More Than Words Chapter 8

Disclaimer - I do not own Twilight or any of its characters. No money is being made from the writing of this story. All rights belong to Stephanie Meyer.

A/N: Another warning: If graphic feeding from animals troubles you, you’ve been warned.

Chapter Beta'd by Sparagus, and revised.


I was two miles from the house, and the smothering feelings of my family were significantly lessened. Racing through the trees was a blissful experience. The further away I ran, the more in touch with myself I was becoming.

I began to slow when I sensed a herd of deer. A nice, violent feeding may have just been the cure for the misery I had endured for the last thirty hours.

I closed my eyes and opened up my senses. There were three of them, two females, and about half a mile behind, a male. I inhaled deeply.

I instinctively let out a low growl as my muscles tensed beneath my granite skin. I crouched. The venom began to flow from my glands, and I was off.

I struck the first doe, and she remained completely unaware. I tackled her from behind and felt the sinewy muscles of her hind legs tighten. She arched her back and tried to swing me off, but I was the faster. She bucked a time or two before she felt my hand close over her throat.

In one twist, I had her prone, my razor-sharp teeth piercing her neck without any effort.

I pulled in, savoring the tangy warmth of the kill, before her heart stopped and she grew cold. All too soon, her body went slack, and I was sucking on empty veins.

The second female took off as soon as she sensed the danger, but compared to my speed, hers was nothing.

I took off in her direction, and within seconds, I threw myself onto her back. Her legs gave out under her at the full weight of my body, and I could hear the fragile bones that made up her rib cage give way.

She whined and shook, but it was to no avail.

After I had emptied her, as well as the male, I spread the corpses out over a span of two miles, burying them lightly under fallen leaves. Scavengers would surely find them and finish the decomposition process.

With a full stomach, I made my way back to my original path but settled on a brisk walking pace instead of a full run.

Despite the freedom from the emotions of the family, or maybe even because of it, I found myself contemplating Alice’s visions, or lack thereof. I mentally ran through every enemy I had come across and could think of nothing that would remove Bella from our family and Alice’s thoughts.

The idea of sweet, caring Bella as a human-drinking nomad was foreign to me. It was just…innately wrong.

To the best of my knowledge, the Volturi did not have a member of the guard that could shield a vision or change it. Then again, it had been near a century since I'd had any direct dealings with them. They may have upgraded.

It was the only piece of the puzzle that fit, and yet, it still didn’t make sense. Bella wasn’t part of the guard in Alice’s vision. In fact, she clearly believed that the wedding would still take place, but at some point in the future, Bella’s path and that of the family would diverge.

I could not even begin to imagine the events that could cause that to happen.

I forced my mind away from the future and back to the present. All of this has been brought into play because of Edward and Bella's current issues.

Edward’s fear and inability to allow Bella some kind of sexual release pushed her away and caused the entire family to wonder if they should stop wedding preparations.

Bella's spoiled, childish behavior , stomping her feet because she didn’t get what she wanted fast enough, in turn, frustrated Edward further

Now Edward was acting like a pansy, and my wife had forbidden him to see Bella until the coast was clear.

What kind of sick, twisted soap opera have I entered?

Alice may have told Edward he couldn’t go check on Bella, but she said nothing about me. Whatever was going to happen in the next day to change Bella’s future had not yet occurred. I hoped that I would be able to talk some sense into her before my brother became known as the first vampire in history to have an embolism.

I started out across the forest and headed toward Bella’s house.

I noticed while at the edge of the property that the house was in darkness, save for a small light in Bella’s room.

It’s almost four A.M. Shouldn’t she be asleep? Perhaps she fell asleep with the light on...Edward said she likes to read.

I made my way closer and could tell by her pulse that she was not only awake, but actively awake. The closer I got, the more I could make out.

What is that noise?

My ears focused on a low humming and Bella’s soft breathing. Her pulse was up.

Is she vacuuming this early in the morning? It’s not even day break…

Curious now, I scaled the tree to her room, but she had the thick drapes drawn over the glass, and I couldn’t make out what was going on inside.

She didn’t normally have her window shut. Edward must have really pissed her off this time. There was definitely movement in her room. I could hear her sheets moving.

Maybe she was doing late night laundry or making her bed?

At least my visit wouldn’t be waking her up. Good. We needed to talk.

I swung up one arm and silently opened her window, landing with a soft thud on her bedroom floor. I hadn't been in her room but a couple of seconds when it hit me. Pure lust.

The force of it nearly floored me, and I couldn’t help but gasp at the thickness of the carnal desire and the sweet scent of her racing blood.

My gasp shocked her, and she looked up, squealing when she saw me. For the first time in my existence, I was frozen. Like the proverbial deer in the headlights, I didn’t know which way to turn or what to do.

So I did the only thing I could.

I gaped at her like a freakin’ peepin’ tom.

“Jasper! What the hell are you doing here…in my room…err…I mean why…how…Oh shit! What the fuck Jasper?”

Well, that explains the humming, now doesn’t it?

With her little verbal tirade, she fumbled with what I now realized was a sex toy, and it so very gracefully tumbled from her hand and bounced the short distance from her bed to the area before my feet.

Her face was frozen in mortification. Now, I’d seen a lot in my time, but never a glow-in–the-dark human. That poor girl was so red she shone like a lighthouse. If it wasn’t so embarrassing for the both of us, I might have laughed.

It seems that with the little show I had walked in on, I had lost all common sense, as evident by my next reaction. Ever the gentleman, I went to retrieve the fallen item for her, only to realize when I picked it up that it was still on.

I stared, mouth agape, at the translucent, purple monstrosity I held in my hand, completely transfixed by the odd multi-colored pearls surrounding its base and climbing the makeshift shaft. The methodical twisting of its tip led me to believe that if I placed it on a hard surface it would spin on its own. Sure enough, it had a suction cup attached to the base.

In a moment, I found myself looking from the absurd phallus to Bella’s face and back again. I did this several times in quick succession. She probably didn’t even notice the movement.

I had to break the tension in the room. Humor, maybe?

“Bella? I hate to break it to ya’, darlin,’ but the real thing don’t look anything like this.”

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