The Vibration of Love - Chapter 16 Beauty and the Beast


I tucked Jordan into his crib and went downstairs to find Rob and Kate. I found them in the living room watching Beauty and the Beast. Kate was curled up on Rob’s lap completely enchanted by the magical characters currently singing Be Our Guest.

I silently sat down to join them, and Rob put his arm around me.

Kate sighed, stood up and paused the movie.

“What’s wrong?” Rob asked her.

“Mommy, I don’t want to share Daddy,” she said.

Rob and I looked and each other, struggling not to laugh.

“What do you mean?” I asked her.

“If you’re here, Daddy won’t pay attention to the movie, and he’ll forget to fast forward the scary parts.”

“Mmm, she’s right, you know,” Rob said, winking at me.

“Can I stay if I sit in that chair over there?” I asked.

“Well,” she said, thinking it over. “I guess we can try that and see if Daddy can pay attention.”

“I can’t help it, Kate; your Mom is so beautiful,” Rob said, smiling at her.

“I know; she’s just like Belle.” She paused. “But you’re not a beast, Daddy. You’re the prince,” she said as she climbed back into his lap.

“Thank you, sweetheart. If I’m a prince, that makes you a princess,” he told her.

She giggled and restarted the movie.

By the end of the movie, Kate was sound asleep on Rob’s lap. I went back over to the couch, and we snuggled while we watched our little princess sleep.

“You should do an animated movie,” I said. “It would be great for the kids to have a movie they can actually watch that you starred in.”

“I was thinking the same thing when I was watching this. Kate would enjoy seeing how an animated movie is made. Claire told me that Disney is looking for someone to voice the hero for Rapunzel. I’ll ask her to see what she can work out.”

“Oh, good, we’ll have more action figures that look like you,” I smirked.

He rolled his eyes as he stood up, cradling Kate in his arms. I watched how tenderly he carried her upstairs and tucked her in.

As we walked to our room, I said, “I fall more in love with you every time I watch you with our children. You really are a great father.”

“Thank you,” he said, as he kissed me. “That means a lot coming from such a good mother. Now, I seem to recall a promise I made earlier today to rip these clothes from your body.”

“You had better lock the door in case our little princess decides to join us,” I said.

“Definitely a good idea,” he said as he locked our bedroom door. “I’ve been planning my revenge all day.”

He took my hand and led me onto the deck. He turned me so my back was leaning against the railing.

“Put your hands on the rail, and leave them there, please,” he said with a smirk.

I raised my eyebrow, looked into his eyes, and did what he asked.

“Thank you; you follow directions well,” he said. “I changed my mind about ripping off your clothes. That wouldn’t be torturous enough. Instead, I’ve decided to remove them very slowly.”

“Mmm, I think I like this torture, already,” I sighed.

He ran his tongue up my neck and sucked on the spot below my ear that he knew made me instantly wet. He started to unbutton my shirt while he moved his lips to the other side of my neck.

I was so distracted by his kisses, that I didn’t realize he had managed to unbutton my shirt all the way until I felt his hands slide up my back and unclasp my bra. He pulled my hips against his with one hand while he ran his fingers around one of my nipples with the other.

I moaned into his kiss. I let go of the deck and buried my hands in his hair.

He stopped kissing me.

“You’re not following directions,” he smiled.

“You truly are torturing me,” I said.

“Yes, baby, I know,” he said echoing what I had said to him this morning.

He pushed my shirt and bra off my shoulders and lowered his mouth to one of my nipples. He then spent several agonizingly erotic minutes swirling his tongue around one and then the other. He knelt down and slowly ran his tongue across my stomach and then along the spot where my jeans met my skin. He ran his hands up the inside of my thighs and let one hand slide across my soaked crotch.

“Mmm, apparently you are enjoying being tortured,” he whispered.

“Mmmhmm,” I sighed.

He unbuttoned my jeans and pulled the zipper down with his teeth. When he pushed them to the ground, I stepped out of them. I felt his mouth through the lace of my panties and moaned.

“Oh God, please,” I gasped.

“Please what?” He replied.

“Please put your tongue on me now!”

He slid his tongue under the lace, and I moaned again as he licked his way along the length of my folds and swirled it around my clit.

“Is that what you wanted, baby?” He asked.

“Fuck, yes, please don’t stop,” I whimpered.

He pushed the panties to the ground, and I kicked them away. His hand slowly eased its way along the inside of my thigh, and his fingers teased their way around my entrance until he suddenly plunged them deep inside me. His tongue went back to working my clit.

“Oh my God!” I screamed as an orgasm made my entire body shudder.

Rob stood up, and I collapsed against him. “That was incredible,” I gasped.

“And that was just the appetizer,” he said. He took my hand and lead me back inside. He laid down on the bed on his back. “Now we both get a turn.”

I smiled as I climbed on top of him facing his glorious cock. I lowered my hips to his mouth while I took his length into mine. We both immediately started to moan.

He plunged his fingers back inside me and worked my G-spot while his tongue worked my clit.

