She Talks to Angels - Chapter 2


Once again, I fixed myself a good shot and took care of myself. After a few minutes, I felt myself going numb and laid down on my bed. I closed my eyes and sung the same song I’d been singing since I started this hell that was my life… “the pain gonna make everything all right…”


A loud pounding on the door snapped me out of my drugged stupor. Feeling myself coming down hard, I stumbled to the door. I ran my hand over my face and through my hair as I took in Paul’s angry face. I started to slam the door in his face but he shoved his foot between the door jamb and door.

“Get the fuck out!” I yelled at him as he pushed his body past me. I hated him with everything in my body. He had chosen his hatred for me over the Alpha of his pack. I knew that I was the reason Billy would never see his son again and every time I had to look at Paul, I realized that if I had never come to Forks, Jacob would be alive.

“Look, bitch…” he sneered, “James wanted me to tell you that you need to get ready. He’ll bring in your outfit as soon as he gets out of his meeting with Caius. You seem to be very popular with the leeches.” He placed a tray of food down on the table and turned towards me.

I backed away from him, the leer on his face making me very uncomfortable. Paul had never assaulted me, but I knew how he felt about me and I hated to admit it, but he scared the fuck out of me. He had no use for me, but I knew he enjoyed the degradation that my life had become.

He laughed as he exited my room, but not before he looked my body over. I hurried and locked the door, if only for the illusion of safety. James and Victoria were the only ones with keys to my room, so I knew they could get in if they wanted to.

As I ate, I tried to figure out why I had to get ready again so soon. James usually gave me a couple of days of rest in-between sessions, if nothing else than just to allow my body and blood to regroup. I got into the shower, deciding it didn’t matter how confused I was, I was still expected to perform. The scars criss-crossing between my breasts taught me that. James can be one evil son-of-a-bitch.

Once I got out of the shower, my eyes were automatically drawn to my table. Just like everyday before this day, my salvation called out to me. I forced myself to glance over at my bed, dreading what I would find. A small smile broke across my face as I walked over and picked up the dominatrix outfit. I absolutely LOVED this outfit. It meant everything my life didn’t…control.

After I put everything on, I looked in the mirror and loved what I saw looking back. Starting with the black thigh-high leather boots to the crotchless leather suit, I felt power flowing through my blood veins. The top was one leather strip that crossed my over my breasts covering my scars, and the pants were skin tight, tucked inside my boots. All of a sudden, I couldn’t wait and began to get antsy. I walked over to my table and fixed my shot. Once I felt the drug running through my system, I laid on my bed waiting for someone to come and get me.

I didn’t have to wait long. James walked into my room without knocking. I slowly got to my feet and twirled around in front of him. I smiled to myself when I heard him growl. “Fuck Bella! The way you’re looking almost makes me want to take you to the playroom myself.”

I decided to get into my role. “Fuck off.”

A sneer crossed his face. “You know, one of these days you are going to push me too far.” He traced the scars on my chest with his sharp fingernail. I held my breath, hoping he wouldn’t open them back up. I hated it that he knew how he could petrify me with this one action. He grabbed me by my arm and pulled me towards the door. “Time to go. Everything you need is set up.” He stopped in front of the playroom door and leaned in to kiss me. Once again I turned my face and once again he grabbed it. He stared into my eyes and mashed his lips against mine.

“You belong to me Bella. Don’t ever forget that. No one will care for you the way I do.” When he was done, he opened the door for me and I stepped in.

Looking around the room, I saw a vampire down on his knees with his hands locked behind his bowed head. I walked over to a table and smiled when I saw what was laying there…a whip and a strap-on. I picked up the whip and turned to the vampire. This was going to be so good!

I stood in front of him and dragged the whip across his shoulders. “What is your name?”

Without looking up at me, he answered in a low voice. “Caius.”

“Well Caius, in this room you belong to me to do whatever I want. You are not to speak or look at me. Nod your head if you understand.” When he nodded his head, I continued, “Good. Now, I want to see you crawl over to the table.” I walked to the table and watched him move on his hands and knees. The sight of him in that groveling position made the anticipation for this night bubble to the surface.

Once he was at my feet, I signaled for him to get up on the table and pushed him on his back. “Scoot to the edge of the table,” I told him as I walked around him and cuffed his wrists to the table. I knew that the cuffs would never hold him, but it was the illusion they were after. I placed a blindfold around his eyes so I wouldn’t have to watch him watch me. I wanted to stick a gag in his mouth, but I knew that would just defeat the purpose of me being here. As long as he kept his mouth shut, I could deal with it.

“So Caius,” I struck him across his chest with the whip. I knew it wasn’t going to hurt him, but again it was all a game of illusion. I noticed his cock was hard and smirked. Fucked up vampire! I struck him again. “You like that, huh?” At his groan, I hit him again and again and again. He was shaking his head from side to side and rocking his hips. I laid the whip down beside him and picked up the strap-on, putting it on. I arranged the vibrator so it was between my folds, directly on my clit. I picked up the whip and walked around to his head. I grabbed his face and turned it to me as I whispered in his ear, “Open your mouth.”

I felt a rush go through my body as I watched Caius tongue the dildo. I slipped it between his lips and began rocking my hips. I leaned down and murmured in his ear, “That’s it, get my cock all wet. It’s going to feel so good jammed up your ass.” I laughed when I heard him purr. I pulled it out of his mouth and walked around to the other end of the table. This was the moment I had been waiting for. I was going to fuck him like I had been fucked so many times.

