Your Destiny Awaits - Chapter 1: Strange Storm

Chapter 1: Strange Storm

While the day had dawned bright and clear, the skies were starting to darken with the approaching storm that the weatherman had predicted earlier that morning. The approaching storm had caused the football game between Winston High and Chandler High to be postponed as a result.Not that it mattered in the least to Abby Warren as she had never really cared much for the game. It was just that the postponement meant that she would have to listen to everyone talk about how this gave their team the Winston High Raiders a chance to 'polish' their game.

As the final bell of the day rang and classes were dismissed, Abby pretended to be engrossed in checking the answers to her math problems as the other students filtered from the room. “ Hey Abs, you need a lift home?” asked Drake Mids who had been her neighbor for as long as she could remember.“ No thanks.” replied Abby shoving her math book into her backpack and standing up. “ I think I'll just hoof it.” 'Like I want to listen to you and your brother talk about the game.' she thought to herself and flashing Drake a small smile. Drake shot Abby a look that clearly stated he thought she was out of her mind. “ You can't be serious, it's about to pour.”

The school halls were relatively clear as everyone was anxious to get home before the storm broke.Without pausing at her locker, Abby continued towards the school parking lot. If she cut across Wythe Field then there would be little worry about getting too wet as the trees would provide and create a shelter of sorts.

Drake's brother Tad was waiting by the car and assumed that Abby would be riding home with them as he started to open the passenger door. When Abby just walked right past him and continued on to the lot exit, Tad gave his brother a funny look. Stopping at the driver's door, Drake watched as Abby sauntered away. With a little wave of her hand and a 'see you later', Abby Warren left Winston High school grounds.“ She wants to walk.” Drake told his little brother with a shrug.“ I don't think I'll ever understand that girl.” stated Tad as the boys got into the car. “ I gave up trying to understand that girl a long time ago bro.” quipped Drake as he guided his car off school grounds and pointed it towards home.

Neither boy realized that it was very likely the last time they would ever see their neighbor and schoolmate again.

The sky had continued to darken and the wind started to pick up as Abby headed for Wythe Field. If she could make it to the tree line before the rain started to fall she should be okay. Granted it was a little reckless of her to be under trees during a storm, but really, what were the chances of getting hit?Glancing up at the sky and the dark clouds that were gathering, Abby realized that she may have underestimated this particular storm.

Within minutes the storm broke in full fury. The wind whipped and slashed at everything around and made the rain feel as though it were needles and not water that was being released from the skies. Lightening streaked across the sky in a brilliant show of lights and thunder echoed off the trees and ground with a force that could bring even the gods to their knees.

As the storm raged around her, Abby began to regret having turned down the ride that Drake had offered and her choice to venture into the trees of Wythe Field.

Abby had little chance to mourn her choice though as at that moment a loud clap of thunder filled the air and a bolt of lightening struck the ground close by causing the girl to lose her footing and stumble.

The air seemed to shimmer as Abby Warren fell and time itself seemed to slow down.

Expecting to not only see but feel the cold wet ground beneath her, Abby slowly opened her eyes.Instead of being on the cold ground, Abby found herself wrapped in a pair of cold, pale arms and staring into a pair of warm golden eyes.

A/N: There you have it. For the record 1) I have done a minor rewrite, but only because my computer decided to check out on me and I lost everything I had ( and I do mean EVERYTHING ). This is my first fanfic, so while I do expect some criticism, please be gentle.2) This story will have all canon pairings. The Cullens are vampires, Bella is still human and things are just gearing up for her 18th birthday. After that I make no promises on where this story will lead, how it will play out or how it will end.

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