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CULLEN818 I'm not really spotlighting myself, but I wanted to have some copy on this page. I'd love to replace me with you. So, if you have something you want the readers to know about you please feel free to contact me at Email Cullen818

I'd love to here from you and feature you and your stories on this page.

A little bit about me...

My name is Stephanie and I'm a thirty something stay at home mom. I am obsessed with Twilight based Fan Fiction. When I was given the opportunity to collaborate on this site, I jumped at the chance.

I have met so many wonderful authors through the fan fiction genre and made many very good friends along the way. It is my hope that his site will add a personal touch to the Fan Fiction craze. I think it will be a great opportunity learn about one another. I want us to be able to come together as a community of readers and writers and learn from each other. I'd also like us to be able to write the way we want to write. We shouldn't have to worry that our fics will be pulled down because a thirteen year old stumbled upon them. If we rate them properly, then they stay as is!

Who is Cullen818 the writer?

I love to write. I always have. As a child I constantly had a notebook or piece of paper with me, jotting down ideas and words. I'm an avid reader, but I must admit that since I started the Twilight obsession, the only things I seem to read these days are Fan Fiction stories. There are so many amazing ideas and creations out there. It blows me away!

I started writing Fan Fiction about eight months ago. When reading the book and watching the movie, I was and still am Team Edward, but when I stared reading Fan Fiction, Jasper seemed to call to me. I thought, if I ever wrote a fic, I would explore him. His gift intrigued me. I went back and forth with actually submitting because I really didn't think that anyone would want to read what I wrote. There were already so many fabulous fics posted that I figured mine would just get lost in the shuffle. I decided to submit chapter one of “Fate Has Brought Us Here” anyway, and I'm so glad I did. Your response and support was overwhelming. It fueled an entire trilogy!

The Fate/Love/Hope trilogy is complete.

I'm working of an extension of my o/s A Reason to Exist. That can be found under my profile page here on Fan Fiction Frenzy.

And, as you can see from my new banner...I'm trying my hand at a Darkward fic. Don't will end up a Jasper/Bella tale. You just have to give me time to get there.

Innocence Lost - Set after New Moon...Edward finally gives into Bella's desires, but it alters him so completely that a whole new side of him emerges. Can Bella handle this? It gets so bad that Jasper finally has to step in and save her from the darkness. Chapter one is now up on this site. Check it out!

Please check back here to find out about other interesting authors. We'll try to feature a new one every few weeks! Now... get reading or writing!

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