More Than Words Chapter 9

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A/N: As previously stated, if you are a minor, leave now. Adult content ahead.And a big ‘thank you’ to ‘kouga's older woman’ for giving me the giggles. Let’s see if we can make that a reality now, okay?

Chapter beta’d by Sparagus, and revised.

JPOVPlease say something, Bella. Please don’t just sit there like that. Oh, damn. What should I do? Leave? Laugh? Oh, crap. She’s crying.

Maybe humor wasn’t the best route. Bella’s head was down, and her shoulders were hunched over. She was shaking and, I could only assume, crying. Her emotions were still in the severe embarrassment range, so I didn’t have much to go on.

I took a tentative step over to her bedside and reached out to hand her the offending object, which I had finally succeeded in turning off.

“Um, here. I think you dropped this.”


“I’ll…just go. We can talk later, if that’s okay?”

She looked up into my eyes, and it was then that I realized she wasn’t crying, but instead laughing from the pure humiliation of the situation.

“No, Jasper. It’s okay. It’s not like I’m going to be able to sleep after this anyway. I guess I could use someone to talk to. Just promise you won’t mention this little incident to anyone. Ever?”

“Yeah, sorry about that. I’m usually a little better at respecting personal space and all…”

“I should know better by now. It’s not like I ever know when my vampire in-laws may drop in unannounced.”

She reached under her bed and hid the creepy little gadget and managed to knock the book she was reading off the table in the process. I reached down to pick it up when I realized she was speaking to me.

“Here, sit.”

She patted the bed next to her.

I sat and placed the book on my lap without looking at it.

“So, what is it that couldn’t wait ‘til morning that you just had to talk to me about?”

“Well, Bella, this whole thing going on between you and Edward has got to stop. It’s bad enough that I have to deal with him moping, but the whole family is on edge and, seriously, I can’t take many more emotional beatings this week.”

I tilted my head to look at her and gauge her reaction, but she just looked off into space.

“That and the fact that for some reason, Alice can’t see your future any further than a few days, and even then, it’s shaky. Whatever is bothering you, not that I can’t figure some of it out, please, let it out. I’m here to listen.”

“I can’t…I can’t talk to you about that.”

The embarrassment started up again.

“Bella, after what I just walked in on, there isn’t any topic that should be off limits between the two of us.”

She pulled the covers tighter around herself, smoothing out the edges, and took a deep breath in. I thought she was doing something childish like holding her breath, but I soon realized that she centered her emotions when she did this.

“Fine. But don’t laugh and just let me get it all out before you say anything, okay?”

I nodded before kicking off my boots and pulling my legs up onto the bed.

“Okay. Well, Edward won’t…well, do anything with me.”

I cocked my head at her hoping she would continue without prompting. I sent her a little dose of courage, hoping it would do the trick. Thankfully, she continued.

“I mean, I know we are getting married in less than two weeks, but I’ve been trying for months to get him to even touch me. I…don’t want to…I don’t want to be turned while I’m still a virgin. There. Happy?”

“That’s what all this is about?”

“I know, I know. It sounds stupid, but, I mean, your skin, vampire skin, it regenerates right? What about my…hymen? Oh, God I can’t believe I’m talking about this…”

“It’s okay. Go on.”

“Well, suppose it keeps growing back? If he breaks it now, it won’t come back. Right?”

She was right. This was a bit uncomfortable. I really shouldn’t be here. She should be having this conversation with Alice, or even Esme.

“Uh, Bella. I don’t think it works that way. If it did, we’d have a bunch of sex-depraved male vampires running around because the females weren’t having any of it.”

“Well, how am I supposed to know? Besides that, I just don’t want to be that girl. The one who waits until their wedding night, or in my case, even longer. We could be married months before he changes me. I don’t want to wait that long. I have…needs.”

I blinked a few times, more for her benefit than my own. I thought Edward was a bundle of nerves, but Bella had him beat.

“Well, in Edward’s defense, Bella, he doesn’t really know what to expect. He may not react well, and it seems like you have been…taking care of your own needs just fine. As far as your other little worry, don’t you think that purple monster of yours has effectively done the trick by now?”

Her face blushed a crimson color, and she stuttered as she tried to speak.