As I felt myself ready to explode again, I relaxed my throat and took his full length inside and swallowed.

His scream shook the room as he came in my mouth.

I moaned in ecstasy as I tightened around his fingers.

I slowly released him and felt him slide his fingers out of me. I swung around and collapsed into his arms.

“That was unfucking-believable,” he gasped.

“You can torture me anytime,” I said, as I ran my tongue around his lips.

“Likewise, he said.”

It only took moments for us to fall into a blissfully contented sleep.

I awoke a few hours later and glanced at the clock.

Two in the morning and I’m wide-awake. Ugh! I’m so jet lagged from all of this reality hopping.

I rolled over and looked at my husband. He still takes my breath away, I thought, as I gently kissed his cheek.

I slid out of bed and slipped on my robe. I walked onto the deck and leaned against the rail. I automatically started to worry about the baby when I stopped myself. There’s nothing you can do right now. Just breathe, I told myself. I took a deep breath and listened to the waves hitting the beach as I slowly exhaled. I instantly felt calmer.

My calm was replace with lust when I felt my husband’s arms slip around my waist and his lips against my favorite spot on my neck.

“Hi,” he murmured as his lips brushed my skin. “You can’t sleep?”

“No, I’m jet lagged.” I sighed as I leaned against his chest.

He untied my robe and slid his hands up to cup my breasts.

I laughed quietly.

“What’s so funny?” He asked.

“Apparently you are the lustfully libidinous one for this pregnancy,” I said.

“No, your pregnancy has nothing to do with my reaction to you. I’m always this way. Can you remember a time since you’ve known me that I haven’t wanted to ravage you?”

“Hmm, let me think. There was the one time that you were violently ill after eating bad sushi.”

“Ugh, don’t remind me!”

“But that’s the only time I can recall that you didn’t seem interested in sex,” I smiled. “So our mind-blowing encounter earlier wasn’t enough?” I asked coyly.

“I only got to fuck your brains out earlier. Now I’m going to make passionate love to you,” he said as he turned me around to face him. His lips met mine, and I suddenly felt the deck whirling around me.

Shit! I thought. Here we go again.


“OK, we’ve graphed love, anger, impatience, anxiety and fear. Now let’s try lust,” Stephen said.

Jasper shut his eyes, and in his thoughts, I saw him with my sister.

“Gross, Jazz. That certainly isn’t going to make me feel lust. God, she’s my sister, man!”

“It works for me!” Jasper laughed.

“Edward, can you block Jasper’s thoughts for this?” Carlisle asked.

“I’ll try,” I replied.

I shut my eyes and pictured making love to my Bella. When I felt the wave of lust from Jazz hit me, the image in my mind morphed to the night in the limo with the other Bella Jordan.

Rosalie interrupted my fantasy. “What were you guys doing in there?” She called from Alice’s room. “B.J. is back! She’s horny and pissed!” Rosalie laughed.

“Thanks for the introduction, Rose,” I heard Bella say.

“Oh, this is perfect!” Stephen said gleefully. “We have a graph of the exact emotional frequency that caused her to shift! Rosalie,” he called. “Please tell Bella to come to Carlisle’s office.”

“OK, give us a minute,” she said.

I overheard Rosalie talking to Bella. “Bella, Stephen wants you to go to Carlisle’s office. All of the boys are in there trying to find a solution to your shifting problem.”

“OK,” I heard Bella reply. “But you’ll come with me, right?”

I rolled my eyes.

“Of course. But Bella, before we go, I want to ask you something,” Rose said.

This ought to be interesting, I thought.

“Why did you call out for me when you thought Carlisle and Edward were going to hurt your baby?” Rose asked her.

“Because that’s what the fictional Bella did in the books. When Edward first realized that she was pregnant, he told her he would ask Carlisle to terminate the pregnancy, thinking that’s what Bella would want. But Bella asked Rose to protect her from them.”

“But why me, or…her, or…Oh, you know what I mean?” Rose asked.

“In one of the books, Rose told Bella about the events that led to Carlisle turning her. She explained this to help Bella understand why she thought it was a mistake for her to become a vampire. The fictional Rose told Bella that she had always wanted children, and she resented her for throwing away the ability to have children.”

“Oh,” was all Rose said.

“Rose, did the book get it right?” Bella asked her.

I didn’t hear Rosalie’s reply, but I knew that the book had, in fact, gotten it right.

“Whoa, Emmett, you’d better check on Rose,” Jasper said. “I just felt a huge surge of sadness coming from her.”

Emmett jumped up, but stopped when I said, “Wait, she’s talking to Bella. Give them a minute.”

“Rose,” I heard Bella say. “Thank you for protecting my baby. I owe his or her life to you.”

“Whoa, guys, tone down the guilt, will you? Getting hit by it from both of you is too much to take,” Jasper said looking at me and then Carlisle.

Apparently, Carlisle was also eavesdropping on Rose and Bella’s conversation.

Carlisle’s office door opened, and Bella and Rose entered. They both glared at me and Carlisle.

