Musing of Akyria Profile

Well hello, I’m Akyria (Ak-kree-a) to most. I’m a stay at home mom. I have three children. I’ve read tons of fanfics. However I am a short of shy person by nature and concerned what others think of me. Sure I wrote fanfics well not too well mind you. I wouldn’t let anyone read them then about two months ago I stumbled upon the Jasper’s Darlin’s site. And they inspired me. Unknowingly giving me an outlet of sorts. I stumbled upon a simple word prompt site looking for some inspiration. And damb did it ever hit me! The word was Phantasmagoria. I found me a beta on and she helped me take that step. To forget about what everyone else thought. I had this glorious idea in my head. Mind you

The plot changed a bit. The words almost just appeared on my screen. Not bad for my first actual story. I have lots planned; you’ll never know where one simple click of the mouse can take you.

You can find me at

Or if you prefer here

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