Fan Fiction Writers Guidelines does not filter or approve the content of a writers work, we have Fan Fiction writers guidelines because there is a certain amount of responsibility that falls on a writer to provide high quality, well written work.

We ask:

Spell check your work!

  • Proofread your stories
(several times if necessary) to ensure that there are minimal typos (we realize that you are human and mistakes happen), that you are using proper grammar/punctuation and your ideas are clear and concise. You want the reader to give your work a chance, so don’t turn them off in the first chapter with too many errors.

  • Use proper formatting
Writing in all caps is never a good idea.

  • Respect your fellow writers
and offer to help them out when appropriate. Often the best beta readers are found among your peers.

  • Place a proper disclaimer on your story
Example: The original characters and setting belong to (insert author’s name) and no copyright infringement is intended when writing this story.

Each story should include a summary, main character selection and a proper rating (see below).

You may submit either a one shot story or a multi-chapter story.

Just as we ask the reader to respect you as a writer, we ask that you respect the reviewer. Some reviews won’t always be positive, but take it in the spirit that it was given. Think of it as a compliment that someone would not only take the time to read your work, but that they would want to leave a comment as well.

Reporting Abuse

You always have the option to report a reviewer for abuse or for leaving an inappropriate comment. will determine the severity of the comment and the offending party’s account will be suspended if they are found to be leaving offensive remarks.

While accepts a multitude of stories and content certain submissions are not allowed and we ask that you don’t submit them here.

They include:

Non-stories, one or two liners, author’s notes or comments that interrupt the flow of the story. You may include an a/n at the beginning and end of each chapter.

Submitting multiple entries of the same material. You may only submit one copy of a unique story to the site.

We also ask that you don’t use music lyrics, poetry or any other copyrighted material that is not in the public domain.


While Fan Fiction are stories based on another author’s characters and settings, it is not considered plagiarism since you are coming up with a unique vision for your story. We ask that you don’t copy material from another Fan Fiction author and try to pass it off as your own. That’s unethical and can’t be tolerated on this site. If you are found to be plagiarizing a story from another source we will remove your account.


All ratings are accepted and encouraged on You will not ever have to worry that your story will be pulled down because of content. We do ask that you place the proper rating on your story to ensure that those who shouldn’t be reading it aren’t.

Fiction Ratings

K – Content suitable for most ages. Content should be free of any coarse language, violence and adult themes.

K+ - Content may not be suitable for very young children. Ages 9 an dup with minor action violence without serious injury and should not contain adult themes.

T - Contains content not suitable for children under 13. Content may contain some violence, minor coarse language and minor suggestive adult themes.

M - Contains content suitable for mature teens and adults. Not suitable for children or teens below the age of 16. The content may include strong but non-explicit adult themes, references to violence and strong coarse language.

MA - Contains explicit content for mature adults only. The content is only suitable for mature adults and contains very explicit language and adult themes.

Several authors/publishers do not wish for you to expand on their work. These writers include:

Anne Rice
Archie Comics
Dennis L. McKiernan
Irene Radford
J.R. Ward
Laurell K. Hamilton
Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb
P.N. Elrod
Raymond Feist
Robin Hobb
Robin McKinley
Terry Goodkind

Failure to comply with site rules will result in the removal of your stories and/or suspension of your account.

Please accept terms and guidelines before submitting your work.

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