“Stephen, could you disconnect Jasper from the equipment, please, and give us a minute. Edward and I need to talk to Bella alone,” Carlisle said.

“Certainly,” Stephen replied.

“I’m not going anywhere,” Rose said.

Carlisle nodded. “If that’s what you want, Bella?”

“Yes, apparently I need a bodyguard around you two,” Bella snapped.

“Guys, please, you’re killing me, here,” Jazz pleaded.

Bella looked at him questioningly.

“If it’s any consolation, Bella, they both feel tremendously guilty for what they were going to do to you,” Jasper said.

“Yes, it’s so comforting to know that they have a conscience after all,” Bella said, turning to glare at us.

As soon as Jasper and Stephen left the room, Bella took a step toward Carlisle and met his remorse-filled eyes.

“I would have expected this barbaric behavior from him,” she spat, pointing at me, “but I am astounded that you would be capable of murdering my child against my will! What is wrong with you? And you!” She said, turning to face me. “Haven’t you put me through enough hell already?”

I started to say, “Bella, I’m…”

“Shut it!” She yelled. “You first,” she said, glaring at Carlisle.

I heard Emmett’s thoughts from the other side of the house. Whoa! I’ve never heard anyone talk to Carlisle like that. She is one feisty human!

Carlisle took an unnecessary breath. “Bella, you have every right to be furious with us …”

“You’re goddamn right I do!” She screamed at him. “I thought you had risen above being a monster, Carlisle! I am so disappointed in you!”

I heard Esme’s thoughts, so I wasn’t surprised when the door flew open and my mother came charging to my father’s defense.

“How dare you talk to my husband like that?”

I had never seen Esme this angry. I stood up and put my hand on her shoulder.

“Mom, maybe…”

“No, Edward,” she said, shrugging my hand off of her shoulder. “No one talks to Carlisle like that while I’m around.”

Bella stared at Esme. “I’m in the wrong fucking book! I’m surrounded by monsters! Get out of my way!” She said, pushing her way past Esme.

I watched her through Emmett’s thoughts.

She stormed into the living room and went straight to the drawer where I kept the keys to the Aston.

How the hell does she know where my car keys are? If she damages that car, I swear I will …

“Edward, I won’t hurt your fucking car,” she screamed.

Can she read minds now too?

I heard the door to the Aston slam and the engine roar as she tore out of the driveway.

“Good job guys,” Rosalie said with a smirk. “That went really well. I guess as her bodyguard, it’s up to me to go get her back.” Rose disappeared.


I hit the highway and decided to see what this car could do. I pushed it to 120, and I could almost hear the car respond with, Is that all you’ve got? I pressed the pedal further to the floor. I recalled hearing Edward say, If she damages that car, I swear…

Suddenly, I slammed on the breaks and swerved into a rest stop. How the hell did I hear Edward? I knew it wasn’t his voice I heard. Fuck! I can hear his thoughts now. What is going on?

I remembered Esme staring at me with hatred. I had heard her say, You’re ruining my perfect family. But as I replayed the scene in my mind, I realized her mouth wasn’t moving.

I read her thoughts too.

I was sure I hadn’t been able to read Rob’s or anyone else’s thoughts before I shifted. OK, that’s good. I thought. Hopefully whatever is allowing me to read minds is only occurring in this reality.

I leaned my head against the steering wheel, trying to think. The passenger door opened and closed again.

What’s wrong with her now? I heard in Rosalie’s thoughts.

“Just to warn you, Rosalie, I can now read minds.”

What number am I thinking of? Her next thought said, Sixty-nine.

“Sixty-nine,” I laughed. “But I could have guessed that given the one track minds you and Emmett have.”

True, she thought. They deserved everything you said to them, Bella, and more. Tell me what I just thought.

“You think they deserved what I said to them.”

“Bella, this isn’t good.”

“Why?” I asked, looking at her for the first time.

“You must be pregnant with Edward’s baby. The baby has Edward’s ability, and for now, you do too,” she said.

“I couldn’t read minds before I shifted. So maybe Bella Swan is pregnant with Edward’s baby, but my body is pregnant with Rob’s. Maybe this fucked up universe is finally righting itself.”

“Could the fictional Bella read minds when she was pregnant?” Rosalie asked.

“No, but things have strayed from the books’ story lines since I arrived and starting messing with this world’s reality. Rose, if they determine that this body, Bella Swan’s body, is carrying a vampire baby, you can’t allow them to terminate the pregnancy.” I told her what happened with Renesmee in Breaking Dawn. “You are going to fall completely in love with this little girl,” I smiled at her.

“Don’t worry, Bella. It will be over my ashes that they hurt that baby.”

She stared at me for a minute, and a puzzled look crossed her face.

“What is it?” I asked her.

“Bella, do you mind if I listen to the baby’s heartbeat?”

“No, go ahead,” I told her.

She leaned over and rested her ear against my abdomen and then gasped.

“Rosalie, what’s wrong? Don’t you hear anything?”

She laughed. “Oh, Bella, I hear something alright. You, my dear, are going to have twins.”


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