A Forbidden Love Chapter 1 - 2

Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I still own nothing. The great SM does, however the storyline and a character or two is all me.

Summary: What happens when the one you are destined to be with is everything your family is against? Can a family survive the ultimate betrayal or will it rip the family apart? Sequel to A New Love. Jasper/Bella pairing.

Rated M for languages and future lemons.

A/N: No, you are not seeing things. I have actually posted the first chapter of the sequel to A New Love. I need to thank my super bestie and beta Cullen818 for helping with this chapter. She is my rock when it comes to all the craziness that goes on in my brain. I love her and I couldn't have done this without her. So without further ado, I give you the sequel. Enjoy!


It had been seven years since the last time any of us heard from Edward or Alice, and honestly I couldn’t have been happier. I loved my beautiful wife and very spoiled and talented daughter.

Charlie and Kate moved a few days back to a little remote town about eight hours from us. Bella missed her father so much that every time I was near her, I had to send her some soothing vibes because her emotions were almost unbearable.

She was heartbroken that he left; she thought him being immortal would mean they would be together for all eternity. What she failed to realize was that he wouldn’t want to always live with her. Emmett and Sarah were traveling again and I wished they would come back soon.

Sarah seemed to be the one that was always able to soothe Bella when I couldn’t. Katrine and Bella were nearly inseparable, but some days it would seem as if they couldn’t stand to be in the same room. Carlisle walked into the living room and sat next to me.

His presence startled me out of my thoughts and I turned to look at him. He was feeling nervous and extremely anxious. Two very rare emotions for vampires. I arched a brow at him, hoping he would explain his emotions.

“I have to tell you something, well show you.” He pulled an envelope from his pocket and handed it to me.

I looked at the post mark, but there was no return address. I opened the envelope and pulled out the letter. I recognized the handwriting immediately.

“When did you get this?” I asked, not yet reading the note.

“It came in the mail today; I was unsure if I should just tell everyone at once or let you read it first.” He sounded almost defeated.

I eyed him for a moment before turning my attention back to the letter. I read it quickly and then thrust the letter back into his hands. I jumped up and began pacing. Why? Why now?

I didn’t have long to ponder my thoughts or the letter before Bella, Katrine, Anastasia, and Payne all came down stairs. They all looked to me and Carlisle and were radiating concern.

Carlisle stood, “Would you all please come and sit? I need to tell you something.” Everyone walked into the living room and sat down. Bella eyed me curiously, but I never ceased my pacing.

Carlisle faced them and took a deep breath. “I received a letter today and I think it’s important that you all know what is in it and who it is from.”

He paused for a moment and I could feel the anger building in me. He placed a hand on my shoulder to halt my pacing, and I looked up at him. He gave me a pleading look that clearly meant he wanted me to take a seat. After a moment of staring into each other’s eyes, I finally relented and sat next to Bella.

She rested her head on my shoulder and I instinctively wrapped my arms around her. Katrine was holding Bella’s hand and had Bella been human, her hand would have been broken.

Carlisle raked a hand through his hair and sighed, “This letter is from Edward, and he is coming for a visit. Now before any of you say anything I want you to hear me out.”

Nobody said anything so he continued. “I know that Edward has done wrong, but he is my son and I need to help him. I am begging you all to allow me this; I need to see him and try to save him. If you’d rather not be here when he comes; I understand.”

The heartbreak he was feeling was pouring out of every word. He truly felt he had to make an attempt at saving Edward. I was angry, but I didn’t know if I was angry with Carlisle or if I was angry because he was coming here.

Bella and Katrine’s emotions shifted to concern and anger, but it was Anastasia’s emotions that caught me off guard. She was feeling curiosity and it was overwhelming. Payne, well he was relaxed. He truly was in so many ways like his Uncle Emmett.

Anastasia stood up and walked over to Carlisle. She smiled, “I’d like to meet him.”

I jumped up and was in front her before she could blink. “You will do no such thing.” I roared.

She narrowed her eyes, “I’m not a child, and if I want to meet him, that’s exactly what I am going to do.”

“You are a child, you just look older.” I growled out through clenched teeth.

Carlisle stepped between us, “That is enough, Jasper. She has a right to meet him as does Payne. Nothing will happen to them.”

“She is my daughter and I say she will not be meeting him.” I glared at Carlisle and dared him with my eyes to push me on the issue.

