Your Destiny Awaits Chapter 15 : Cryptic Answers AGAIN!

Your Destiny Awaits

By: Lost Betwixt Worlds

Disclaimer: I don't own the world of Twilight. Dang it. But that doesn't mean I can't mess around with it ( rubs hands together and grins an evil grin)

A/N : Well 2 chapters in one day. 2 cliffhangers and one Pissed off Esme. Let's find out how the 'ANGEL' is holding up against dear vampire mom Esme shall we?

Chapter 15 : Cryptic Answers AGAIN!


Alice had just finished telling us about the four different futures she had seen and it was easy to see that she was just as upset as William about them. In each one Abby was either hurt or killed and when Alice had mentioned the possibility of Abby becoming a vampire I really thought that my most recent son would hit the roof.

The relationship he shared with Abby was precarious at best. Neither one had any idea what could happen on any given day.

Abby had been thrust into our world and our lives and like Bella she was determined not to rock the boat as best as she could.

While we as a family had now known Bella for close to a year, things had been rocky for her and Edward in the beginning as well.

If I were to be completely honest, things were still rocky for them. Bella was adamant that she wanted to embrace our vegetarian vampire lifestyle so that she and Edward could be together forever. Edward was just as adamant about her remaining human.

It wasn't that Edward didn't love her, he was simply reluctant to damn her to eternity. The two of them bickered constantly about the subject until Edward would 'dazzle' her for a temporary lull.

Now add Edward being a 109 yr old virgin into that pot and...well you see where I'm going with this right?

When Abby had come into our lives, it was as if a switch had been thrown. Bella enjoyed having a 'human mortal' friend around that she could talk to.

Of course Alice being Alice had attempted to guilt Abby into playing 'dress up Abby Barbie' and it was rather enjoyable to watch Abby put her foot down and draw boundary lines. While Alice might be able to see the future, Abby was more than happy to poke holes in her little 'future bubbles' and had actually managed to get Alice to back off of Bella a bit.

That right there earned her some respect from Rosalie.

Emmett enjoyed the fact that he now had another 'little sister' around who could actually hold her own.

Unlike Edward, William did not attempt to be overprotective ( a little hard to do when the human in reference could put you through a wall without ever moving).

It was easy to see that William was in love and that Abby was falling for him just as hard. I just hoped for both their sakes that things worked out.

For the four weeks that Abby had been staying with us, I had come to regard her as much of a daughter as I did Bella and my heart soared that all my children were finally happy.

Everyone had relaxed a little with Abby around and things seemed to be going smoother for Edward and Bella until Edward made the mistake of trying to tell William how to run his love life.

Yeah that went over like a lead bomb.

Edwards statements had Bella in tears and the rest of the family ready to tear his limbs off. It was easy to see that Jasper and Will were both trying to keep a handle on the emotional atmosphere.

As Bella sobbed in my arms, Abby chose that moment to give Edward a well earned take down and proceeded to tell him just how much of an ass he really was.

The end result was Edward professing both his apologies and his love to Bella and with a little 'push' from Jasper ( ok so 14 hrs is more than a little push), the two of them not to mention the rest of the family ended up between the sheets.

William and Abby had also taken to 'the sheets' after a brief discussion on what both of them really wanted. While I was not exactly thrilled that my 16 yr human daughter had just lost her virginity, I knew it was her choice and William would do nothing to hurt her. I really didn't want to think about what her real parents would say if and when she went back to her world minus her virginity and said as much to Carlisle.

His response?

“ We'll cross that bridge when we come to it my love.”

When I heard an explosion come from the vicinity of William and Abby's room, I was concerned that Emmett had perhaps startled Abby as she slept.

As we all gathered in the hallway, I saw Emmett appear with Rosalie from their room.

Looking me dead in the eye Emmett stated “ I am completely innocent in this one.”

As we gathered in William and Abby's room, there seemed to be a fine dust just settling.

“What the hell was that noise?” asked Emmett as he took a protective stance in front of Rosalie. Edward, Jasper and Carlisle all mimicked him.

