More Than Words Chapter 15

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Beta’d by the wonderful Sparagus.


I stood and collected my thoughts. My path no longer lay here. The Cullens would no longer dictate my life.

I grabbed an old duffel bag from the closet and threw in some of my most important belongings, my mother's necklace, some clothes and a small wad of cash.

I placed my old Stetson on my head, sighed, and looked back toward the bathroom door.

“My apologies, Alice. I’ll have Jenks draw up the paperwork.”

Then I left.


I ran blindly at first, my mind in a tailspin. I had just walked away from, or more accurately, had been thrown out of, a very long marriage. The woman that I desperately wanted to hold had married another out of misplaced feelings of obligation. Bella would never be mine, unless she left Edward. Given her nature for martyrdom, that was unlikely, but I could hope.

Until then, I would see if Charlotte and Peter would welcome me. It had only been several months since I had seen them last, and while longer periods of absence were common in our friendship, I desperately needed advice from my true brother. With that thought, I had made up my mind. I found myself quickly running full tilt towards the Green Mountains of Vermont and their summer home.

Peter wouldn’t shun me for my actions with Bella and against Alice. He would likely be happy that she and I were through, as he never did hide his distaste for her, much to my past chagrin.

Peter was already standing on the porch of the old log cabin, long before I finished the distance through the thick pines lining the drive to his house.

“Jasper! Long time, no see. How are ya?”

Peter stepped off the stairs, smiling, and I came to a stop before him. He pulled me into a warm embrace before patting my shoulders and nodding at me. He looked around then, contemplative.

“No car?”

I shook my head solemnly. He looked me up and down and frowned slightly.


He sniffed the air and looked around, his confusion obvious.

“No wife?”

Again I shook my head, “Can’t say as I have one, anymore, Pete.”

I looked up at him, and he smiled softly in understanding. He nodded and grabbed my shoulder, pulling me toward the cabin.

“’Bout damn time. Anyway, come in. Come in. Char will be happy to see ya, and ya need to clean up.”

He scanned over me once more.

“Ya look awful.” He sniffed me then. “Smell awful, too.”

“Good to see ya too, Pete,” I replied with mock indignation.

BPOV - Isle Esme

Edward had left this morning for the mainland, as he needed to hunt. He had kissed my forehead and murmured a low ‘I love you’ to me before he left, but I was still partially asleep and did not respond. When I was more awake, I lay in the bed and contemplated the last few days.

Today marked two weeks since Edward and I had wed, and two long weeks since I’d seen Jasper. I was trying to make the best of it with Edward, but I really only wanted to go home, back to Forks, and to see Jasper again.

I sighed loudly and rolled over in the empty bed.

Lately it seemed like Edward and I would be better as friends, rather than as husband and wife. Hanging around this house like we’d been doing, felt more like what I would do with Jake or even Emmett, not my husband.

We’ve only been married for a few weeks. Maybe I can ask him for an annulment...or something. I can’t do this. I just can’t. I can’t keep pretending to be content…I know I have to come clean with Edward about what happened, but I’m honestly scared. I don’t think he’d hurt me, but he might hurt…or even kill Jasper. And Alice…oh God, what about Alice?

I choked out my inner monologue and tried to focus on the present.

I had fallen asleep within minutes of Edward starting a movie last night, just like the night before. Actually, that’s all I’d been doing for the last three days, sleeping…that and eating. Edward had needed to call in the house crew a day early, as I’d finished almost all the dairy and meats in the house.

Food sounds good, really good. I could really go for some coffee and maybe some cinnamon buns. Did we have any of those left? Mmm…we have powdered sugar. I could make a nice icing…

I swung my legs over the side of the bed and made to stand, intent on raiding the pantry, but apparently, I had moved too quickly for my freshly woken mind. I was immediately struck with intense vertigo. My eyes stayed forward, but the room kept tilting with the motion of my legs. My vision blurred, and I felt a telltale, metallic taste of bile rush up my throat.

I threw my hand over my mouth and ran to the bathroom. I had barely lifted the toilet cover when the remnants of last night’s chicken parmigiana came flying out.

I stood as soon as I was able, and went to rinse out my mouth. Cinnamon buns didn’t sound so good anymore.

