The Change Within Chapter 1

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I own nothing, but the storyline. The super fantastic SM is kind enough to allow us to play with her characters.

Rating: M for language and future lemons.


I was on my way into town when I had to quickly turn around and get home. All I could think at the moment was, Not my Charlotte. If that bitch touched her, I would fucking kill her. I pushed my truck as fast as she could go and made it home in record time.

As soon as I opened the door to my truck, I was assaulted with the one scent I hoped to never smell again. Maria. I ran into the house, but it was futile. I knew my Charlotte was gone. I spotted a note on the table and quickly ran over to it.

With shaky hands, a vampire with shaky hands, I read the note.


By now you have figured out that I have taken Charlotte. If you attempt to try and find us, you will fail. As I’m sure that tricky little gift of yours has already let you know of that. Your wife belongs to me. You are more than welcome to join us, but you cannot have her back. If you know what’s best for you; you wouldn’t fuck with me. I always get exactly what I want and what I want is your wife. I will leave you with your thoughts for a few days and then I will call and see if you’d like to join us. Don’t even fucking think about lying to me. I will know if you speak of the truth.


The bitch. The fucking bitch. I would rip her apart and burn the pieces. I had to find her, but where to start? I couldn’t pick up a scent except as soon as I opened the truck door.

I breathed in hoping to pick up that retched bitch’s scent; I ran outside and took off into the woods, but it was useless. Nothing. That’s what I was searching for because I couldn’t fucking smell her.

Since I couldn’t smell her that could only mean one thing. The bitch drove here. Why didn’t I know this was going to happen before it happened? I went back into the house and as I plopped down onto the couch, my phone rang.

I yanked it out of my pocket, ripping the fabric of my jeans; not even looking to see who it was, I answered.


“Hello, Peter.” I was met with the voice that I never wanted to hear again.

“Give her back to me, you fucking bitch.”

“Sorry, but I can’t and even if I wanted to; your wife wants to stay with me.”

Before I could say anything, I heard my wife’s voice asking to speak to me.

“Charlotte.” I breathed.

“It’s me, Peter.” She sounded really annoyed, which I was assuming was because Maria had kidnapped her.

“Peter, I want you to move on. We are through. You will be receiving divorce papers soon. Sign them and then move on with your life.” Her voice sounded so detached.

“What? You’ve got to be fucking kidding me? That bitch is making you do this.”

“No! This is what I want. You don’t even fucking know me. I have always wanted Maria and she finally came back for me. Just let me go.”

And with that the line went dead. She wanted me to just let her go. That was four months ago. I signed the fucking divorce papers as soon as they came in and sent them back to the address that was on the envelope.

I didn’t bother looking for her; I couldn’t. How could I spend one hundred-sixty years with someone and not know they wanted someone else. I felt like an idiot, an utter and complete moron. So much for my fucking gift; it never fucking helped me.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to get out of here. Forks. I would go to Forks and visit my brother, Jasper. He would help me through this. I quickly ran up to my room and packed some clothes.

I could always buy more clothes later; I didn’t want to bring so much with me. I decided to run, I could always come back with Jasper and pick up my truck. I made sure everything was locked and took off into the woods with my bag on my shoulder.

It would only be a two day run and I loved running. It would give me time to clear my head before I bombarded Jasper with what happened. And clear my head was exactly what I did; while I ran, I thought of nothing, just running.

The two days passed and I came across the sign letting me know that I had arrived in Forks. I stayed in the woods, darting behind peoples’ houses. I picked up the scent of a vampire; I followed it, but when I got to where it was most concentrated I found a human instead.

A very broken looking human. She was on the forest floor sobbing. Oh and she smelled delicious. I could take her and drain her before anybody even realized she was missing. I walked closer to the girl and she never even looked up at me.

When I was finally able to see her face, I froze. It was like looking at an angel, she looked so pure and innocent. But she smelled of our kind, in fact she reeked of vampire. What could that mean? She couldn’t have possibly been with a vampire who would then leave her in the woods, right?

I walked towards her until I was right next to her and kneeled down. I stared at her for a moment hoping she would open her eyes, but she didn’t.

In the softest voice I could muster, I spoke. “Are you okay?” I didn’t know why I cared, but I did and for some strange reason I wanted to protect this fragile little girl.

She opened her eyes and stared at me for a moment. She kept repeating he left, over and over. I scooped her up in my arms and followed her scent out of the woods, where I found a house.

“I’m going to take you home, okay?” She shook her head and began crying even harder. I couldn’t understand, what could have happened to her? And who left? Was she talking about the vampire that I smelled on her and in her house?

Why would she have a vampire in her house? I walked into the living room and paused for a moment, I should probably take her up to her room. I walked up the stairs and paused, there were four doors, but which was the one to her room.

She was sobbing, uncontrollably, so I began opening doors. The first was a closet, the second was the bathroom, and the third was a man’s room, probably her fathers. I walked to the fourth door and opened it, the scent of the vampire was intense in her room.

She had a fucking vampire in her room, what the fuck? I walked over to her bed and was about to lay her down when she clutched onto me with strength I didn’t know she possessed.

“Please.” Was all she whispered. I held her with one arm and reached with my other to remove her fingers from my shirt. She was so warm against me and I didn’t know how much longer I could handle her warmth.

