Surprise of a lifetime Chapter 9

Surprise of A lifetime 9

~~Jasper’s POV~~

I was walking slower than I needed to in order to delay the inevitable, however I knew I was sunk when I saw Rose standing on the front porch tapping her foot at an impossibly fast pace. She gave me a sickly sweet smile before making her way over and jerking me up the stairs by my ear. I didn’t even resist because that would just make things worse. In the living room I saw Emmett and Carlisle looking at me with guilty eyes, and shrugs. I didn’t blame them. Esme and Rose could be fierce when they thought someone had kept something from them that was important. Esme and Rose had basically frozen me and Alice out when we came forward about not being mates. They had only softened when they found out about Alice’s visions of Edward leaving.

I trudged in behind Rose and felt relieved when she released my ear. I stood there silently waiting to speak until they had spoken their peace. I wasn’t sure how long I stood there before Esme spoke up.

“How dare you keep something like this from your mother? What were you thinking? No, don’t answer that. Obviously you weren’t thinking or you would have come forward with this information 5 years ago and saved me from the heartache of thinking I had lost Bella forever.” She spoke quickly and then stopped and looked at Rose.

“You kept information from the family that could have affected us all long term. What if we had not chosen to move back to Forks? What if things hadn’t worked out as well as they seem to be working out now? What if you had lost Bella permanently? You know we would have done whatever it took to make sure that you and her got together. We love you, we want you to be happy, but we can’t help unless you keep us in the loop.” She turned so that her back was to me and I waited for another few moments before I spoke up.

“I know you would have done what you thought was best, but be honest, you would have meddled. You wouldn’t have been able to resist interfering. You would have been trying to get it all to work out, but it may have just made things worse. We are all where we are supposed to be now. She has grown into a beautiful and strong woman, and we have grown closer as a family during our absence.” I looked at each of them in turn and Rosalie finally faced me again. I could see tears in her eyes that would never fall and I walked over to her. She gripped me tightly and whispered in my ear.

“I’m so happy for you. I want you to be as happy as Emmett and I are. I just hate seeing you alone, I’m sorry I got so angry. I know you wanted everything to work out. I remember how awful I felt when I found Emmett that day, and thought I might lose him. You are a strong guy, and I am glad to be able to call you brother.” She blinked slowly a few times as she pulled away.

“Thank you for all of the concern, I hadn’t realized I seemed so miserable the past few years. I assure you that I will do whatever I can to ensure that Bella is happy with me. I will need your help, I can only imagine how things will work out once she has the baby, but I know that if anyone will treat that baby right it’s you two.” I look pointedly at my mom and sister.

“We will do whatever you think will make her most comfortable with us being around her after the baby is born. I have volunteered with babies since being turned and it will be nice to be around a child again. I do hope Bella won’t mind us watching the little one. Perhaps that would allow for you two to become closer.”

“To be honest I am hoping that we will be able to move our relationship forward before then, however I will continue to let her take the lead in that area. She clearly feels comfortable with all of us already, and maybe perhaps on some level already be feeling the bond.” I sighed and ran my hand through my unruly hair. To be honest there was no evidence that humans had any way of feeling the bond that was currently wreaking havoc on my senses. I hoped that she felt something for me other than friendship, but even that fiery kiss we shared didn’t really mean anything. I remembered suddenly, “By the way, the family is invited to Bella’s birthday party next Saturday.”

I proceeded to tell them about the upcoming cookout to celebrate Bella’s 23rd birthday, and how the pack would be there. We talked for a few moments about different things we could get Bella without her going nuts over presents. We decided on a group gift that would be a donation of time rather than money, however I was still planning on getting her something small that would be just from me. I walked upstairs and breathed a heavy sigh of relief. The family has always been so kind to me, even when I screw up and it felt good to have everything off of my chest for the first time in many years.

I couldn’t say what I did the rest of the night, because I spent most of my time just thinking about how I wanted to see Bella.