What the hell was th…Oh, shit.

JPOV – Vermont

As soon as Peter had led me into the cabin, Charlotte had me in a bear hug, and I knew that they would have no problem letting me stay until I figured things out.

I made my way over to the small sofa set in the middle of the one large room. The cabin was set up nicely, but sparingly furnished, as they only spent about two months of the year here.

Curiosity was flowing off of both of them, and I seated myself, waiting for the questions to start. Charlotte was the first to break the silence.

“Where’s Alice?” she asked, while looking around.

“We…uh…separated, a few days ago.”

I hung my head and waited for the tirade of how horrible Alice was for me to start, even though I was the one who fucked up, but it never came. Peter just nodded and waited for me to continue. Charlotte rested her hand on my shoulder and offered some reassurance to me.

“What happened, Jasper?” Charlotte asked, soothingly.

“I had an affair, Char. It was like I couldn’t help it. I feel so—”

“So, ya finally found your real mate, then?” Peter interrupted, and he then looked at me like I should have the foggiest fucking idea what he was talking about.

“Alice is my…was my mate. What the hell are you talking about, Pete?”

“If she was your true mate, ya wouldn’t have, couldn’t have, been unfaithful. Ya know all this Jasper, come on. What the hell did living with those animal drinkin’ freaks do to ya?”

I looked at Peter, confusion swirling within me.

“Pete, it was a human.”

“Doesn’t matter,” he replied, while looking even more confused.

“It was Edward’s mate.”

“But ya said she was a human?”

Peter stared at me like I had lost my mind.

“Bella is human.”

“Then she can’t be anyone’s mate. It’s the scent of our venom that draws our mates in, secures the bond. If she’s still human, she can’t scent us, and therefore, can’t be his mate.”

I sighed, knowing what Peter was saying was true, but refusing to accept it.

“I know all this, but I still had an affair, and ended my marriage because of it.”

“That was bound to happen, and ya know it. Alice wasn’t meant for ya. She helped ya get away from your past, sure, but is that reason enough to spend eternity with her, when she thinks of ya more as an object than a man? If she was your mate, your true mate, ya wouldn’t have bedded another female.”

He turned and looked at me squarely.

“A human? How did ya manage-“

I could see the gears of Pete’s mind turning,

“Pete, don’t go there.”

I leaned back further into the sofa and rubbed my eyes. If it were at all possible, I felt tired, extremely worn down. I sighed, knowing Peter was right, as usual. The silly bastard was laughing at me now. I needed to lay it all out on the table.

“I can’t stop thinking about Bella. She’s still on her honeymoon with Edward.”

“Honeymoon? She’s bound herself to him, and he let her, knowing full well that once she’s changed she could scent her true mate and leave? She should have been changed first! It’s the only way to be sure.”

“Edward would know—”

“No, he wouldn’t! No venom, no mate. Damn it, Jasper.”

Peter shook his head at me like he was chastising a small child. I half expected him to cuff my ears. That thought brought a small chuckle out of me, which had Charlotte and Peter looking at me like I’d lost my mind. I collected myself and continued.

“She was bitten at the studio last year, and Edward sucked the venom out. I figured that the residual effects of the venom were enough—”

“She was bitten? Then she would have had a slight shift in her senses, maybe not even enough for her to notice…”

“Like I said—”

“No, wait. If Edward were her mate, she wouldn’t have been able to be with you. The side effects of the venom, even if it didn’t spread, would have been enough for her to scent her mate.”

Peter was in strategy mode now.

“Did she act differently after she was attacked?”

“Yeah, somewhat, but I thought she was just getting to know us better.”

Peter hummed to himself and pondered this for a few more moments.

“Doesn’t necessarily mean it’s you, either. She may not have scented her mate yet. She may not for years. Once she finds him, she won’t be able to be with another. Although, I’m not too sure how that would work if she’s still mostly human.”

Peter smiled at me then, and shook his head, laughing.

“What are ya gonna do, now?”

“I really don’t know. I was thinking of letting it all blow over and then heading back. He was planning on changing her on their honeymoon, so if what you say were true, we’d know as soon as she saw me. They won’t be back for a few more weeks, maybe a month.”

“A month? How’s he gonna transport a newborn?”

