More Than Words Chapter 7

Disclaimer - I do not own Twilight or any of it's characters. No money is being made from the writing of this story. All rights belong to Stephanie Meyer.

Chapter beta'd by Sparagus, and revised.


I seriously could not handle any more of the drama king’s emotions. For hours now he had been bouncing between anger, fear, desperation, and finally, resolve.

The resolve was nice. I thought he had finally made up his mind to put an end to this circus, but as soon as he expressed it, it was again gone. He fell immediately back to fear.

It had not even been twenty-four hours, and our family had gone from happily planning a wedding, to walking on eggshells around Edward. He may have been the mind reader, but his face was an open book. He feared losing her, again.

I refused to be a part of this pity-party. All he had to do was take a look at Tanya and her coven to know that what Bella asked for wasn't so far fetched. The females of that coven had taken humans as lovers before, countless times, and they had always lived, but try to broach that subject with him? Ha.

“They aren’t males, Jasper. I think mine and Bella's case is slightly different.”

Had I seriously become a prisoner in my own home due to the emotions of two stubborn, hormonally bound virgins? This was absurd.

It’s not so different, Edward. Insert tab A into slot B. Repeat.

All of that layered with Edward’s meltdown, my wife’s anxiety over Bella’s fuzzy future, and I was in quite an emotional quagmire.

I settled myself into the leather armchair in my study. Leaning forward, I rubbed my hands over my face in a useless attempt to brush away even half of the emotions caused by what was going on in this house today.


I hoped that my little sprite had some answers today. A moment later, her dark head poked in around the door.

“No news.”

She let out a little grin, but it didn’t reach her eyes.

“Can you not see anything?” I said desperately, feeling as if I was grasping at straws.

“It’s not that I can’t see anything. It’s just and out like a TV with bad reception.”

I sighed and looked at her.

“The wolves are still around. Does that have something to do with it?”

“Possibly. That could explain the fuzzy images I see until Monday morning. The wolves still patrol Charlie’s property regularly, but that doesn’t help explain why I see nothing after around noon on Monday.”

I ran the facts through my mind and couldn’t come up with a logical or acceptable answer.

“Is something going to happen to her, Alice?”

“No. That’s just it. I don’t see anything in the immediate future for her, but I can still see her in the distant future as one of us. But…”

I stared at my wife, hoping that whatever her vision meant, life could somehow go back to normal sometime soon.

“But, what?”


She scrunched up her face trying to figure out her vision.

I was starting to really lose patience with the situation.

“Off how?”

I tried not to raise my voice at her, but Edward had obviously tuned into the conversation, and his anxiety of the unknown was pushing me with ferocity.

“She doesn’t appear to be with us. She’s…she’s a…nomad?”

“That makes absolutely no sense, Alice. Why would Edward change Bella and then let her wander?”

“I don’t—”

In a flash Edward was down the hall and standing, pensive, in my study.

“I’m going over to see her,” he announced.

He looked like hell warmed over.

“No, Edward, you can’t. Not yet.”

Alice looked pained as the blips of images coursed through her.

“I have to. I won’t let her be alone.”

“Edward, you going to see her right now won’t solve anything. Whatever this is has to happen. It’s meant to happen. You going there now, before she’s cooled off, will only make things worse.”

Her eyes glazed, and she was quiet for a several moments.

“No, you definitely cannot go there now. If you do, it will only cause a fight, and I can see that if you do, there won’t be a wedding.”

“But what is this…thing that’s meant to happen?”

If Edward could have combusted right then, I was sure he would have.

“I don’t know. That’s what I can’t see.”

The myriad of emotions that were running through Edward then were more than I could handle. I had to get out of that house, away from Edward’s emotions, away from Alice’s anxiety. I had an overwhelming urge to just run, before I exploded. It was no use to try to control the climate right now. Everyone was too worked up at the moment, what with the new, unknown developments and all.

I could hear Emmett and Rosalie downstairs arguing over how to protect Bella from something we couldn’t see. Esme was worried about whatever reasons Bella may have for walking away from the family. Carlisle was contemplating if this had anything to do with a gift that Bella might possess after being turned.

“Enough! I've gotta get out of here for a bit. Please? Alice, don’t follow me. I need some breathing room right now.”

I jumped up and over the large oak desk and straight out the window overlooking Esme’s garden.

I could hear my family and my wife calling me, telling me they would try to calm down, but at that moment I needed to escape.

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