Surprise of a lifetime Chapter 2

Surprise of a lifetime 2

~~Bella’s POV~~

“So everyone but Alice and Eh…Edward are back?” I managed to grit out in a calmer tone than I would have thought possible. I was still trying to work it out in my head that Alice and Edward were a couple. I am sure that I looked totally shocked and confused.

“Honest Bells I would have told you sooner if I had any idea that you would be coming home. I know you are probably mad at me, but you have to believe that I didn’t mean to hurt you.” Jacob couldn’t have looked more earnest if he tried. It touched me how concerned he was for me. I worked through any anger I might have been feeling to assure him that I wasn't mad at him.

“Jake, I know you didn’t keep this from me to hurt me. You did it to save me from hurt. You are always trying to do what’s best for me.” I got up and walked over to him. I put my arm around his shoulders and squeezed to let him know how much I cared about him. “I just don’t know why Alice lied to the family about Jasper being her mate. I don’t know why she lied to me. If she wanted Edward she should have just been honest about it. I guess I’m more confused and sad than angry. I really did get over Edward ages ago, as soon as I realized I didn’t really love him but was infatuated.” I shrugged and looked over to Sam and Emily.

“Now that is out of the way, who wants desert?” Emily diffused any leftover tension by getting up and bringing a chocolate pie to the table. It looked absolutely divine, and for the first time in a while I craved a food. Things were looking up despite the alarming news I had just received. However I had spent more than my fair share mourning Edward, I just wouldn't do it anymore.

“That is exactly what I want right now. Chocolate sounds perfect. Do you need me to get anything?” I walked from my position behind Jacob to get milk to go along with the pie. We spent the rest of the night catching up on everything that had happened in the past few months. They talked about having a birthday party for me with the pack and Charlie. I laughed often and deeply as I heard of the pack’s recent shenanigans. They behaved like some of the frat guys I used to know, pulling pranks, and fighting with each other. The camaraderie was really what got me though; they loved each other as though they were brothers.

The night passed quickly and without realizing it I began to yawn and nod off as the boys wound down. Jacob spoke up and began gathering his keys and wallet. “You ready to leave Bella? You look wiped out.”

“Yeah, I am about to pass out. Next week we will have dinner at my place, okay? Emily you will have to get me the recipe for that pie. It was amazing.” I stood and made my way toward the door. After final hugs and goodbyes we got into the car and made our way back to my new place. I was unsure of how I would take to living alone in a new place. When Eric left I was still living in the same place I had been for 2 years, I felt safe in my apartment with a guard at the entrance. I would be truly alone without neighbors who shared a wall. Jacob walked me to the front door and did his best puppy expression.

“I guess I’ll see you soon. You know you can call my cell anytime. It’s just a quick drive or run down here.” He shuffled his feet and shifted his eyes to my face. I had forgotten this unsure and shy side to my best friend. It made my heart smile to see him so vulnerable in front of me.

“You can stay for a little while if you want. I don’t know where all the dishes are but I usually drink a cup of tea before bed. It will be like old times.” I tried my best to reassure not only him, but myself as well. I decided to ask. “Do you mind staying tonight? First night in a new place and all. I’m a little worried.”

“Sure Bells, yeah that makes sense. I wouldn’t want you to have another bad dream and be scared in your new place.” He ran his knuckles across my hair in a teasing manner, clearly glad to feel useful. I unlocked the door and stepped inside with Jacob following me into the living room. He padded into the kitchen and pulled down two mugs. He seemed so at ease in the small space that I just watched as he brought together two perfect cups of tea. I grinned as he looked at me funny. “What? Did I make it wrong? It is still two sugars and light cream, right?”

“Yeah, it’s just odd to see you move as gracefully as you do. I still remember when you were following me around like a lost dog.” I picked at him playfully. He didn't look too amused as he made himself comfortable next to me on the couch. We spent another half hour reacquainting ourselves with each other. It seemed so natural to hang out with him again. Like picking up a chess game you left off just minutes ago.

