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I am an addicted Twi-Mom. It was either become a FanFiction/FanFrenzy author or start a 12-Step program for those of us who are hopeless fanatics!

I'm a fairly new 'addict.' I was never interested in vampire stories or movies, so it wasn't until my best friend's daughter got hooked and she told me, "It's not scary. It's a love story. You will like it," that I watched the movie. I was curious about what the 'frenzy' was about, and downloaded the movie from iTunes one night. That was all it took. I went to Barnes and Noble the next day and read all 4 books in 4 days. (If this sounds familiar, the Bella in my first book did the same thing.)

I never wrote before last October (2009). I had a story in my head that would not go away, so I finally sat down and wrote it. Two books poured out of me in about a month. I'm now working on the third book in the series. I'm stunned that I've had thousands of hits in such a short time. It is so fun to get reviews that say things like, "I was supposed to clean my house today, but I spent the entire day reading your story because I couldn't put it down."

Writing has opened a flood of creativity for me. I absolutely love it.

The Universe gave me a gift when I stumbled upon the work of Cullen818, this site's host, and asked her to be my beta. The quality of my writing made a 'Quantum Leap,' thanks to her editing. She is endlessly supportive, encouraging and positive, not to mention talented. I am honored to be part of this site's launch.