Surprise of a Lifetime Chapter 3

Surprise of a lifetime 3

~~Bella’s POV~~

The next few days passed in a blur of getting my house the way I wanted it, and filling out all the paperwork for my new job. I even got my very own school badge, which was weird in a déjà vu sort of way. I finally felt like a real grown up. It’s so funny how it sneaks up on you unexpectedly. I can only imagine bringing a new life into the world is a part of that. I am finally thinking ahead, about where I will be a year from now.

I was excited as I drove toward my OB/GYN’s office. I didn’t need an appointment for another few weeks, but I needed to fill out all the paperwork to have my files sent from Portland, and schedule my first appointment. I had finally lost the morning sickness altogether and I looked forward to the next three months as I would start to show. I entered the office and took in my surroundings. It’s quiet and sterile just like I was accustomed to in a doctor’s office. The receptionist looked up and smiled warmly.

“Angela! Oh my gosh, I didn’t know you worked here.” I was shocked to see an old friend so soon after coming home, most of the people I went to school with had gone away for college and hadn’t returned.

“Yeah, it was never my dream to leave home and go to college, I love it here.” She looked like she wanted to say more, but bit her lip and smiled shyly. I realized that we hadn’t talked in so long, that she probably wondered where we stood. I suddenly felt very guilty for not keeping in contact with her. She was as good to me as the wolf pack and it’s not her fault that she wasn’t in on the secret.

“I am so sorry; I have been a non-existent friend these past four years. I left Forks and never looked back. I understand if you never want to talk to me again, but I would love to have you over for dinner some time to catch up, and hang out again.” I looked anywhere but her, worried about having ignored her for so long. What she must think of me!

“Oh Bella, I thought you were angry with me, and then I figured you must have just really hated Forks. I’m not mad at you. I’m just glad we have caught up now and I would love to come over for dinner some time. I see that you are here to fill out pregnancy paperwork, and that you have been assigned to PA Whitlock. He will provide all of your preliminary care and a doctor will assist in the birthing process at the hospital.” She smirked up at me with a knowing glint in her eyes. I cocked an eyebrow as she handed me a clipboard and instructed me on which sections to fill out.

As I finished filling out all of the necessary questions she pulled up a chart and asked me when I would like to schedule my first appointment. My next appointment is due at the end of September so I schedule an appointment during my two hour free period on the 28th. I turn to leave when I heard a voice that was beyond familiar telling Angela that he was leaving for the day. I swiveled slowly around and lay eyes on the first Cullen I’ve seen in five years.

My poor little human memory hadn’t done them justice. He was breathtakingly beautiful and I felt my chest constrict painfully as I had trouble sucking in air. His eyes were pure gold and he had a sideways grin on his face as if he wasn’t surprised to see me. He cocked his head to the side and I began to feel trapped in place. I knew I looked as shocked as I felt and Angela cleared her throat loudly. “Bella, you remember Jasper. He goes by his original last name now…Whitlock.” She said as she rolled her eyes at me. I must be so obvious.

“Oh, oh I see. I didn’t know that you had become a PA.” I stammered unintelligently. Jasper just looked on as though he knew something I didn’t. I was certain he was laughing at me on the inside, as I stumbled across my words. “Are you enjoying being back in Forks?” I asked in what I hoped was a more normal tone.

“After I left I went to school in New York and I have spent the past four years working to get my Physicians Assistant’s degree. It is nice to be back in Forks; this was where I felt most comfortable.” He spoke slowly and looked intently at me. “I was surprised to see that I would be overseeing your care during the next 6 months, however I am glad to see you are doing well.”

“Well I have to leave; I am meeting Charlie for dinner in 30 minutes. Angela I will give you a call soon. We have a lot to discuss. Jasper it was nice to see you; tell your family I said ‘hello’.” I gave Angela a death glare and smiled sweetly towards Jasper.

I walked out to the parking lot on shaky legs, and I sunk gratefully into my car and turned it on.

~~Jasper’s POV~~

I grinned to myself as I entered my office and called Alice. “Hello Jasper. I assume you are calling me because Bella has made it to town.” I could hear her excitement over the phone, even if I couldn’t feel it with my power. Alice had told me a crazy story many years ago when she dragged me out of that diner she found me in. I was skeptical when she couldn’t provide specific details, but she had proven herself over the years and had become my best friend and biggest fan. I am beyond happy that Edward had finally accepted the truth that Alice was his mate. The two of them were perfect for each other in their love of clothes, cars, and cold weather; however I was rather hopeful that I might soon be able to feel even a fraction of that happiness.

