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I'm Cullen818. I started this Fanfiction obsession about seven months ago and I can't seem to get enough of it. By collaborating on this website, it is my hope that we can create a forum where we as readers and writers can come together and share our love for fan based fiction. I would like it to be a place where we as writers are NEVER censored. We shouldn't be afraid our work will be pulled down due to content. Write the way you want to write! You can check me out on my

Please check out my new story... Innocence Lost

Set after New Moon...Edward finally gives into Bella's desires, but it alters him so completely that a whole new side of him emerges. Can Bella handle this? It gets so bad that Jasper finally has to step in and save her from the darkness. Team Jasper story eventually...lots of Darkward! Rated NC-17 for obvious reasons.

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