Anastasia stepped around Carlisle and stared into my eyes. “You are being unfair. Why do you hold such a grudge against him? People make mistakes all the time, but they deserve forgiveness. You of all people should know that.”

She didn’t wait for a response; she simply turned and ran up to her room, slamming the door shut. I walked to the couch and sank down with my head in my hands. I felt a hand on my knee; my Bella.

I looked up into her concerned eyes. “It’ll be okay, Jasper. We will figure everything out. She’s just mad right now, but she will come around.”

“I’m afraid not darlin, she’s quite set on meeting him.” I could feel her determination pouring out of her and it was staggering at how determined she truly was.

Payne stood up and faced me. “I think you should let her meet him. I want to meet him myself. You know as well as I do, it’s inevitable. They will meet eventually, why not do it under your circumstances?”

I stared up at him; he truly was an amazing creature, he may have had a few of Emmett’s traits, but he was definitely Carlisle’s son.

I nodded, “You’re right. It is inevitable, they would eventually meet. I suppose it would be better if I set the terms of them meeting.”

Bella squeezed my arm and I turned to face her. “We will both be there when they meet; he won’t be able to harm her. I promise.”

“He won’t harm anyone. Like I said before, yes he messed up, but I think he has realized what he has done and wants to make things right. I want him here and if I can help, well I’m going to fucking help him.” Carlisle turned and walked up the stairs.

I looked at Katrine and she gave me a small smile. “He misses Edward; maybe the two of you should really think about that. No matter what, he’s still a part of this family.”

She stood up and walked up the stairs after Carlisle. Bella sighed and closed her eyes for a moment. I sat there watching her and I could feel her struggling with her emotions; finally she settled on determination.

She opened her eyes and I knew what she was going to say before she said it. “I think we should be on our best behavior when he comes.”

We didn’t have long to wait, I could fucking feel his emotions already. Carlisle was down the stairs and out the door before I could fucking move. Katrine and Payne were the next two out the door and Bella and I were still sitting on the couch.

I finally stood up and pulled Bella up with me. We walked outside holding hands and I spotted him immediately. He was coming out of the trees, and I could the growl bubbling up in my chest; threatening to come up.

I swallowed back my growl and Bella squeezed my hand. He stopped as soon as he was clear of the trees and I could feel his worry.

Carlisle was nervous, but he spoke first. “Edward, how are you son?”

Edward looked at Carlisle and scoffed. “Son? You call me son, after everything I’ve done, you still call me son.”

“You’ll always be my son.” Carlisle took a step closer to Edward at the same time that Anastasia came out of the house.

Edward looked up at Anastasia and gasped. I felt it his emotions change instantly from worry to complete awe and adoration. What made it worse was that my daughter felt the same fucking way.

The growl ripped from my chest before I could stop it and I dropped down in a crouch. Edward growled back and dropped to his own crouch. I charged him, but it wasn’t Edward that I hit; it was Carlisle.

I snarled and Carlisle held me to the ground. I looked over and noticed that Anastasia was standing in front of Edward and she was glaring at me. Fucking glaring at me, for the second time in one day.

What made things worse was that both, Edward and Anastasia were feeling fiercely protective of the other. I looked at them and then at Bella and she was staring at our daughter.

I knew that my wife could see what just happened between Edward and Anastasia, for when we find our true mates; there was nothing and I mean nothing that keeps us apart. But I sure was going to stop them from being together.

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Chapter 2: Chapter 2

A/N: Okay before you say anything, I know, I suck at updating. I get that. I do. I am doing the best that I can it's just between work and school I'm lucky I have time to breathe, literally, much less sleep. For those of you that read Hot Empath I swear to you I have already begun the chapter and I will update it as soon as possible. I am so sorry that the updates are taking forever to get done.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, absolutely nothing, but the storyline and my original characters.


As I emerged from the trees, I could see that Jasper and Bella were tense. The others were weary of me approaching, but not tense. I was focused on Carlisle’s thoughts, when I looked up and noticed her standing there staring at me. The moment I looked into her eyes was the moment that I knew she was my true mate.

It was funny because all this time I always believed Bella was my mate, even after leaving I still thought she was mine. Now, I had to wonder what she was to me. Was she the path that my life had to take in order to find my true mate? It didn’t make sense that she would bring me my forever, my happiness.

