Your Destiny Awaits Chapter 8 : Figure It Out

Your Destiny Awaits

By: Lost Betwixt Worlds

Disclaimer: I do not now nor will I ever own Twilight, that honor goes to Mrs. Stephanie Meyers.

I am simply borrowing the Cullen's and Bella for a little mischief and fun of my own design. I do however own the idea for this story and the characters William Thomas Whitlock Cullen and Abby Warren.

Chapter 8 : Figure It Out

It had been three weeks since the Angel of Destiny had appeared and told me that whatever was going to happen in the rainy town of Forks Washington was going to have an impact on my life.

But it wasn't just what would happen in the town but to the Cullen family and Bella Swan that would affect my life as well.

I had a lot of questions, but literally no answers.

Carlisle and Esme ( they insisted that I NOT call them Dr. & Mrs. Cullen) were insistent that I stay with the family and though I tried to argue, I found myself agreeing happily. Both William and Jasper later admitted that they had both had a hand in influencing my agreement, although William claimed that he more than Jasper had been responsible. I gave them both hell which lasted about all of a minute and a half before I started feeling a blanket of calm envelope me. That in turn made me even angrier, which resulted in a broken window compliments of my new powers ( damn empaths), and although Esme assured me that no harm had been intended or done, I still found it difficult to look her in the eye.

Carlisle had taken to researching everything he could in regards to my powers or as he called them 'my gifts'.

We spoke at length about what the Angel had said in regards to what was going to happen and how my 'gifts' worked. Of course Carlisle wanted to see just how far my powers went which didn't really make Esme happy in the least and the shattered window incident didn't help.

The end result was that I could only use my powers outside unless it was an emergency or a life and death situation. Emmett had been present when Esme declared my powers were to be used outside only, but for some reason known only to him, Esme's declaration went in one ear and out the other without stopping for brain registration.

I was beginning to wonder if perhaps the frequent smacks that Rosalie delivered to the back of his head because of his comments and childish antics were actually causing some sort of brain damage.


Bella had arrived with an overnight bag and when I questioned her, she stated that we girls were having a slumber party of sorts while the boys went hunting. The look on my face must have been priceless as Bella, Alice and Rosalie were laughing like a pack of hyenas. When William, Jasper and Edward appeared to learn the reason for the laughing, it took Bella a few minutes to explain as she was laughing so hard. The boys looked at me for an explanation, but since I had no clue what was so funny, I just shrugged.

“ What's so funny love?” asked Edward as he wrapped his arm around Bella's waist. Jasper had joined Alice while William had positioned himself next to me. It was clear that they were both attempting to not join in the laughter. I was getting a little miffed. “ Obviously the joke is on me” I said allowing anger to creep into my voice “ So spill already.” I felt William slide his hand to the small of my back followed by a sense of calm. “Thanks.” I said while trying to avoid his eyes “ My pleasure Sugar.”

Bella calmed down enough to finally clue me in. “ I'm sorry Abby, it's just the look on your face when I said the boys were going hunting was just too funny. You looked like you might go into shock.”

I slowly shook my head “ Sorry still don't get.” I replied “ When you said 'the boys', you meant that either Jasper or William was staying behind while the others hunted right? “ I asked.

“ Actually Sugar we thought that since this would be a 'girls night', then it would be safe for both Jazz and I too go hunting.” William commented with a smile.

Whatever was going to be said next by anyone was interrupted by a sharp 'NO' from Alice.

William had removed his hand from my back to caress my cheek, and I felt rather than saw two large hands close around my waist and a voice in my ear whispered “ Gotcha!”

Two things happened at that point, ( neither which were pretty ), I let out a loud shriek ( ok that's three things but who's counting? ) of shock and fear, my attacker who just happened to be Emmett went flying backwards into the far wall resulting in an extremely large Emmett shaped hole and the couch exploded.

I looked at the couch and groaned. “ Just great now I owe Esme a new couch.” Whirling around to face Emmett, I saw that he had not moved and was looking at me in amazement tinged with fear. “ What the hell is your problem Emmett.” I yelled forgetting that I needed to keep a handle on my emotions “ Do you think my blowing stuff up or sending it flying through the air is funny asshole?” I had unknowingly advanced on Emmett and was mere inches from his face. “ I could have hurt someone you idiot. “ I pointed in Bella's direction “ I could have hurt Bella.”

