Saving Bella Chapter 9

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Saving Bella: Chapter 9


Last time in Chapter 8:

I know she said it was a conscious effort but I almost think it isn’t. I couldn’t feel her emotions when I got here and that was before she knew I was here. She’s not keeping them from just me. She’s shielding herself from everyone. The blank stares and lack of intonation are all part of it too. I hugged her again and then left out the window to go get ready for school.

Now on to Chapter 9:

I made my way to the Administration office about nine o’clock. Emmett had already gotten Bella and brought her to school.

When he came back after dropping her off he was very upset. “Dude, she’s just not Bells anymore.” He stated solemnly. “I know man. She was better today though right?” I asked making sure that she didn’t regress after I left. He nodded and added “Yeah, she said ‘Hi’ to me today and she explained to Charlie why I was there when I got there. He was surprised to see me.” I scoffed at that sentence. She was supposed to tell Charlie before Emmett got there.

“Man, you should know somethin’ else, I know she’ll prob’ly be mad at me for tellin’ ya but I promised not to tell Charlie I didn’t say nothin’ about tellin’ you and Rose.” At that moment Rose came into my office where I was printing off the papers I needed to bring with me to school. “She’s been cuttin’ on herself.” I said with a grimace. I figured there was no sense in beating around the bush on this one. I thought it was important too, in case she did it when we were around. We needed to be prepared for the blood. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

“WHAT?” Emmett bellowed. Rose just flinched. She was sad and angry. Emmett was enraged. If he could have turned red or even purple he would have at that moment. “She’s been hurting herself over that ASSHOLE?” Emmett asked through gritted teeth. I simply nodded. “Her stomach and legs. Charlie doesn’t know. You can’t tell him either.” I made a point to say this looking both of them in the eye. The both nodded. “How did you find out?” Rose asked. “She told me.” I answered as I went to put my shoes on.

They followed me into my bedroom. “Dude when I picked her up this morning she smelled kind of strong but I didn’t think anything about it. Is she still doing it?” He asked. “I hope not, Em. I asked her not to and she agreed. She said she hasn’t done it since I came back because…because she didn’t want me to lose it and blame myself. But….GOD!” I yelled at the end. I couldn’t even say it. “But what?” they both asked at the same time. “She said if I….I ‘wanted a willing human’….she’s available.” I had to choke out the last few words. It just made me sick to even think of it.

They gaped at me. I don’t think anyone moved for a full 5 or 6 minutes. The anger in the room was stifling. I was angry too but too disgusted to let the anger take over. “Listen guys, I know this is all jus’ nuts but right now we have to go slow with her, let her come to us essentially. Emmett did you talk to her about after school?” I asked trying to get them to calm down without manipulating their emotions because frankly they deserved to be pissed.

“Well I told Charlie I would pick her up from school too and he said he was glad we were there to help. He pulled me aside and told me that if we caused her anymore harm he was going to ‘end us’.” He chuckled as he made air quotes around the last two words. I smiled. “Yeah, I got somethin’ sim’lar from him the other day.” I nodded. “Well anyhow I told him I would pick her up and stay with her until he got home. He asked where you were gonna be. I told him you’d probably stay with Rose so she wasn’t at the house by herself. He nodded and asked why we didn’t all just come over to keep her company. She actually answered.” He was happy with this statement. I smiled. I’m glad she’s talking to Charlie.

“Well what’d she say?” I asked impatiently. He smirked at me “she said she just wanted to spend some time with me.” He answered and he was projecting a brotherly love at this statement. Rose felt a twinge of jealousy but I didn’t say anything if she wasn’t going to. I had already told them that Bella wanted only Emmett to stay with her after school. “Rose, you know this has nothin’ to do with yesterday, right?” I directed my question to her. She gave me a quizzical look and shook her head.

“No, honestly I thought she was either scared of me or mad at me for what I did. I couldn’t blame her for not wanting to see me today.” She said sadly. I went over and put my arm around her and had to chuckle. Now she was curious. “Rose this is Bella, she actually thought you were protectin’ her. And when I told her that the guy was your singer, she didn’t really care.” She was astonished. Emmett was proud. I just laughed.