“ I think Abby just blew up the Angel of Destiny.” stated William as he slowly brought his hands to Abby's shoulders and quietly soothed her.

Just as it seemed that Abby was relaxing, a clear yet commanding voice came from nowhere.

“Well I must say that was rather impressive.”

“ You sorry son of a ….” shouted Abby as she whirled and flicked her hands in front of her.

“ Damn her reflexes are getting faster.” remarked Rose with what sounded a little like awe in her tone.

Whoever the person was, obviously was aware of what Abby was capable of and I was a little less than thrilled that he seemed to enjoy taunting my daughter.

He disappeared in a swirl of white and blue lights as the far wall exploded leaving a rather large hole.

“ Show yourself you coward.” Abby yelled into the air. When she received no answer she began to lower her hands.

“ While I am not a coward my dear, neither am I keen on being blown up or thrown across the room.” came the voice from nowhere and everywhere.

“Fine” replied Abby in a tight voice “ but one wrong move and I blow your ass to kingdom come buster.”

The voice agreed that that was acceptable and the figure that appeared before us reminded me a little of someone's grandfather.

As this particular 'Angel' explained how the one Abby had just blown up was a projection sent to test her, I saw the familiar fire start to burn in her eyes that signaled she was close to snapping.

William was well aware of Abby's mood and as he attempted to diffuse the situation Abby whirled on him.

“ Don't you DARE manipulate my emotions William Thomas Whitlock Cullen.” Abby literally shouted.

“Helping me get to sleep or overcome nerves is one thing, but this....” she waved her hand at the old man “ this is a horse of a different color.”

To say Abby was pissed would be an understatement and while I could understand and sympathize, as the adult female and mother figure in the house, I could not let her continue.

Blurring to her side, I grasped Abby's arm firmly and spun her around to face me.

“ Abigal Grace Warren you will get yourself under control this instant young lady.” I told her firmly.

I felt every eye in the room focus on me. It was rare that I ever played the mother card with the my 'children' since they all were technically adults who were simply frozen in teenage bodies. Abby and Bella were really the only two of my children that I could actually call 'children', and while the girls were not biologically mine, they were in my heart and I loved them both dearly.

Abby was unsure what to say in regards to my motherly demand and I could see the tears starting to form. I had not meant to be quiet so harsh.

“ Dear heart “ I began in a gentler voice “ losing your temper and cursing like a sailor is not going to get you anywhere.” I caressed her cheek gently.

The entire family knew how I felt about foul language and it was rare that I had to reprimand them for it.

Abby gave me a small smile.

Now it was time for me to deal with our unwanted guest.

I whirled on the old man “ You sir have a HELL of a lot of explaining to do. I do NOT appreciate it one bit that you and your people find it necessary to upset my daughter and cause her to lose control of either her emotions OR her abilities.” I growled.

“ I'd say mom is pissed beyond reason.” stated Rosalie in a quiet voice.

I stared straight at the man who had dared to interrupt what had been a peaceful night.

“ This is MY home and these are MY children and I will be DAMNED if you think you can just appear out of nowhere and upset them OR my daughter on a whim.”

I vaguely heard seven voices say “ Yeah mom is PISSED alright.”

The old man actually had the audacity to turn to Carlisle and ask “ Well aren't you going to say something to her?”

Carlisle was smart though ( thus the reason I love him so) “ I know when to keep my mouth shut. You on the other hand sir have opened a can of worms that only you can get yourself out of.”

“ Someone get the waders, cause it's about to get deep in here.” cracked Emmett in his typical fashion.

That there seemed to release some of the tension that had built up.

I looked at the old man and asked in a much more gracious tone “ Shall we go to the living room and discuss this like adults?”

“ I believe that would be an excellent idea my dear Mrs. Cullen.”

With that we all gathered in the living room to see if we could get any straight answers from our visitor.

A/N : no need to worry my sweets, next chapter is coming up. I think my Muse is on a roll today since this makes 3 chapters in less than 24 hrs ( that or she's been hanging around Alice too much ;p

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