Your Destiny Awaits Chapter 13 : Four different visions, Four different outcomes

Your Destiny Awaits

By: Lost Betwixt Worlds

Disclaimer: I own nothing of the Twilight series or World. I do however own William Thomas Whitlock Cullen, Abby Warren & this storyline/plot.

Chapter 13 : Four different visions, Four different outcomes

Part One


The sexual atmosphere in the house had taken on a different tone once Edward and Bella took to the sheets.

For two days the entire house was saturated with the sounds and smells of sex. The only two in the house who needed a break at any given time were Bella and Abby ( being human did have a slight drawback for them in that aspect).

Jasper had kept the lust vibe going for a good fourteen hours before the girls had literally begged for a break. By the time the weekend was over, you could tell that both girls were more than sexually satisfied and it would have been more than obvious to even a human that both girls were walking just a little bow legged.

Edward and Bella's relationship had risen to a new level, and it was easy to see that Edward was no longer the brooding brother we had all lived with for so long.

Emmett had commented that had he known a weekend long sex-a-thon was what Edward and Bella needed from the get go, he would have locked them in a closet and let Jasper work his magic. For that comment, he received a glare from Edward, a bright red blush from Bella, a chuckle from Jasper and a head smack from Rose.

As for Abby and I, well let's just say that our relationship was blossoming nicely.

Currently we were all scattered across the living room watching VAN HELSING .

Abby had shocked us all by saying that she had never seen show, so Bella had made a bowl of popcorn for them to share and we had settled down to watch the great Van Helsing battle Dracula.

Corney to say the least.

Just as Dracula was dancing with Ana at the Masquerade Ball, I felt Abby start to drift off.

“ Let's get you to bed sweetheart.” I said softly as I picked her up and headed for our room.

“ I want to watch the show Will.” said a sleepy Abby.

“ We have the DVD baby, it's not going anywhere.” I chuckled lightly.

“ Mmmhmmm “ came her sleepy reply.

Bella was in the same state as Abby and being carried to Edward's room. Our girls had had a very long weekend, and since they weren't vampire, they didn't have the same stamina as the rest of us.


As I watched my angel sleep, I marveled at how I had managed to keep my sanity for so long without her in my life. Would I be able to give her up, let alone let her walk away after what we had just shared?

While I knew there was a reason for her being here, we were still no closer to discovering that reason.

Between Jasper and myself, Abby was learning to control her emotions and focus them into her gifts. To say that she would be a force to be reckoned with would be an understatement.

I truly felt sorry for the moron who managed to piss Abby off, since she would no doubt wipe the floor with him. The girl was turning into a real spitfire.

“ Knock, Knock” came a soft rapping at my door.

“ Come on in Alice.” I called softly.

Alice walked into the room followed by Jasper.

“ Is Abby ok ? “ asked Jasper in a quiet voice.

“ She's fine Jazz, just exhausted. Bella and Edward weren't the only ones to lose their virginity this weekend.” I answered softly as I gently brushed a stray hair from my sleeping angels face.

“ How do you feel about being the one to take her virginity?” asked Jasper.

“ I feel a little guilty” I admitted “ but the choice was hers and if she had said no then I would have gotten her out of the house so that she wasn't affected by what was happening.”

My brother quirked his brow at me. “ Really Jazz, I would not have taken her virginity by force. Our mother raised us better than that.”

The mention of our mother brought a small sad smile to Jasper's face and he nodded his head in agreement.

I looked at Alice who had been standing quietly for the entire conversation.

“ What's going through that little head of yours Pixie?” I asked as I reached for her hand.

“ I see different futures Will and I'm not really sure what to make of them.” Alice confessed.

“ What do you mean Pix?” I asked

Alice looked at Jasper with sadness and I immediately felt that she was holding back information from me.

“ Alice talk to me. What futures?” I asked again.

Jasper put his arms around his tiny wife's waist. “ Tell him sugar.” coaxed Jasper softly “ He's a big boy and he needs to know whats happening for his and Abby's sakes.”

“ Alice?” now I was worried.

“ I see Abby going up against Victoria .” said Alice in a soft voice.

“ WHAT?” I said in a louder voice then I meant to use.

“ Alice that is NOT funny by ANY definition of the term.”

“ Will ….” began Jasper.

“ Don't William me “ I said perhaps a little too harshly to my brother.

“ Your wife just hit me with 'Abby going up against Victoria '

and I'm supposed to do what Jasper, just sit back and not react ?” my voice much louder now.

“ Will what's wrong?” asked Abby in a groggy voice.

Damn, I'd woken both her and Bella up.

“ It's nothing sweetheart, go back to sleep .” I said in a gentle voice as I sent her a lethargic vibe. ” I didn't mean to be so loud. Everything is ok baby.” I whispered while strengthening the vibe I was sending her.

She needed sleep and I needed to calm the fuck down. There was no way in hell that Victoria was getting anywhere near Abby or Bella.

As Abby gave into the lethargy that I was cloaking her with, I heard her whisper “ Liar”,

Once her breathing even out and I was certain she had fallen back to sleep, I motioned for Jasper and Alice to meet me downstairs in the living room.

Pixie had some SERIOUS explaining to do.

As I entered the living room, it was obvious that everyone had heard Victoria's name and that included Bella.

I looked at Edward and asked silently “you want me to send her back to sleep ?”

Edward shook his head no and Bella looked at him in question.

“ Bella, I'm sorry that I woke you up. I know you must be exhausted.” I could see the dark circles under her eyes. “ I could help you get back to sleep if you like?” I offered gently.

“ After hearing Victoria's name, I think sleep is the last thing on my mind.” whispered Bella in a sad voice.

“That red haired bitch won't get anywhere near you girls if I have my way.” I thought to myself.

“ The only thing that will do is get you killed William Whitlock.” growled Alice.

Bella looked between Alice and I in confusion.

“ William is contemplating going after Victoria .” Edward told her softly.

“ Like hell he is!” Bella stated harshly.

I just stared at Bella.... “ Damn Edward has a firecracker on his hands as well “ I thought with a chuckle.

“ You have no idea.” said Edward low enough that Bella couldn't hear.

I turned to my pixie of a sister “ Alright squirt tell us what you know.”

Alice had mentioned more than one future and I needed to know what the hell was going on. I had just found Abby and I couldn't lose her now.

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