Your Destiny Awaits Chapter 2 Alice's Muddled Vision

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight, that honor goes to Stephanie Meyers, I'm just playing with them.

Your Destiny Awaits

Chapter 2: Alice's Muddled Vision

The Cullen family was getting ready to leave on one of their 'camping' excursions and Bella was attempting to get Edward to understand that she didn't need anyone to stay behind and babysit her as Alice came flitting into the living room. “ Carlisle will you please tell Edward that a babysitter isn't necessary?” begged Bella as she looked at the man she considered her surrogate father with pleading in her eyes. “ Sorry Bella, but I'm not getting dragged into this one.” Chuckled Carlisle as he smiled at the young girl that had managed to endear herself to his family. “Ah Bells don't you want to spend time with your big brother.” whined Emmett wagging his eyes at her. Edward shot his hulk of a brother a glare that clearly stated he knew what was running through Emmett's mind in regards to spending time. Rosalie's hand shot out and smacked Emmett on the back of the head, causing his head to snap forward. This in turn prompted Bella to start laughing and Carlisle to roll his eyes. “Thanks Rose” said Edward. “ No problem” snipped Rosalie “ knowing Em, he was more than likely making plans that would result in trouble for everyone involved.”

“Kids be nice” chided Esme as she glided up to Bella and slipped her arm around the young girls shoulders. “I'm sure that Emmett wouldn't do anything that would result in Bella getting hurt.” Emmett sighed in defeat “I guess that means I can't take her bear hunting then.” Four sets of growls filled the room in response and Rosalie's hand once again reached out and smacked her mate upside his head. “ Ow Rosie” whined Emmett as he rubbed his head “ babe that hurts.”

A sense of calm settled over the room as Jasper joined his family. “Thanks Jaz.” muttered Edward. As Jasper glided over to Alice, another young man entered and took a seat on the couch. He glanced around at the people he called family as they went through the motions of packing for their so called camping trip.

As Jasper slid his arm around her waist, Alice tilted her head up and the couple kissed. Bella looked between the young man sitting on the couch and Jasper as he held Alice in his arms.

While it was easy for her to distinguish the fact that they were vampires, she could also see the natural family resemblance that the two men shared.

Carlisle had said that he had heard of siblings being converted, but it was not a normal occurrence and that it was highly unusual for it too happen by two different sires, let alone years apart.

When the young man had shown up on the Cullen doorstep, it had been shortly after the incident with James. Jasper had looked shocked ( if that was even possible for an empath) to say the least.


Carlisle had finally taken Bella's cast off and she and Edward were cuddled up on one end of the couch while Jaz and Alice were on the other end. They were watching Lord of The Rings when the doorbell chimed. Edwards face got that scrunched up look indicating he was confused by someones thoughts and he looked at Jasper questioningly. “ I didn't realize that you had any biological family left Jaz.” stated Edward in confusion. “ I don't” stated Jasper with confusion. “ Why do you ask?”

Edward looked between the door and Jasper. Esme chose that moment to answer the door. “ Can I help you?” she asked

“ I hope so ma'am.” replied a deep southern voice “ I'm looking for Jasper Whitlock Hale and was told that he might be here.”

Jasper's head shot up and he was at Esme's side quicker than Bella could blink.

“ William?” he asked “ is that really you?”

The stranger looked Jasper straight in the eye and said “Hello baby brother, it's good to see you.”

The two men stared at each other “ I thought, I mean we were told you had been killed.” said Jasper quietly “ Mother cried for days after they told us.”

The two men once again just looked at each other as if trying to decide which one was a ghost and which one was real. Then to everyone's shock Jasper grabbed the older man and hugged him, as if to prove to himself that this was not a dream.

As it turned out, William Thomas Whitlock had crossed paths with a newborn barely 3 months into his military career. He had awoken to his new life with all his human memories intact and no sign of the newborn sire. He hid himself away as he tried to come to terms with what had happened. As he came across others of their kind, he was constantly warned against returning home. So he had allowed everyone he had ever known to think him either dead or a deserter. He had no idea that Jasper had joined the Army, let alone met a fate similar to his.

It had only been recently that he had come across a human who mistook him for Jasper to believe that he was possibly even alive. It had not been easy to track either Jasper or the Cullen's down.

The result of the whole thing meant that another member had been added to the Cullen family. The transition of the newest family member had been fairly simple as William had already been living a 'vegetarian' lifestyle for many years..

