Your Destiny Awaits Chapter 16 : Defining a Destiny

Your Destiny Awaits

By: Lost Betwixt Worlds

Disclaimer: I can claim no rights to the World of Twilight. But I CAN claim this storyline/plot, William Thomas Whitlock Cullen & Abby Warren.

Chapter 16 : Defining a Destiny

Abby's POV:

I stared at Esmes retreating form as she and the rest of the family headed for the Living Room. The woman might not be my real mom, but she thought of and treated me as if I were her daughter and that made me feel loved and accepted.

“I'll be down in a minute, I'm just going to get dressed.” I called after her.

“ Are you ok ?” asked William in a soft voice.

He had been standing nearby the entire time and I could see in his eyes that he was unsure of touching me. Poor guy probably thought I was going to rip his head off or something thanks to my emotions being in such a tangle.

I gave William a small smile. “ Will, I'm sorry for snapping at you like that.” I began “ I know you were only trying to help and that me losing my temper is not really a good thing, but....”

Williams lips on mine cut my sentence off and I felt myself melt into his strong embrace.

Breaking the kiss he brought his hand up to my face and pushed a lock of hair behind my ear.

“ Abby you had every right to be upset and I should have never tried to calm you down without asking.” He stated softly.

Staring into his golden eyes I wondered if once I got back to my own world, would there be anybody who could measure up to this man, who in a short amount of time had become not only my rescuer, but also my best friend and most recently my lover.

The thought of returning to a life that did not have William in it, was not a pleasant one and I knew that whatever I chose to do would be permanent.

Williams hand caressed my cheek bringing me back to the moment at hand.

“What has you so sad all of a sudden ?” he asked softly.

I looked at him sadly “ Lots of things Will, lots of things.”

Giving me a gentle hug William asked “ Will you promise to tell me later?”

“Yes, later.” I said “But for now I need to get dressed so that we can deal with our unwelcomed visitor.”

Placing a chaste kiss on my lips, William headed for the door.

“I'll see you downstairs Sweetheart.”

“Be right down .” I answered and went to get dressed.

5 Minutes Later.........

As I came down the stairs I took note of how quiet the house was and I didn't like it one bit. I had come to learn that silence in the Cullen house usually meant trouble.

Entering the Living Room I saw that everyone was paired off with their respective mate and Edward, Jasper and William were keeping a watchful eye on the 'Angel', who for his part was seated comfortably on the couch.

Everyone else was standing save Bella who sat in a love seat with Edward standing next to her like a guard on duty. Crossing the room I went to stand next to William who placed his arm around my waist and pulled me into his body.

I saw the 'Angel' raise his brow at Williams gesture and I stared back at him with a look that stated ' I belong to William and if you don't like it...tough.'

The silence was becoming deafening and so I asked what was on everyone's mind “ Why are you here and what do you want ?”

I really wanted to say 'Why the hell are you here and what the fuck do you want?” But figured the language would only get me in trouble with Esme.

The 'Angel' looked around at each couple in the room before fully addressing Abby's question.

“ You were sent here my dear for a very specific purpose.” stated the Angel in a slightly haughty tone.

“ I think we have been over that part already, although I still have no real clue as to WHAT purpose that really is.” quipped Abby in an irritated voice.

“ The time is drawing near when you will discover just what that purpose is, although it has been revealed to us that one of you already knows.” stated the 'Angel' as his eyes swept the room and landed on Alice.

I looked from the 'Angel' to Alice and if Alice's face could have become any paler I'm sure that she would more than likely be turning white as a ghost about now.

“ Alice what is he talking about ? “ I asked quietly

“ Abby I'm sorry” said Alice in a soft voice “ I can't.”

“Alice if you know something then please tell me.”

Alice just looked at me sadly and then turned and buried her face in Jasper's shoulder.

'What the hell ? Alice never cries.'

I watched as Jasper rubbed soothing circles on Alice's back and her small shoulders shook with the force of her dry sobs. If Alice was this upset over something she saw happening, then that meant something really horrible was about to happen.

Looking at each member of the Cullen family I thought back to what I actually KNEW about them.

I realized that I had gone very still in William's arms as I thought and my eyes briefly landed on the 'Angel' before once again sweeping the room.

Angel of Destiny's POV

Abby was very bright and I knew that the Elders had picked the right girl to deal with our little 'problem', but at the same time this girl was young and untrained and that might work in her opponents favor.

Looking around the room my eyes fell on Isabella Swan the only other mortal human in the room beside Abby.

While very pretty in a plain way, the girl was a complete klutz and rather introverted.

Isabella's beauty came from within. The girl was an 'Old Soul' and saw naught but good in others.

When she had encountered James and his little coven, Isabella thought only of keeping the Cullens and her father safe.

There had been little thought as to her own well being. Although James had very nearly converted her to vampire, the girl held little bitterness.

It had always been Edward and Isabella's destiny to come together, but in the beginning we had not factored in Edward being struck down by Spanish Influenza in 1917 or Carlisle Cullen 16th Century son of a Clergy turned vampire taking pity on the orphaned and dying boy.

Had things gone as planned, then Edward would have met Isabella when he returned home after the war and they would have lived out a normal human existence complete with children.

To this day we were still attempting to figure out just who threw the proverbial 'monkey wrench' into the whole damned affair.

The Whitlock brothers were another 'thorny' matter. They too were supposed to have lived out a normal human existence. Maria turning them into vampires had NOT been in anyone's plans ( of course neither man knew that Maria sired both of them. Maria had come across the newborn feeding off William and after dispatching the newborn Maria forced venom into a nearly dead William triggering the conversion and since William had passed out he never saw Maria).

Maria. That pain-in-my-robe Spanish bitch was the number one reason that Abby had been sent here. Maria and Victoria the flame haired psycho mate of James had stumbled across each other after the Cullens had destroyed James for nearly killing Isabella .

Maria wanted Jasper and William back at her side and Victoria wanted Isabella dead in retaliation for James death. Both women knew that the chances of them getting what they wanted were slim if they acted separately. Together they stood a better chance of reaching their goals.

That is where Abby Warren came into the picture. The girl had spunk, believed in herself, wasn't a follower and didn't just up and believe in something because everyone else did.

We figured that we could send the girl here, equip her with the power she would need to deal with Victoria and Maria, make her feel good about herself for helping someone out and then send her back to her proper place no questions asked.

Falling for and sleeping with William Whitlock was no where on the agenda.

One of the Cupids had, without clearing it with us first, played matchmaker for the couple.

This was turning into one big mess and if things didn't get back on track ASAP, there would be no Abby to return to her parents who were upset that their daughter had 'runaway'.

I glanced back at the young girl we had yanked from another reality to clean up our mess in this reality and was greeted by green eyes narrowed in suspicion.

“ What aren't you telling us ? “ she stated in a voice that meant I either tell her and just deal with whatever repercussions came my way from the higher ups OR not tell her and risk this whole endeavor falling apart.

What ever my decision, we were SCREWED. Now it was only a matter of how badly.

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