Saving Bella Chapter 7

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Saving Bella: Chapter 7


Last time in Chapter 6:

I wasn’t giving her all day to think this through. After a minute I prompted her. “Bella?” “Yes, I guess they can meet us there, just for the movie, and you call them.” I was taken aback. She spoke, she set conditions and she made a demand. Even without inflection in her voice the sound still made me happy. I pulled my phone out. Emmett was going to be ecstatic. I called them. After his boisterous whooping I told them to meet us at the theater in Port Angeles and we could pick out a movie. I also told him, that they were only invited for the movie; otherwise he could come and see her tomorrow.

I hoped he understood what I was trying to tell him. If not I’m sure Rose got it. And hopefully she’d explain it to him. Bella didn’t want to talk.

Now on to Chapter 7:

When I got off the phone with Emmett and Rose, I looked towards Bella. She seemed tense but still mostly blank and closed off. I was glad she agreed to meet Emmett, there would have been no living with him for Rose until tomorrow and I’m sure he would have gotten on my nerves tonight as well. I took Bella’s hand and headed down stairs. Talking was futile at the moment. But I was hoping to show Charlie that she bounced back. I needed him to see that she was better that I didn’t break her even more.

When we got downstairs I looked around the small living room and into the kitchen for him. I listened his heartbeat was in the garage so I led Bella over there. I didn’t ask, didn’t look at her. I don’t know if she knew what I was doing and I didn’t care. Right now I needed to bring her to Charlie and she was following along. I opened the door to the garage and found Charlie at his work bench with fishing tackle spread out all over. I smiled at him and walked over.

He had a look that matched the curiousness he was feeling along with hope. When we got to him I pulled Bella next to me and put my arms around her shoulders. He glanced at me with a quick look that may have been disapproval but his curiosity was strong. He looked down at Bella and his eyes lit up. He could see it too. “Bella would you like to tell your dad what we are doin’?” I asked her looking down at her.

Charlie glanced at me and his hope increased tremendously as he looked back at Bella. The emotions he was giving off right now almost reminded me of Alice if there wasn’t the undercurrent of sadness and anger. Bella look up at him and then over to me back over to him. I could see and feel just how happy he was that she wasn’t looking through him. “We’re going to the movies”. She stated simply. Charlie and I both smiled at her.

He drew her in for a big hug and away from my arm, but I understood. When he let go he continued to hold her at arms length. “That’s wonderful baby! What movie?” he was happy. “Ummm..” she looked up at me and shrugged. I chuckled. “We didn’t really discuss it. I guess we’ll see what’s playin’ when we get there.” I explained to Charlie. “Bella can you tell him who’s goin’ with us?” Charlie looked back at her and his eyes lit up again. “Emmett and Rose” she stated. “When will you guys be back? Will you have dinner out?” Charlie asked.

This time I shrugged and deferred to Bella. I was going to make her say more than eight words to him. I was so glad he asked. She looked between us. I know she was trying to find a way to get out of speaking. I’m not sure why she thought she had to be a mute. We waited. I guess Charlie was used to this game too. Finally she responded. “I think we’ll be back in time for dinner dad”. Charlie looked to me smiling. “Will you and your siblings be joining us for dinner Jasper?” He sounded almost hopeful that I was going to be around. I looked down at Bella.

Wonders will never cease. She found a way to communicate with me without using her voice or her facial expressions. She let me feel her anticipation and longing. I smiled at her and looked but up at Charlie “I will be joining you for dinner but Emmett and Rose probably need some time to get settled and Rose will take care of Emmett”. I felt her gratefulness. She was communicating. Just not in a way I ever expected.

I still wanted her to explain how she could that on and off like that. She’s human; she shouldn’t be able to do that. She closed the emotion door once her point had been made and I just shook my slightly. Charlie still held on to her shoulders. “I’ll see you guys later then, I think I’ll order pizza for dinner. What do you like on your pizza Jasper?” I knew I wasn’t going to get out of this one. “Anythin’s fine, Sir”. Bella shot me amusement quickly. I looked at her. You’d never know she was amused by looking at her but she was feeling it and she was opening up to me slowly.

“Be careful kids.” Charlie stated. I looked to Bella to respond. She nodded her head at him. I shook my head at her. She knew I wanted her to respond verbally. “Ok Dad” she said after a short hesitation. He was definitely curious now. I smiled at him and he returned it I reached out and grabbed Bella’s hand and led her back into the house to get our coats.

I helped her into the truck and got in behind the wheel. I started off down the road driving the speed limit. I was going to take this time to try to talk to her. Unfortunately I didn’t know how to say this without sounding condescending but I said it anyway. “You did really great in there Bella. I’m proud of you. Charlie was very happy with your responses.” She nodded and that was fine.

“Now Bella you know when we get to the theater I expect you to talk to Rose and Em too.” I drawled out. Trying to use every ounce of persuasion I knew how. “I know” she replied. “Is there an’thin else you wanna talk about before we get there?” I asked hoping she would take the lead. She shook her head no. Well Rome wasn’t built in a day I guess. “Bella, can I ask you some questions? Will you answer?”

After another long hesitation she answered “Jasper, you can ask, I don’t know if I’ll answer.” “Fair enough, Darlin’. I was wonderin’ about several things though, would ya like me to just ask one by one or all at once and you can pick what ya want to talk about?” I figured giving her a choice might ensure longer conversations.

