Phantasmagoria Chapter One

Phantasmagoria- A fantastic sequence of haphazardly seen imagery as seen in dreams or fever. Or a constant changing scene composed of numerous elements.

Disclaimer: The original characters and setting belong to Stephanie Meyer and no copyright infringement is intended when writing this story.

Pairing: Bella/Jasper

Betas: Shortbritches85. A very special thanks to MaitresseSaint for taking out the time to help me out betaing this for me, Thank you so much!

Summary: Victoria is the least of Bella’s problems. Shadows of the past rise up to met her.

A/N: This story takes place in New moon. Bella has befriended Jacob

And she is a now a friend of the pack. Furthermore there was no cliff diving incident. For this story Eclipse and Breaking Dawn don’t take place.

Phantasmagoria Chapter One

By Musings of Akyria

Bella’s POV

I am getting ready for bed; I slipped on an old tee shirt along with my sweats. I climbed into bed and cover myself with an extra blanket. It is going to be extra cold tonight, if the winds are any indication. Lying in my bed listening to the winds outside, my thoughts drift to the pack of friends I have, and of course I can’t help but to worry about them. I know my mind is in overdrive.

First it’s the fear, this fear I have that makes my blood turn cold.

Just one word needs to be said to evoke that sensation… Victoria. The plans she has for me must be absolutely gruesome; if they even horrified and disgusted Laurent, and he’s known her for decades. So I’m probably looking forward to a slow and gruesome death.

Will the pack always have to watch me? Will I ever be able to go where I want with out a chaperone? Just how long will Victoria evade the pack? When will she start to plot to go thru them? Her strategy of evasion simply is not working and she knows it. Have I become the pack’s pet just as I was to the Cullen’s?

Everyday I have a pack member near me. Either they are in the woods behind the school or in a car waiting for me to get off work. They patrol in my woods near my house every night. I wonder who could be on patrol tonight? Quil, Embry, or perhaps even Jake himself? I hope it’s not Jake, he needs to rest. He was so tired tonight. I pray he’s at home in his nice warm bed, Dreaming so peacefully without a care in the world. How nice that would be.

I hate that they need to protect me. How could Edward have left Victoria alive? I know he doesn’t care for me, but was he that stupid? Or did he believe she wasn’t really a threat? How could he not know James was her mate? He is supposed to be a mind reader after all. Will people I love always be put in danger just by knowing me, by just being around me?

What about this fall when I go to college? That thought makes me remember the conversion I had with Jacob a few weeks ago. He suggested I go to the college in Port Angeles, while still living in Forks with Charlie, But that’s not what I want. I want the college experience. I want to be on my own for once, only to rely on myself, to be independent and strong. I want to move to the South; where it’s warm and beautiful with a rich history, which I can explore.

Maybe I need to talk to Doctor Gerandy. Perhaps he’ll prescribe me some tranquilizers. Perhaps even some Valium as well. God knows I need something. This insomnia is getting to be absurd.

As I lay in bed I look at the flashing green numbers on my nightstand…Three am…

Groaning, I pull the blankets from my slim form. I swing my body from the side of my bed, and I feel my feet touch the cold wood of my floor. The soft noise of my worn sweatpants is the only sound as I make my way across the darkened room. I pull back the curtains from my window and I gaze out at the dark night sky. It is covered in clouds, and the moon obscured. My hand fumbles for the back of my rocking chair, following the arm down and holding it tightly. I carefully sit myself down. Outside the rainy winds pick up, the branches of my tree scrapes against the house. The windowpane vibrates in its casing. Maybe it’s the weather outside that gives me these odd sensations. This feeling I have of panic and dread, as well as if I can feel as if someone is watching me.

I look around, but I am unable to see anything. The room is much too dark for that. I close my eyes and force my breathing to calm down. I listen to the sounds inside the room. I can’t hear anything, so I open my eyes, yet, this feeling does not subside. I know I am not alone.

I feel so tired, yet, I couldn’t sleep now if I wanted to. My fingers move to rub my head as it throbs in pain, moving across my forehead into my temples. My body trembling, my fingers are twitching as if the ligament were spazing,

and then sweat breaks out over my body. I can feel it rolling over the back of my neck. My throat closes up as I struggle for the breaths I need to calm down. I feel the coldness of my skin. It’s not from an outside source, but from myself. I feel as if I’m going to pass out. The room starts to spin and blur around the edges as the lightheadness takes full advantage of my senses. I have this sudden surge of overwhelming panic. I feel it kick in… this need to get out or get away. I get tingling sensations in my fingers and toes suddenly spreading up my arms and legs.

There is nothing I can do to make these feelings dissipate.

I can feel my muscles tensing up. Preparing for the get out or get away sensations I am experiencing. This need I have to escape this room. I start to rise only to realize the panic I have felt has turned into absolute terror.

My heart starts beating fast; I can feel it vibrate thru my chest as it hits my ribcage. My stomach starts to feel very unsettled as if the nausea I am now feeling has somehow been triggered by blood. I can feel this smothering sensation into a panic of death. My mind goes blank with absolute terror. I cannot move. I cannot speak. My mind is thoughtless; though my hearing and sight have become clearer.

Thru the mirror on the wall I can see outside. The clouds are moving, forcing a soft ray of moonlight to come thru my window. The coldness in my skin increases, and I can see my breath in the air. The hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Goose bumps start to pepper my skin. The shadows that should be distilled in the direct light of the moon are not. They are dark; it is as if there is a wall of shadows. I watch helplessly as the shadows converge into a column.

It is only now that I do hope I’m dreaming. My dreams have always been vivid, lucid even. For months nightmares plagued my dreams and I’ve hallucinated Edward before. But it has been three months since I’ve had a nightmare and even longer since I’ve hallucinated Edward. Could this be a relapse? But then again these feelings are quite new. I know that this is some thing else entirely. Looking at the column, even though there is no bodily shape, I know that it is a female. I can feel that much and yet, I wonder where that knowledge comes from.

I’ve run with both vampires and werewolves, but never have I encountered anything like this, not even in the tribal stories Jacob has told me. For the first time I notice it is no longer there, this gaping hole in my chest is gone. It’s as if it was never there. I watch the creature go thru the wall of my room. I feel comfortable enough, for my breathing returns to normal. My heart slows down. I feel oddly at peace and so tired. My eyes close on their own volition and I fall into a deep dreamless sleep.

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