Your Destiny Awaits Chapter 4

Your Destiny Awaits

By Lost Betwixt Worlds

Disclaimer: I own nothing save my imagination, this storyline, the beautiful Abby Warren ( okay so I have envisioned her as beautiful), the handsome William Thomas Whitlock Cullen ( again my vision – thus he is HOT), canine versions of Carlisle and Esme. Other than that, the beautiful and wonderfully talented ( yes I'm groveling) Stephanie Meyers owns everything Twilightish and while I'm at it, this is not a crossover. But to cover my rumpass royale I do NOT own Charmed.

Speaking of which, let's check in with the girls shall we?

Me: Ummmm Piper does Leo usually take THIS long?

Piper: Well he is either avoiding us or something is up.

Grams: You still need to explain yourself missy ( points and wags finger in your writer's direction).

Pru: (plops down on couch in attic) Yea, I'd really like to hear this. Maybe it will be as good as some of Phoebe's excuses.

Me: Alright look ( sits next to Pru), I'm sending this girl somewhere completely out of her league. They already have one person who can't seem to stay away from trouble and I'm not looking to add to it. I just want her to be able to defend herself and maybe kick a little tail.

Piper: ( looks skeptical) So you want to make her a Witch?

Me: No, there will be no witchcraft.

Grams: So how do you explain her 'powers'?

Me: How do most people with special abilities explain what they can do?

Pru: ( shrugs her shoulders and looks at Piper) She's kinda got a point there.

Me: ( holds up hand to stop anyone else from speaking) This girl likes to read and she looks up to you girls and Grams and to be honest explaining what she can do by comparing it to what Pru and Piper can do is just easier.

Grams: But not Phoebe's powers?

Me: No, they already have someone who can foretell the future and 2 empaths, so I think that is enough.Pru, Piper & Grams: ( all look at each other) Well.... ( Grams speaks) As long as there is no witchcraft involved.

Leo: ( appears in a swirl of white lights) Sorry that took so long, apparently the Angel of Destiny is tied into this ( looks knowingly at me).

Me: ( slightly blushes and mutters to self ) Well that explains why I wanted to write it. ( looks at everyone) So the answer is?

Leo: Yes, but only because the Angel of Destiny has a hand in this. So don't get any ideas. Clear?

Me: ( Shakes head in agreement) Crystal

Piper:( throws hands up in the air in defeat) Fine, I don't like it but obviously it's out of my hands.

Pru: Well I'm all for protecting Yes.

Grams: Fine, I just hope you know what you are getting yourself and that young girl into.

Me: (shoots fist in the air for victory) Thank you all and I promise she will be fine. ( goes to leave) Ummmm Leo?

Leo: Yes?

Me: Could I have a little help getting home? Otherwise you girls just gained a roommate.

Leo: ( kisses Piper) I'll be right back. ( takes my hand and orbs me home)

YES! Now that we have solved that little glitch, what say we kick this baby into high gear.

So here you go. Enjoy.

Chapter 4


While the day may have started off in a somewhat normal manner for the Cullen Coven, it was quickly headed towards abnormal ( but what really constitutes normal or abnormal when you are immortal?).

The young girl in William's arms had not stirred in the few minutes that it actually took him to get to the house. Hopefully Carlisle would have some answers, because he was quite frankly at a loss. The fact that Alice had called and told him that everyone was home when they had only left a short time ago, made him wonder also if Alice knew more than she claimed.

Esme had the front door open. “Carlisle is in the Living Room Will.” Nodding his head in understanding, William headed for the Living Room and laid Abby gently on the couch. The entire family and Bella were present.

While normalcy was the name of the game, every single member of the Cullen Coven was anything but normal with the exception of Bella. Being human, in this house at least had it's drawbacks and now there were two humans to contend with.

Carlisle knelt near the unconscious girl and checked her pulse. “ Her pulse is a little fast, but it's strong. That's a good sign.” Esme let out an audible sigh “ Thank goodness” she said softly. Pulling a penlight out of his pocket, Carlisle proceeded to check her pupils. “How long has she been unconscious son?” he asked without actually looking in Will's direction.

Sitting near her feet on the couch, Will looked at Abby in concern. “ Will?” asked Carlisle “How long has she been out?” Looking at the man he called 'Father', he said quietly “About 10 minutes.”

Running his hand through his hair William continued “ I should have been able to prevent this” motioning to the unconscious girl on the couch “ I felt her emotions, felt her getting worked up and instead of calming her down....” he let the sentence hang.

“ You can't beat yourself up over this bro.” came Jasper's calm voice. “ I know you, and I know you don't like controlling people's emotions unless it's necessary. It's part of who you are.”

Jasper and William looked at each other. “ How the hell did you get so insightful when you are three year younger than me?” asked Will in amusement. “It's a gift.” quipped Jasper.

Bella giggled, Edward looked at Jasper and rolled his eyes, Emmett was trying to hold his laughter in and Rosalie was glaring at all of them in disgust. “Great, just great..” snarled Rosalie “ we have yet ANOTHER human to contend with and all you lot can do is make jokes.”

“ Rose” admonished Esme gently. “Babe take it easy.” came Emmett's reply as he wrapped his arms around his wife's waist.