“I don’t…I never…argh…I never put it…all the way in...”

“Too much info, Bella. Way too much.”

“You asked. “

“No. I inferred. There’s a difference.”

She rolled her eyes at me, and I decided to lighten the mood. I snuck a peek at the forgotten book in my lap and almost laughed at the title.

“Erotic tales of Texas vampires? Really now, Bella? Hmm…let’s take a look here shall we?”

And back to embarrassment.


“Ah, ah, ah Bella, I think I would know better than anyone about how vampires and Texas mix. Consider it ‘fact checking.’”

I opened to the page that appeared most recently read. A small piece of tissue hung in the corner of the binding.

I scanned the page and came upon the text that must have worked dear ‘ol Bella up so badly.

“Carol sucked his shaft like a dog working a bone when I took her from behind. I bit my lip when she rolled her hips eagerly against me. The blood dripped down slowly before I remembered to lick it away…”

I felt a bit of lust flowing from Bella as I read. I figured I could play along for a while, as I did interrupt her before. I flipped a few pages, licking my finger to spread the paper.

“My arms and legs wrapped around him and we fell back, one heaving mass of flesh. He thrust home; I threw my head back and he bit me on the neck…”

Bella’s arousal was now an entity in the room. Perhaps I let this go on a little too long. I thought to stand but glanced at the young woman in the bed. As I lifted my face I saw her little pink tongue dart out over her bottom lip before lightly sucking it into her mouth.

That little movement alone caused my jeans to tighten a little more than was comfortable.

After a full day of being bombarded with negative emotions, it was nice to feel something that I considered pleasant. I was feeding off of her desire, and in turn, she was picking up on my slight projection.

This wasn’t good. I should leave. Now.

I moved a fraction of an inch, and she blinked, speaking in a husky voice any man would be insane to ignore.

“Read some more. Please?”

I was getting in over my head, and I knew I had to stop this, but damn, this girl’s emotions were a buffet, and I was a starving man. Her breath was ragged, and her scent permeated the room. Try as I might to do what was right, I picked up the book a third time.

I’m going to burn for this.

“His hand found me deep below. I twisted against it and tried to encourage it. I needed more than the single finger that traced my folds…”

I looked at the woman before me. As she made eye contact, I saw her pupils dilate and then swell. The musk of her arousal was sweeter than any scent I had previously encountered.

My teasing of her had brought me to this point, and I wasn’t sure I now had the strength to leave. This was wrong, so very wrong, but at that exact moment, I no longer cared.

In an instant, I was over her. I lightly pushed her to a laying position, and I lay beside her. I wrapped my arms around her slender waist and leaned in, my venomous mouth mere millimeters from hers. She glanced from my eyes to my lips and once more that pointy, little, pink tongue darted across her lips.

I snatched it between my own and suckled it, my lips against hers. She hesitated for a moment but soon began to respond.

I could feel the heat from her body through the covering of her blanket. I quickly untucked her and wrapped the cloth around us both, my mouth never leaving hers. I heard her gasp for a little air, and I pulled back.

There was nothing put pure, animalistic need in the depths of her eyes, now nearly as dark as I was sure my own were.

I began to suckle on her jaw, her tiny hands petting my chest, unsure of what to do. I snaked one of my hands up under her T-shirt, my thumb rubbing the curve of her breast. A little moan escaped her mouth as her hips instinctively bucked into mine causing a low growl to escape me.

Mimicking my actions, she ran her hand under my sweater, scraping her tiny nails down the plane of my stomach. I could feel my muscles flex and the familiar tightening of my balls.

The rumble in my chest deepened, and for a second, Bella glanced to the bedroom door, suddenly anxious.

“He’s deeply asleep. Shh. Don’t worry.”

I slowly raised the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head, her nipples instantly reacting to the change of temperature. They peaked like diamonds…or rubies. She began to lift mine, but she was moving too slow, and before she knew it, it lay on the floor next to hers and her pj bottoms.

Her tiny fingers began to fumble with my belt buckle, a large, brass buckle engraved with a large C.S. Once she had it open, she attempted to undo and lower my jeans, but her nerves were getting the best of her, so I helped out.