End Flashback

As Carlisle and the others were putting their gear into Jasper's Hummer, Alice got a familiar faraway look in her eyes that indicated she was having a vision.

“Ali what did you see?” asked Jasper softly as he returned to his mate's side. “I'm not sure.” said Alice in an equally soft voice “ but it involves a storm and Will.” Edward looked at Alice with confusion as she replayed her vision for him. “ Alice I can't tell where it's occurring other than in the woods.” came Edward's reply.

“ I think it's the woods here near home, but I can't be sure.” Alice thought for a moment “ The storm seems a little out of the ordinary and there is something or someone else involved.” Esme looked at her daughter in concern. “ Carlisle perhaps we should postpone the trip.” said Esme. “ Alice” said Carlisle “ will it effect what happens one way or the other.”

Alice thought for a moment and when Jasper felt a spike in her emotions he sent her a wave of calm. Alice smiled at Jasper “ thanks.” “Not a problem darlin .”

Having heard his name mentioned William joined his family by the Hummer. While William was still getting used to the fact that Alice could 'see' what was going to happen from time to time, it still amazed him to no end that Bella was taking this all in stride. And while he could not sense any fear coming from her, he did pick up that she was worried about her friend

“ What if I stay here with Bells and Em pixie?” he said in a gentle voice “ does that make a difference?” William had once overheard Edward ask Alice “ how can someone so small be so annoying?” and had heard Bella call her an 'evil little pixie' after Alice had dragged both she and Rosalie on an all day shopping excursion. The term pixie seemed to fit the small girl just right and so he had since started calling her pixie ( of course he was the only one who could get away with it).

“ I think that if Will stays behind, then everything should be fine.” came Alice's bell like voice “and before you even start Ed you know as well as I that nothing is ever certain.”

“All right then Edward, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, Esme and myself will go on our little excursion while William and Emmett stay here with Bella and hold down the fort so to speak.” Carlisle looked at everyone “Agreed?” Eight voices all responded with Agreed save Emmet who muttered “Well that plan is shot to hell.” followed by a resounding smack deftly delivered by Rosalie.

William smiled and shook his head as everyone said their goodbyes to Bella and Esme reminded Emmett to 'behave himself.

“You think you can keep him out of trouble?” asked Edward glancing at Emmett.

“ I'll do the best I can, but considering it's Emmett and it involves Bella , that's kind of a tall order.” William replied with a smirk.

Edward turned to Bella looked into her eyes and placing his hand on her cheek asked “ Please try to keep yourself out of trouble? Please love for me?”

Bella closed her eyes and leaned into his hand “ I'll try.” she promised Shooting what amounted to a death glare at Emmett he said “ There better not be a single bruise on her when I get back Emmett or so help me.....” the rest of the threat was left hanging.

Stroking Bella's cheek one last time, Edward climbed into the passenger seat of Jasper's Hummer and was gone in mere moments.

As the trio headed for the house William asked “ Emmett, do you think you can behave yourself long enough for me to do a quick hunt?” Emmett got a hurt look in his eyes “ Why does everyone always assume that I'm gonna get Bella hurt or in trouble or both?”

“Probably because we all know that you are a big kid at heart” stated William “ and big kids combined with vampire strength is not really a good or safe mixture.”

The two boys looked at each other for the space of a minute and Emmett said “Fine, you go hunt and we'll stay out of trouble.”

“Tell you what Emmibear “ came Bella's quiet voice “how about a round of your favorite game.”

Emmett's face lit up like a kid who had just been told he could have ice cream for breakfast, lunch AND dinner.

William shook his head and smiled as Bella shrieked when Emmett picked her up and dashed for the house. That one human girl had the entire family wrapped around her little finger amazed him to no end. The truth be told, she even had him. William Thomas Whitlock who was known for his iron will wrapped. Sad but true and what was even sadder was the fact that like everyone else in the family he couldn't help but give in to her.

With a quick scan of the house to assure himself that Emmett was indeed playing video games with Bella, William took off to hunt for his supper.

A/N: And there you have. Yes it's a bit on the long side but in all honesty this has kind of taken on a life of it's own. The only reason I'm stopping it here is because it's almost 4 in the morning and I've been working on this since 6 pm ( yea you do the math on that one).

Up next: William and Abby meet


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