Your Destiny Awaits Chapter 5 : A Little Thing Called CONTROL

Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight. Never have and never will. I do own this storyline, Abby Warren and William Thomas Whitlock Cullen. I am just playing around with Mrs. Meyers work and mean no harm .

Chapter 5: A Little Thing Called CONTROL

Abby stared at her hand as though she had suddenly sprouted snake heads from her fingertips. Looking at William who was sitting against the far living room was amidst a litter of wall plaster, she tried to piece together what had just happened.

Abby's little 'announcement' that vampires were not real had started everyone bombarding both herself and each other with questions and comments. Truthfully it was more than a little overwhelming, not to mention frustrating since she could barely catch what they were saying. Their voices were getting just a tad loud and all Abby wanted to do was get away from fallout.

Swiftly getting up, Abby backed herself up to the wall and placed her hands over her ears.

She vaguely heard Bella call Carlisle's name and realized that everyone had suddenly stopped talking and was looking at her. William got up from his spot on the couch and started to slowly make his way towards her. Alice's warning came too late.

Abby threw her hand straight out in front of herself to indicate that she wanted William to back up and just stay where he was. That one small innocent gesture instead of stopping him ( although in hindsight it did just that), sent the young man literally flying backwards into the far living room wall.

“ You have got to be frigging kidding me” Abby yelled at no one in particular “ as if dealing with a coven of vampires straight out of a book wasn't enough, now I have Pru Halliwell's power?!”

“Abby” came Carlisle's firm yet gentle voice “ you need to calm down.” Moving towards the young girl as slowly as he could without startling her, Carlisle held out his hand. “ It's going to be ok, no one is going to hurt you.”

Abby looked up from her hand and into Carlisle's eyes. Tears started to stream down Abby's face. “ Please, please just stay where you are.” She pleaded.

William had managed to get to his feet and started to make his way to Abby. The young girl was sobbing and it broke his dead heart. All of her concentration was focused on Carlisle for the moment and she had wrapped her arms around herself. When William was just a matter of inches away from her he gently called her name. “Abby?” he said gently “ We just want to help. Please sweetheart? Will you let us help you?”

Looking away from Carlisle, Abby realized that William was close enough to touch.

“ I'm sorry” she sobbed “ I didn't mean for that to happen. Oh god, I'm so sorry.”

Gently gathering the sobbing girl in his arms, William stroked her hair and let her cry.

As he held her to him, William made his way back to the couch and pulling her onto his lab he sat down. It was a good fifteen minutes before Abby started to pull herself together and cease her crying.

“ Feel a little better sweetheart? Asked William as he wiped a stray tear from her cheek.

Abby nodded and sat up. Looking at William, she noticed that she had soaked the front of his shirt with her tears. “ First I throw you into a wall and then I ruin your shirt by crying.” Abby said sheepishly.

“ No harm no foul.” smirked William as he brushed another tear away. “I'm sorry about the wall Mrs. Cullen.” she said as she looked at Esme.

Esme smiled at the young girl sitting on William's lap. “ Trust me dear” she said gently “ It's not the first time I've had to repair the walls in this house and being what we are, it's far from the last.”

The groans and “aw mom's” that followed her statement cut the tension that had been thick in the air.

The family started to find places to sit as William allowed Abby to get off his lap and take a spot on the couch next to him. Turning slightly, William asked the question that was on everyone's mind.

“Abby” he started “how did you manage to send me flying?”

“ I don't know” said Abby softly “ I didn't mean too, all I wanted was for you to stay

where you were.”

“Have you ever had that happen before?” asked Carlisle.

“ No, that's never happened. I've never done anything even remotely close.”

William could sense the fear, frustration and confusion that was gathering around the young girl and sent a wave of calmness and peace her way.

“Who is Pru Halliwell and why or how did you get her power?” asked Jasper.

Abby blushed furiously. “Pru Halliwell is a character on a show I watch called CHARMED.”

Blank stares were the only thing that greeted Abby's statement. “ Haven't you ever heard of it?”

“ No.” answered Bella shaking her head “What's it about?”

“Well it's about these three sisters who find out that they are Witches after their Grams dies.”

Everyone just looked at Abby. Taking a breath she continued. “ Their names are Pru, Piper and Phoebe and each one has a different active power along with being able to cast spells. Phoebe is the youngest and can see the future.” Abby looked at Alice as she said this. “ Pru is the oldest and can move things with her mind, I think it's called telekinesis and she can also astral project which let's her be in two places at one time.”

“Sweet.” came Emmett's voice in excitement “that little trick must come in handy.”

Abby smiled and shrugged “yeah the astral projecting is ok, but the down side is that she can't use her other power when she does that.”

“What about Piper?” asked Rosalie “what's her power?”

Abby grinned “ Piper has the firepower in the family, she can freeze time and blow things up.”

“How?” asked Rosalie

Abby thought carefully for a moment. “I think the gist of it is that when she gets scared she tends to throw her hands up and every thing just freezes. But when she gets made she clenches her hands and then flicks them at what ever it is that she's mad at.”

“I don't get it.” stated Rosalie in confusion.

Abby thought again for a moment and looked around the room. Spotting a vase of wilting flowers, Abby pointed to it “ She justs focus's on the thing she is mad at and ….” pretending to be angry at the vase, Abby mimicked Piper's hand gesture.

To everyone's shock and Abby's horror the vase exploded into a million pieces.

Eight pairs of eyes focused on Abby as she stared in horror at the broken vase.

“ Aw shit.” said Abby as she looked at Esme in sorrow “I'm sorry Mrs. Cullen.”

“Don't worry about it dear, it was an accident. It's not like you were actually trying to blow it up.”

Quicker than Abby could blink Esme had a broom and dustpan and was sweeping up the broken vase and wilted flowers.

Abby studied her hands for a few moments. “ I don't get it, why do I have Pru and Piper's powers, what's happening to me?”

“You don't actually have the Charmed Ones powers” came a deep voice “ what you have is a version of their powers.”

Abby looked up and realized that everyone was sitting absolutely still and not one head had turned towards the voice. Looking at Esme, Abby could see that she was frozen in place.

“Please tell me I didn't do that?” asked Abby weakly.

“ No my dear girl I did, although you are quiet capable of doing so yourself.”

Slowly Abby turned and looked at the man who had just suddenly appeared from thin air.

“Who are you and what is happening to me?”

“ I am the Angel of Destiny or at least one of the Angels.”

“ There's more than one?” asked Abby in disbelief

The Angel smiled “Of course.”

A/N : I wonder what kind of explanation the Angel is going to provide to our poor stressed Abby?


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