Your Destiny Awaits Chapter 10 : Clearing The Air

Your Destiny Awaits

By: Lost Betwixt Worlds

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or the main characters, that honor belongs to Stephanie Meyers. I do however own this storyline & the characters William Thomas Whitlock Cullen & Abby Warren.

recap: Abby was standing toe to toe with Edward and was quite literally in his face.

“ Get a grip, get a life and get over yourself.”

No one had ever told Edward to get a grip before, and it was obvious from what I was sensing that Edward was actually scared.

Damn if I didn't find that HOT!

Chapter 10: Clearing The Air


I stared at Abby in complete shock. Did this little slip of a human just tell me..Edward Cullen to get a grip,get a life and get over myself ?

Abby was standing right in front of me and had her finger shoved in my face. The snippets that I was getting from her mind actually had me feeling a little afraid. If I had thought that Jasper was ever a loose cannon, this human girl was bulldozer and finding myself tangled among the trees from her power display only cemented my belief that truly pissing her off was NOT good for my health. While being vampires might make us difficult to hurt or kill and we couldn't get sick, I was sure that this girl was not only capable of taking our kind down , but more than willing to do so if it ever came down to it.

So was I scared? Most assuredly.

Had I screwed up? One look at Bella's tear stained face gave me my answer. I had screwed up royally and I had no clue how I was going to fix it.

William's words floated in my head “if you took your head out of your ass Edward and actually bedded Bella like a real man”. I looked at Bella again.

Bella was fragile, she was human and all I would do is kill her.

William had said I was too chicken shit .

I ran my hand over my face in frustration. He was right.

Bella's tear stained face and slumped shoulders made me realize that while we were living in the 21st Century, I was still holding on to my early 20th Century Victorian morals just a little too strongly and I stood a good chance of losing the girl I loved.

“ You're right.” I stated simply to both Abby and William.

“ Excuse me?” They both asked in shock.

“ I said you're right. Both of you are right and I am wrong.”

“ Did I just hear Edward admit to being wrong?” asked Emmett

“ Yes Emmett, I admit that I am wrong and have been wrong in the past and for the record I will probably still be wrong on certain things in the future.” I had been walking towards Bella and I stopped in front of her.

“ Bella” I began “ I am sorry. Sorry for getting you worked up and then turning you away. Sorry for not trying harder....”

“Shhh Edward.” said Bella in a gentle voice as she placed her finger on my lips. “ I understand.”

“ How could you?” I asked the sweet angel who stood before me.

“ Because I love you Edward Anthony Masen Cullen. Not because you are a vampire or have money. You are my friend, my protector, my voice of reason when I get a little off course. I LOVE you for being you. You just need to have a little more FAITH in yourself.”

My beautiful Bella. She had all the faith in the world and she trusted me and I had let her down countless times.

No more. If Bella wanted me than I was no longer going to deny her or myself.

I kissed Bella with everything I had been holding back and when I released my hold on her lips, she groaned softly.

“ Don't worry Ms. Swan, I'm far from done with you.” I whispered wickedly in her ear.

“Mr. Cullen who are you, and what have you done with my boyfriend?” Bella giggled.

Picking her up bridal style, I smiled slyly at Jasper who had the biggest grin on his face. He nodded his head slightly and I felt a light blanket of lust settle over Bella and I.

“ I don't know who this so called boyfriend is Isabella, but trust me when I say that you will NEVER see him again.”

Bella's breath hitched and her pulse sped up just a little from both the lust that we were creating between ourselves and the lust that Jasper was layering us in . Had it not been for Jasper, I was sure that I could not actually follow through with what I planned on doing. There would be no sleep for Bella this night if she actually let me have my wicked way with her.

“ Excuse us everyone, but Bella and I need to talk in private .” I said as I headed towards the house and my bedroom.

“ I'll clear the weekend with Charlie.” I vaguely heard Alice say.

A/N : Alright, I know that this is a short chapter and that the focus is mostly on Edward & Bella, but I thought I'd be nice and give Bella what she wanted most.

I will NOT be describing what goes on behind THAT particular closed door, thus the reason for writing it the way I did. Besides ,this way everyone can create their OWN visual as to Edward's 'Wicked Way' with Bella and I don't get stuck with a lemon that's a lime gone bad.

Now you know the drill, hit the little button and tell me what's running through your mind.


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