Your Destiny Awaits Chapter 14 : Four different futures, Four different scenarios

Your Destiny Awaits

By: Lost Betwixt Worlds

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight, that honor belongs to the talented Mrs. Stephanie Meyers.

I do however own William Thomas Whitlock Cullen, Abby Warren and this storyline/plot.

Chapter 14 : Four different futures, Four different scenarios

Part Two

For the last three hours, Alice had been explaining the four different futures that she had glimpsed.

None were clear and all involved Abby in one way or another.

Scenario # 1

School started with Abby joining the family and Bella at Fork's High.

Victoria attacks the girls while they are changing in the locker room after last period Gym.

Mate for Mate ( Bella for James, Abby being a casualty trying to protect Bella.)

Scenario # 2

The majority of the family had gone for a hunt just before Bella's birthday, leaving Bella, Abby and Esme alone in the house.

( That little scene leaves not only Bella and Abby dead, but also Esme who tries to protect both her daughters from the raging bitch.)

That pissed Carlisle off and that is saying something since he is usually such a pacifist.

Scenario # 3

Charlie is added to the casualty list as Victoria uses him to get to Bella.

While Abby doesn't actually die, she is changed by someone that Alice can't get a bead on.

That means the bitch has help.

Scenario # 4

This one is the most confusing for not only Alice, but the rest of us as well.

Alice sees us in the clearing where we play baseball, although what we were doing there was sketchy even for her.

Victoria and Abby were the main players and again Victoria had help. Although again Alice couldn't get a clear picture of who this other person was.

Bella had finally fallen asleep in Edward's arms with a little help from Jasper and myself.

Edward had silent;y agreed that Bella didn't need to know about the Charlie incident and that Jazz and I should 'take care of that little detail.”

Jasper had slowly layered Bella in sleepiness so that she didn't catch on to what was happening. The rest of us had managed to drag out the conversation surrounding the girls and Esme.

Just as Bella had snuggled into Edward's arms and started to relax, I hit her hard and fast with sleep. Bella went under without a struggle and I knew that when she woke up, there would more than likely be hell to pay. But I would willingly let her do her worst if it meant she wouldn't freak over all this.

When Alice had finished, Edward took Bella back up to bed and the rest of the family scattered to mull over what Alice had told us.

While Alice might be a pain in the ass on occasion, she was truly worried about both Bella and Abby being anywhere near Victoria .

The fact that there was another player that Alice couldn't see, only made it that much more difficult for her to determine the outcome.

I entered my room where Abby was sleeping and was immediately face to face with a man dressed in white robes. He was sitting at the foot of the bed just staring at Abby while she slept.

“ I must say that we did not see the two of you as anything other than friends.” replied the still unknown man.

“Who are you and what do you want?” I asked with a slight growl.

“I am not here to hurt any of you William, “ the man said as he stood up from the bed

“ I am the Angel of Destiny.”

“I'm listening.” I said as I crossing my arms against my chest.

“ The relationship that you and Abby have entered into has altered the destiny that Abby was sent here to fulfill.” he paused “ This is not something that we had factored in, and quite frankly we are unsure as to how this will affect what is to come.”

“ We didn't exactly plan on this relationship.” I said in a tight voice “although I wouldn't change what happened for anything.”

“ Not even mortality?” queried the Angel

“ In case you haven't noticed old man, I'm a vampire. I haven't been mortal since 1862, so it's kind of a moot point.” I was starting to get pissed. Abby had told me about this 'Angel' and even compared him to Alice when it came to the cryptic answers.

“ But if you could achieve mortality, would you take it?” asked the Angel in an even voice.

“ If you are asking would I give up my immortality to be with Abby and live a normal human life, then the answer would be yes. I would willingly become mortal for her.” I answered.

“ It could be arranged you know. Returning you to a mortal life.” came his even toned answer.

“ Look I get that you deal with people's destinies and all, but isn't returning my mortality a little along the lines of playing God?” I didn't really like where this conversation was headed.

“ Not really” he said with a low chuckle “ it would require calling in the 'Cleaners' though to undo the last couple of days.”

“ Who the hell are the Cleaners?” I asked

“The Cleaners are what they call the guys who erase memories and make things seem like they never happened.” came Abby's clear voice.

Abby's voice held a hint of anger and she was standing next to the bed that she had until a few moments ago been asleep in.

Abby came to stand in front of me and faced the Angel. “ You bring those SOBs anywhere near William, this family or Bella , and I will be more than happy to give Piper's powers the workout of a lifetime.” stated Abby firmly.

“ Do you really think my dear that you could affect them?” asked the Angel snidely.

I didn't like where this was headed. The feelings that I was getting off this person had just gone from curiosity to hostility and I attempted to move Abby behind me so that she would be safe.

“Why don't we find out?” Abby replied in a voice that I recognized from previous experience. Before I could react ( and that's saying a lot for even a vampire), Abby hit the Angel with a blast strong enough that he simply exploded into a million pieces.

The family came storming into the room just as the air started to clear.

“What the hell was that noise?” asked Emmett as he took up a protective stance in front of Rosalie. Edward, Jasper and Carlisle all mimicked his move so that their mates were protected as well.