Now all that separated me from this lovely creature were two thin layers of cloth.

The heat from her body was scorching. I could smell the blood racing in her veins, and my mouth began to fill with venom. It was nothing compared to the undeniable need for her body that I now felt.

I cupped one of her perfect breasts in my hand and lightly kneaded it. An airy moan was her response. I gently placed open mouthed kissed down her throat and neck stopping with my tongue on her carotid. Her pulse skyrocketed. I swallowed the venom and chanced my eyes up to meet hers.

“Bella, are you frightened?”

She let out a low, “No.”

“I’m a predator, Bella. Dangerous. Your life could be over in seconds…”

“Show me.”


“You’re a predator. Show me.”

Her pulse was racing faster than a long distance runner, but not from fear. It was excitement. I moaned and reached down to cup her womanly mound in my hand.

“Are you sure?”

I gave her pussy a slight squeeze, the moisture of her desire clearly as evident as the hot beads of liquid on my palm.

“Once you give me this, you don’t get it back. Are you sure? What about your fiance?”

One warm hand stretched out and lightly caressed my aching balls.

“Yes, Jasper. And he would never do this. Please.”

I ripped her panties from her body and removed my boxer briefs before she could change her mind. Her hands were in my hair now, and I rolled her fully onto her back, keeping most of my weight on my left forearm, while reaching down and giving her a tentative flick with my right index finger. Her body arched into mine.

“Please,” she begged.

I ran my finger up and down her slit, gathering the moisture and spreading it over her sensitive little bud. I palmed her again, and her hips gyrated against my hand.

She ran a hand along my shaft, slowly at first; then she wrapped her fingers firmly around my girth and gave me one solid stroke. I nearly came undone right then.

I plunged one finger into her damp heat and rolled it forward causing her to squeak. I pumped her deeper before inserting a second digit. The wetness from her body was almost to my wrist.

I slowly withdrew my fingers, and she growled her displeasure. I situated myself between her thighs and rubbed my length along her folds, back and forth.

I looked into her eyes. There was no need to warn her. She knew it may be painful, but I didn’t sense any fear from her, only need.

With an unnecessary breath, I slid myself forward fully, feeling her thin tissue give under my granite member. I heard her gasp, and I smelled tears, but at that moment I was lost in a sea of sensation. Her heat was more intense than the sun. She was so tight that it was almost painful. Then I sensed it. Blood. It wasn't very much, maybe a drop, but it was there. I held my breath and gazed at the beauty that was gifting me with such a treasure.

She looked up at me. I sensed no fear and no remorse. She took a breath in and arched her hips into mine. The sensation was spectacular. Another quiet moan slipped past her lips. I exhaled.

We found a rhythm we were both comfortable with, and we became lost in each other. I could feel the small twinges of her walls as we progressed, and I knew she was nearing release. I opened myself up to her completely then. Like an endless circle, I shared my pleasure, and she shared hers. I felt myself quickening in response.

The sound of her hips slamming against mine brought me back to reality. I didn’t want to break her.

As soon as I slowed, she gasped, “Don’t. You. Dare. Stop. Now.”

I felt her rippling muscles and my own. She started to buck up, off the bed, grinding her hips into mine with abandon. Her breathing picked up. Her eyes rolled, back and before I could think, she let out a howl as both her and I let go. She milked me for all I had and still continued.

“Oh…Mmm. Jasp…err…yes, yes Jasper. Oh…Oh God! Jasper!”

At the sound of my name, a second wave hit me, and I came so hard I could have sworn I saw stars. I rolled off of her then, panting like I hadn't had to for over a century and a half.

Well, this wasn’t supposed to happen…

“Bella? Darlin’?”

She turned her head to the side to look at me, but I could see that sleep was slowly taking her. I sighed, knowing this was not a good way to go about easing the minds of those in my family, but what was done was done. I reached over and turned her on her side, spooning her.

“Shh, darlin’. You sleep. I’ll be here in the morning, and then we’ll have to have a serious talk.”

“’Night, Jasper.”

“G’night, Bella. Sweet Dreams.”

She cuddled in closer to me, and within moments, I could hear the sound of her falling asleep.

What have I done?

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