“Well I have to say I have a better appreciation for what Edward went through with her. I don’t know how he did it. I barely managed and probably wouldn’t have if it hadn’t been for you guys. Thank you.” She was embarrassed by her lack of control. “I know its hard Rosalie; I could feel your thirst as strongly as you could. It was always difficult for me around Bella when Edward was around that’s why I always kept my distance from her.” They both looked at me.

“Jazz! We didn’t know our thirst affected you!” Rosalie yelled. I shrugged. “There was nothing that can be done about it. Fuckward knew that’s why I kept my distance and so did Alice. Carlisle knew because we’ve talked about it. Sorry I didn’ tell ya’ll I just didn’ think it was important.” Emmett sighed. “Dude all the times I thought you just had sucky control, you’re tellin’ me you were controlling yourself with the thirst of 5 or more vampires? Holy Shit!”

I smiled. “Em, there’s nothin’ we could do about it and I’m used to it. Bella was just difficult to be around. But since Fuckward isn’t here it’s no big deal especially when I’m alone with her.” I shrugged it off. “Jazz I’m sorry if I would have known I would have hunted more when we were around large groups of people to try to reduce my own thirst. You should have said something.” Rosalie stated a bit perturbed. I rolled my eyes. “It really wasn’t that big of a deal guys but thank you.” I reiterated.

“So back to Bella, does she hate me? I want to explain to her why I acted the way I did. Do you think she’ll ever talk to me?” Rose asked feeling quite insecure. I knew she wasn’t the bitch everyone thought she was. It was her front because she was insecure. She used her attitude and her relationship with Emmett to feel better about herself. Of course she loves him there’s no question there but she doesn’t love herself. And I keep quite. We both know the truth, sometimes I send her some confidence which she usually appreciates. But otherwise we don’t acknowledge her lack of self-esteem. She’s like Bella in a lot of ways.

“I guess I should be getting to school. I’ll see you later Emmett, Rose. And remember when you guys talk to her avoid harsh topics unless it seems like she’s open to talkin’ about it and whatever you do, do not say Fuckward’s name. She totally freaks out and shuts down.” I emphasized. “We know Jazz you told us that when you told us about your first day here.” Rosalie said. “Emmett, I’m gonna go. When you pick her up treat her like a normal person, she seems to respond better. Take her to get a snack at the diner or somethin’. She needs to be out of the house and she needs to eat. I don’t think she’s ready to come here yet.” Emmett nodded. “Uhh…Jazz?” he asked. I turned towards him and waited. “Do I have to eat with her again?” He asked morosely.

Rose and I both laughed. I nodded “She might do better if you do. At least order something, but ask her. Last night she told me it was painful for her to eat because she doesn’t want to live and eatin’ just keeps her alive longer. So you decide.” I said with sadness and the room was engulfed in anger and sadness again. With that I turned to leave for school.

I told the school that my college realized that I was short a gym credit and that I needed that to go back. It was stupid but things like that work. I couldn’t find a way that would require me to go to school for the whole day since I graduated, so Rose broke into the records at Forks’ high to show the deficit of the one class. I made sure Mrs. Cope scheduled me in Bella’s class telling her it was the best time of day for me. Coincidently it was just after lunch so I figured I’d spend lunch with Bella and then go to class. So she’d see me for two hours. I hoped that was enough.

Mrs. Cope apologized for them overlooking this while scheduling my classes but I told not to worry, I would enjoy seeing some old friends. She was appeased and sent me on my way. I still had about a half an hour before lunch so I wandered through the halls and searched for the classroom Bella was in. I found her scent and traced her to English. I was glad to be able to wait for her when class got out. I was sure this was going to cause gossip. I just hope it doesn’t cause Bella any harassment. I looked through the door and she sat stoically facing the front of the room just blank as can be. I sighed. I hoped that was just for the benefit of being in class.

I watched her because I couldn’t feel her. When the bell rang she gathered her things slowly. She knew I was going to be here for lunch but apparently she wasn’t in a hurry. I waited. Everyone that came out the door expressed surprise and curiosity when they saw me. I leaned up against the wall across from the door with my leg bent resting on the wall and my arms crossed. I didn’t acknowledge anyone. I just waited.

