Surprise of a lifetime Chapter 1

Surprise of a lifetime 1

~~Bella’s POV~~

I took one last look around the apartment that had been my home for the past two years. I was doing the only thing I could do at the time. I was moving back home to forks. I felt like I was coming home with my tail between my legs.

Charlie would be there any minute. When I called to tell him that not only was I moving home but I was also expecting he was as supportive as ever and assured me that I would be a fantastic mother. He had also informed me in no uncertain terms that the “jackass who left me would pay”. I sighed. I loved my dad but sometimes I wondered what it would be like to have two normal parents. I agreed that I was better off without Eric and all that implies, but right then I was very emotional and needed to get away from city life and back to the place I had fled from as soon as I graduated.

It seemed that in the four years I had been gone from forks, it almost didn't exist. It was as if all the memories of my first love, vampires and werewolves, really were just fairy tales. It was easy to forget the magic of forks when you were surrounded by concrete buildings and sirens, instead of the misty forests of Washington. It was easy to tell yourself that you loved the guy you started dating at your very first sorority party. How easy it had been to fool myself into thinking I was happy and complete, away from my family and the pack that saved me when I fell to pieces.

I was so glad to be going home even if it wasn’t exactly how I originally imagined it would happen. I did have my Bachelors degree in Education so I hoped to get a job at one of the schools in town. I had an interview planned and a rental house already lined up. All of my boxes were packed. Charlie was bringing a U-Haul and Jacob to get everything loaded up and moved out of Portland.

I heard a knock on my door.”Come in.”

“Hey Bella, you look great.” Jacob came bounding across the floor before bringing himself to a halt just in front of me. “Oops, almost forgot the precious cargo.” He joked before gently embracing me in a hug.

“Hey Jake, how’s it going? Find that special someone yet?” I lightly punched his shoulder as he pulled away from me. I talked to him regularly enough to know that he still hadn’t imprinted on anyone and was doing fine without it. He was no longer as hard on himself as he once was; he enjoyed being young and wild. He said that when it happened it happened and until then he had all the time in the world. I was so happy that my friend had found peace. It showed on his face as he laughed heartily.

I turned to see Charlie standing forlornly by the sofa. I walked over to him and wrapped my arms tightly around his neck. “Hey, it’s good to see you. How is Sue doing?” I asked him about his girlfriend and he shrugged nonchalantly.

“She’s doing well, how are you doing? How is my grandbaby doing?” Charlie patted my stomach awkwardly. He was so excited about having a little one around again. He had asked about me after every appointment, and wanted copies of the first ultrasound last week to put on the fridge. I had expected him to be the one that was upset about his single daughter getting pregnant. Instead it had been Renee that had flipped out, telling me I was too young, and that I should be out living my life. I was living my life, just a little bit differently than some.

“Well he or she has spent the past six weeks making me sick on as many occasions as possible, but other than that doing well I suppose. I am starting the second trimester so hopefully that will clear up soon.” Jacob looked especially bored with all the pregnancy talk and started hauling boxes downstairs. I looked at my dad and smiled, glad to see him again.

They loaded up the truck and I joked and laughed with them as Charlie refused to let me carry anything heavier than a pillow. I told them about my plans and the little two bedroom rental I found halfway between forks and the reservation. They finished in almost no time since Jacob is stronger than your average human. I locked up and dropped my keys off at the office, and we hit the road. Jacob and I were following behind in my little Camry, trading stories and updating each other on all that we have missed.

We made it to my new rental safely and the boys went about setting up the bedroom first so I could lie down. I was feeling a bit drained after the car ride. I walked into my room and lay down, falling asleep before my head even hit the pillow.

I’m running. I’m trying to escape the faceless hoard chasing me through unfamiliar terrain. I am completely lost in the tangle of the forest. There is very little light filtering through the foliage, but I might be able to climb the tree up ahead. I reach above myself and pull with all my might. I perch on top of the branch and look down to spot my attackers… I feel myself begin to fall.

I woke with a start. Jake charged into the room looking around wildly for the source of my distress. “What is it? What happened Bells?” He walked over to sit on my bed and put his arms around me.

“Nothing I just had a bad dream, you know how emotional pregnant women are.” I laughed half-heartedly. He just held me against his chest, rocking gently to help calm me down.