But what else could it mean? I was quickly brought out of my thoughts when I saw Jasper flying through the air towards me only to be stopped by Carlisle, because Anastasia was standing in front of me. I could feel the growl building in my chest at the thought of harm coming to her.

She was standing in a protective stance in front of me, and I could hear in her thoughts that she felt the need to protect me, at any cost. I reached out with my hand and briefly touched her hand before I pulled back. She turned her head a little and looked at me out of the corner of her eye and smiled.

I smiled in return and placed my hand in hers. She gave my hand a squeeze and turned back to look at her father. Carlisle slowly stood up, but kept his eyes on Jasper and his thoughts were all over the place.

He was thinking about protecting me, what was happening between Anastasia and me, and worrying about Jasper and Bella, too. Payne’s thoughts caught my attention; he was thinking that he wished he could find his mate. He kept thinking over and over that he wanted what I was just given.

He thought of a mate as a gift and in some ways I guessed it was, probably the greatest gift of all time. I looked at Payne for a moment and saw so much of Carlisle in him that I immediately understood why he would want his mate so strongly.

I felt a sudden twinge of jealousy over the fact that he was my father’s real son. I wanted him to be my birth father, but that would never happen. I tried to bury that feeling, but it wouldn’t go away completely.

The thought was still there. I looked over to Jasper and saw him staring at me, wondering what was causing me to feel jealousy. I peeked into his mind and he was thinking about my jealousy and trying to figure out who or what I was jealous over.

Katrine just kept looking between Anastasia and I, and her thoughts clearly told me that she understood, but she didn’t accept it and she kept thinking that she would never accept it. I had to wonder though if she would in fact accept our relationship one day.

I decided to speak up and say something, but I didn’t know what I was going to say until the words were coming out of my mouth. “You can’t stop us from being together, not if we’re mates.”

Bella snarled and lunged; I moved in front of Anastasia and collided with Bella. She knocked me to the ground, but was pulled off of me by Payne. He grabbed her and yanked her hard to pull her away and Katrine came to assist. Carlisle had to grab onto Jasper yet again to stop him from attacking.

“That’s enough!” Anastasia screamed. “I have had it with this family. It’s always about what you want, have you ever stopped long enough to realize that I want to be with him? You feel it don’t you dad? And mom, you see it.”

She began crying and I quickly moved to wrap her up in my arms. I glared daggers at Jasper and Bella, but at least they had it in them to look guilty. They didn’t like hurting their daughter, but it was quite obvious that they already had.

“Look, I know that I am the last person in the world you would want to see your daughter with. But I promise you that I have changed. I’m not that Edward anymore. I got help and I wish you all would allow me to prove that to you.” I pleaded.

“Who would you have gotten help from?” Jasper all but snarled at me.

“Aro and Marcus are the ones who helped me.” I answered.

“Why would Aro help you? It was clear that he was unhappy with the things that you and Alice have done.” Jasper said.

I rolled my eyes, “Aro helped because he wants me to join the Volturi. He thought that if he helped me, I would want to join the guard. And Marcus, well he only helped because he thought it was the right thing to do.”

“And Caius?” Carlisle asked.

“Didn’t want to have anything to do with helping me. He said that it was my fault I was that way in the first place.”

“What about Jane and Alec?” Bella asked.

“What about them? They didn’t have anything to do with helping me, in fact, when I got there, they left. I don’t know where they went, but they didn’t stay.” I told her.

Jasper stared at me for a moment before he finally spoke, “I don’t trust you and I don’t want you with my daughter. Mark my words I will do everything I have to in order to keep the two of you apart.”

He turned and took off running into the trees and Ana collapsed against my chest, sobbing. I pulled her to me and held her close. She continued to sob and I slowly lowered us to the ground.

Bella looked between us and the spot where Jasper disappeared, clearly unsure of what she should do. I held onto my Ana and whispered words of reassurance in her ear until she calmed down. She was still crying, but it wasn’t coming in sobs.

Bella started to come toward us, but Ana’s head shot up and she dared her mother to come closer with her eyes. I had a feeling that things were going to get real bad before they got better for the two of us. In all honesty, the only two that were willing to stand behind us were Carlisle and Payne.

Katrine was undecided. She felt like she should side with her husband, but at the same time her loyalty to Bella was making her not want to choose. I continued to console my angel, rocking her back and forth, holding her close, until her sobs quieted down.