A whimper escaped her lips and I immediately stopped moving. I looked down at the girl in my arms and she was staring at me with such sadness and hurt in her eyes that I nearly doubled over.

“You know what I am, don’t you?” I asked.

“You’re a vampire.” She sounded so broken.

I sat on the bed with her still in my arms. “How do you know about vampires?”

I was breathing deeply and though her scent was mouthwatering, I didn’t have the urge to drain her. No, the urge to protect her was overpowering my thirst.

She didn’t answer me. “Why does your room smell of a vampire?”

“He was in here and he left me.” She spoke through sobs.

“What do you mean he left you?” And then I knew, they were mated. That’s why she was broken because he broke her heart when he left. But how? How was he able to leave her if they were mated?

“Were you mated with a vampire?” I had to know what happened to her and for some strange reason, I wanted to help her.

“He was my boyfriend. He left, said he didn’t want me anymore; he said he was tired of pretending to be something he wasn’t, that I wasn’t good enough.” She broke down into sobs again, clutching at my shirt.

I held her close, but I remembered to be careful, for she was fragile and very breakable. She cried for what seemed like hours and I noticed that the longer I held her in my arms, the more I wanted to hold her.

I kept reminding myself that she was human, but it didn’t matter. I knew that I wanted to protect her and I knew that I wanted to help her. I needed to go to Jasper and tell him of this girl, but she was still very much in need of comfort.

I moved to place her in her bed and she looked up at me and I got lost looking into her beautiful brown eyes. I raised my hand and carefully wiped away her tears with my thumb. Her face was flushed and warmer than the rest of her body.

I cupped her cheek in my palm and she leaned into my touch. She probably relished in the cold against her flushed face. Surprisingly enough, her scent didn’t make venom pool in my mouth or my throat burn. I couldn’t understand why because she was my natural food source.

I turned and lay her down on the mattress and she gave me a pleading look. “Please, don’t leave me.” She begged.

It felt like my cold, dead, and un-beating heart would break. “I won’t leave you. I promise.”

“Ever?” She asked.

“Never. I would never leave you, unless it was to go hunting, but I would always come back to you.” As the words were coming out of my mouth, I could hear the truth in them. I would always come back to her, no matter what.

She nodded and closed her eyes. After a few moments, her breathing and heart rate slowed; she was sleeping. I took the opportunity to pry her fingers from my shirt and decided that now would be the time to go to Jasper.

I climbed out of her bed and just as I was about to walk out of her bedroom door, I heard a car pull up in the driveway. I fucking froze and then the door opened on the vehicle and closed. I didn’t even fucking breathe; I just stood there frozen.

Panic set in as the front door was unlocked and opened. “Bella?” A man’s voice called.

Who the fuck was that? I went over to the window and pushed it open. I climbed out and slid the window closed and dropped to the ground. I ran to the trees and climbed up. From where I was sitting, I could see into Bella’s room and I was quite capable of seeing her sleeping form.

The man walked into her room and watched her for a moment with a smile on his face. Her father. He turned and walked out her room and I jumped down from the tree. I took off running towards Jasper’s home and when I got there, I found it completely empty.

What the fuck? I was immediately assaulted by her scent. It was a few days old, but she had been here. This was where her boyfriend lived; it had to have been Edward. He was the only single one that lived with Jaspers’ family.

I walked up the steps and peered through the window; I could see their furniture, but that didn’t mean anything. All my homes were still completely furnished; even the ones that I haven’t lived in for years.

I shoved the window opened and climbed inside. I don’t know why I went inside, I knew they weren’t here, but I still felt like I needed to look around. Her scent was so strong in the house. I walked around the bottom floor and finally made my way up the stairs.

Her scent was even stronger up here; I paused at the closed door. I opened the door and smelled Jasper, what would she have been doing in this room? Unless she was in here with Jasper’s wife.

I closed the door and walked further down the hall; I climbed another set of stairs and her scent was the strongest up here. I opened the door and I also smelled who I was assuming had to be Edward. This must have been his room; I closed the door and ran down the stairs.

I needed to get back to her and find out what made them leave. If she was mated with a vampire, then something terrible must have happened for him to leave his mate. I climbed back out the window and slid it closed. I ran back to her house and quickly scaled the side of the house.

I opened her window and climbed in; her back was facing me, but I could tell from her breathing that she was awake. I walked over to her bed and sat next to her. She didn’t move or acknowledge me; she just lay completely still, only breathing.

“So what’s your name?” I figured since I would be staying for a while, the first thing I needed to do was find out her name.

“Bella.” She spoke her name in barely a whisper.

“Well Bella, I’m Peter. Would you like to tell me what caused your mate to leave? Because usually when vampires mate it’s for eternity.”

She turned to face me only to bury her head in my chest and inhale deeply. I would leave the issue at hand alone for now, but soon she would have to tell me what happened.

I wrapped my arms carefully around her and held her close. She snuggled into my chest even more and quickly fell asleep. I held her like that all night and I relished in having her in my arms.

I figured it was because I hadn’t had a woman in my arms for a few months, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I wanted to have her in my arms. I wanted to hold her, to feel her body pressed against mine. I needed to call Jasper and get his take on things, but I would wait till morning.

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