Your Destiny Awaits Chapter 3 : This Can't Be Happening

Disclaimer: I do not own or hold the rights to TWILIGHT in any way, shape or form. The same goes for CHARMED ( and before you ask, no this is not a crossover).

I do own this story line, Abby Warren, William Thomas Whitlock Cullen and two full blood Dachshunds named Carlisle & Esme ( so technically I do own something TWILIGHTish).

Me: Please, pretty please with strawberries and whipped cream may I borrow your powers?

Pru: Nope, no way

Piper: Magic is not for playing with.

Me: I'll give them back when this is over. I PROMISE.

Pru: Leo you're the Whitelighter you tell her.

Leo: I'll have to check with the Elders ( quickly orbs away).

Piper: ( yells into the air) CHICKEN!

Pru: Grams, a little help here

Grams: Girls it's not like you'll be powerless in this realm..

Me: ( smiles widely) Thanks Grams.

Grams: I'm not your Grams and don't thank me yet because you have some serious explaining to do young lady.

Pru: This ought to be good.

Piper: Yeah, can't wait to hear this one.

Me : ( throws hands up in frustration) Oh for the love of …..

This might take longer than I thought everyone so why don't you start reading without me.


Chapter 3 : This Can't Be Happening

William decided that he wasn't going to go too far from the house for his 'hunting' excursion. He was pretty confident that Emmett wouldn't hurt Bella, but accidents did happen. It just so happened that Bella was on the receiving end the majority of the time. Lucky for Bella that Carlisle was a Doctor.

William shook his head at this last thought. Just then he caught a whiff of deer and without another thought took off after his meal.

Forty-five minutes and three deers later William had finished and was now just sitting on the riverbank gathering his thoughts.

While it wasn't uncommon for Alice's visions to be sketchy, it was unusual for her to not be able to give anyone in the family more information than what she had.

Both she and Edward seemed to think that whatever was going to take place would be near home.

At that precise moment, the wind started whipping the trees as though there were no tomorrow. Lightening streaked across the sky. Thunder reverberated so loudly that William was sure, that had he not been a vampire, he would surely go deaf from the volume of it. Then the rain came. Not the drizzling rain that the residents of Forks were used to. No this rain made you want to seek cover.

A particularly loud clap of thunder filled the air and a brilliant flash of light momentarily blinded him.

Then just as fast as it had started, it was over.

William opened his eyes just in time to see a young girl stumble and pitch forward towards the ground. Without thinking about it, William reached out and wrapped his arms around her. Thus preventing her from hitting the ground.

As he looked down at the young girl in his arms, she opened her eyes and looked straight at him.

It was as if time had chosen that moment to slow down to literally a crawl.

Will's POV:

Green, her eyes were a dazzling shade of emerald green. It was like staring at a lush field of clovers. Her hair was a soft shade of burnished copper and both her hair and her skin held the faint scent of lavender and roses.

Taking a deep ( although unneeded) breath, William committed her scent to memory.

Abby's POV:

The thunder had been so loud and the lightening so bright it had quiet literally knocked her off her feet. So wait, why wasn't she on the ground?

Oh, yeah that's right, she wasn't on the ground. Instead she was wrapped in the cold but strong embrace of a complete stranger.

A stranger who just happened to be the lucky owner of the most beautiful pair of eyes the color of burnt gold.

Nobody's POV:

It took what seemed a lifetime but was in actuality only mere minutes, before Abby and William remembered that they were capable of both movement and speech.

William was the first to recover. “ Are you okay sweetheart?” he asked gently as he placed the young girl back on her feet.

For the space of a handful of heartbeats, Abby just stared.

“ Sweetheart, are you okay?” asked William again.

Abby slowly shook her head as if to clear it. “ Yeah, I mean yes. I'm fine.” she replied in a shaky voice. “ Thanks for catching me, I really thought I was going to hit the ground.”

“ My pleasure.” replied William with a grin. “ Do you have a name, or should I just keep calling you sweetheart ?”

“ My name is Abby, Abby Warren.” she replied softly.

“ Well Abby Warren, it's a pleasure to meet you. My name is William Cullen, but you can just call me Will.” he said with a small chuckle.

Abby found she was having a hard time focusing on anything save her rescuers voice. Her stomach felt like a butterfly circus had just set up shop.

William took a step back. Her emotions were all over the place and he didn't want her to feel overwhelmed.

“ May I ask what you are doing out here?” queried William.

“ I was on my way home from school and I..... “, Abby looked around at her surroundings for the first time. “ Where am I, because I don't remember ever seeing that stream on my way home.”

“ That stream has always been there. It's fed from an area up in the mountains.” said William.

“ No it hasn't.” remarked Abby “ I've been walking home through Wythe Field since I was a little girl. I would have noticed something like a stream.”

William stared at Abby in confusion. “ This isn't Wythe Field.”

'Maybe she hit her head when I caught her.' mused William.

Now it was Abby's turn to look confused. “ If this isn't Wythe Field, then where am I ?”

“ You're in the Olympic National Forest between Forks and the La Push Reservation.” said William as he looked at Abby in concern.

Abby's head shot up. “ Forks??” she asked warily “ as in Forks Washington? “

William shook his head. “ Yes.” came his simple reply.

If he hadn't been concerned before, he was deeply concerned now. The emotions that Abby was emitting were bordering on panic and William was concerned that she might faint or go into shock. He briefly wondered if maybe he should call Carlisle and get the family to head back. He was honestly out of his league here and Carlisle was a Doctor.

Abby was slowly turning in circles as she took in her surrounding environment. As she came back around.

Williams cell phone chose that moment to go off. Glancing at the caller id, he saw it was Alice.

“ Hey pixie, I was just debating calling Carlisle.” he said as he glanced at Abby.

“ Bring her back to the house Will, we're already here.” came Alice's response.

“ Will do.” responded William and hit the end call button. He turned back towards Abby who was staring at him like he had just grown a third head.

“ Did you just say Carlisle?” asked Abby “ And did you say that your last name was Cullen ?”

William shook his head yes.

“ There is no way, this can't be happening.” Abby whispered and then crumbled to the forest floor.

William watched in horror as Abby went from borderline panic to full fledge hysteria. Reaching out quickly he kept Abby from hitting the forest floor for the second time that day.

Picking her up as though she weighed no more than a feather, William raced towards the house and the one man who might be capable of comprehending what was going on.

“ It's going to be alright sweetheart, “ he whispered to the young girl in his arms “ we'll figure this out, I promise.”

A/N: How about them apples ? Can you guess what 'gift' this particular Cullen family member has ?

If not don't worry, you will find out soon enough.


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