot!

A/N : Sorry for taking so long on getting this chapter out. I knew what I wanted but had a hard time getting from my brain to the page. I think I rewrote this chapter about 5 or 6 times before it actually got to where I wanted it.

So tell me what you think, come on don't be shy.

Awww come on I don't bite.....much!


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