More Than Words Chapter 4

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A/N: Chapter beta’d by Sparagus and revised.

Meanwhile, at the Cullen Mansion…

Third Person POV

Rosalie was pacing the front yard nervously awaiting Alice’s return. It was already passed dusk, and the two of them had been gone for well over two hours. She abruptly stopped, turned and continued pacing in the opposite direction.

“You need to calm down, Rosie. Please?”

Emmett securely wrapped his arms around his wife, putting an end to her steps and placing soft kisses up the side of her neck.

“If Alice destroys one more of our Jeeps, Emmett, I’ll…I’ll rip her little fairy wings off and—”

“Rose, enough. It’s just a car.”

She snuggled into his embrace.

“I know, but I built you that car.”

He smiled lovingly at her and squeezed her a little closer.

“You know, Rose, we’ve wrecked a few cars of our own.”

He gyrated his hips against her and wiggled his brows. She placed one hand on his chest and lightly pushed him backward teasingly.

As she cocked her head up toward him, the humming of the Jeep’s engine could be heard coming down the driveway, along with Alice’s peal of laughter.

“Finally,” Rosalie huffed.

“Hey, guys. Miss me?”

Alice hopped out of the vehicle and danced over to where Emmett and Rosalie were standing. Her clothes were mud covered, and yet, her hair was the epitome of perfection.

“That was fun, and see? Not a scratch on her, just like I said.”

Rosalie went closer to inspect the Jeep. After she felt satisfied that there was no damage, she strode back over to her husband.

“What was all that about anyway, Alice? What did Edward do? Is Bella okay?”

Emmett’s brotherly concern was showing through.

“He’s just being his usual ‘stick up the butt’ self, Em.”

Alice strode past them and up the steps. She turned as she was about to enter the threshold.

“Oh, Edward is going to be around the house a lot over the next few days. Don’t expect him to be in a great mood, either. Bella has decided she needs a few days to herself, and he won’t take it well, so close to the wedding and all.”

Rosalie acknowledged this by whipping her head in Alice’s direction.

“After all this family has been through for her, she’s going to walk out on him right before the wedding?”

“No, Rose. She’s just trying to make him see that distance makes the heart grow fonder, that’s all. A few days of her ignoring him, and hopefully he will loosen up and give her a little bit of what she wants,” Alice finished with a wink.

A boom of Emmett’s laughter echoed across the yard.

“Oh, that’s sweet. Ol’ Eddie won’t put out, and Bella’s laying the smack down. Classic.”

“Emmett, don’t be so crass.”

The three looked up into their mother’s face. Esme had come to the door and had heard the conversation. With a thoughtful smile she led her three children into the house.

“Whatever is going on between Edward and Bella is their own business. If we need to be here to help him through a rough patch, then that is what we will do. And we will do it as a family.”

Esme moved up the stairs to the second level living room.

Emmett leaned in towards Alice. “There’s one thing I don’t plan on helping him with…”

Alice slapped his arm, her smirk widening.



The family was spaced throughout the room when I entered. Emmett and Rosalie were lounging on one of the overstuffed sofas watching ‘Destroyed In Seconds.’ Esme and Carlisle were sitting near the fireplace, engaged in a game of Gin Rummy. Alice was sitting in Jasper’s lap, their heads close as they spoke in quiet conversation.

I only saw bits and pieces of Alice’s thoughts on Bella’s and my argument. Not that I actually needed to. The closed window was enough of a deterrent tonight. She hadn’t answered my phone calls or the various texts that I had sent her in the past few hours, either.

Now, with the thought of my family on Bella’s need for space, I had a better understanding of her need to be away from me for a bit. I thought she would be over it tomorrow but apparently I now had a few days to make it up to her.

I wish she would understand the need for caution, but Bella didn’t have a clue when it came to self-preservation. I wish she could see the monster I could be, what I truly was. Maybe then she wouldn’t be so quick to throw her mortality away for just a few minutes under the covers.

I ran my hand through my hair, a nervous habit left over from my human life, and sighed: yet another useless human habit. I made my way to the stairs and swiftly headed to my room, the scene of my latest failure.


“Four hours and he’s already miserable,” I said, nodding in the direction of the stairs. I squeezed Alice’s shoulders and gave her a peck on the cheek.

“If he keeps that up, you and I are gonna’ need to take a little vacation. Have you seen how long this will go on?”

Alice stared off for a moment, eyes transfixed on some point unseen by any but her own mind, then she shook her head and shrugged.

“I can’t see much past Monday night. Everything turns to static then. Maybe Bella hasn’t completely figured out her plan yet?”

I let out a breath of air I was holding and scrunched up my face, eyes once again trailing to the stairs.

“If he’s this bad tonight, I don’t know how I’ll handle two more days.”

Alice gave me a reassuring squeeze. I tilted my head towards the ceiling, hearing Edward placing the needle on one of his many random records. Slowly, the sounds of Mozart began to drift through the floorboards.

This is going to be a shitty weekend.

In a moment, the family heard Edward’s quiet, but unmistakable request, “Jasper, quit it.”

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