Your Destiny Awaits Chapter 17: Defining a Destiny Part 2

Your Destiny Awaits

By: Lost Betwixt Worlds

Disclaimer: I own nothing when it comes to Twilight. What I do own is this story/plot, William Thomas Whitlock Cullen & Abby Warren.

A/N: The holidays are over and I think my little bout of Writer's Block is disappearing ( no promise though since we writers are prone to that sort of thing lol). Thanks to all who have stuck with me on this little excursion.

Chapter 17: Defining a Destiny part 2

Angel of Destiny's POV

I took a deep breath and 'bit the bullet' as the humans say.

“ You were brought to this world, this reality, to clean up a mess that my kind created generations ago.” I stared at the young girl who had been thrust into this mess.

The room was silent for a moment before the proverbial 'shit hit the fan' and I knew there was no turning back from this.

“ I suggest you explain yourself at once.” came the authoritative voice of Carlisle Cullen.

Carlisle's calm demeanor I expected, Abby's reaction was another story though.

I vaguely heard “ Sweetheart you need to calm down.” Before the couch I had been seated upon exploded and I found myself frozen in mid-air ( guess she figured out how to activate the freeze controls).

I was rather impressed to say the least that Abby had managed to avoid freezing the entire room ( Piper had not mastered that little quirk until nearly a year after receiving her powers).

Perhaps this was not a total loss after all.

Since I couldn't move, there was really nothing I could do to protect myself should the girl decide to let loose with her other talents.

Abby's POV

'The arrogance of some people ' I thought angrily to myself. His kind screwed up and instead of owning up to it and cleaning the mess up themselves, they expected others to do the clean-up for them while they sat back and did nothing.

I vaguely heard Will saying I needed to calm down . But the anger that was creeping into my system made me want to blow something up.

Staring hard at the 'Angel' who was trying to look as though he was innocent in all of this, I envisioned the couch in pieces and clenched my hands tightly. Suddenly the couch exploded and the 'Angel' was thrown up in the air from the force. While I knew the chances of actually freezing him were slim, the shock of the couch actually exploding probably helped a little. Throwing my hands up in minor surprise and praying that I didn't cause any further damage, I flicked my wrists and thought 'freeze you jerk.'

Was I shocked it worked? Yes.

Had I expected it to work? Hell no.

Was I relieved it worked? I'll get back to you on that one.

Right now I needed answers and I sure as hell was not letting this bozo off the hook. Had I actually killed him, then I would have more than likely attempt to take my cue from the Halliwells and summoned his ass right back to me (noone said you had to be a Witch to work a summoning spell right?).

Walking up to the frozen 'Angel' I said in a tight voice “ We'll continue this outside to avoid further property damage.”

As Will, I and the rest of the family started to head for the backyard Bella asked in a soft voice “ Are you going to unfreeze him so he can join us ?”


I rolled my eyes in disgust. Guess I didn't have a choice. I could just wait for the freeze to wear off, but knowing my luck that could take a while.

“ If you insist Bella, although I'm honestly tempted to leave his ass just hanging there.”

Without turning around I stuck a hand behind me and flicked my wrist. A moment later we heard a dull thump indicating that I had successfully unfrozen our guest.

The 'Angel' came outside rubbing his rump and looking at me stated “For you information young lady that actually hurt.”

Crossing my arms against my chest I simply looked at him, shrugged and stated “ Now ask me if I really care.”

Taking a step towards him I stated in a hard voice “ Start talking destiny man. You have 30 seconds to convince me that blowing your ass straight to hell is a bad idea. “

“ You wouldn't dare.”

“ Try me. 29 seconds.”

Looking around the 'Angel' realized that he was not going to get any help from the family I had started to care about and who cared about me in return.

Esme looked like she wanted to do nothing short of tearing this guys head off and Carlisle was struggling to keep his cool.

I'm sure the boys would have used the torn off head to play a game of ball with and Rose looked like she was wondering how many times she could run him over with the car before doing any serious damage to the poor vehicle.

Bella looked sad and Alice looked as though she wanted to just crawl in a hole.

Scrubbing at his face he stated in a defeated voice “ It looks as though I don't really have a choice but to tell you what you need to know.”

Well about damn time.

“Is there any chance we can take this back inside ?” asked the 'Angel' in what I could have sworn was a tired voice.

Shaking my head I stated “ Given the high probability of me doing more damage than not. NO, we stay out here. Constantly having to replace things gets a little old after a while.”

We all settled down on the ground and we girls for the most part settled ourselves onto the laps of our respective mates.

'Did I just call William my mate ?' Looking at the man who only a short while ago had been in my, our bed making love to me I realized that I honestly could see us spending eternity together. The thought made a knot start in the pit of my stomach.

I felt Williams breath as he nibbled on my ear and said in a low whisper “ Later my naughty little witch.” Followed by a faint taste of his own desire.

I smiled slightly and nodded my head at his words and then turned my attention back to the man sitting in front of us.

“Well ?” Stated Bella “ We're waiting.”

