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Jasper's Naughty Girls wants your neglected story...


We're featuring a new segment. New Stories Need Love...

Are you posting a new, dark, dominant, tortured story that just isn't feeln' the love? Do you want more reviews and more exposure? We can't promise that we can bring you readers, but we can review and rec your story as long as it falls under the criteria of this blog. We will also offer you private feedback if you request it.

Email us your story link and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. If we feel the story has dark potential, we'll feature it here on this blog, in this segment. We look forward to reading what you've got! If you want personal feed back, let us know in the e-mail. jaspersnaughtygirls@gmail.com

Outback Vampire Vengeance - FanFiction as Therapy for a Broken Heart ...

Check out the following blog excerpt and then click on the link to read the story preview!

This story is very much inspired by real-life events - so much so, that when my friend and I were working on the outline, based on what just happened to her, I said, "If I write this story based on what really happened, no one will believe it!"

This story began over a weekend that my friend, who I'll call Angela, stayed with me so I could try to help her put back together the pieces of her broken heart which her Australian fiancee had ripped out and then spit on.

"Angela" visited Australia last fall and fell in love with the taxi driver who picked her up at the airport!Her scheduled three week stay turned into a several month stay, and they decided to get married.

She returned to the states to wrap up her life here and get ready for her new life in Australia. She sold everything in her house and put it on the market. She gave away her pets. The few items she decided to keep were shipped to Australia. She spent months arranging for a Visa and spent nearly $6000 on all of the preparations.

A week before she was scheduled to fly to Australia on her non-refundable ticket, she checked her fiancee's email. (He had asked her to check it because he was job hunting, and his PC had died.) For some reason, which she attributes to instinct, she checked his Sent mailbox. He had sent an email to the immigration department asking that they revoke his sponsorship of her. (In order for her to return on a residence visa, he had to submit paperwork indicating that they intended to get married.) Four days earlier, he had asked Angela if she could arrive sooner because he couldn't wait to see her. So she found out that her engagement was off and her entire life was upended, via an email in her X-Fiancee's sent mailbox. He eventually sent her a 4-line email breaking it off. And in a particularly barbaric and sadistic move, he sent her that email as a reply to her jovial email with the subject, "My Visa is Approved!"

Angela and I decided that FanFiction is good therapy for a broken heart. We wrote an outline where Angela Weber's life had similar circumstances to my friend's. The Cullens heard about this grievous injustice and decided to teach Mr. X-Fiancee (appropriately named, "James" in the story since he is so evil in real life) a lesson.

Click on this link to get a preview of the story and to send the real life “Angela” some positive reinforcements!


Les Femmes de Twilight Blog... weekly posting schedule.

Check out this creative blog that features all of the women of Twilight. The focus is always on the men, but what about the women behind them? They deserve some time too! Come view these characters in a whole new light!


Monday – Character Spotlight

Tuesday – Tantalizing Tuesday – Lemony recommendations & eye candy

Wednesday – Wicked Wednesday & Male of the Week

Thursday – Weekly character rec’s

Friday – Friday Free for All, author interviews, and meet the Femmes

Saturday – Saturday LOL’s & On the Mic w/ Meddz

Sunday – Character study group review

Jasper’s Darlins’ – Your Jasper Whitlock Experts!

Stop by and check out this cool Team Jasper blog. They review and recommend good Jasper fics, sponsor contests, conduct author interviews, and most recently they have added a Teaser Tuesday segment.

Do you write a Jasper fic? We want your teasers! Every Tuesday we’ll be posting teasers. Here’s what we’re looking for…

Please include your penname and story link.

150-200 word limit, please.

Please have all teasers in by Monday night at 9pm ET.

One story per author per week.

Please make sure your teaser is properly edited!!!

Only Jasper stories, but any Jasper pairing will do.

Please send all teasers with author name and story in subject line to jaspers_darlins@hotmail.com

TwiWrite Convention – Coming in the summer of 2011

This is such and fun and exciting occurrence for the Twilight Fan Fiction based crowd. Please go check out and start following this blog for all the must have details of this very intriguing writer’s convention. Here’s some of what they have to say…

What is TwiWrite? I am glad you asked. TwiWrite is a Twilight themed convention held for Fan Fiction writers and readers alike. It will be held in Atlanta, GA, Summer 2011.

Some of the activities we are planning include are workshops, author spotlights, contests, an awards ceremony, and a formal ball. All information regarding these events can be found under Events and Activities. There are tons of other little surprises that we are working on, but we will keep you in suspense for a bit before we reveal the good stuff.

I’ll be sure to cover more of this as details become available, but in the mean time please check out their blog.

Want to be included on this page? I’ll help you share your info with the rest of the Fandom. Contact me at fanfictionfrenzy@gmail.com

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