Phantasmagoria Chapter 4

Phantasmagoria Chapter FourBy Musings of Akyria

Disclaimer: The original characters and setting belong to Stephanie Meyer and no copyright infringement is intended when writing this story.

I have to thank my lovely betas, shortbritches85, and the wonderful MaitresseSaint. Thank you ladies very much.

I can feel the room begin to get cold. I exhale a breath, and I can see the smoke. I take a deep calming breath as I feel my heart begin to speed up. I can feel my skin tingle as goose bumps rise up on my skin. The hair on the back of my neck starts to stand up, the chills echo through out my body. I try to ignore it, but I cannot with the heat Jacob is giving off sitting next to me. His heat does nothing to warm up the state of the chill I feel. My eyes do not move from the television as she appears in front of it. I look to the others in the room, yet, they don’t seem to notice her. I am sure I’m emanating the fear around me. As Jacob stiffens next to me, he looks around the room once before his eyes settle back onto the game. The room seems to get darker, the lights almost weakening. The shadows rise from the floor in front of the television. They converge into a single shape of a small female. I look into the dark face that once had terrifying ruby eyes, but today in the light, they are pink. They do not terrify me as they once did. Oddly enough, they are almost calming. I take a real good look at her; I can see her blue lips and the outline of her nose. She has very pale skin with large black circles under her eyes, almost as if she was on her way to a goth club. It looks like heavy make-up, but I know that it is not. She is still dark, most of her anyway, but the features of her face are clear. She has sienna brown hair with honey highlights that hang straight to her waist. The room seems to get darker, the lights almost weakening. My body moves on it is own accord; I stop breathing as the pressure in my chest becomes painful. I take a breath and then it’s as if I can get no air. I start to gasp for air as my hand moves to grasp my chest. I can hear Jake faintly calling out my name, his voice sounds very panicked. I am emerged into the darkness.

The smell of old leather comes to me, the aroma of old books. Even with my human senses it smells heavenly. It is perfect aroma for me. My eyes take in around the very large square room. It is lined floor to ceiling with bookcases that are filled with books. I think it’s a library I’m in, but not like any I have ever seen. I see no one else; I am alone in my solitude. I look down at the table that I am sitting at; there is a book sitting in front of me. It is very old, probably seventeenth century or even older. I am afraid to touch it, afraid that in some way I will damage it. I pick it up carefully; my head slants down and my eyes go to the old yellow tinged paper. The words on the page are familiar to me. As I begin to read, the page begins to get blurry.


My eyes open as they adjust to the brightness of the room. My hand moves to shield my eyes from the light; it is much too bright, it hurts my head. I am once more in a familiar place. A place I know every well. I hear my name being called.

“Huh, Doctor Gerandy?”

I watch him smile softly at me. I speak weakly, “What happened?”

“Well, it would seem that you were at home watching the game with your father and the Blacks. The boy… um… Jacob I believe, said he noticed you were having some sort of anxiety attack. You started to have problems breathing; your heart stopped, Bella. Your friend Jacob immediately started CPR while your father called an ambulance.”

“I had a heart attack?”

“A very minor one- a small defiberation, though, you are stable now. You are fine. Is there anything you’ve been experiencing that you want to share with me?”

“Well, I do have a lot of anxiety, I suppose. I feel this overpowering panic coming over me; it is hard to breath, I can’t move. I feel quite a bit of pressure in my chest. I can’t seem to shake it. That’s an anxiety attack, isn’t it?”

“That sounds more like a panic attack. I shouldn’t be too surprised. I was concerned the last time you came in. I can give you something that should help lesson the panic. It would help you feel better; if you are still planning to go to Bucharest at the end of the month.”

“Oh, I am going. Come hell or high water. What did you plan to give me, Prozac?”

“Goodness no, that’s a bit overkill. You are not depressed, so I see no point in you needing an anti-depressant. I was thinking Clonazepam. I would typically prescribe Xanax, however, not with your current heart problem.”

