Jaspers Sex KItten Fan Fiction Profile

Hi, my name is Barbie and I am Texas born and bread. I am currently living in South Carolina. I am wild and crazy but reserved when needed. I cuss like a sailor when with my friends but I have a proffessional side. I am a total Twinerd who is obsessed with the books, the movies the websites... you name it I want it. I am a total Jasper and Emmett whore... Edward is okay but just too angsty for me (with exceptions). I am more for the gusto... having fun, throwing caution to the wind and living life to it's fullest.

Reading is my escape from reality. I have a rewarding but easily aggravating job. It is thru reading, whether it be a book or a fic on the PC that I can dive in, open up my imagination and run with it. I believe that is why I love Twilight it's an extremely easy and comforting series to read.

I listen to all types of music. If I like it I listen to it... Country (Reba, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Pickler, Dierks Bently, Keith Urban, Jason Aldean..well truthfully anything counry!), Rock (100 Monkeys, Rooster, AC/DC, Daughtry, Guns N Roses), Alternative (Nickleback, Evanescence, Green Day, Three Days Grace, Kings of Leon, Bowling 4 Soup) and a little Metal (ShineDown, Disturbed, Metallica)...just to name a few favorites. I like variety, it's the spice of life.

What I like to read:

I mainly read Jasper/Bella and Emmett/Bella pairings. With that said I have a few Edward/Bella pairings I have read (either they are comical, OOC, Darkward or so far off the book based Edward that I can handle it). I have a few Carlisle/bella pairings I have read and I have to say they are an interesting combo.

If you are an author and think I might enjoy your fic... please email or PM me and let me know about it. I will read it and let you know what I think. If a fic is worth your time to writ then it is worth my time to read. Just remember what I like and I will be happy to read it.

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