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Coven Story Picks

There are so many fan fiction stories out there that sometimes it’s hard to sift through them all. I know I get overwhelmed. So, in this section, I’ll try to recommend those stories that can sometimes get overlooked.

Please feel free to help me out. You can e-mail me (Cullen818) at Cullen818 with your recommendations. It can even be your own story, because here at FFF we’re all about pimping and sharing the love.

This month we spotlight the very talented Jasper's Darlin' Kathy. I guess you can tell by her penname which team she favors! She has several Team Jasper stories out there that we will discuss in a moment, but first I wanted to feature her brand new story that she has posted right here on Fan Fiction Frenzy. It's a pairing we don't see that often, but it works!

The Change Within

This is a Peter/Bella story set during New Moon. Edward leaves Bella in the forest, and a familiar stranger finds her. Can he bring her back from the darkness? Why is he drawn to her? Rated MA for adult content.

The following stories can be found on Fan Fiction...

A New Love

Edward and Alice have done something awful. Can Jasper and Bella find comfort in one another. This fic takes the story in a whole new direction, creating new characters and providing new love interests for some of the Cullens. Plus, this Bella is OOC in a really good way! Rated M

A Forbidden Love – The Sequel

Set seven years after A New Love. What happens when the one you are destined to be with is everything your family is against? Can a family survive the ultimate betrayal or will it rip the family apart? Rated M

The Hot Empath, Beautiful Human, The Sexy Doctor

What would you do if you walked in your home at the wrong time? Or was it the right time? If someone asked you to join them, what would you do? Was a one-shot, now a story. Lemony goodness. J/B/C. Threesome Alert! Rated M

If you are all about Jasper then you have to read these stories. Even if you're Team Edward, give these a try. It's always good to try something new!

Check out Jasper's Darlin' Kathy's blog for teasers and other fan fiction news.

Disclaimer – Fan Fiction Frenzy is in no way affiliated with Stephenie Meyer, the Twilight Franchise or any of the actors who portray the characters. We’re just a group of obsessed Twilighters who really enjoy the series and all of the fanfare surrounding it.

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