Surprise of a lifetime Chapter 5

Surprise of a lifetime 5

~~Bella’s POV~~

Jake broke first as I had assumed he would. With 145 years as a vampire under his belt Jasper was probably no stranger to silence. I laughed as Jasper raised his eyebrow and quirked a grin toward me. I hadn’t felt butterflies like that since I was in high school, and meeting Edward for the first time. With Eric it had been primal lust in the beginning and familiarity for the three and a half years following. I had a bad history of choosing guys whose hearts belonged to someone else, or couldn’t keep it in their pants.

Clearly my judgment wasn’t that great and although I got the feeling Jasper was too much of a gentleman to sleep around on me, that didn’t mean he was ready for a committed relationship. I had no interest in warming his bed, however appealing it might have seemed at the time. I thought of Jasper as a friend. He was a very, very sexy friend, but a friend none the less.

I spent the rest of the evening laughing and joking around with the two of them, without putting my heart into it completely. I had a niggling feeling in the pit of my stomach that I couldn’t put my finger on. It caused me some unease, but being surrounded by supernatural creatures could do that to a person. As the evening was winding down, and the waitress was close to kicking us out, we all made our way toward the parking lot.

Jacob mentioned going over to Sam and Emily’s for a pack meeting and I asked him if he minded dropping me off at my place first. It surprised me when Jasper walked up and offered to take me home since I was on his way. Jake gave me a look and I nodded, “That would be great, as long as it’s no trouble.”

“Oh it’s no trouble at all; I drive right by it on my way home.” Jasper glided by me to open the passenger side door.

“Thanks then, I’ll see you later Jake. I hope everything goes well at the meeting.” I pulled myself up into the Ford F-150, and turned to see Jasper get in with ease. “I never pegged you as a truck guy. You always seemed so ‘put together’ when we were in high school.” I shot him a look.

“I was working a bit harder to fit in then. I’m actually less ‘put together’ than you might think. I would rather drive a truck and wear boots, than a Volvo and Gucci.” He smirked at me then, and I knew he was teasing me.

“Ha ha. Laugh at the little human girl. I am beginning to see that you have quite the sense of humor. I never knew that about you before.”

“We never actually got a chance to know each other very well back then, they kept me away from you and for good reason. When Edward was around it was very hard for me, because I felt everything he felt. His bloodlust was quite hard for me to handle. I apologize for losing control that day. I have much better control now. I spent the last 4 years surrounded by humans perfecting it.” He looked thoughtful for a moment before he spoke again. “You aren’t a ‘little’ girl anymore either.” He reached over and pushed a lock of hair behind my ear.

“Jasper, I thought you might never notice. I worried that I’d be delivering and you would still see me as your brother’s ex-girlfriend.” I pushed at his arm teasingly.

“I never saw you as my brother’s girlfriend, just Bella. I look forward to getting to know the woman in front of me.” He looked so adorable with his chin down and his eyes covered by a stray lock of curly blonde hair. I was half tempted to run my fingers through it to see if it was as soft as it looked. I settled for pulling his chin up to look at me.

“Hey, don’t get shy on my now. You still have to get me home, and in a few weeks you will have to be comfortable enough to do an exam.” I waggled my eyebrows suggestively to try to lighten the mood. The reaction I got was almost worth any discomfort he might have been feeling. His eyebrows disappeared into his hair and his eyes looked like saucers. It was then that I realized I might have offended his sensibilities. Surely he realized he would be doing pelvic exams for the next 6 months?

“Bella, I don’t perform any pelvic examinations. It’s part of why I didn’t continue on to get my doctorate in Obstetrics. I chose to be a PA, because I can use my power to help calm women during childbirth, and because I really enjoyed the science behind pregnancy. However, I am a bit more old-fashioned than most, and I have a female nurse perform any pelvic exams, and a doctor does the actual delivery. I attend to the women during the pregnancy, monitoring her heart rate, and contractions.” He looked truly shocked that I had misinterpreted his role in my care.

~~Jasper’s POV~~

To say I was shocked would be an understatement. I had never even contemplated that she might assume I would take on a full provider role in her care. I sat there as she processed my reply, and felt the moment she went from panic to true glee. She began laughing like her life depended on it, and I was stumped. What was so funny about the situation? I started the car and drove on in disbelief until she quieted down.