“Yeah, yeah you were right oh great and mighty Alice. I bow down to your awesomeness.” I continue the running joke and laughed as she groaned at me. I heard Edward in the background chuckling to himself, and knew that he would be in trouble later. Our pixie may be small but she packed a mean punch. “You asked for me to call after our initial meeting to let you know how I thought she was doing. She reeks of wolf, but that was expected, and overall she seemed happy and excited. She felt guilty about not staying in contact with Angela while she was gone, but otherwise she feels good. She was beyond shocked to find out that I was going to be her PA, and we will leave it at that.” I told her truthfully.

“I so hope she wasn’t mad at me, but I am sure we will be able to work all of that out later. Thanks for calling to give me a report on her feelings, knowing what’s happened doesn’t help when I don’t have her feelings to put it all in context. Have a good day and tell the family I miss them and love them. Edward says to tell everyone hello, too.” I hung up and left my office, locking the door behind me.

As I drive home I imagined Bella blushing as she spoke this afternoon. In the five years since I had seen her she had grown up and filled out. As surprised as I had been to hear of her pregnancy, it suited her. She looked healthy and seemed to have a glow. I had never understood that term until today.

I hummed quietly to the radio as I pulled up our driveway. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do tonight. The endless hours at night are the hardest part for me. Rose and Emmett spent their nights doing things as a couple. Esme and Carlisle really are parents to us and I didn’t want to hang out with them all night.

I spent most nights either reading or strumming my guitar aimlessly, however tonight I felt restless. I decided to go see a movie at the theater. I invited Rose and Emmett, but they declined as usual. The drive into town was short and I make it to the theater with about 30 minutes to spare. I got my ticket and pulled out my DS to play while I waited. It’s a bit of a guilty pleasure however it occupied my hands and it was enjoyable.

I picked up a strong odor and I felt the hair on my neck begin to rise. I looked over to see Jacob Black and Bella walking into the theater. A spike of jealousy rose in me as he casually wiped some nacho cheese off her chin and laughed. I had no right to feel this way. I had no claim on her, and she had just been left by some loser. Not to mention that in her state she probably had no desire for a relationship. Even though I knew this I felt a knot in the pit of my stomach. I looked at them quietly for a moment and felt more wistful than I had in years. I wished I had someone to talk to and laugh with. I wished I had someone with whom I could share moments like that.

Bella looked up at me suddenly. She said something to Jacob and he glanced in my direction before shrugging his shoulders. I felt his resistance and displeasure but surprisingly no hatred or anger. They made their way to where I was sitting and I was hit with a wave of shyness. Bella spoke up slowly, “Hey Jasper, would you mind having company?” she blushes instantly.

“I wouldn’t mind, everyone else had plans tonight. I didn’t want to be a 5th wheel.” I answered honestly. “Hey Jacob, how are you doing?” I asked with what I hoped was an even tone.

“You can call my Jake. I’m doing fine, thanks for asking.” He was no longer the angry young man I remembered and I was glad that he seemed to be okay with sitting near me. We could never be best friends, but it’s nice not having to be enemies. Bella had no idea how amazing she was bringing the two of us anywhere near each other. I felt content for the first time in ages. I wished I could sit next to her all night, and bask in her emotions. She had never once been afraid of me.

~~Bella’s POV~~

I sat between the vampire that once tried to eat me and a werewolf as we talked about completely mundane things while waiting for the movie to start. My life would make a great book, I thought to myself, as the lights dimmed in preparation of the movie about to start. What were the chances that I would go almost a week without running into any of the Cullen’s and today I would see Jasper twice? It wasn’t that I didn’t want to see him….I mean them. It’s just that I didn’t know exactly how to act around him. I felt guilty for thinking about him as a cute guy, and yet when I left his office this afternoon that was exactly what kept coming back to my thoughts.

I needed to take a deep breath and allow myself some time. I needed time to heal and time to be alone. There was no shame in wanting to be in a relationship, but right now I needed to focus on myself and being the best parent I could be.

Jacob made an attempt to pull me from my thoughts and I felt Jasper’s gaze on me as I turned to look at the screen as the lights dimmed. The theater got quiet and I was thankful that the movie was starting. I laughed at the somewhat corny comedy we had chosen, and I was surprised when I felt a cold hand brush against mine on the armrest. I looked to my left and locked eyes with Jasper.

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