The Vibration of Love - Chapter 9

Author’s Announcement! I just posted a very lemony out-take from Chapter Four. It is my submission for the Write For The Other Team contest. (Visit my homepage for contest details. The submission deadline is 1/22!) It is Edward’s Point Of View of what happened between he and Bella Swan just before Bella Jordan shifted realities and entered Bella S.’s body while they were making love for the first time.

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When Bella collapsed in the shower, I carried her to the bed, dried her off, and covered her with a quilt. I hoped this time would be like the others and she would wake up within a few minutes. It had already been longer than any of the other times. Suddenly, she started to violently shake. When I reached out to hold her, she was cold. I checked her pulse, and it was weak; she seemed to be struggling to breathe. I called security and told them to send the EMT and to call 911, Barry, and Kelly.

In less than 5 minutes, our room was full. The EMT told me to elevate Bella’s feet. He started an IV. I saw him adding a medication and asked him what it was.

“Epinephrine,” he replied. “Her blood pressure is dangerously low; I have to get it up, or we’re going to lose her.”

“No!” I yelled. I cradled her head in my arms and whispered, “Come back to me, baby; please come back.”

She opened her eyes and looked at me.

“Thank God,” I said.

She reached up to touch my cheek, and her eyes filled with tears.

“I didn’t think I would ever see you again,” she said.

She looked at our room full of people. “Please, I want to talk to you alone,” she said.

The EMT said, “She’s stable right now. I’ll wait down the hall. Just yell if you need me.”

I nodded my thanks. Barry and Kelly gave Bella a hug, and said they would take the kids back to their house.

When we were alone, I kissed her forehead and said, “You scared me. You collapsed in the shower, then you seemed to go into shock. You were shaking violently; you were freezing, your pulse was weak and your breathing was shallow.”

She nodded. “The same thing happened there.”

“Why?” I asked.

“He almost killed me,” she said.

“Edward?” I asked.

She nodded. “I arrived in the woods and was alone. A few minutes later, he appeared and attacked me. I was sure I was going to die. I thought about not seeing our kids grow up,” she paused as she stifled a sob and then took a breath. “Then I thought about you saying that Edward wouldn’t hurt me because he had never hurt anyone who wasn’t inherently evil to begin with. When I had that thought, he let me go and ran away.”

“But the attack sent you into shock?” I asked.

She nodded. “I remember Alice and Carlisle showing up. Carlisle carried me back to the house, and then he started an IV and gave me Epinephrine.”

“That’s what the EMT gave you here,” I said.

“Please hold me,” she said.

I climbed into bed next to her and wrapped her in my arms.

Suddenly she wriggled out of my arms and sat up. She threw the covers off and looked at her foot.

“It’s cut here too,” she said.

“You dropped your razor when you passed out. It fell on your foot and cut it,” I told her.

“I remember,” she said. “I saw it fall as I started to pass out, and then I felt the pain when it cut me. When I shifted to the other reality, my foot was cut in the same spot. It was the blood that triggered Edward’s attack.”

“Whatever happens to you physically in one world seems to follow you to the other,” I said.

She nodded and curled up next to me again.

“I can’t take much more,” she sobbed.

“I know, baby.” I felt so utterly helpless. In that moment, she went limp in my arms, and I knew she was gone again.


When I heard Carlisle say he could lose Bella, I screamed so loudly that I saw one of the windows on the jeep shatter. Jazz and Emmett appeared by my side within seconds.

“Come on, Bro,” Emmett said. “We’re going for a run.”

“I’m not leaving,” I said.

“You’re not helping Carlisle or Bella,” Jazz said, and I felt him manipulating my emotions.

Suddenly I was calmer and a run seemed like a very good idea. We took off.

After awhile, Emmett couldn’t contain his thoughts. So what’s going on, man? What happened between you and B.J.?

I stopped running. “B.J.?” I said.

“Yeah, “Bella Jordan,” he said out loud.

I shook my head.

“So what happened, man?” He asked.

I sighed. He would find out anyway. There were no secrets in a family of vampires with a psychic, a mind reader and an empath. “I almost killed her,” I said.

“Whoa, dude, what’s up with that?” Emmett asked.

Jasper took pity on me. “It’s a chemical thing, Emmett.”

Emmett looked at Jazz like his mind had stopped working along with his heart.

Jazz continued, “Apparently, one of the times that ‘B.J.’ appeared was when Edward and Bella were in the middle of...”