I pulled his knees up so that his feet were flat on the corners of the table. I reached down and turned the vibrator on, quivering at the first sensation on my clit. I lined the dildo up with his ass and pushed hard until I was fully sheathed inside of him. I picked up the whip and struck him on his hardened nipple. It pissed me off when he moaned in pleasure. Why should he be the one to feel pleasure when I was the one stuck in this hellhole?

The more he enjoyed what I was doing to him, the angrier I got. I thought about Edward leaving me and I rammed the plastic cock harder into Caius’s ass. I imagined him being human and let my brain run with it.Fuck you Edward! Slam…

Fuck you Alice! Slam…

Fuck you Emmett! Slam…

Fuck you Carlisle! Slam…

Fuck you Esme! Slam…

Fuck you Paul! Slam…

Fuck you Victoria! Slam…

Fuck you James! Slam…

I wasn’t mad at Jasper or Rosalie. Hell…they barely spoke to me! It wasn’t like they ever lied to me and told me I was a part of their family. Rosalie hated me and Jasper…well, he was never around to have the opportunity to lie to me.

I didn’t realize that I had started crying until Caius brought me out of my thoughts. With a roar, he broke the cuffs and grabbed my shoulders, bringing me to his chest. I felt his razor sharp teeth tear into my neck. Between the vibrator buzzing away on my clit and the bite, my climax threw me over the edge.

I felt Caius cum on my stomach before he pushed me away from himself. “Well done, my pet.” He got up off the table and began cleaning himself off. When he was done, he threw the towel at me.

My pet? Those two words hit me harder than anything Edward had said to me. I sank down on my knees and lost what control I had on my emotions. I felt the tears streaming down my face and sobbed uncontrollably. A pet…that was all I had ever been to the Cullens. Edward controlled every aspect of my life, while Alice made me do things I wouldn’t have done on my own, all the dressing up and shopping. I was their pet, to do with what they wanted. Now I was James’s pet, doing whatever he told me to do. I screamed at the top of my lungs as I took off the strap-on and threw it as hard as I could.

I don’t know how long I sat there on the floor before I heard Victoria’s voice. “Hell Bella! What the fuck is wrong with you now? You should be proud of yourself. It’s not every human that entertains royalty of our kind. Shut the fuck up and quit feeling sorry for yourself!”

Oh yeah…I was really proud of myself. She tried to pull me to my feet, but I ignored her. I knew she was getting pissed when she reached down and yanked me up by my hair. It hurt, but I’d be damned if I let her know. I laughed harshly at that thought. I was already damned. I stared her in the eye, daring her to kill me. She only snarled at me. “Get to your room.” When I just stood there, she leaned in so her face was right up in mine, “NOW!”

Victoria finally figured out I wasn’t going to move on my own volition and picked me up. I began struggling against her so she squeezed me tighter, cutting off my air. When I was still, she carried me to my room. She dumped me on my bed and threw some towels at me. “Get cleaned up.” With those parting words, she was gone.

I stood up and slowly took my clothes off. My emotional upheaval had worn me out. I felt more numb after my breakdown than I ever had, even after my best shot. I threw the whole outfit in the corner and walked into the bathroom to take a shower.

After I scrubbed myself raw, I crawled into bed and pulled the blanket up to my neck. As I fell asleep, I realized that I didn’t do my nightly shot. It didn’t matter anyway, I was numb enough.

I tried to turn as I felt two cold arms wrap around my waist, but was held in place. I started to panic, thinking it was James again but felt calming waves wash over my body. I heard a melodic voice near my ear, “Bella.” I turned my head, but could only see golden curls.

“Who are you? Why are you appearing in my dreams?” I whispered.

“I’m here to watch over you until it’s over,” he murmured.

I felt hope rise up in my soul. “You mean my cluster-fuck of a life?”

I felt a vibration against my back as he chuckled. “Ah Bella, this is merely a speed bump you will leave behind. It will be over soon and then you will rise, like the phoenix. Out of the ashes, you will be stronger. A fire will burn through your veins and you will get the revenge you wish for.” He pulled me tighter to his chest. “As for who I am, your question will be answered soon. Will you promise me to take care of yourself until that day comes?”

I didn’t know if I could answer that question honestly. I didn’t want to lie to him, but I didn’t want to tell him the truth either. As I pondered on how to answer him, I felt his lips caressing the side of my neck. I knew he could feel the scars of all the vampire bites I have had to suffer from and hated that my angel knew how I got them.

“It’s ok, darlin’. We all have scars, whether they’re on the inside or out. You’re a beautiful woman and your scars only show how strong you are.” To prove his point, he placed gentle kisses on each of the scars he could reach. “Will you wait for me,” he whispered into my ear.

As I felt the love and acceptance flow through my body, I melted into his. I would do anything my angel wanted me to. “Yes.” I started to panic when I felt him pull away from me. “Wait! Please don’t leave me!”

“I will never leave you Bella.” I heard his voice drift off in the distance.

I woke up and looked around the room, looking for my angel. The disappointment I felt when I realized he wasn’t there broke me again. After a few minutes, I wiped the tears from my face and walked over to my table. I got my shot ready and with anticipation that made my hands shake, I hit my vein. I hummed to myself as I made my way over to my bed, “the pain gonna make everything alright…”

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