“Hey Bells you know I am here for you no matter what. I don’t care if it’s just to run down to the store once the cravings start.” I chuckled at his joke and felt more hopeful than I had in the past month. We stayed loosely in each other’s arms until I pulled back to look at Jake.

“Where’s Charlie?” I asked quietly.

“He left about 30 minutes ago. We finished up in the living room and he went to the Clearwater’s. How are you feeling? Are you about ready for some food? Emily and Sam want to see you and she said dinner would be ready in about half an hour.” He stood up and walked over to my nightstand, looking at a picture taken of the pack surrounding me from years ago.

“Yeah that sounds awesome, let me take a quick shower and throw on some clothes.” I hurried to get everything I needed, and made my way to the bathroom.

I relaxed as the warm water fell steadily on my upturned face. It was one of the few pleasures that I had left, due to feeling sick most of the time. I washed my hair quickly with my strawberry shampoo, and stepped out of the bath. I dried and put clothes on quickly.

“Wow, looking good Miss Swan!” Jacob wolf whistled as I entered the living room. I glared at him and started for the door without saying a word. He caught up quickly and offered to drive. He had left his car here on the way out of town so I slid into the passenger’s seat and relaxed as he babbled on about working at the body shop on the reservation. He was a natural with engines and he got a two year degree in engine maintenance so that he could work on cars full time. It really seemed to agree with him if his smile was anything to go by.

We pulled slowly into the driveway that was so familiar to both of us. I felt an overwhelming sense of happiness. Sam and Emily were such a big part of my life, if it weren’t for their kindness and hospitality I never would have made it out of my despair. As we got out of the car the front door opened and Emily came running out to meet me. She and I had become best friends and she was the person I first called after Eric left me. She was glowing and looking like she was ready to pop. She was already 8 months pregnant and I was so happy to be back in time to see her before she gave birth to her son.

We hugged tightly and squeezed, glad to be back together again. I smile brightly and rambled on “how are you doing? You look like you are about ready to pop! You look so fantastic.”

“Oh Bella, I’m doing wonderful! I am so glad you are home. Forks just isn’t the same without you. Don’t you ever plan on leaving us for 4 years again. I just won’t be able to take it.” She practically squealed in her excitement. We pulled apart and walked slowly toward the front door. As soon as we walked in I smelled the wonderful aroma of fresh baked bread.

Sam walked over and hugged me briefly before asking me “do you want chicken or steak? I’m about to throw them on the grill.”

“Oh chicken please, I can’t handle red meat right now” I answered before he and Jacob went to fire up the grill. I looked at Emily and we began to talk about the different symptoms and how soon the morning sickness would be gone.

“In two or three weeks you won’t feel nauseous anymore. That’s when the cravings start. Trust me.” She deadpanned, before cracking up and holding her stomach as she laughed. It felt so good to be home. We set the table as the boys finished the meat. I tossed a salad and we set the bread and some butter on the table. We sat down and enjoyed our meal without much talking. The meal was beginning to wind down when I started to feel everyone’s eyes on me.

“What is it? Do I have food on me or something?” I asked while looking down at my shirt.

“No Bella, there’s something we need to tell you about. We didn’t want you to hear it from anyone else, and we wouldn’t have kept it from you except that it didn’t seem important until now.” Jacob glanced nervously to Sam.

“Bella some of the Cullen’s moved back in a few months ago.” Sam looked at me with concern evident in his eyes. I felt as though I had been punched in the gut. I couldn't draw any air in and I began to hyperventilate. I put my head between my knees and breathed deeply for a few minutes.

“What do you mean “some” of the Cullen’s moved back in?” My mind raced wildly, as I tried to sort through the tangle of emotions filling my chest. I felt as though someone had pulled the rug out from under me. That certainly wasn’t what I was expecting to hear that night.

“Well Bella, Carlisle and Esme came back in May, along with Jasper. Carlisle began working at the hospital again. Before any of them came back they called us and we had a meeting. Edward and Alice left the family to join the Denali’s up in Alaska, as a couple. Carlisle came to us to ask if he and the rest of the family could move back for a while. We thought you would be staying in Portland and so we agreed. Rosalie and Emmett were on a Honeymoon or a Safari at the time they moved back, but they have since come back as well.” He looked as crestfallen as I felt. The room sat in a palpable silence as they waited for me to respond.

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