The Vibration of Love - Chapter 2 : The Outer Limits


“No,” I said. “Not again.” I jumped up. “I wasn’t even sleeping. Why am I hallucinating? Why is this happening?” I yelled.

“Bella, what are you talking about?” Edward asked.

“Do you remember the dream I had earlier?” I asked.

“Yes, you woke up from it this morning, and you didn’t remember anything,” he said.

“Well, I’m dreaming again,” I said.

He stared at me. “I can read your thoughts again, and you aren’t asleep. Bella, we need to go see Carlisle.”

“Whatever,” I said. “Since I’m apparently stuck in the Twilight Zone, it doesn’t really matter what we do. Lead the way.”

He pulled me onto his back, and we were suddenly flying through the forest. I started screaming, “Stop! Put me down!”

He did as I asked. “What’s wrong?” He said.

“What’s wrong? You’re going to kill us!” I yelled at him.

He looked at me, and I knew he was reading my mind.

“You don’t remember ever running with me before,” he said as a statement of fact and not a question.

“Yes, Edward, that’s right! How can I remember something I’ve never done?” I said, in a very exasperated tone.

He reached for my hand, and I pulled away. He looked hurt.

“Bella, we’re almost to the house. We can walk the rest of the way,” he said.

I motioned for him to lead the way. As I followed behind him, I decided I must still be asleep. Maybe the whole morning with Rob and the kids was just part of this one long dream, I thought.

Edward suddenly stopped and whirled to look at me. I realized I had been thinking about making love to Rob in the shower this morning.

He grabbed my shoulders and said, “Why are you doing this?”

“Get your hands off of me now,” I said. He let go. “I already told you that I am either dreaming or hallucinating. You are not real. This forest is not real. Nothing is real.”

He gave me the tortured soul look then turned around and stomped off. I watched him walk away, wondering if I should follow. This is my dream, after all. Why should I follow a brooding vampire? I thought. Edward stopped, turned around, sighed loudly, and waited for me to follow him. I realized he had just read my thoughts. I decided that since I still appeared to be sound asleep and didn’t have anything better to do, that I might as well follow.

We stepped out of the woods, and I saw the Cullen’s house. I gasped. “Wow, this is so weird,” I said. The house looked similar to the Cullen’s Twilight movie house, but that was an actual house owned by a Nike Executive. This house was much bigger and far more beautiful. Every detail looked as if a combined designer dream team from Architectural Digest and Better Homes and Gardens had joined forces to create the perfect home.

Edward looked at me questioningly. “It’s so much more beautiful than the movie version,” I said.

He nodded and led me into the house. I stopped and looked around. The inside was even more exquisite than the outside.

Just then, Elizabeth walked into the room. I snapped out of my house envy trance and ran over to her. “Oh Liz, it’s so great to …,” I started to say, and then stopped, realizing that she was not Elizabeth the actress who played Esme, but that she was really Esme!

Esme looked at me with a confused expression. “Bella? Is something wrong?” When I didn’t say anything, she looked at Edward.

“Yes, Mom, something appears to be very wrong. We’re here to see Carlisle,” Edward said.

“I never understood why you call her ‘Mom,’ sometimes and ‘Esme’ at other times?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” he replied. “I guess for the same reason you call your father, ‘Charlie,’ sometimes,” he replied.

“Have you not been listening to me? He’s not my father! I would never call my father, ‘Barry.’ He’s always, ‘Dad,’ and I certainly won’t allow my children to call me by my first name. That’s so disrespectful,” I ranted.

Edward looked at me, and I knew he was reading my thoughts.

“I can see them. You have imagined another existence. I can see your father, your daughter, your son, and your…”

I realized I had just thought about Rob.

“Your husband,” he said. “He’s human.” I saw the pain in his eyes.

“Edward, I’m not her. She loves you, vampire and all. This is not some psychotic breakdown that she’s having because she doesn’t want to be with you,” I said.

Edward and Esme looked at each other. I could see by his expression that he was reading her thoughts. When he nodded at Esme, apparently replying to a nonverbal question of hers, I said to him, “You know that silent conversation thing you do is really rude.”

“I apologize,” he said. “May we go up and see Carlisle now?” I nodded.

Edward motioned for me to walk upstairs. He followed behind. I stopped at the top of the stairs, and he automatically took my hand to lead me down the hall. I pulled my hand away, and saw the pain in his eyes again.

He knocked on a closed door, and I heard Peter’s ‘Carlisle’ voice, say, “Come in.”

“Carlisle, may we see you?” Edward asked.

“Of course, come in,” Carlisle replied.

I walked into Carlisle’s study and stopped dead in my tracks. This Carlisle was far more gorgeous than the made up version Peter played. Peter is naturally dark haired and dark skinned, so I always thought their attempts to turn him into a blonde, pale skinned vampire looked fake. There was nothing fake about this vampire. The sun was shining through the window behind him, and his skin glowed.

“Wow,” I said. “ILM didn’t even come close to capturing how you guys glow,” I said.

Edward said, “Industrial Light and Magic did the special effects for the movies you’ve been referring to?”

I nodded.

He smiled after reading my thoughts and seeing ILM’s version of a vampire sparkling in the sunlight. “No, they really didn’t get it right, did they?”

I smiled back at him. “So you’re starting to believe me?”

“No, but you do have a very vivid imagination,” he replied.

Carlisle looked at Edward with a confused expression, and Edward shook his head. I assumed he was replying to another silent question.

I turned toward Edward. “Don’t,” I said. He looked back at me with a raised eyebrow. “Don’t do the mind reading thing. I want to hear exactly how crazy you two think I am.”

Edward ran his hand through his hair. “Carlisle, she appears to be hallucinating.” He told Carlisle about the dream I’d had that morning and how I had suddenly jumped up in the woods just now and started ranting about hallucinations. He also told him that he was able to read my thoughts. This last statement seemed to surprise Carlisle the most.

Carlisle looked at me. “Bella, you believe you are someone different from whom we believe you to be?” He asked.

“I am someone different. I am real. You are both fictional characters,” I said. I saw them look at each other. “Obviously you think I’ve lost my mind, but I haven’t. I don’t understand what I’m doing in Twilight, but my real life is in Southern California with my husband and my two children.”

I looked at Edward, and the pain in his eyes was palpable. I didn’t have to read his mind to know he thought Bella was abandoning him.

As soon as I had that thought, I was back in our garage. I was lying on the floor, and Rob was shaking me. “Bella, honey, are you OK?” I heard the panic in his voice.

I sat up, put my arms around him, and started crying. “No, I’m not OK. Something is very wrong with me.”

The next chapter is titled, “Twilight Trek” in reference to Star Trek.

Star Trek is an American science fiction entertainment series. The original Star Trek was a television series, created by Gene Roddenberry, which debuted in 1966 and ran for three seasons. It followed the interstellar adventures of the crew of the Federation Starship Enterprise. Four more television series were produced including Star Trek: The Next Generation, which followed the crew of a new Starship Enterprise set several decades after the original series.

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