The Angel of Destiny looked up and started his story.


Many years ago the realities that each of you knows as your own were one. People began questioning many things and there emerged many who took advantage of those less 'educated'.

Different beliefs began to surface and most were intolerant of those who did not believe as they did.

When it got to a point that men were hunting down and killing their own kind for being vampire or witch, my people stepped in and simply 'transported' as many as was safe to another reality. When that reality began turning on vampires we simply transported those with that nature to their own reality and placed a veil across each one.

We truly believed that we were not doing any harm and that by allowing each to live in a reality more suited to their lifestyle we were saving each race from annihilation.

In Abby's reality, Vampires and Witches are more legend and myth and parents simply use them to frighten children into behaving although that has long since ceased to actually work.

While there are some who are actually Witch or Vampire or Shape-shifter, they are few in numbers and have chosen to stay where they are and make the best of things and perhaps teach a little tolerance along the way if possible.

The reality of the Charmed Ones as Abby calls them has it's own problems. Many that we placed there centuries ago have forgotten their magickal roots and have come to rely on science to explain many things. Those who do practice the Craft and pass it down are doing so in secret. They hold the hope that it will all work out in the end.

As to this reality, while there are a few Witches, they are relatively low in numbers. The majority of this realm is made up of Humans, Vampires and Shape-Shifters.

Two of the Vampires within this reality were once a part of the other two. When it became clear that they could no longer safely live in those realms, we brought them here.

Of course the one that Jasper and William know as Maria was not a Vampire when she first came here. She was simply a woman who needed extra blood in order to survive. Not long after arriving here she became involved with a man who actually WAS a vampire.

Carlisle would know that man as Aro Volturi.

Unfortunately for Aro the woman's sanity was not altogether intact and the conversion sent her into madness. Maria mistakenly believed that with immortality she could gain immense power.

The woman that you all know as Victoria was a Solitary Witch Practitioner who had no real magickal talent. Her being in this reality was due to the ineptness of a inexperienced Angel and by the time the mistake was discovered, she had already become involved with James. Victoria had a sadistic side that appealed to James.

Victoria was unstable to begin with and her conversion did not help the matter. When you boys killed James, it sent her into madness.

Not long after James death, Victoria had a run in with Maria. When Maria discovered that Jasper and William were still alive she offered to help Victoria in her goal to destroy young Isabella .

Between the two of them they have put together a number of Vampires who detest that your Coven can survive off animal blood .


Abby shook her head at what the 'Angel' was saying.

“ I still don't get what any of this has to actually do with me .” she stated in confusion.

“ We have tried on numerous occasions to bring both Maria and Victoria under control. Unfortunately the candidates we chose decided instead of using their 'gifts' to solve the issues, they would use the talents we gave them to either better themselves or harm and control others.”

“ Still lost.” stated Abby

The Angel sighed heavily “ We thought my dear that if we perhaps used someone who held little belief in the supernatural, the chances of that person losing themselves to the powers was less likely. Instead of looking for an actual magickal solution like say a spell or a potion, you would use that which was around you and your own knowledge to emerge victorious.”

“Why did you pick Abby though?” asked Jasper in a low hard voice “ Why not use someone older?”

“ We did in the past, but times have changed and we needed the candidate to be able to fit in easily and not arouse to much suspicion.”

“Needed the candidate to fit in ?”

Pointing at Abby Jasper stated angrily “ She is sixteen years old you jackass, she has her whole life ahead of her and you're willing to sacrifice her for a mess that your kind created ?”

The Angel hung his head in silence.

Abby stared at the Angel.

“ So let me get this straight” she started slowly trying to keep her temper in check “ Your kind fucked up and since you are too chicken shit to just deal with it head on, you grab innocent bystanders who have absolutely NOTHING to do with this and use them as cannon fodder and when that doesn't work you resort to abducting teenagers like me ?”

The Angel remained silent

“ Tell me oh Angel of Destiny, what were you planning on telling my parents if this didn't work out and I got killed ? Were you even planning on telling them anything or would I just end up a 'missing person' and my parents would have no closure ever.” Abby asked angrily.

“ My dear...” started the Angel sadly

“ Don't my dear me you sorry son-of-a-bitch. Because of you, Jasper and William got handed a life of immortality and surviving on blood. They lost everyone and everything they knew. Because of you there is not one but two psychotic vampire bitches gunning for Bella.”

Abby was standing directly in front of the Angel and holding on to her control by a thread.

“ There is a good chance that I will never get to see my friends or family again and all thanks to you and your people being nothing more than completely inept moronic ASSHOLES! “

“ If you know what's good for you than you will get the fuck out of my sight.”

As the Angel disappeared in a swirl of lights Abby fell to her knees crying.

Gathering the sobbing girl in his arms William headed for the house and straight for their bedroom. Crawling onto the bed without letting Abby go, William settled his back against the headboard and let her cry.

Abby cried herself to sleep in William's arms and William along with the rest of the family were left to wonder what tomorrow would bring.

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