The Vibration of Love - Chapter 11 Beverly Hills 90210


At 200 miles per hour, and no need for stops except to refuel, it only took seven hours to get to L.A . I recalled from our earlier Google search that Bella lived at the Cielo resort. I located it on the GPS and parked at a public beach about a mile away. The security at the resort was tight, but it wasn’t designed to keep out vampires.

I moved at vampire speed to make sure the security cameras did not see me. I assumed Bella would be near the main house. I listened to the thoughts and voices coming from inside, but none of them belonged to her. Then I heard music coming from another building. As I approached, I realized it was the recording studio.

I listened to the thoughts coming from within and found them hard to follow. Were there multiple people? The thoughts seemed to belong to more than one person, but they were blurred together. I focused more intently. This is fascinating, I thought. I realized I was listening to the thoughts of Bella and her father. They were mixing an album; neither was aware of consciously reading the other’s mind, but their thoughts were utterly co-mingled. It was almost as if they were acting with one mind. I had never observed anything like this before. I stayed where I was, hidden in a group of trees, and listened to their exchange.

Eventually, Bella’s thoughts were interrupted when her phone rang. I heard a woman’s voice tell her that a stylist was waiting for her at the main house. Bella hung up and told her father she had to go get ready.

“Get ready for what?” He asked.

“Wow, Dad, you’re really lost in concentration. The MTV Movie Awards are tonight, and we are all going to support Jack.”

“Right, I guess I blocked it out. You know how much I love those things,” he said sarcastically. “But I’ll be there to see my boy pick up his third Best Movie Song award!”

“Keep up that positive thinking, Dad. He’s got tough competition this year. And don’t forget; you can’t skip out on the after party. Jack’s idea for a duet with Rhiana is a good one, but we need to sell her on it, and we need your charm to do that,” she said.

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll be there, and I’ll be my usual charming self,” he said grumpily.

I had to chuckle. He sounded like he was anything but charming.

“See you later,” she said.

I watched her leave the building and start toward the main house.

Now, the vampire in me said. No one will know. It will be so easy.

I ignored those thoughts. She was far too fascinating to end this quite yet.



Alice was shaking me. “Bella, wake up! We need you!”

I sat up and looked at her panic-stricken face.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Edward is on his way to Los Angeles,” she said.

I looked at her questioningly.

“He’s going after the other Bella Jordan.”

“What?” I yelled. “This gets more insane by the second!”

“We need you to help us find her,” Alice said.

I took a deep breath. “OK, let me think. Get me a laptop.”

There was a blur, and Alice was back with a laptop.

“OK, Alex, please use the same password scheme in this world,” I said as I attempted to login to my calendar.

“Who’s Alex?” She asked.

“She’s my assistant. Yes! I’m in,” I said. “How far ahead do I need to look? How long will it take him to get there?”

“Since the Aston can easily do 200 miles per hour, and vampires don’t need rest breaks, he can get there in under eight hours,” she replied.

“Wow, that must be nice,” I said. I looked at my counterpart’s schedule. “It looks like she’ll be in the resort’s studio for the next several hours. Tonight she’ll be at the MTV Movie Awards.”

“Rosalie!” Alice yelled.

Rose appeared in a blur.

“How fast can you get us there?” Alice asked.

Rose smiled. “Edward may be fast on foot, but there’s no way he’ll ever beat me in a car. Let’s go.”

I started to walk toward Carlisle’s office door when Alice said, “No time for human speed, sorry.”

I felt myself being flung over her shoulder, and in the next instant, I was sitting in the back of Rosalie’s BMW. Emmett was in the front with Rose, and Alice was curled up on Jasper’s lap next to me.

Rosalie tore out of the Cullen’s driveway and hit the winding road. The passing landscape immediately became a blur.

“Bella? You look green,” Alice said.

I nodded. “I get motion sickness,” I replied.

Rosalie met my eyes in the rearview mirror. “Do not even think about getting sick in this car,” she growled.

The ferocity in her tone caused my skin tone to change from green to white.

Emmett looked in the glove compartment and then threw a bottle of pills to me.

“Here you go. We keep these on hand for the other Bella. She gets car sick when vampires drive too,” he chuckled.

I popped a Dramamine in my mouth and swallowed. As I looked out the window, I thought about how much I missed Rob. I wanted my life with him and our children back.

“Oh no!” I gasped.

“What is it?” Alice asked.

