More Than Words Chapter 2

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Warning - This story contains Mature content. If you are under 18 or otherwise not a legal adult in your own country, state or city, please read no further.

A/N: Chapter has been beta'd by Sparagus, and revised.

I allowed myself a few more moments to center my emotions before I slowly turned off the sink. As I dried my hands and face, I heard the light sound of the outside bedroom door opening and then closing softly. I let out a sigh.

Oh, Edward.

In two weeks’ time, I would become Mrs. Edward Cullen. I dreaded the day, not because I didn’t love Edward; it was actually quite the opposite. It was just…forever with him.

Forever…frozen in time, forever and never changing.

After the wedding, I would be turned, just like I desired, and I would begin my eternity with him. For all intents and purposes I would be ‘dead,’ as Edward put it. I would be dead to my parents and my friends, forced to move to avoid killing those I once loved and was destined to forget. All of those things were a small price, though, in my mind. That wasn’t what bothered me most.

No, what bothered me most was something Edward and I had yet to speak about. It was a topic that we could never get through, as the mention of any impending intimacy between us sent him skittering like a cat with its tail between its legs. I often wondered how he sat through dozens of freshman year health classes if the mention of sex scared him so much.

Couldn’t we just wait to get married? Go all sex crazed like any teenagers would? We would have the rest of time to make it official. We were already mates, right? What would a few extra decades matter when we had forever?

Seriously, if he hurt me in the process of us being intimate, he could bite me. The change would be underway, and I wouldn’t have to start eternity off holding onto my biggest fear. Well, biggest fear since I found out vampires existed.

I could speak with Carlisle, but I wasn’t up to such an embarrassing conversation with my future father-in-law. Esme? I wouldn’t even be able to look her in the eye after…

‘Dead.’ And my future husband is hell bent on letting me ‘die’ a virgin.

“ Alice? Can you drive me home?” I whispered, knowing she would hear me.

Sure enough, within a second, I heard her tinkling, sing-song voice and a soft knock on the bathroom door.

“Are you alright Bella?”

I walked out into Edward’s bedroom, rubbed my face again and sighed. She swept me up into a hug, and that was when the tears I had held at bay since the ‘bed incident’ decided to fall.

“I know, sweetie, I know. He went for a hunt to clear his head. He’ll be fine. It will all work out. Trust me.”

“Haven’t I always?” I said into her collarbone.

She giggled and patted my head like a mother to a small child.

“Rosalie has my engine out right now. Do you mind if we take the Jeep?”

Her eyes sparkled and I knew that she already knew the answer to that. Her mischief always amused me.

“It’s muddy out. Do I need a helmet?” I smirked.

She led me out of the room and down the wooden staircase, tugging me a little too fast, but somehow I kept up.

“Yup. It’s on the front seat.”

In a flash, we were in the garage, a rather aggravated Rosalie scanning us over. She didn’t look too happy that we would be commandeering the Jeep. Not after last time…

“I just gave that thing a tune up. I swear, Alice, do not break the battery mounts and short out that vehicle while off-roading again. Understand?”

“Don’t worry. We’ll behave. Bella needs to blow off some steam, that’s all.”

Alice smiled and bounced a little while working her way in front of Rosalie.

“Alice? What would Edward say if he knew you were taking his human through the woods at high speed? Hmm?” Rosalie ground out through tight lips.

“He doesn’t have to know, and you won’t tell him,” Alice said with a knowing smirk, vindicated by her gift, and placed a small kiss on Rosalie’s temple.

“Thanks, sis.”

Alice grabbed the keys from the workbench, and moments later, we were flying through the rear of the Cullens’ property. The air whipped past us, and my hair was flying in all directions. Well, what hair I hadn’t managed to tuck into one of Emmett’s old football helmets.

Leave it to Alice to think it would be safe to take the top and doors off with me in the car.

She reached over and gave a small tug to the restraint belts.

“All set? Hold on.”

It was starting to drizzle lightly, but it was still warm out. I wouldn’t have to worry about pneumonia messing up the nuptials.

On second thought…

Alice let out a loud squeal, just as we bumbled into a large puddle. My hands held tightly to the dash as the sludge hung off of my arms. I made spitting noises, trying to dislodge a large maple leaf from my lips.

Alice reached over and snagged it, laughing, “ I’ll get you a salad later, Bella. Live in the now!”

The terrain got rougher and I was jostled in my seat, but the exhilaration of flying through the wet and the muck was a welcome reprieve from the events of earlier tonight.

All too soon we were pulling up in front of Charlie’s…my father’s house. Alice managed to loosen my grip on the dash and simultaneously unbuckle the restraints. As soon as the helmet was removed, her face changed.

“Oh, my. Didn’t see that. Oh, well. One more reason to get your hair done, I guess.”

“No, Alice. I said no hair cuts, remember?”

Sneaky little vampire…

“Fine,” she huffed.

I hopped down from the Jeep, the legs of my jeans making squishy noises.

“And Bella? Your idea might just work. I can’t see everything, but giving Edward the cold shoulder…may just wake him up.”

“Um, thanks, Alice.”

“No problem. What are sisters for? Now go take a shower; I’m pretty sure from the smell that that isn’t just mud that you’ve got there.

“Uh, gross.”

She was already revving up the engine, grinning like a mad woman now that I was out of the car and she could go completely wild.

I just laughed as I walked up the steps of the porch. With a ‘woosh’ she was off.

“Hey, wait! Where’s my salad?”

Her chiming laugh was all I heard.

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