“Oh, that I will accept.”

“That is very good. I’ll bring you some and then write you out a prescription before I release you; which I will do after we run some tests to be certain you have no lasting side effects.”


I step out of the bathroom, it is very late Sunday, and I have to work in the morning. I come walking down the hallway; my mind is distracted with my thoughts of the travel I will soon be doing. I step into my room, closing the door behind me, and I turn around to prepare to go back to bed. The light is trickling through my wet window from the full moon. It is casting a soft white glow into the shadows of my room. There, beside my bed, was the shadow of darkness I have been seeing. I could see her head, face, and shoulders, just like last time. However, this time I am seeing her very pale arms and hands. There is a bit of sadness to her, and a bit of regret in her expressive pink eyes. Looking at her now it is almost as if she needs to apologize for all that she has done to me in the recent months. It’s either that or her effect is loosing its potency. Her soft pink eyes look at me before she turns around. I watch as she goes through the wall into the night.

I recognize most of the sensations of her appearance moments before she actually materializes. The fear, the terror, and panic start before she can even appear. She is getting clearer with time, like I had guessed all those weeks ago. I lay back down in bed, covering myself up with the blankets. I get comfortable in the now cold sheets.

I have not yet unpacked for the move to Charlottesville. I have decided to just get what I need when I get to school as I leave for Romania in the morning and my bags are packed. Renee had shipped me my summer clothes from Phoenix while I was in the hospital recuperating. I will need them in the hot summer months that Romania is known for. On the way back to the states I will be going directly to Charlottesville, Virginia. Hoping that I may begin that I may begin to start my first year at UOV without missing anything important. I waited too long; I felt hesitate in leaving Charlie alone. I worry that he is going to starve himself to death without me here. However, with the time he has been spending with Sue Clearwater, I know I need not to worry she will care for him. I look up to the calendar wondering where all the days have gone. It is nearly the end of June now. I have six weeks in glorious Bucharest; in which I can explore the Romanian countryside, and explore the National Library to my heart‘s content. To study all I want. In addition, perhaps in the time that I’m there I will find out what my shadow creature is; Maybe, what she wants and how to get rid of her. That would be nice.

I watch as Charlie and Jacob leave, after I promise to call them when I check into my Inn. I sit down in a chair of the lobby at Seattle airport, waiting for my flight. I look over at the window and there stands my shadow creature, which I have named Umbra, in honor of the country I am about to visit. Umbra means shadow in Romanian; I found it fitting to her. I had thought about calling her Magories. For she is the phantasmagoria. I guess that she will be coming along with me on my trip. All sorts of people pass her by, but they do not even take a glance at her. She does not exist to them. That should terrify me; that only I am able to see this creature. That she is always there, within twenty feet of me. I have gotten used to her presence. I have learned to live with the constant anxiety. Those pills that Dr. Gerandy gave me seem to help keep it tolerable. I sigh, I have to fly from Seattle to New York to London to finally in Bucharest. That is such a long way to go. However, the only way to fly to Bucharest is through British Airways, though, a train ride through the mountains of Transylvania does sound appealing to me, to watch the lush green forests passing by in a blur. I look over at Umbra once more to make sure she isn’t tormenting anyone else. She is just standing there, waiting for our flight. I look into her eyes and it is as if she is actually excited about this trip. There is amusement and glee in her as well as excitement. There is no darkness to her today, she is not transparent, like I believe a spirit would be, but she is solid. I wonder if they cannot see her or maybe it is she that lets me see her. I close my eyes for a moment to prepare myself mentally for this new part of my life. I am finally leaving home. I am finally going out on my own. I no longer need the packs protection. From now on, it is just me. I open my eyes and see Umbra sitting next to me. Oh yes and her, too. For a moment, I almost forgot. “I have you. “ I watch her smile at me. Before I hear the number of my flight being called.

Next Chapter: Jasper finally makes his grand appearance; you will not believe what he is wearing. On the other hand, what he is doing for that matter. It has be a night to remember.

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