“Private jet.”

Peter sat next to me and messed my hair, like the little brother he was.

“Can’t keep ya out of trouble at all, Major,” he laughed.

BPOV – Isle Esme

As soon as I left the bathroom, I went to grab my iPhone. I needed to be sure if what I thought was true. I searched earliest possible pregnancy symptoms, scared out of my wits.

Tiredness? Check.

Food cravings? Check.

Breast tenderness? I reached under my nightgown and almost yelped when I lightly squeezed. Definitely check.

Backache? Check.

Nausea? Oh yeah.

Missed period? That one I had to think about. When the hell was my last cycle? I’d been all screwy since the ordeal in Phoenix, not getting it for a few months at a time and then it would come for a month or two and disappear again. Carlisle said it could have to do with side effects of the bite. I really couldn’t remember when I’d had it last.

How could it be? Vampires can’t…can they?

I shook my head. I needed answers. I didn’t want to make that call, but I had to. If I really was…Oh, God. This was bad, really bad. I dialed the number. It rang twice before someone answered.

“Dr. Cullen’s office, this is Annie speaking. How can I help you?”

“Hello, Annie. I need to speak with Dr. Cullen. It’s urgent.”

“He’s in with a patient right now, may I take a message?”

“This is his daughter-in-law. I need to speak with him right now.”

“I’m sorry, I can give him the messa—” She was cut off in mid sentence.

“Bella, what’s wrong?”


“Oh, Carlisle. I think…I mean…oh, I think I might be…” I sputtered on, unable to give voice to my fears.

“Bella? I’m going to put you on hold and take this in my office, all right? I’ll pick up in just a moment.”

“Okay,” I sighed.

I heard him put the phone down, and the terrible ‘on hold music’ started up. I waited for a minute, knowing that Carlisle had to move at human speed while in the hospital. I was frustrated and antsy by the time he picked up again.

“Hello, Bella? What’s going on? Are you and Edward alright?”

He sounded so worried. He was always thinking of his family and their welfare. This thought brought a small smile to my face, but it didn’t last long.

“Carlisle…can vampires…um…” Just say it, Bella. “Carlisle, I think I might be pregnant.”

‘When was your last menstrual cycle, Bella?”

The question caught me off guard, coming from my father figure, but it became apparent that he had gone completely into doctor mode then.

“I don’t know. It’s been a while. But I started throwing up, and all I do is eat and sleep and…”

“Calm down. The biggest problem with your amenorrhea is that you could ovulate at any time. Have you noticed anything else, Bella?”

“I feel full. Not bloated, just full. And I’ve been having vivid dreams. Nightmares, really.”

“Hmm. There is a chance that you could be right, although, I would have to do some tests to be sure. There have been myths in the past that have leaned toward the idea that male vampires could impregnate human women, but I’ve never dealt with it first hand. “

At Carlisle’s words, I let my hand wander down to my belly. Could I really be…pregnant?


I felt a tug, a quick little skittering just under my skin. The movement caused me to jump, fumble the phone and squeal.

“Bella? Are you all right?”

I righted myself and replaced the phone to my ear.

“Yes, Carlisle, but something, some…I just felt something move.”


“Yeah, It was like, I don’t know…a cricket’s legs running across my belly.”

“Hmm. Bella, I believe you may be right—”

I barely heard the rest of his words. I had sudden tunnel vision, and felt myself slump onto the floor.

I’m pregnant?

A breeze rushed through the room, and I felt Edward’s arms around me, his voice seemed far away and very soft.

“Bella? Love, what’s wrong? Bella?”

I heard him pick up the dropped cell phone.

“Carlisle? What’s going on? I was hunting. What happened to Bella?”

He paused, listening.

“How? We…only once, and I…withdrew.”

Another pause.

“Yes, I know that once is all it takes.”

I heard him sigh.

“I know what pre-ejaculatory fluids are, Carlisle. All right. Okay. I’ll pack us now.”

I heard him put the phone down, and he pulled me into his lap.

“Bella, we need to go back to Forks. Now.”

A/N: It may be a week or two before the next update. My computer needs to go into the shop. I'll be writing the next few chapters by hand this week, so prepare for a few updates once I get back. :)

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