“Oh Jasper! I hadn’t realized you wouldn’t be doing anything below the belt. I had been wondering if this would become awkward since we are going to be hanging out, but now I’m sure it’s going to be okay. I am so glad that this won’t hurt our friendship.” She reached over and gave me a half hug, and slid back to the passenger side.

“I cannot believe that Angela didn’t tell you that I wouldn’t be doing exams. She is pretty good about letting women know that. She must have been busy thinking about other things. I can do them, I am trained and have actually performed a few doctor assisted births, however, I prefer to allow a woman to do that. I like my patients to feel as comfortable as possible.” I ran my fingers through my hair without thought and gave a low whistle.

“Oh, well that makes sense; many women do prefer having a woman ob/gyn I have just never been bothered by it. It’s a job; I don’t imagine you would do anything untoward. You are too much of a gentleman for that.” She smiled at me and I felt her happiness pressing against me. It was amazing how at ease she was. She made me feel normal; as though I was just another friend.

We spent the rest of the ride in comfortable silence. We arrived at her place and I jumped out to help her down from the truck. I helped her down with a hand on her lower back and even though I intended to remove it her warmth invaded my cold fingers and I couldn’t bring myself to do so. She was ensnaring my senses. Her scent was soft and sweet, and the thrum of her contentedness lulled me into peaceful oblivion. I wanted to bask in her, breathe her in.

It was then that I knew I was in way over my head. I had no Idea how to woo her. She had grown and become self-confident. She was sarcastic and witty, and God help me, too pretty for me to ignore. I had thought I would be able to go slowly. I had thought I was in control of myself. As I walked her to the door that night I knew one thing, I was lost to Bella Swan and I couldn’t bring myself to care.

I looked at my feet as I shuffled along slowly. I didn’t want the night to end. All too soon we were at her door. She looked at me and I felt some apprehension, and indecision. I tried to pull myself away and yet I felt myself leaning toward her and planting a kiss on her forehead.

“Thanks for including me tonight. I appreciate it. I hope you have a good night. Let me know about what time the party is, and if there is anything else I can do. Remember that I’m up at all hours and only a phone call away. I can be here in just a few minutes if you need anything.” I had to step away from her before I did something stupid like try to taste her through her lips. As it was, I couldn’t help but run my hand down her arm and squeeze her hand softly.

“You could come in for a little while if you wanted to. I always drink tea before bed.” She looked almost hopeful and I wasn’t sure how to respond.

“Darlin’ I’m not sure that’s such a good idea. I’ll be honest in sayin’ that I want to be more than a friend, but I’m not sure how to go about that. I find you attractive, and I know you are in a difficult position. I’m tryin’ to be a gentleman and I think that means I need to go at your pace. If friendship is all you want from me right now, maybe I shouldn’t come in.” I had to be honest; I had to tell her how I felt about her.

~~Bella’s POV~~

Holy shit, talk about dropping a bomb on someone. We hadn’t seen each other in almost 5 years and he tells me that he’s attracted to me and wants to be more than friends. I felt my jaw drop and I opened the door and waved him in. He followed behind me quietly and I pointed toward the couch as I went to fix myself a cup of tea. We needed to talk if just to clear the air, and help me understand.

“What do you mean you want to be more than friends with me?” I asked, nearly 15 minutes later. I was sitting across from him on my recliner with my feet tucked up underneath me. He was leaning forward with his face in his hands waiting for me to speak. I hadn’t said a word since we walked in, opting instead to fix my tea and calm down for a little while before speaking.

“I am clearly fantastic at explaining things. I know we haven’t seen each other in years. I know we just met again today. I can’t explain it. It doesn’t make sense even to me. I wasn’t looking for you Bella, but now that you’re back in my life, I want to know everything. I want to be here for you. If what you need from me is friendship then I can do that. I can be whatever you need from me until you are ready to be with someone again. I don’t expect you to rush into something with me. I just wanted to let you know upfront that when you are ready, so am I. I didn’t want to pretend that all I wanted was friendship. I couldn’t risk some other guy trying first. I don’t want you to think I’m pushy, I just worried if I didn’t tell you now you might only see me as a friend.” He blurted it out so quickly that it felt like he had wanted to say it all night.