“No way!” Emmett yelled and looked at me.

I nodded.

“I still don’t get it. What’s the problem?” Emmett asked.

Jazz looked at me with sympathy. He’s so naïve, his thoughts said.

I nodded in reply. I knew that Jazz had plenty of first hand experience with the vampire instincts that co-mingled the lust for sex and the lust for human blood. But Emmett had been spared that particular experience. As annoying as Emmett could be at times, his presence in our family was a gift. He somehow managed to hang on to part of his human innocence; Jasper and I lost that part of ourselves when we drained the blood from one helpless victim after another.

“Emmett,” Jazz said, as if he were trying to explain advanced math to a child. “You’ve only had one slip, and Rosalie has always been your mate. You’ve never experienced what most vampires experience. There’s a reason we are so attractive to humans. It helps us to lure our prey. For vampires who feed off of humans, it’s very common for them to have sex with a human first and drain their blood later.”

“Whoa,” Emmett said. I saw in his thoughts that he realized this was how Jasper used to survive.

Jasper went on. “The vampire part of Edward wants to finish what he started.”

“Dude! Why can’t you shake it off? You’ve been around the other Bella for years. You decided you could handle making love to her. What’s different?”

Jasper’s thoughts told me, I’ve got it covered.

“Emmett,” Jasper said, “Edward is fighting a purely instinctual vampire response that I assume exists to ensure our species’ survival,” Jasper explained, sounding like a college professor lecturing on Darwin’s theory of vampire evolution.

“What about our Bella?” Emmett asked.

I looked at him. “My feelings for her haven’t changed. It still feels like she’s my soul mate. What’s changed is this insanity I feel about Bella Jordan.”

“What happened that triggered you?” Jasper asked.

“I was hunting and heard your thoughts and Alice’s thoughts after your hunt.” I didn’t need to explain what I meant. From what I had gathered over the years, my siblings always followed up a hunt with a sexual encounter, so I knew Emmett could read between the lines.

“I ran in the opposite direction, but I heard enough that it triggered a yearning in me. I wanted her even before I smelled the blood from her cut,” I said.

“Leave it to our Bella to cut herself near a family of vampires,” Emmett chuckled.

“It wasn’t Bella Swan that cut herself. I read Bella Jordan’s thoughts. She was in the shower with her husband right before she came here. He was going to shave her legs. She dropped the razor as she shifted realities, and it cut her foot in that reality. But when she arrived here, Bella Swan’s foot was also cut,” I told them.

“Whoa, you’re saying that what happens to her physically in one world follows her to the next?” Emmett asked.

“Apparently,” I nodded.

“I don’t think there’s Star Trek precedence for that,” he said, seriously.

I had to smile. Emmett certainly provided the comic relief in my tortured existence.

Jasper’s thoughts captured my attention. He looked at me, and I nodded. “That is quite a coincidence,” I said.

“You know, B.J. is right. That mind reading thing you do when other people are standing right here,” he said, pointing to himself, “is really rude.”

“Sorry,” I said. “Jasper was pointing out that Bella’s husband and I would have been feeling the same emotion at the same time.”

“What emotion?” Emmett asked.

“Lust,” Jasper said.

“Wow, that’s weird,” said Emmett.

I heard Jasper’s thoughts. “You think it could be more than a coincidence that he and I were feeling the same thing at the same time?” I asked him.

“I think it’s worth discussing with Bella and Stephen,” Jasper said. “Emotions, just like everything else in the universe, exist as a particular vibration. It’s like music. When you play a B flat on the piano, it resonates at a different frequency than a C minor. The vibration of love resonates at a different frequency from that of fear or lust. When I attempt to control someone’s emotions, I’m actually bringing their emotional vibration into alignment with mine. I act like a tuning fork.”

“So what has that got to do with what’s going on with B.J.?” Emmett asked.

“I don’t know, yet,” Jasper said. “But there are many theories about how our thoughts and emotions affect our reality. Our emotions, when directed at another person, create a strong vibrational field around that person. If Edward and Bella’s husband were experiencing the same emotion at the same time, it could be contributing to what is causing her to travel between the two realities.”

Our discussion was interrupted by Jasper’s phone. I saw in his thoughts that it was Alice, and when I read Alice’s thoughts, I saw my Bella. She was awake in Carlisle’s office, and completely hysterical. I tore back to the house.

I ran into Carlisle’s office and wrapped Bella in my arms. She was sobbing.

