Phantasmagoria Chapter 2

Phantasmagoria Chapter 2 -Victoria’s destruction/college decidingBy Musings of Akyria

Disclaimer: The original characters and setting belong to Stephanie Meyer and no copyright infringement is intended when writing this story.

Betas: Shortbritches85, Twilightmommyof4girl’s and the wonderful MaitresseSaint.

Bella POV

I look up at the acceptance letters pinned to my message board above my desk. I look to the embossed letters of the tops of each one; Dartmouth, University of Alaska, University of Virginia; and, the University of Texas at Austin. The only one that interests me is UOV; that is where I want to attend. My mind wonders to the pack. With Victoria on the loose I won’t be able to go. Jacob believes that come fall, I will be going to attend the community college in Port Angeles. I haven’t had the heart to tell him I want to go to Virginia. I don’t think he’ll understand my reasons behind it. The beauty of being in a spot that has so much history.

All but Angela seem to avoid me like the plague and it’s probably good thing that they do. Angela has turned out to be a really great friend, and it’s good to have a friend who’s normal; a friend whose only concerns are typical teenage worries, for that I am truly blessed. She and Ben are doing very well. I bet they’ll marry here in the future. He just adores her and she him.

I look at my bookcase, looking over the titles. I notice that lately I’ve really been getting into the old Romanian myths and lore. Phil upon hearing of my new passion has offered to send me to Budapest for two months this summer. I am thinking of taking his offer to see the stunning country that has captured my heart and my mind. I sigh, as I have gotten distracted from my activities for the day.

I pick up my clothes from my rocking chair, and my bathroom bag to go get ready, so that I can go to La Push. I need to pick up Embry for our trip to Port Angeles today.


It’s a sunny day in Port Angeles. It is stunning in its warmth and heat for the beginning of May. I caught a blur of shadows out of the corner of my eye. I can feel an odd sensation of dread and panic. I turn my head only to see there’s nothing there. That’s a bit strange; I could swear there was something there just a moment ago. Perhaps it was the creature from my room that stormy night, weeks ago. I can feel the uneasiness that crawls upon my flesh. I feel a sense of foreboding that clouds my mind. I step closer to my protector of the day, Embry, who has agreed to go shopping with me for a new outfit that Charlie suggested for my graduation ceremony.

I know the snarl out of his mouth all too well. I’ve heard it many times before. It’s then I see her in all her terrifying glory. My heart increases its tempo, adrenaline flows thru my body. Embry pushes me behind him, pushing me back into the alley behind us. I’m already texting Jacob as I know he’d be very upset with me if I didn’t. Embry will not shift until we are protected by any wondering eyes, though he is trembling so violently. I can see that it is a struggle for him to keep his shape.

There is a young man with Victoria. He has sandy dirty blonde hair and has an average build. He couldn’t be any older than me when he was changed. He’s snarling loudly, snapping his teeth in my general direction. The most shocking thing about him isn’t his behavior, but his eyes. They are a terrifying bright red, the brightest I have ever seen. They are almost glowing in their intensity. It sends a shock up my spine and thru my system. I can hear movement from the alley behind us; the sound of heavy paws against the concrete. I don’t dare take my eyes off of Victoria, I know better than to bear my neck to my enemy. It must be Seth; he had come with us this morning to get something for Sue for Mother’s Day. I am careful with my steps as to not fall, but I move further from Embry as he explodes into his wolf form.

They move much too fast for me to see exactly what they’re doing, but the sounds are sure to attract someone’s notice. This isn’t exactly a good spot for a fight. It isn’t a very big alley. It hampers the wolves movements as they are so large. Clearly this plays to her advantage. She couldn’t of spent decades with James without adapting some of his plans with her own. They were a pair in their deadly games, of that, I am absolutely sure.

I worry about my friends, but I know not to get in the way. I wish not to distract them as they jeopardize their lives to protect mine. For once, I hope with all my heart for this to be over; for Victoria to be nothing but ash, so I can be free of the fear of her. I didn’t see it coming until I found myself bouncing against the wall. Seth had tried to shield me from the young vampire as gently as he could. I will surely see the bruises come tomorrow, but I am okay, no broken bones luckily. I go to open my mouth, to assure Seth that I am indeed all right, when I notice that young vampires head had fallen to the ground with a crash. I look to Embry and see he is already disassembling Victoria. I push the garbage can into the center of the alley throwing open both lids. It’s filled with enough paper and trash to burn the severed limbs of these two vampires. I move out of the way as my wolf boy’s deposit the parts, but I get to do the fun thing; I get the honor of actually destroying them. I take a match out of my purse and toss it into the garbage can. Watching as it caught fire, burning the severed arms much like I once watched James burn, though this time there is no venom in my blood. There is no agony, only joy.

I look around me to determine exactly where I am. I smile as I notice exactly where we are... how ironic that I was standing once more in the very alley where Edward saved me the previous year? The very same alley where Victoria and her newly made friend had now found their destruction in.

It was my final goodbye to my first love. I had no anger or hatred toward him, but I realize as the feeling of liberty spreads thru my body that I am truly free. Free of Victoria. That I was free to live a life without fear. Edward can’t hurt me anymore. It’s in the past and I’m ready to put that all behind me. I am ready to start a new life. A new life, filled with new possibilities. I bowed my head and took a deep cleansing breath; it was my final goodbye...


As I lay in bed thinking of the possibilities that Victoria’s destruction brings. I can start to truly live once more. Which means I can finally chose a university in the south. They tend to specialize in the field I’m going to study in. I have thought about Richmond, however, the universities there don’t have the courses that I need. Though, that would definitely be the place to study the Civil War and Reconstruction Period. Maybe attend one of those reenactments or a grand. Though, I’ll need to take some dance lessons to do that, but it would definitely be worth it.

I can feel the cold sweep thru my room again and panic... sets in my lithe form, but now I know that feeling stems from the appearance of that creature of shadow. My heart starts its high dance so much like last time. The coldness enters me. It’s as if the coldness is in my very spirit. I gasp for the breaths that I can’t seem to take. My body does not lightly tremble as it did before. This is actually quite different and new. I feel my muscles tense up the tingling in my body increases. I start to shake and seize. I cannot move but that doesn’t concern me. My eyes look over to the door. My door is closed, but I watch as a column of black shadow goes thru it into my dark room. I shouldn’t be able to see it in the darkness. However, she’s so much darker. She’s easy to make out. She seems smaller, more compact. It’s almost as if she hops from one spot to the next.

She’s before the bed in less than the blink of an eye. It almost seems sinister tonight. My vision starts to go dark. I see it over me, her shadows covering me in their darkness. A numbness coming over me. The room is pitch black. Oh I know this feeling, the room isn’t black, it’s my vision. I’m losing consciousness.

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