“Rob’s counterpart will probably be at the awards show. Alice, give me your phone.”

I used the browser on her phone to surf the MTV site. “Shit! He’s nominated. Alice, have you seen Edward hurting Rob?”

Alice shook her head, but still looked worried.

“What is it?” I asked.

“I wouldn’t see anything until Edward decides something. He wouldn’t know about Rob being there even if he’s figured out by now that the other Bella will be there.”

I turned my attention back to the window and watched the landscape fly by in a blur. I didn’t know the Rob that existed in this universe, but I didn’t care what universe he was from; I was going to do everything in my power to protect the man who shared my husband’s name and face.

I noticed Alice and Jasper staring into each other’s eyes and felt a surge of lust rush through my body.

“Will you two hold it down back there!” Emmett yelled from the front. “You’re making it difficult for my wife to keep her hands off of me and drive,” he laughed.

“Sorry,” Jasper replied, without breaking eye contact with Alice.

I shut my eyes, hoping I would drift off to sleep. Even nightmares would be more welcome than being stuck in a car full of lascivious vampires!

In my dream, I woke up alone in Edward’s room.

I half sleepwalked my way into the bathroom when I realized the shower was running. I turned to leave when my eyes locked with Edward’s. He was staring at me. His hand was stroking his enormous and very hard cock.

I tried to leave the room, but I couldn’t move. I was transfixed and controlled by that stare. I felt my hands unbutton his borrowed shirt and saw it fall to the floor. I pushed the sweats he had given me to my ankles and stepped out of them.

I was pulled into the shower by some invisible force.

Instantly, my back was pressed against the shower wall, and my legs were wrapped around his hips. Edward’s cock was buried deep within me. I couldn’t help myself; the pleasure was far too exquisite. My hips arched into his and my head rolled back as I moaned and writhed with each forceful thrust.

“Look at me,” Edward growled.

I met his eyes, and he looked down. My eyes followed his, and I watched as his huge cock repeatedly buried itself in me.

He grabbed my chin and lifted my face so my eyes met his again.

“You are mine,” he hissed as he plunged his tongue into my mouth.

He released my mouth, and his tongue trailed its way to my throat. I felt his teeth graze my skin.

“Come for me, and then I will make you mine forever.”

I felt my muscles tighten around him, and heard my scream as the ecstasy of my climax and the agony of his bite seared my body.

My scream jolted me awake as it continued to echo from my throat.

“Whoa, Bella, what was that?” Emmett laughed.

I realized I was sitting straight up; my hand was on my neck, and my breath was ragged.

I glared at Jasper. “You have to stop the lust thing, or run the rest of the way.”

“That’s a great idea!” Alice chimed in. “Rose, stop the car!”

The car flew across several lanes and screeched to a halt. Alice and Jasper disappeared, and Rose sped back onto the highway.

I shook my head and tried to go back to sleep.


I decided the crowds at tonight’s events could work to my advantage. I returned to my car and realized a trip to Rodeo Drive was necessary. I had to ditch my cell phone once I decided to come to L.A. since it would only take Rosalie a matter of seconds to locate it on the GPS. I needed another phone, and my jeans and T-shirt wouldn’t allow me to blend in at the awards show. I couldn’t even remember the last time I actually had to shop. Since my sister worshiped the gods Armani, Dior, and Valentino, setting foot inside any type of store was completely unnecessary. But how hard could it be?

I recalled Alice mentioning that Bijan was where she picked out clothing that the family required for a special occasion. I located the store on the GPS and a short time later, was handing my keys to a valet. Luckily, it was a rare overcast Los Angeles day, and I was able to walk about freely at human speed.

I entered the store and approached the hostess. She looked up and began to greet me and then suddenly became quite flustered. I was surprised by her thoughts. I heard her say, Oh my God, and she seemed suddenly frantic. I was accustomed to having women react with intensity to my presence, but her reaction was baffling.

“It’s, um, a pleasure to have you, ah, with us. How may I, ah, help you?” She stammered.

“I need to attend a semi formal event this evening, and I’m in a hurry,” I said.

There was a sudden flurry of activity as several salespeople approached. One of them, who assumed an air of authority, and was presumably the manager, walked toward me.

“We are so pleased to be of service. Right this way,” he said.

We walked up an elaborate staircase, and I followed him to a private salon.