Bella was the last one out of the room, shuffling forward looking at her feet. “Gotta keep ‘em waitin’ huh Darlin’?” I asked with a chuckle. Her head snapped up and her eyes flicked to life. I sighed internally. She is better when I’m around. I walked towards her and smiled. I held my hand out for her to take. She looked at it briefly before she took it. I reached with my other hand for her books, after all I am a gentleman. We walked hand in hand to her locker to deposit her books before going to lunch.

People stared incredulously at us but Bella kept her head down and I guided her. We entered the cafeteria and a hush came over the majority of people in there. I rolled my eyes. The curiosity was strong in this room. Of course it would be. I know Bella hates attention but she wasn’t even acknowledging it. I even noticed some strong anger coming from a few of the guys in the room but I ignored it. Of course they’re mad. I’m ‘related’ to Fuckward and he broke her.

I’m sure there was a similar reaction when Emmett dropped her off this morning and will be a similar one when he picks her up. I’m not going to worry about that. The only thing I care about it is this broken woman in front of me. We went through the lunch line and she got a couple of tacos. I got the same. We didn’t speak. I bought her lunch and we sat at a table by ourselves. Once we were comfortable I decided to start the conversation rolling.

“So how’s your day so far Darlin’?” I asked. It seemed like a safe topic. I tried to ignore the emotions in the room and just focus on Bella. “Ok.” She whispered she wasn’t eating just staring at her plate. “Did you have a good mornin’ with Charlie?” I prompted for her to tell me something specific about her day. She nodded. “Bella” I said in a low chastising tone. She looked up at me. Her eyes big and pleading. She was showing emotion, even though she wasn’t happy she was showing it. “You’re gonna need to eat Darlin’ and I’d appreciate it if I wasn’t havin’ lunch with a mute.” I said with a smile.

She looked down at her plate and picked up a taco. She took a small bite. I smiled at her. “Now tell me how your mornin’ went with Charlie and Emmett.” I asked her. She chewed slowly staring at me the whole time and it was my turn to give her a pleading look. I knew what she was asking. I so did not want to eat a taco. I was starting to feel like a bulimic vampire. “Please Bella not today?” I pleaded with her. I really wanted to send her the revulsion I was feeling but I didn’t figure that would help with her appetite. She nodded and put her taco down. Shit. “Come on Darlin’ just eat one taco, you need to be able to do this on your own.” She looked down at it and shook her head.

I groaned knowing what I was about to do. I picked up the taco and brought it to my lips. “You’re worth it.” I said looking towards her and took a big bite. I swallowed it whole because really I don’t need to keep it in my mouth any longer than necessary. She looked up at my words and watched me choke the taco down. I nodded towards her own plate. And she picked the taco back up. I was so busy watching her nibble on the taco, waiting for her to eat as much as I had that I didn’t notice the anger creeping up on me.

Bella looked up at something behind me and I smelled him and felt him just in time to dodge the tray he threw at me. Bella wasn’t so lucky. I dodge the tray and it flew straight into her face, hitting her hard. I heard the cartilage in her nose break and immediately quit breathing. I knew there was going to be blood. She flew back in her chair and landed on the ground. I jumped up and raced over to her at human speed, knocking Mike fucking Newton down in the process. “Bella!?! Are you ok?” asking her. ‘Well that’s a stupid question huh…she’s got a fucking broken nose.’ I think to myself.

Mike raced over after picking himself up off the floor. I had picked Bella up and placed her back in her chair. He was scared and still angry. “Bella? Bella? Oh My God, I’m so sorry!” He was almost hysterical. I knew Bella fainted at the sight of blood. “Keep lookin’ at me Darlin’, don’t look down.” I told her. I kept my eyes on her and ignored Mike. I reached for the napkins on Bella’s tray when Mike grabbed them and started pushing them on her face. “I’m sorry! I’m so sorry Bella!” He was saying loudly and Bella winced at the pressure. I grabbed the napkins and pushed him away. “Get out of here you’ve done enough!” I said menacingly.

I dabbed at her face gently with the napkins while keeping eye contact. She was shaking slightly and panting. I’m not sure why. Probably the adrenaline and trying not to pass out. “This is all YOUR FUCKING FAULT!” Mike began to yell at me. I ignored him. I couldn’t hurt him like I wanted. I really needed to take care of Bella and I was trying not to breathe while doing this. Arguing with him was not an option and killing him unfortunately wasn’t either.