~~Bella’s POV~~

I woke with the weak sun filtering through my window. I stretched and rolled over before thinking that something wasn’t quite right. My door was cracked slightly and I realized that Jasper must not have shut it completely before leaving the night before. I placed my feet on the floor and stood slowly allowing myself to gain my balance before making my way into the kitchen to start coffee and getting into the bathroom. I looked at myself closely in the mirror to discern any changes in my appearance. I still looked the same. For some reason I felt changed.

I thought over the past few days and how quickly it seemed that things were falling into place. I hadn’t expected things to work out so well. I decided to invite Angela and Emily over for dinner and get their opinions on everything that had happened in the past two days, to see if they had any other insight to offer to me. I knew girl time was exactly what I needed and decided to see if they were up for dinner and desert.

I ate breakfast and made my bed, while calling Angela and Emily. Both seemed really happy to hear from me and we made plans for them to come over at six. I spent the rest of my time fielding texts from Jasper and Jake. I told them about having a girl’s night in and both seemed disappointed that I didn’t want to hang out with them. I fixed a quick pasta salad and some grilled chicken close to time and popped in 27 Dresses as some background noise while I was waiting.

The bell rang and I answered it, surprised to see both women standing at the doorway. Emily was holding her amazing chocolate pie and Angela was carrying a bottle of sparkling cider, grinning madly. I laughed as I ushered them into my place. We hugged and talked quickly for the first few minutes before calming down and making our way into the kitchen. I laughed at Emily’s wide stance and slow waddle. I pointed this out to her and she stated firmly. “I’m three weeks from my due date. I can’t breathe well, I can’t sleep well, and I have constant heartburn….just wait until you look like this.” She gave me a good natured look and began giggling.

“Oh yeah well I’m just starting to realize I can’t wear my normal clothes this whole pregnancy and may have to go shopping for maternity clothes soon.” I laughed at the way Angela looked uncomfortable.

“Oh, I actually have a bag out in the car of some stuff that I thought you might like. I will still be in maternity stuff for a few months, but I brought some extra stuff I had.” I couldn’t thank her enough.

“So, I’ve got some questions for the two of you and I need you to be honest. Be completely and brutally honest. Angela first of all…thanks a whole lot for mentioning that ‘PA Whitlock’ also happened to be none other than Jasper Cullen. I appreciate you letting me make a total fool out of myself.” I rolled my eyes and pretended to choke.

“I just wanted to see how you would react. I should have told you, but I honestly didn’t think it would bother you too much.” She giggled quietly to herself, and I couldn’t stay mad at her.

“I forgive you this time, but only because I’ve been such a crappy friend myself these past four years. Secondly….well, I’m not quite sure how to put this. How soon is too soon to start dating again? I mean I know I only just broke up with Eric and I am pregnant, but I have needs and I don’t know…maybe I shouldn’t even be thinking about all of this right now.” I groaned and buried my head in my hands. Why couldn’t I get Jasper and that searing kiss out of my mind? I was pregnant for crying out loud. I should probably just wait until after the baby was born and then maybe think about starting something.

“Bella that is a perfectly normal thing to be asking about now. Neither of us is going to think anything bad if you start dating as soon as you want. Are people going to talk? Maybe, but they might talk about you having a child out of wedlock too. Who cares what they think? If you feel like you are ready go for it.” Emily began adamantly.

“I agree completely, who cares what other people think? I’m guessing you didn’t just bring up Mr. Whitlock for no reason then? Is that who you are considering dating?” Angela looked at me with a kind smile on her face.

“I dunno. I mean yes, Jasper did tell me that he wanted more than friendship from me. He also told me that he was willing to go as slow as I wanted. I just don’t want to lead him on, or pretend we are friends when we want to be more. I just want to either go for it, or put it on the back burner indefinitely. I don’t want his family to think I’m a tease or whatever.” I shook my head in defeat. I wasn’t sure what I wanted. I wanted Jasper. He was madly attractive, and amazingly sweet, but I didn’t know if I was ready to try again so soon.

