Twilight Fanfic Stories

Four books weren't enough? Are you suffering from Cullen withdraw? You've come to the right place. Here you will find some of the best Twilight Fanfic around. These stories are creative, imaginative and inventive. They feature all of your favorite vamps (Edward, Jasper, Alice, Carlisle...) in all kinds of AU's and fantasies. Give them a try, and don't forget to leave a comment for the author. Feedback is the best reward for a writer.

Reading Twilight Fan Fiction will feed your addiction. Get lost in so many different situations. There is something for everyone here. No matter which Team you're on, or if you like them human or vamp, you'll find it here. The possibilities are endless! You're sure to find a few you'll love. Happy Reading!

12 Sins of Christmas O/S by ChelsieWhitlock : Jasper/Edward

A Forbidden Love by Jaspersdarlinkathy : Jasper/Bella

A New Love O/S by Jaspersdarlinkathy : Jasper/Bella

Angela's Contemplation O/S by JessDS : Angela/Jasper

A Reason To Exist by Cullen818 : Jasper/Bella

Christmas Angel O/S by Aerialla : Jasper/Bella

Conflicted Soldier O/S by Rosella Whitlock : Jasper/Bella

Dancing with Cinderella O/S by JaspersBella : Charlie/Bella

Death Strikes Out O/S by Jasper's Darlin Kathy : Jasper/Bella

Fate/Love/Hope Trilogy by Cullen818 : Jasper/Bella

Hot Empath, Beautiful Human, Sexy Doctor by Jaspersdarlinkathy : Jasper/Bella/Carlisle

Innocence Lost by Cullen818 : Jasper/Bella

Isle Esme o/s by Cullen818 : Edward/Bella

Just One Drop O/S by Jsjellybean : Carlisle/ OOC

More Than Words by MyCoffeeMuse : J/B E/B J/A

Need You Now by addictedtotwilight79 : Edward/Bella/Emmett

Phantasmagoria by Musing of Akyria : Jasper/Bella

Pushing Limits by Lace Kittens : Jasper/Bella

Saving Bella by Mynxi

She Talks To Angels by Racejunkie : Jasper/Bella

Surprise of a lifetime by ChelsieWhitlock

Tears of Gold by Racejunkie : Jasper/Bella

The Change Within by Jaspersdarlinkathy : Peter/Bella

The Look Of Love by Addicted2Twylyte

The Sound Of Love by Addicted2Twylyte : Edward/Bella

The Vibration Of Love by Addicted2Twylyte

Unknown Saviors by Jaspers Sex KItten : Jasper/Bella

Unlocking The Soul by Lacym3 : Jasper/Bella

Unnamed Feeling O/S by That Girl There x

Where Your True Destiny Lies O/S by Cullen818 : Alec/Bella

You'll Be Mine by Jaspersnaughtygirls : Jasper/Bella

Your Destiny Awaits by Lost Betwixt Worlds : Edward/Bella

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