“Why am I in here? Why do I have an IV in my arm? What is wrong with me? Where were you? Why is my foot cut?” She buried her head against my chest. I had never felt so helpless, and with that thought, she went limp in my arms. I knew what was coming next. I laid her gently on the table and stepped away. I was certain Bella Jordan would not want to see me.

“Carlisle, I believe when she wakes up, Bella Jordan will be with us again. I had better step out of the room.”

He nodded. “Stephen should be here any minute.”

“I’ll listen for him,” I said, and went outside.


I opened my eyes and saw Carlisle’s concerned smile. “Welcome back,” he said.

“Carlisle, please, make it stop,” I begged him.

“Stephen should be here any minute, Bella. I’m hoping he will help us,” he said.

I nodded.

“Bella, one of us will stay with you at all times, and Edward has promised he will stay away from you. He is devastated by what he did to you and the pain he caused you.” Carlisle said.

“I know, Carlisle. I also know that any other vampire would have killed me.”

He looked at me and smiled and then shook his head. “Your compassion and empathy are astounding,” Carlisle said.

I returned his smile, and then asked, “Carlisle, when I went into shock in this world, I also went into shock in my reality. My husband called an EMT, who also gave me Epinephrine.” I also told him about the cut on my foot appearing in both realities. “What do you think it means that what happened to me here also happened there and vice versa?”

“I don’t know, Bella. I hear Stephen’s car now, and I’m hoping he’ll help us unravel this.”

Alice bounced into the room with new clothes for me since the other Bella’s clothes were quite disheveled.

“I can’t allow you to meet one of the greatest scientific minds in history wearing that,” she said. She handed me an Armani double zip jacket.

I stared at it, then looked at her.

“How on earth…?”

“I researched what you like,” she said bouncing up and down.

“Actually, you researched what my mother likes,” I said smiling. “She makes sure that if there is a possibility that a camera will come within a mile of me that I look as if I’ve stepped out of the pages of Style. God forbid that her daughter be caught on camera in jeans and a t-shirt. That jacket is the same one she picked up for me at a show in Italy.”

“I know!” Alice beamed. “It was nearly impossible to find.”

“Alice, it is very sweet of you to try to find clothes that are familiar. You are beyond thoughtful,” I said.

“My pleasure,” she smiled. I knew she was thrilled to have a Bella-Barbie that actually appreciated her fashionista genius.

She handed me the matching slacks and a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps. She had somehow even figured out that I preferred Stella McCartney lingerie.

I slipped into the bathroom that was connected to Carlisle’s office. When I came back out, Alice was still there. She bounced up and down.

“You look beautiful. It’s so fun to dress you since you know how to walk,” she chirped.

I laughed.

Alice suddenly turned serious. “Bella, everyone is downstairs with Stephen. Edward wants to do whatever will make you the most comfortable. Jazz is monitoring his emotions, and I’m continually watching to make sure he will not hurt you. He intentionally positioned himself so he is behind Emmett and Jazz. I don’t think there’s any chance he could hurt you. He and Jazz have a theory they want to run by you and Stephen, but if you aren’t comfortable being near him, he’ll let Jazz speak for him.”

I took a breath. “Alice, it sounds like you all have taken every possible precaution. I’m actually not as concerned about my physical safety because I know you and Jasper will sense it if his instincts take over. But I am concerned about my propensity for flashbacks.”

She looked at me questioningly.

“Alice, I was raped when I was twelve years old,” I said.

“Oh my God, Bella, I didn’t know. I’m so sorry,” she said.

“It’s OK, Alice, I’ve done a lot of therapy. But there’s a chance that seeing Edward will send me into a flashback.”

“Of course, you don’t want to be around him then. I’ll go tell him,” she said.

“No, wait, Alice. If there’s any chance that his and Jasper’s idea can help stop this reality shifting, then I want him there. But, will you stay next to me?”

“Of course,” she nodded.

“If I squeeze your hand, get me out of the room, OK?”

“Yes, Bella, anything. Are you ready?”

I nodded, and we walked downstairs together.

The next chapter is titled: “The Perfect Storm.”

The Perfect Storm is a creative nonfiction book written by Sebastian Junger about a Perfect Storm that hit North America in 1991. The story features the crew of the fishing boat, Andrea Gail, based out of Gloucester, Massachusetts, who were lost at sea during the severe conditions. The book was adapted for the film of the same title and released in 2000.

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