“I think you’ll find we have exactly what you are looking for,” the manager said. Two male models walked into the room. One wore a casual black suit, white shirt and black tie. The other wore black pants, a white shirt and a black leather jacket.

“Did your stylist recommend a more casual or polished look for the evening?” He asked.

My stylist? I thought. Los Angeles is so pretentious that everyone has their own stylist?

“My stylist is not available,” I said, thinking this was true since Alice was probably in a car somewhere in Northern California right now. I knew once I decided to come here that my family would follow.

“Oh, alright, then which do you prefer?” He asked.

“The suit is fine,” I said. “I’m in a hurry. How quickly can you have it fitted?”

“We will expedite your order, Sir. It shouldn’t take more than an hour. Will you require shoes, and may I suggest a tie?”

“Yes, thank you,” I said.

“Would you like to wait here, or come back?” He asked.

“Don’t you need my measurements?”

“We have them on file,” he said.

Of course Alice would have filed our measurements, but how did he know who I was, I wondered.

“In that case, I will be back,” I said.

I needed to find a new cell phone and find the awards show location. I stepped onto the sidewalk, and a flash went off in my face.

“There he is. Over here! Do you think you’ll win tonight?”

“Where are your security guards?”

“Who’s the lucky girl we get to photograph you with tonight?”

At first I thought there must be a celebrity nearby that these paparazzi were stalking. But then I realized they were hunting me. I turned around and walked back into Bijan. The manager came running up to me.

“Mr. Pattinson, I do apologize. We have a café if you would like to wait over here?”

I fought to control my rage. They think I’m him! I can’t get away from him!

The manager took an involuntary step backward, and I saw the look of terror on his face. I forced a smile.

“Yes, the café would be fine, thank you.”

He looked relieved and led me to a corner table. I ordered a latté for appearances.

“Is there anything else I can get for you?” He asked.

“My cell phone died, and I need internet access,” I replied.

“There’s an AT&T store two doors down. I’ll call and ask them to send over a sales representative,” he replied, pulling out his phone.

An hour later, I had a new phone and a new suit. My car was waiting at the front door and had been washed and waxed. No one had asked me for a credit card or to sign a receipt. I smiled as I realized the actor who looked like me would be billed for a very expensive suit and a new phone, both of which he would never see.

I located the awards ceremony. The after party was being held at an adjacent hotel. Based on the comments the paparazzi were yelling at me, I realized that my alter ego would also be at the event. I was intrigued by the idea of seeing this person who supposedly gave me life. He was not, of course, the same person from Bella Jordan’s world, but he should be very similar.

Since my appearance was attracting too much unwanted attention, I decided to wait until the party was in full swing before arriving at the hotel. I parked in a deck several blocks away and using vampire speed, managed to enter unnoticed.

The ballroom had high ceilings and catwalks for the elaborate light and sound equipment. I jumped into the rafters and scanned the room. I saw Bella first. I was instantly hard. Obviously whatever allure the first Bella Jordan had over me was equally strong with this one. I forced my eyes to continue scanning the room. I finally spotted him at the bar. I moved to the opposite end of the catwalk where I could see him more clearly and easily monitor his thoughts.

He was obviously drunk. Two women were hanging on him. His thoughts centered on what he planned to do with both of them in his limo. If the consciousness of a person like him was what created me, then no wonder the monster in me had taken control. His thoughts were hard to ignore. Living with three sets of very sexually active vampires had provided ample opportunity for me to garner second hand knowledge of almost every sexual act a couple could perform. However, my parents and siblings were monogamous. Watching what he planned to do with two women was certainly an interesting educational experience.

When one of the women ran her hand up his thigh and left it quite obviously resting between his legs, I heard his thoughts moan, “I can’t take it anymore.” He stood up, grabbed each of them by the hand, and they all headed for the door. I turned my attention back to Bella.

She was exquisite. Her lush hair cascaded down her bare back. Her dress hugged every curve of her perfect body. I let my eyes linger on her long legs, prominently shown off by the three-inch stilettos she wore. I wanted those legs wrapped around me.

I saw her excuse herself and head toward the rest room. I jumped from the rafters too quickly for anyone to notice and moved toward the corridor where she had disappeared. A few minutes later, she walked back into the main room. I approached her and put my hand gently on her back. She gasped at my touch and turned to look at me.


The next chapter is titled: “Dirty Dancing.”

Dirty Dancing is a 1987 romantic film made in the United States. The film featured Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey.

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