I began to seriously start to fall asleep and I set Jacob up with a blanket and a few pillows before making my way into my room. I climbed into my bed and allowed myself to cry. I cried for all the lies I had been told, the harsh truth that broke my heart. I cried most of all because I lost another family. Carlisle and Esme had never been anything but kind to me, and Emmett had always treated me like his kid sister. Rosalie hadn’t been that great, but she wasn’t awful. I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about Jasper. When we were holed up in the hotel in Arizona I had learned so much about him. I had never been mad at him for attacking. I knew his control had always been the weakest, but for so long I was angry that his actions had taken Edward from me. Now I knew that Edward had never been mine to begin with.

I turned the events over and over again in my mind and kept coming up short when it came to Alice. Why did she even go into that diner and bring Jasper to the family if he wasn’t her mate? How had he been dealing with all of this? I could feel myself starting to develop a headache. I wouldn't find the answers to my questions lying in bed near midnight. I allowed my exhaustion to overcome me and I slid into sleep quickly.

I woke to watery sunlight filtering through my window. I smelled bacon and eggs wafting under my door. I forced myself out of bed and into the kitchen, where Jacob was looking entirely too chipper this early in the morning. “What are you doing up so early making breakfast? It should be a crime to be up this early.” I glanced quickly at the clock to ascertain if it is indeed early. I was not off in my feeling; it was only just 6:30. I groaned quietly to myself, and started fixing decaf coffee.

“Good morning to you too! Some of us have to be at work today and can’t afford to spend our entire day in bed.” He called over his shoulder to me without even bothering to look up. I sighed and sat down at the bar. I was glad he spent the night because I had an interview at the high school at 8:00. The school year started in a few weeks and they were looking for a long term substitute English teacher for a woman who was on maternity leave for the first semester. It would work out well as I would be needing the second semester off for the same reason. I was hoping that next year there would be a permanent position open, but that was my best option. I hoped that the principle would understand and be willing to take a chance on me.

Jacob was just pulling the biscuits out of the oven when I looked up, and laughed out loud. “What are you laughing at Isabella Swan?” Jacob asked in mock seriousness.

“Have you seen yourself lately? When did you become so domestic? And where in the hell did you get all of the groceries? I only had the tea, sugar and creamer. I thought I would go shopping this afternoon.” I narrowed my eyes at him suspiciously. He tried to shrug off the questions but I pinned him with my stare and raised an eyebrow. “Jake you got some splaining to do!” I said in my best Lucy Ricardo imitation

He cracked up and looked at me with an eye roll. “I wake up at 5:30 every morning alarm clock or no, since I was up and saw that you didn’t have any food I went to the gas station and just picked up some basics. I’ve become quite useful since you left.” He twirled around and did a ‘voila’ motion with his arms before bowing gracefully. I was shocked; my Jacob was all grown up. I felt like I had missed too much. I was gone too long.

I began to eat with gusto and was amazed at how hungry I was. Maybe the nausea was finally over and done with. I felt normal for the first time in ages. I scarfed my plate down in no time and managed to look sheepish when Jacob offered me seconds. I listened as Jacob yammered on about his plans for the day. “I can’t imagine waking up at 5:30. I am going to have to get used to it though if I get this job at the school. How do you do it?” I responded to his earlier statement. It had taken me too long to process it.

Jake and I finished eating and continued joking back and forth as we washed the dishes. He gathered the blankets from the couch and put them back into the closet. He tossed a pillow at me and told me that he was going to head home. I followed him to the door and promised to call him later and tell him how everything went. I walked to my room and made my bed. I took a long hot shower and it helped to ease some of the tension in my shoulders and neck.

I allowed my thoughts to wander. They seemed to keep coming back to the Cullen’s. I won’t be able to avoid them forever and I thought about how my first encounter might happen. Would I run into one of them at the store? Would I end up with Carlisle as my doctor during delivery? In a town as small as forks it was somewhat likely that he would be on call when I went into labor. I just needed to live my life and if I happened to bump into them I would take it from there. I finished my worrying as I scrubbed my hair, working the shampoo into my scalp. I calmed myself down with thoughts of the upcoming interview, and I breathed deeply as I stepped onto the rug.

I was hopeful as I left the office at the high school, it seemed as though they had held the position for me. I had hoped somewhat selfishly, when I called two months ago, that being Charlie’s daughter would help me get the job. She told me that as long as my background check came back clean that she would call to let me know when the first meeting would be held.

I called Jake from my phone on the way to the grocery store and told him my good news. I was so happy that my luck seemed to be changing for the better.

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