Emmett blanched at the thought of his human baby sister getting hurt. My statement regarding Bella was followed by a series of popping sounds and I turned to see every pillow in the room burst like a balloon. “ Damn it.” I yelled at which every vampire in the room visibly flinched and the coffee table exploded.

William pulled me away from Emmett who was now cowering against the wall that I had sent him flying into and wrapped his arms around me. William's touch helped to disperse what anger I had left. I turned in his arms and buried my head in his chest sobbing as sorrow over the damage I had done to the house and could have possibly done to Bella replaced the anger I felt over Emmett's careless stunt.

William held me as I let my sorrow take over.

I was still sobbing in William's arms when Esme and Carlisle returned from the grocery store.

To say Esme was pissed would have been a serious understatement, although her anger was directed at her bear of a son. Once she and Carlisle were assured that no one had been seriously injured and Carlisle had given me a sedative to help calm me down enough so I could get some sleep with a little help from William, Esme read Emmett the riot act and promised that if he ever pulled a stunt like that on me again she would tear him into so many pieces that he would need a number chart just to put himself back together.

Needless to say the guys had to postpone their hunting trip and Rosalie cut Emmett off for a whole month.

Emmett finally got the message.

End Flashback

A sharp rap sounded at my bedroom door and before I could say 'come in ', Alice came bouncing into the room followed by Bella and Rosalie at a much slower pace.

I shook my head in amusement. “ I get that vampires don't need to sleep Alice,” I said with a giggle “ But you are so damn hyper.”

I looked at Bella, pointed at Alice and asked “ Has she always been this hyper?”

Bella pointed at Rosalie and said “ Talk to Rose, she's known her longer.”

I turned my attention to the always beautiful blonde and asked “ Is this normal for her ? ”

Rosalie smiled and sat at the foot of my bed “ Pretty much, we keep wondering when the batteries are gonna run out.” Bella and I just laughed as Alice shot Rosalie a filthy look. I looked at Rose with as straight a face as I could pull off at that moment and said “ You do realize it might help if everyone stopped shoving energizer batteries up her rear?”

Rosalie and Bella looked at each other and dissolved into laughter and I couldn't help but join in.

Jasper, William, Edward and Emmett walked into the room to find out what was so funny. As Edward was able to get the whole scenario straight from Rose's mind, he quickly joined in our laughter. It took a moment to bring the others up to speed, but once they had been informed, they too started laughing.

Shooting all of us including her husband filthy looks, Alice stormed from the room. Bella and I were laughing so hard we had tears in our eyes and Bella was sitting on the floor she was laughing so hard. Eventually we all calmed down and Jasper went in search of Alice.

I knew that I needed to apologize to Alice for my remarks, but she really did remind me of that annoying Energizer Bunny from the commercials.

Bella explained that the girls had originally been coming to get me for a shopping expedition that Alice had seen us all going on. It looked as though that little plan was now null and void.

Note to self : If one wishes to avoid a pixie planned shopping excursion in the future, pissing said pixie off should do the trick.

As everyone filed out of my room to allow me to get dressed, I got off the bed and headed towards the closet that Alice had stocked with clothes for me. Hearing the door to my room close softly, I figured that everyone had left. Taking a peach empire waisted blouse off the hanger and grabbing a pair of flat sandals, I turned towards the dresser intent on finding a pair of comfortable jeans. Instead I found myself staring into a set of golden eyes.

“ I thought you left with the others.” I whispered knowing full well that he could hear me. William pushed away from the wall were he had been leaning and slowly walked towards me.

The closer he got the faster my heart beat. I felt my cheeks burn and my mouth go dry. As he came to a stop directly in front of me, I took a step back only to have him wrap his arm around my waist and pull me flush against his chest.

“ William what are you doing? “ I asked in a voice that I barely recognized as my own.

Pulling me tighter to his body with one arm, I felt his other hand tangle in my hair.

“ William? “

“ Perhaps this will help you figure it out.” stated William as he tilted me face slightly upwards and kissed me soundly.

He pulled away slowly to let me breathe. “ Any ideas?” he asked in a husky voice.

I looked in his eyes and smiled “ I think I need another clue.”

William smiled back “ Gladly Sweetheart.”

This time the kiss was gentle and lingering and when I felt his tongue ask for entrance I parted my lips gladly.

A/N : Well it looks as though the chemistry between William and Abby is heating up.

I have never attempted anything like this before so tell me......

Like it? Hate it? Let me know.

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