Pretty soon the Principal Dekker came in someone had called him. “What is going on here?” He asked. I was still trying to clean Bella up. There was a lot of blood and she was still bleeding. I didn’t say anything and neither did Bella. A female behind me said “Mike threw a tray at Jasper and it hit Bella.” I just nodded my head in agreement without ever looking away. “Is that right?” Mr. Dekker asked. I assume he looked at Mike because Mike’s fear spiked.

“Yes, sir” Mike answered. “Very well come with me. Mr. Hale bring Miss Swan to the nurse.” He said with authority. “Yes, sir” I answered. “One second Bella.” I held my finger up. She nodded slightly and winced. God I want to kill that punk! I looked over and grabbed the napkins off my tray and held them to her face. “Don’t look down, Darlin’. Just look straight ahead and hold these to your nose.” She took them and placed them on her nose and I led her to the nurse’s office.

So much for a taking a simple class and having lunch with Bella. Who knew that would be difficult? When we got to the nurse’s office I excused myself to call Emmett and get some fresh air. I let Emmett know what happened and that he needed to come and pick Bella up from school. Right after I left I heard her let the nurse know she faints at the sight of blood as she passed out. I would have laughed had I not been so pissed. I was told by Mrs. Cope to go to my class and let her know Emmett was on his way to get her.

I was a few minutes late to gym class but Coach Clapp said nothing as I walked in and handed him the form he needed to sign. The gossip was flying. There were people guessing I came back to steal Bella from Fuckward. People talking about the obvious broken nose she had. People talking about her dating or sleeping with me and Emmett since they had seen him drop her off this morning. I just shook my head. Gossip was everywhere and it was only getting worse because now I was going to fight Mike Newton for her. He was in this gym class and that was a bad place for him to be right now.

Luckily for him he was in the Principal’s office and got suspended for 3 days. So I wouldn’t see him again until Friday. Unless I showed up at his house which I was seriously contemplating. I got through the gym class because I had no choice and left the school. I know I was supposed to go home and be with Rose but I had to stop by and check on Bella. I wouldn’t stay long I promised myself. Emmett needed time to reconnect with her too.

As I was leaving the school I heard more gossip about Bella being picked up by Emmett. That they were definitely dating because he gave her his shirt to wear home. Damn, I didn’t even think to tell him to bring a change of clothes for her. I should have she was covered in blood. And the Chief is not going to be happy about this one. I listened to how the girls were going nuts over a shirtless Emmett and couldn’t help but feel a bit envious. I could have given Bella my shirt. But I didn’t. I know my scars aren’t easily seen by humans but they are there and I would have been self-conscious to walk around the school without a shirt. I knew they probably wouldn’t see them but under the right light and close enough they can be seen.

I sighed and made my way to Bella’s house. I knew she was going to be in pain. I also knew it was going be a bit more difficult to be around her but she should have stopped bleeding by now and Emmett was the only other one there. Well I thought he’d be the only other one there. As I was coming down the street I noticed the Chief’s cruiser in the driveway. The school probably called him. I knocked and Emmett answered the door.

“What are you doin’ here bro?” He asked me. I looked at him like he was nuts. I was here to check on Bella of course. “I’m here to make sure she’s ok.” I stated. He nodded and backed away to let me in. “Did the school call Charlie I asked?” He just nodded. “They’re in her room right now. She’s pretty banged up dude. They wanted her to go to the hospital to get checked but she refused. I had to give her my shirt when I went to pick her up because she kept passin’ out.” He chuckled a little at that but he was feeling far from humorous. He was worried, upset, and mad. “How could you let this happen, dude?” He asked me.

“Let it happen? I know I know but I also knew I couldn’t move too fast I was in a room full of humans Em. I heard the tray comin’ at me and I could feel the anger so I knew somethin’ was bein’ thrown but I wasn’t sure what. I turned just in time to dodge it. I honestly thought about catchin’ it and wingin’ it back at him but I didn’t. It just didn’t occur to me that my dodge was going to leave Bella wide open. I’m sorry. The bastard threw it but I could’a stopped it. And I didn’t.” I hung my hung and let Emmett feel my remorse. He slapped me on the back. “It’s done now dude. I know it was an accident of sorts. It was meant for you and it wouldn’t have hurt you but Bella’s luck struck again.” He said with a wry smile.