I needed a minute so I got up and fixed another cup of tea. I thought about his words. I thought about the vampire sitting in my living room. I tried to be objective. I couldn’t deny that I found him insanely attractive. I couldn’t deny that I felt safe and secure when he helped me out of the truck earlier. I remembered the jolt of electricity when our hands touched in the movie theater, and I shivered. I could still feel the imprint from the kiss he had dropped on my forehead not a half hour earlier.

I was ashamed at the warmth that flooded my cheeks, and the sharp zing of desire that I felt through my core. Even though I was conflicted my body definitely wasn’t. I thought of his soft spoken demeanor, his quiet admission of loneliness. I could tell that he wasn’t careless with feelings. I wasn’t ready for any kind of relationship, but he wasn’t asking for one. He just wanted me to know that when I was ready, he was there. It was actually a turn on, to think of a day when I could call him and tell him I was ready to have him as more than a friend. I felt myself get moist just thinking about Jasper naked in my bed. I had to put a few ice cubes in my tea to try to cool myself down before responding in a very unladylike way.

“I think I can handle that. Right now being friends is good, maybe in the future it will be something more.” He cocked an eyebrow at my response and I felt my cheeks burn. He slowly pulled himself to a standing position and stalked over to me.

“Darlin’ if you get any hotter the house might burn down. Is there anything I can do to help with that?” He looked like the cat that ate the canary.

“Hot flashes are one of the worst problems I’ve been having recently.” I replied somewhat smoothly.

“Oh, is that what it’s called these days? I thought it was something a bit more basic.” He grinned cockily as he stepped right up next to me.

“Perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea for you to come in, if we want to just be friends after all.” I conceded without backing up.

“You may just be right about that, however I’ve wanted to do one little thing all night.” I felt my heart pound as he leaned until he was a breath away from me. I closed my eyes involuntarily. I breathed deeply and smelled pine, and earth. I nearly moaned as I felt his fingers ghost across my neck and reach into my hair.

It was agonizing as I waited for him to close the centimeters separating us. I was tired of waiting and I was too turned on to care what he thought of me, as I moved both hands to his face and pulled him down to my lips. I wanted to say I kept some composure, but as soon as his lips touched mine I lost all sense. His lips were like ice against my burning hot ones. I wanted to feel them everywhere. As I felt his tongue slid gently across my bottom lip I did moan and fell into his arms. The kiss set me on fire from my head to my toes. I felt as though I would spontaneously combust if he touched me in any way.

As soon as it started it was over. Jasper had pulled back and was smiling lazily. His eyelids were half closed and he brought his fingers to his lips. He looked at me, and I felt his desire pushing against me as though it were a real thing.

“Bella, I’ll wait as long as it takes for even the hope of one more kiss like that. I’ll be the best damn friend possible, as long as you tell me I’ve got a chance.” He looked like he was sobering up, but I couldn’t resist one last kiss before he left. I reached up on tippy toes, and swept my lips against his as my arms wrapped around his waist.

As the kiss deepened into something sizzling, and our tongues danced with each other, I wrapped my arms around his back and pulled myself against him. I felt him hard and long against my stomach and I wasn’t sure I wanted it to end after all. I slowly pulled away, and knew that if we didn’t stop we might both have regrets later on.

“I’d say that after that you’ve got more than a chance at a repeat performance. If you want to get to know each other better we could hang out sometime this week after work. I’ve got a few board games and some card games that we could play.” I knew that the fire burning in my stomach wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. I only hoped that we could decide if we liked each other before it consumed us both.

“I don’t care if you want to play old maid, if it means I get to be with you I am up for anything.” He tipped his head back and looked at me sideways, as if weighing the pros and cons. “Although next time we hang out we may want to invite some other people, or meet somewhere outside.”

“Alright, well here’s my number, why don’t you call me sometime.” I wrote my number down and handed it to him.

“You should have my number as well, just in case anything happens. This is my cell phone number and here is the house number, along with Carlisle’s cell phone number just in case. Feel free to call at anytime. Maybe you could come over to the house for a movie night soon.” He was adorable as he walked toward the door. I followed behind him, and couldn’t help but admire the way his ass fit into his jeans.

“I guess I’ll talk to you soon. I hope you have a good night.” I leaned against the doorframe as he turned back to me.

“It’s already been a better night than I could have hoped for. I hope you sleep well.” He gently kissed my forehead once again, and walked out to his truck.

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