Phantasmagoria Chapter 3 - Next Encounter

Phantasmagoria Chapter 3---Next encounter

By Musings of Akyria

Disclaimer: The original characters and setting belong to Stephanie Meyer and no copyright infringement is intended when writing this story.

Betas: Twilightmommyof4girl’s and the wonderful MaitresseSaint.

Last chapter:

She’s before the bed in less than the blink of an eye. It almost seems sinister tonight. My vision starts to go dark. I see it over me, her shadows covering me in their darkness. A numbness coming over me. The room is pitch black. Oh I know this feeling, the room isn’t black, it’s my vision. I’m losing consciousness.

In the darkness I see a rainbow of colors. I can see the stunning bright reds, blues, greens, and yellows. It’s almost as light was reflecting thru a crystal. I don’t remember ever seeing this well before; so clear, colors that I can’t even give a name to.

I can smell the fresh rain on the grass. I can smell so many things even a musky scent, it oddly reminds me of the Cullen house. It’s like rain, grass, and something else I can’t identify. It does, though, fill me with a desire I had never felt so strongly before.

I see a scene before me in the lights of a grand ballroom as if looking thru a doorway of time. It’s stunning in it’s simple elegance. The image blurs, but the smells remain long after the darkness fades until only my bedroom remains.

Waking up this morning is nearly painful. I want back into that darkness like state. Back to where that addicting smell is. I only want to be near that. How can anyone not?

I am cleaning up the counters in the kitchen, when I see something move out of the corner of my eye. I can feel the presence of someone behind me. Charlie is working late tonight, so that cannot be him. I can feel thee warmth of the room being sucked out. The cold is seeping again into my body. It is a routine feeling when in the presence of this creature.

I take my time finishing up the counter. I sigh and slowly turn my body around to face her. She is smaller now almost my size in a condensed blurry shadowy shape. I can see that she is getting clearer every time that I see her. Why is that, is she somehow feeding off of me? Is this creature much like ghosts gaining in strength with the more fear they are given? Is this creature feeding off my terror?

She moves forward to me. For once, since I’ve begun seeing her, I am not filled with the typical panic and fear. I stare at her with wide-open eyes. I tilt my head to the side in wonder. The curiosity is humming thru my body.

Her only feature is her eyes in the swirling darkness; like glowing rubies against the black velvet of a display case. I shiver as they remind me of the previous day and of the young vampire’s destruction.

In my mind I can see his head thudding into the concrete. As if two rocks are colliding together with tremendous force, though, the hardened ground stood nothing against the hard skin of the vampire’s head. It cracks under the force, sending small fissures thru the concrete.

I look into the orbs of her eyes only to realize in my remembrance that she got closer. Her shadows grab my arms. I feel the sting of searing pain up my arms. She pulls me nearer to her. My heartbeat starts to increase, my breathing becomes labored. The panic and dread hit me full force. The terror is worse than anything I have ever felt. My body responds almost immediately. My lithe form starts to shake violently as I can feel fingers within the shadow’s pressing tightly against my arms. I can feel her fingernails dig into my flesh. I can smell the burnt flesh upon where she’s touching me. I can smell the iron in the air. My throat finally responds as I let a bloodcurdling scream from deep inside of me. My head gets foggy; I can see the room start to spin. The last thing I see is her glowing ruby eyes, shining mischievously. I can almost see her amusement dancing in those terrifying eyes.

I can hear the beep beep of a machine near me. It smells very clean. Ah, in the hospital again then? I slowly open my eyes, one look around the room confirms that I am indeed in the hospital. Charlie must have come home, found me out cold on the kitchen floor, and rushed me to Forks Hospital. My eyes look to the chair next to my bed. There lays a sleeping Charlie. I don’t wake him; he looks so peaceful in his sleep. The door opens and the sound of new squeaky shoes upon the linoleum echoes through the room. My head turns to the door. There stands Doctor Gerandy. He looks pleased to see me awake, if his smile is any indication as his grin reaches up to his eyes.

“Ah, your finally awake Bella, could you tell me happened?”

I look to him seriously and reply “I was hoping you could answer that question for me?” Of course I knew what happened, but I surely wasn’t going to tell him. Let him believes what he wants. As long as it means I can get the hell out of this drab boring hospital bed.

“Ah, well yes, I see. Your father found you bleeding on the floor in the middle of your kitchen with burns on your upper arms the night before last. He was very concerned for your injures. Do you not remember getting hurt?”

No, I replied, I was finishing cleaning the kitchen when I started to bleed. I tend to pass out at the smell of blood, even my own. Am I all right, though?

“Yes, Bella. You are fine and ready to go home this afternoon. Just put some cream on your burns and you’ll be fine. I’ll write you a prescription.” This is getting to be a bit absurd.

So I go to the only person I know I could talk to. Standing at the door of the Black house, I feel apprehensive. My mind ponders leaving. However, Billy opens the door with a smile and welcomes me in. He has sent Jacob out today, so we can discuss this without his knowledge. I don’t want Jake involved. I sit down upon the old plaid couch as Billy spins his tale. The legends of his tribe do include a creature like the one that has been hassling me.

“Their appearance can be like a shadowy person or wispy black orbs or even columns of dark smoke. They are always male; also they can take on a more human form over time. They tend to be usually attracted to one person or location but we are not aware of what that reason is. They never appear to resembling actual people. They are not spirits. Never forget that Bella, not for a moment. They are nearly impossible to get rid of.”

“They will follow a person for years; she probably has been following you for quite sometime. They never communicate with words. Dread, panic and fear will rush thru your body at the sheer sight of them. They are very fast and can move thru any solid object. They often vanish and appear out of nowhere. They tend to jump from spot to spot. They can and often do appear in mirrors. No many people can actually see them. But you Bella can. They typically have no features like mouths or noses, but sometimes you can see their glowing red eyes in their forms.”

“My ancestors believed them to be pure evil. These dark ones can be downright nasty and malevolent. Some of my people believed that something bad always happens if you’ve seen one. Especially so, if she has been following you around for as long as I’m guessing this one has. There’s something about you Bella that all supernatural things are drawn to. Regular humans are not meant to cope with these things as you so easily have.”

“You must let go out of your fear; they feed off of your anxiety and terror. You’re just making her stronger. You must stand your ground and tell it to leave. Keep your light on in your room when you sleep if you are so concerned. They do not like the light.”

“The light was on in the kitchen when it attacked me! It grabbed me by my arms; it burned me, made me bleed! How is telling it to leave me alone any better? It’s not going to listen. It’s going to keep tormenting and causing me harm.” I know I am getting frustrated with the angry tone I can hear in my voice.

“You have to be stronger than it; before it feeds so much that you won’t be able to tell it to go away. You won’t have the strength, it will. Stand up to the thing and tell her to leave you alone!”

I left the Black residence with my mind boggled down. What is it about me that she’s drawn to? Will I be seeing her later tonight as I fear that I will? I take what Billy has told me and I know that there’s nothing I can do to get rid of her. I am stuck with his being for as long as she wishes to torment me. That’s exactly what she’s doing, tormenting me. Even with the tale Billy has told me, I note there are differences as well. She is not exactly as he had described the dark ones, so is she really one of those or perhaps she is something different all together.

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