My angel? The name suited her perfectly. She was my angel in every sense of the word. She should have been my salvation, not Aro and Marcus, but if not for them, I wouldn’t have her in my arms now. I just hoped that Jasper and Bella came around soon; they shouldn’t lose their daughter over us being mates.


Fucking son-of-a-bitch. Like he hadn’t ruined our lives enough. No, now he had to come and attempt to take my daughter from me. My daughter, for fuck’s sake. Her emotions were so overwhelming that I had to get away from there. How could she do this to us?

Didn’t she realize what wanting that bastard would cause? What was I going to do? If I make her choose us over him, would she choose us in the end? Or would she run to him? I couldn’t lose her to him. I had to stop this, but how?

I knew that when we find our mates it was supposed to be a permanent thing, but he wasn’t right for her. I stopped running and looked around at my surroundings and didn’t recognize the area that I was in at first. I realized where I was after a moment; I hadn’t been here in years.

I couldn’t believe that I had run that far while lost in my thoughts. I dropped to the ground and rested my head in my hands. What was I going to do? It was clear in Carlisle and Payne’s emotions that they supported a relationship between Anastasia and Edward.

My Bella, her emotions were all over the place. She was hurt, angry, confused, but the most dominant emotion was betrayal. She felt betrayed and for what, I could only assume was our daughter wanting that fucker. I would find out for sure when I returned.

My phone began vibrating in my pocket, effectively pulling me out of my thoughts. I pulled my phone out and flipped it open, not even bothering to check the screen.

“What?” I asked.

“I think you should come home.” Carlisle said.

“And why would I do that?” I asked.

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe because you caused your daughter unnecessary pain.” He yelled.

“I will not support a relationship between the two of them.” I spoke through clenched teeth.

“Don’t support them, lose your daughter, is that what you want? You will lose her if you make her choose. You can’t stop true mates from being together.” He said.

“I can stop her, she is my daughter.” I yelled as my fist connected to the tree. I was pacing, I don’t even remember standing up, or walking for that matter.

“I’m not asking you to come home, I’m telling you to get your ass back here now.” He spoke with authority.

“I’ll be home when I’m ready to come home.” I said.

“Don’t fuck with me, Jasper. If I have to come and get you, I will. Don’t do this to your family.”

He hung up before I could respond. I grabbed the tree that I was standing next to and yanked it out the ground, hurling it across the field where it collided with another tree. I snapped my phone shut and shoved it in my pocket before I ended up throwing it across the field too.

“Fuck!” I screamed as loud as I possibly could. I could hear all the animals nearby scurrying away. I tried to reign in my emotions, but really I felt betrayed by my own father.

Of course he would side with Edward. The perfect fucking son, no matter how many times he fucked up, Carlisle would always forgive him and take him back with open arms. Pure fucking bullshit.

I took off running towards home, but all I could think about was what I was going to do to Edward the second I got my hands on him. I was taken out of my thoughts when I smelled her. I stopped and she appeared before me with a look of pure sadness in her eyes.

I was about to speak, but she shook her head stopping me. I snapped my mouth shut and she just stared at me for a few moments before she finally closed her eyes and a tiny sob escaped her lips. I took a step towards her, but she took one step away from me.

“Don’t.” she said in such a small voice that I barely heard her.

“I’m sorry, I just…” She cut me off.

“Don’t lie, you’re not sorry. You won’t support us, no instead you are going to make me choose and that is not fair. I didn’t ask to be his mate, but I am and there is nothing you can do to change that.”

“You are my daughter and I can stop you and I will.” I spoke through gritted teeth.

“You will lose your daughter, is that what you want?” She didn’t wait for a response; she simply turned around and ran back to the house. I stood there for I don’t know how long, it could have been seconds or minutes, but Carlisle soon appeared in front of me.

He was radiating pure disappointment and the betrayal crept back in. “I just don’t get you. You’d rather lose your daughter, then support them, accept a relationship between those two. What is going on in that head of yours? No, don’t answer that question right now, let’s get inside. I want your answer in front of the whole family.”

He turned and headed back to the house with me following behind him like a chastised dog with its tail between its legs. I felt like a fool, but I wouldn’t allow my daughter to be with that fucking bastard and she was about to find out exactly how I felt. I just hoped that Bella would understand and support my decision. I needed her to stick by me through all of this.

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