“Bella, you have to do what is best for you. Clearly Jasper doesn’t care what people think or he wouldn’t have come anywhere near you. It seems like he really does just want to go at whatever pace you are comfortable with.” Angela looked at me like I was being silly.

“I know it probably seems like everything is going too fast, but when things are right there is no reason to move slowly. Besides it’s not like you have to jump into bed with him right away. You can start to ‘date’ without becoming serious too quickly. It’s about getting to know each other better, not hooking up. Right?” As usual Emily was looking at this from the logical point of view. I was too close to the situation to see it as clearly as my friends.

“I guess you’re right, besides when I hung out with the Cullen’s yesterday they were all really sweet, even Rose was excited about me having the baby, so I guess they probably couldn’t care less. I should just quit over thinking things huh?” I glanced at both friends who started to crack up.

“Yeah, do what feels right and go as slow as you want to.” They both followed me into the kitchen and we set the table quickly. I was halfway through my plate when Angela spoke up.

“So have you and Jasper kissed?” She looked curious.

“What? Why would you even ask me that?” I exclaimed in shock.

“Ah, so you have kissed, I figured as much. Jasper is pretty cute.”

“It wasn’t even like that… we found each other at the movies on Friday and hung out afterwards at the diner with Jake. Then he brought me home and….and, and he told me he wanted me to know that he was waiting for me, he just didn’t want some other guy to speak up before he had a chance, and he gave me a quick kiss to show me how he felt.” Even as I spoke I felt my face flame up. I knew they could see right through me.

“Uhh huh, sure Miss Swan…” Emily cleared her throat.

“Come on guys, I don’t want to talk about it. I’ve just decided to give it a shot with him and you might embarrass me out of it.”

“Yeah, yeah we know what that really means. You just don’t want to tell us all of the juicy details.” Angela’s eyes lit up and she glanced over to Emily. I knew I was about to be ganged up on, and so I decided to come clean about everything. It felt good to be talking like high schoolers again.

“Okay I’ll tell you about it, but you have to keep it under lock and key. You especially Emily. If the guys on the reservation find out about this, they will never let me live it down.” I shot her a death glare and continued, “So we hung out with Jake on Friday and on the way home we just caught up some. When we got here, he walked me to the door, and before we said goodbye he blurted out his feelings. I couldn’t gather my thoughts so I invited him in and we cleared some stuff up. He told me that he wasn’t trying to rush me, that he just didn’t want me looking somewhere else when I got ready for a relationship. He said he didn’t want someone else to tell me before he got a chance. Right before he left he came over to me and leaned in for a kiss. He hesitated and I couldn’t help but pull us together. It was just like the movies, I felt like I was seeing stars. How weird is that?” I looked between incredulous gazes, and groaned out loud.

“Wow, I would say that you shouldn’t give up a chance to have that. Who cares that it is happening so soon after Eric left? You shouldn’t lose a chance at happiness just because it isn’t in your timing. If you don’t at least give it a shot you might not ever forgive yourself.” Emily reached over and put her arm around me, and I knew I had made the right decision talking to these ladies. They knew me, and wanted what was best for me.

After that we all began to eat and the conversation turned to Angela. We talked to her about guys and she admitted that she wasn’t dating anyone. We talked about my upcoming birthday party. Angela was very excited to be coming, and I was excited to have everyone I loved together at one time. I couldn’t believe how easily Jake and the pack had accepted Jasper. I was contemplating that when my phone buzzed. I looked up at the girls and apologized as I checked my messages. I could feel my blush when I read Jaspers text.

How has your day been darlin?

I responded quickly, hiding my phone under the table to tap back a response while Emily and Angela gave me curious looks.

Good, just hanging with the girls

Both Angela and Emily seemed to understand and offered to leave. I told them absolutely not, and I put my phone away. We ate desert and talked some more before they made their excuses and headed to the door. Emily brought me the bag of clothes she had mentioned and gave me a huge hug. She told me to go after what I wanted and turned to leave.

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