Your Destiny Awaits Chapter 7: Choices To Make part 2

Disclaimer: Stephanie Meyers is the sole owner of Twilight. I'm simply borrowing her characters for a little bit of mischief of my own design. I do however own this storyline, William Thomas Whitlock Cullen and Abby Warren.

Chapter 7: Choices To Make part 2

Recap: The Angel of Destiny looked at the girl who had come to stand in front of him. “I'm sorry my dear, but you must stay until the events have played themselves out. As for the powers, I can tell you that they are not based in the craft. They are however linked to your emotions and you will be able to control them with a little practice and patience.”

Before Abby had a chance to ask anything else of the Angel he was gone and time had picked up right where it left off.

The Angel disappeared into thin air and Abby was left staring at the front entry way. Turning around she saw that Esme was finishing up with the vase that Abby had mistakenly blown up.

It took only a matter of moments for everyone to realize that Abby was no longer sitting beside William and the confused looks on their faces made it clear that they did not particularly care for the current situation. Quicker than Abby could blink, William was standing in front of her.


I reached out to take Abby's hand and was greeted with....air? What the hell?

The spot on the couch that had been occupied only a second ago by our guest was empty. How was that possible?

There was no way that she could have left without my family or I noticing. It was just not possible.

I looked at Jasper and saw that he was looking towards the front entry. Turning to see what my brother was concentrating on, I saw Abby just standing there with a sad look on her face.

Before she had a chance to react I was in front of her. “ Going somewhere sugar?” I asked her.

The sadness on her face was reflected in her eyes and were it not for the fact that I was a vampire, her

whisper soft comment would have gone unnoticed.

“ Where would I go?”


What the ….? How the hell did she make it to the front entry without calling attention to herself and why is she.......... wait did William just call her Sugar?


Not half bad for a human, I never even saw her move. Did William seriously just call her Sugar??


Well I never saw that coming.


I quirked my eyebrow at William. This slip of a girl was quickly wrapping my brother around her finger and the funny part was that she didn't even know she was doing it.

Smooth Willie, real smooth. Leave it to you to fall for a human who just might be able to kick your ass all the way back to Texas if you piss her off.


I looked at my family for a brief moment before turning my attention back to Abby. The look on Jasper's face was one of amusement and I had a feeling that if I were to make another remark containing the word Sugar, Honey or Sweetheart he would not let me forget about it anytime soon.

What was it about this girl? I had been around plenty of girls both human and vampire, and I had never felt at a loss before. But this girl, this slip of a human girl had me wondering what it would be like to hold her in my arms and kiss her until she was breathless. What would it be like to tangle my fingers in her copper colored tresses.

I looked into her green eyes and knew that if the chance to do these things presented itself I would not pass it up.

Abby's POV

' This was great, just great ' thought Abby to herself ' I'm stuck here with no way home, a houseful of vampires, well except for Bella,and powers that I have no idea how to control let alone even want.

Can this get any worse?

“ Going somewhere Sugar? “

“ Where would I go? “ I answered softly “Where would I go?”

I made the mistake at that moment of looking directly into William's eyes and while I was not a mind reader by any stretch of the imagination, I realized that he wanted something from me that would not help me in any sense of the word.

A hunger that had nothing to do with my blood

And the scary thing was that I wasn't sure if I had the strength to deny him whatever he asked of me.

A/N : Sorry it took me so long to get this chapter out. Between gearing up for the new school year ( I Homeschool my daughter) and attempting to get a manuscript finished and to the publisher, it's just a tad crazy on my end. Add to that mix a small amount of writer's block ( I started writing this chapter one way and it came another) and extremely little sleep........

Well I think you get the gist.........


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