“ I think Abby just blew up the Angel of Destiny.” I stated evenly as I brought my hands up and placed them on Abby's shoulders.

Abby had not yet lowered her hands and the hurt and anger that was rolling off of her was so strong that it nearly brought me to my knees.

“ He's gone Abby.” I said in a gentle voice “ It's all over baby.”

With her emotions all over the place I didn't want to startle her. I kept up the calming words as I slipped my arms around her waist. It took a few minutes before Abby started to relax in my arms.

“Well I must say that was rather impressive.” came a clear commanding voice.

“ You sorry son of a …..” shouted Abby as she whirled and flicked her hands in front of her.

“ Damn her reflexes are getting faster.” remarked Rosalie with a little awe in her voice.

Whoever the person had been obviously realized what Abby planned on doing and had disappeared in a swirl of lights.

The only damage inflicted was to the poor wall that he had been standing in front of, and at the moment Abby was too pissed to realize that another wall would need replacing.

“ Show yourself you coward.” Abby yelled into the air.

Receiving no answer, Abby started to lower her hands.

“ While I am not a coward my dear, neither am I keen on being blown up or thrown across the room.” came a voice that seemed to be everywhere but nowhere.

“ Fine” replied Abby in a tight voice “ but one wrong move and I blow your ass to kingdom come buster.”

“ Well I think that may be fair enough.” replied the commanding voice in a much gentler tone.

In a swirl of white and blue lights the figure of a man who looked old enough to be someones grandfather appeared.

“ You aren't the same Angel who just got blown up.” I stated in a little confusion.

“ Actually William, the man that Abby blew away wasn't an angel, he was a projection.” replied the old man.

“ A what?” asked a sleepy Bella.

“ A projection my dear.” said the man gently “ He or rather it was sent to make an assessment of Abby's progress.”

“ So all this was what, a test?” asked Abby.

“ Something along those lines dear.”

“Wait a minute” I started in an angry voice “ are you telling us that everything that Thing said was to find out how I or Abby or the family reacted?”

“ My dear boy, time is running short and we needed to know if Abby had gained enough control over her powers to do what she was sent here to do.” answered the old man

“ Then why didn't you just ask?” inquired Jasper “ We would have been more than happy to discuss Abby's progress.”

“ Because dear boy, HEARING about her progress and SEEING her progress are two different things. We need to know that she is truly ready for what is to come.” replied the old man with a small chuckle.

“ Well if I actually had a little more to go on than the cryptic crap I've been getting, then I would know just what I needed to do to 'get ready'. As it stands, I know exactly squat.” replied Abby in a hard voice.

Abby's emotions were starting to climb into what I had come to refer to as 'the danger zone' and I gently pushed some calm in her direction in order to diffuse the situation.

Abby spun around on her heel and glared at me.

“ Don't you DARE manipulate my emotions William Thomas Whitlock Cullen.” she literally shouted


“ Helping me get to sleep or overcome nerves is one thing, but this...” she waved her hand at the old man “ this is a horse of a different color.”

I didn't need my empathic abilities or Edward's mind reading to see that Abby was 2 seconds from going ballistic on us.

Esme grabbed Abby's arm firmly and spun her around to face her.

“ Abigal Grace Warren you will get yourself under control this instant young lady.”

Every head in the room shot up and focused on Esme who was focusing on Abby.

Abby's mouth opened and closed without a single sound crossing her lips. It was extremely rare for Esme to ever get mad at any one of her children and when she did, it usually didn't last for very long. The fact that she had just used Abby's full Christian name and reprimanded her all in the same instant brought my little spitfire up short.

Abby was still silently staring at Esme unsure of what to say or do.

“ Dear heart, losing your temper and cursing like a sailor is not going to get you anywhere.” said Esme in a gentler voice as she caressed Abby's cheek gently.

Abby mutely nodded her head.

“ You sir” stated Esme firmly as she rounded on the old man “ have a HELL of a lot of explaining to do. I do not appreciate it one bit that you and your people find it necessary to upset my daughter and cause her to lose control of either her emotions OR abilities.” growled Esme

“ I'd say mom is pissed beyond reason.” stated Rosalie in a quiet voice.

No one dared to comment as we were all too busy adjusting to a side of our mother that she very rarely showed.

Carlisle on the other hand just beamed with pride at his wife and mate.

While Carlisle was the actual head of the house, father figure and our coven leader, Esme was the one who handed out the punishments.

Mess with her family, and you had better pray she NEVER finds you. While Esme might not actually KILL you, being immortal means that the rest of your existence was just plain SCREWED.

While going up against the Cullen men (really think about it, two empaths, a mind reader, pure muscle and a leader who is well over 300 yrs old)was more than likely a death wish, going up against the Cullen women ( a fortune teller, two mama lions, Bella and now Abby) was just asking for a one way ticket to hell.

Pissing a man off is one thing, but pissing a woman off is ASKING for trouble on more than one level.

A/N : Let's see the Angel get out of this one.

I know we all HATE cliffies, but don't fret, next chapter is coming up. I just don't want the chapters to seem long winded **** crosses heart and holds up two fingers*** Honest Injun :)

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