I smiled tentatively back at him. As Charlie made his way down stairs. “Is she ok?” I asked, having fully heard their conversation. Charlie was trying to get Bella to press charges, but she was refusing on the basis that it was an accident. He nodded as he finished his decent down the stairs. “Yeah, she’s ok. Won’t press charges against Newton though. Keeps saying it was an accident.” He said morosely. I chuckled. “Well it was an accident Charlie. The tray was meant for the back of my head. I just happen’ to turn around when Bella looked at Mike to see what she was lookin’ at. I saw the tray flyin’ and barely dodged it. Didn’t think about where it was goin’ once it was passed me. I’m sorry.” I sighed. “Look kid it ain’t your fault. It’s that little punk Newton and he better hope he doesn’t step a toe out of line for a long time.” He said seriously. He was angry.

I can’t say that I blame him for being angry but the threat against Newton was amusing. I smirked at his statement and he returned it. “Well I just came by to make sure she was ok. I know she was planning on spending the afternoon with Emmett.” I shrugged it was starting to get a bit awkward. “Well why don’t you go say hello and then you can leave or stay which ever she prefers.” Charlie said and then I felt his emotions shift. He was sad and grateful. “Jasper, you’ve started to bring my little girl back to life, I don’t know how I can thank you for that. I really wanted to blame your whole family for leaving and causing this, but you came back and she is improving. Thank you.” He put his hand on my shoulder and squeezed. I nodded at him. “You’re welcome, Sir. Honestly we didn’ know this would happen. We would have stayed in contact if we did.” He nodded his head and his sadness increased.

I’m guessing he was thinking about the months that had gone by as Bella was wasting away. “Jasper, Emmett you’re both welcome to come for dinner tonight. Your sister’s with you too right?” He asked me. I nodded “Yeah Rosalie is here too. She and Emmett are gonna to stay with me this semester while I get my missed high school credit. Carlisle and Esme didn’ want me stayin’ in Forks by myself.” I fed Charlie the story we had come up with. He just bobbed his head a bit. “Well you’re all welcome to come over anytime and I really appreciate you helping Bella. I’m sorry the house isn’t bigger or I’d say you kids could just stay with me. Please let your parents know I’m keeping an eye on ya as well.” Emmett and I both smiled at that. “Thanks Charlie.” I said.

“Hey does that mean I can call you dad?” Emmett asked with a grin. He was feeling excited and a bit mischievous. I laughed at that one and so did Charlie. “Sure son, I wouldn’t mind it at all. You too Jasper. I always wanted a boy, don’t get me wrong I love Bella completely but you know a man always wants to have the son to wrestle with, throw a football with, take fishing, that kind of stuff. Man stuff.” He said gruffly at end and we all chuckled. “Thanks Charlie…err Dad.” I said with a smile. He beamed back and was proud. That really tore at my heart. He was proud to have us call him dad. I would have to share that with Emmett later.

“Well I need to get back to work kids. Take care of my girl and I’ll be seeing you all for dinner, right?” he asked. I cut in before Emmett could say anything. “Actually Rosalie and I had plans to catch up and she was making dinner for me and her but Emmett was planning on staying.” I said with a smirk. I saw Emmett tense out of the corner of my eye and smiled wider. He was upset but resigned. “Yes, I would like to join you and Bella for dinner…Dad.” He tacked the dad on the end and beamed at Charlie though his emotions said he was not thrilled about it. I chuckled under my breath.

“Well I’ll see you kids later.” He slapped us both on the back as he walked out and we hollered “Bye Dad!” we said in unison, chuckling. “I’m going to go see Bella real quick and then I think I’m going to go shopping.” Emmett nodded as I walked up the stairs. “Hey what do you need to go shopping for bro?” He asked. As I walked down the hall to Bella’s room I answered “Sporting goods”.

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Leave me some love, ask me some questions, smile, frown, acknowledge that you have read this story! Love you all who have given great feedback. Hope you enjoyed this chapter. Let me know what you think should happen at the sporting goods store too.

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