Everyone's attention had momentarily shifted away from the young girl who was laying on the couch until a soft voice caught their attention.

“ What happened, where am I ? “ asked Abby as she struggled to sit up.

Carlisle's gentle yet firm hand stopped her. “ Just lie still.” he said gently “ We don't want you passing out again.”

Looking directly at Will she asked again “ Please, where am I ?” The fear in her voice was evident and it cut through William like a knife. “It's alright sweetheart “ he said as he gently laid his hand on her leg “ You're safe, I promise.”

Abby looked at her surroundings. It was obvious that she was in someone's home and if she had to venture a guess, she would say that it belonged to the man who had told her to lie still.

While nothing was really familiar, Abby felt as though she should know these people somehow and yet she wasn't really sure that she wanted the answer. “ Please, I just want to go home.” she said in a trembling voice. Tears started to trickle down her cheeks. As the flow of tears increased, so did her heart rate. Surprisingly though before William or Jasper had a chance to send a wave of calm her way, Bella was at her side with a glass of water.

“Here “ said Bella gently handing the frightened girl the glass “I think you could use this.” Abby looked at Bella beseechingly. Placing the glass in Abby's hand Bella said “You drink and I'll talk. Ok? “ Taking the glass Abby nodded her head in agreement.

“Bella love do you think this is...” Bella waved her hand at Edward “ Not now Edward.”

Turning her attention back to the girl on the couch, Bella smile gently and began the introductions.

“ My name is Bella Swan.” she said in her gentle voice. “This gentleman” she pointed to Carlisle “ is Dr. Carlisle Cullen and his wife Esme.” Both smiled sweetly at the young girl. “That bear of a man is Emmett” she said pointing in the direction of the man she had come to regard as a big brother, “and the blonde is Rosalie his wife.” Emmett grinned at Abby, while Rosalie in typical style just glared. “I don't think she likes me.” whispered Abby. Bella just smiled “ That's just Rosalie, don't pay her any mind.” Rosalie let out a low snarl while everyone else just chuckled. “ The worrywart over there” she said motioning to Edward “ is my boyfriend Edward.”

“The little dark haired girl is Alice and the man next to her is her husband Jasper.” said Bella indicating the couple.” Alice waved her hand at Abby while Jasper just gave her a small smile and nodded his head in her direction. “ This young man “ said Bella motioning back to the couch and the man sitting at Abby's feet “is William.” Abby smiled shyly at William “we sorta met already.”

“ You have a beautiful smile.” said William as he reached out and wiped a tear off her cheek “ and it shouldn't be marred by tears.” That one small gesture sent Abby into a virtual meltdown and she shivered as his cool fingers glided across her cheek. William and Abby stared at each other as if there were no others present in the room. Someone lightly coughed . “Looks like Bella's not the only one who gets dazzled.” quipped Edward in a teasing voice.

“Do you have a name dear?” asked Esme gently. “Abby” she said timidly “ my name is Abby Warren.”

The tension in the room seemed to lessen. Bella had gone to stand by Edward who wrapped his arms around her and whispered in her ear “ Nicely done Love.” to which Bella's simple response was to snuggle into his side.

Abby was looking at each couple in the room in turn and when she brought her gaze back to William she shook her head sadly.

“As much as I want to believe this is real, I know it's not.” sighed Abby.

“Why do you say that sweetheart?” asked William as he shot a look at Edward “Can you get a read on her thoughts Edward” he asked silently. Edward shook his head no.

“Because the Cullen's are characters in a book and there is no such thing as vampires.” stated Abby quietly but firmly.

The silence in the room was instantaneous as everyone present absorbed her words. Just as quickly everyone save Bella was talking at once and since she wasn't a vampire and everyone was talking at vampire speed, Bella thought it best to stay silent.

Looking at the young girl on the couch, Bella realized that the situation was causing Abby to become far more stressed than was good for her at the moment . “ Carlisle “ came Bella's clear voice as she indicated to Abby. Once again the room fell silent. In all the ruckus everyone save Bella had failed to notice that Abby had gotten up from the couch and pressed herself against the far wall with her hands over her ears.

Overwhelmed the young girl was repeating over and over “This isn't real.” like a lifesaving mantra.

Jasper sent a wave of calm throughout the room, while William concentrated on sending a gentle calming vibe at Abby herself. As calmness overtook the room Alice was seized by a vision. Edward stared at Alice in disbelief as he caught the vision. Snapping out of the vision, Alice yelled out a warning to William. “ Will don't” was all Alice managed before he went flying backwards into the far wall.

All eyes were on Abby who had her hand stretched out in front of her like she was trying to stop something or as the case was someone.

The look on her face clearly showed that she was as surprised as anyone by what had just happened. Turning her palm towards herself, she looked at it as though it was not really a part of her. It was her words though that shocked everyone next.

“ You have got to be frigging kidding me “ Abby yelled at the air “ as if a coven of vampires straight out of a book weren't enough to deal with, now I have Pru Halliwell's power? “

A/N: Well now.....isn't this a fine kettle of fish ? Honestly this was not an easy chapter. How I envisioned it and how it came out in written form was interesting to say least.

So don't be shy, tell me what you think ( just don't be mean about it). Please review, it's not only good for the soul, but helps me to grow as a writer.


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