“I guess ask all at once and I’ll answer what I want to.” She responded. I think other than yelling at me that’s the most I’ve heard her talk since I’ve been back. “Ok, Well as you know I want to know what happened between you and HIM, but I understand that’s a no go topic right now. I also want to know about your relationship with Jacob, since your dad said he’s been the only one allowed to hug you? I’m also wonderin’ about school? I want to know your thoughts about things I told you earlier when I said Rose and Emmett were comin’ back and you yelled at me? I wanna talk to ya about the coffee shop incident yesterday too. Is that enough? If not I can keep goin’?” I chucked at the end.

She looked straight ahead and knowing her delayed thought process as of late, I pulled the truck over to the side of the road. She sent me a burst of curiosity and then cut it off. “Oh and I wanna know how you control your emotions like that too.” I smirked at her. I wasn’t going to answer if she didn’t ask. I sat staring at her and she sat staring out the window.

“What are you doing?” she finally asked never looking at me. Anything to avoid answering was my guess. I smirked at her and cocked an eyebrow “I think you know”. “Fine, but I have a question first.” She responded. I can’t believe this is the same Bella. She dead to the world but when she speaks she is strong. Maybe that’s what she’s doing while she’s hiding out on the inside, getting stronger? Does that happen? “What?” I asked curiously.

She looked over at me and her eyes held a bit more spark. If I wasn’t a vampire with excellent eyesight myself I wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference but it was there. “What did you mean you were wondering about school?” Ahh a conversation is ahead. “Well frankly Darlin’ I don’t want to leave you all day while you are at school but technically I already grad’ated an do did Em an Rose, now I had an idea but your gonna have to let me know what you want.” I was learning her game. She was going to have to ask if she wanted me to go on. “K?” she said. I shook my head at her. Not good enough.

“Why can’t I go to school by myself, I’ve been doing it for months” she still had no feeling in her voice. I knew she had to be angry about that one, but I couldn’t tell. “Well because you try harder when I’m around. Therefore I wanna be around.” Tears welled up in her eyes. “Jasper quit trying, it doesn’t matter, go home, be with your family”. Her voice was shaky and it broke on the last word. Shit! Fix it! Fix it! My brain was yelling at me. I couldn’t have her showing up to the theater in tears. Emmett would kill me.

“Bella? Bella, please don’t cry. I am home. I told you I’m not leavin’. I know you don’t believe me but there’s no way I can prove it to you, other than to stay by your side.” Shit I was going to do this now. And it’s only been 2 days. “Bella, I like you, ok? I know it’s soon and I just broke up with Alice and you just well…you’re goin’ through your own shit. Just please don’t send me away. I don’t want to go. I was forced to leave here once and ruined my family and my marriage. If I have to leave again, I have nothin’ left and neither do you.” I don’t know what I just said. Oh MY God! Did I just spew forth that shit? It’s all true but did I just blame her? WTF!?! SHIT!

I did the only thing I could think of. I scooted over to her, got down on my knees on the floor board in front of her and laid my head in lap and cried. I dry sobbed and pleaded “Don’t make me go, Please?” I have cried more today in front of this woman than I have in my entire existence! I felt her hand run through my hair and I looked up at her. She kept her hand tangled in my hair and her eyes were full of tears. Her cheeks stained with the old ones. I reached up one of my hands and wiped away her tears as I composed myself.

“Bella, we never should have left, it was my fault that we did. I don’t blame you for anythin’ and Darlin’ I’m sorry I keep fallin’ apart on ya.” I tried to smile at the end. I think it worked. “It’s my turn to talk for a minute Darlin’ what I just said was all true. You became a part of our family and we left because HE told us to, we did with reservation. I know you think we just up and moved but that isn’t how it happened. We fought, all of us. And frankly the only one who wanted to leave was the asshole. We did it for HIM because you were HIS girlfriend. HE didn’t want you to be in our world Bella. We are dangerous creatures. I’m especially dangerous when I’m in a room full of bloodthirsty vampires. But HE loves you, HE loved you enough to leave you to make you safe. HE doesn’t know I’m here, we’re here. But seeing what our leavin’ has done to you convinces me that I will NEVER leave again! Unless you tell me to.” I added the last sentence quietly but loud enough for her to hear. I looked into her eyes beseeching that she ask me to stay.

“Jasper, that’s a lot of information. I don’t want you to leave. But everything you just told me changes the way I saw things. I’m sure you know that. I need some time to process that stuff. I know you want me to this talkative normal kind of person but I need to take some time for myself now. Is that ok?” I hugged her to me. She wanted me to stay. That’s all I heard. She wanted me to stay! Everything else I could work with. She was going to allow me to be around so I could save her. I smiled tentatively and nodded at her. I would give her time.

She looked at me and it was like flipping a fucking switch. A switch I wish I could figure out how it worked and then break it so it was only one way. SHIT! Her eyes dimmed, her body sagged, her head hung down and she was gone again. FUCK! “FUCK!” I yelled. She didn’t even flinch. How does she do that? Is that normal? I rubbed my face with my hands and raked them through my hair. “Bella?” I said my voice cracked. I was going to lose it again. “Bella, Darlin’? Do you still wanna go to the movie? See Emmett and Rose?” I asked. Please let her answer, please! I waited because that is the usual. My bottom lip was trembling slightly and I felt the venom pool in my eyes though it would never fall.

Five minutes passed. “Bella, I need to know where we should go Darlin’.” I prompted her. She looked up and through me. I grabbed her hands. “Please Baby, answer me” I stared in the empty chocolate orbs. “We can still go.” Was her answer. I nodded and returned to the driver’s seat. I didn’t like that she was so far emotionally, mentally or physically so I did the only thing I could to fix one of those issues. I reached over grabbed her by the waist and slid her across the bench into my side. We drove the rest of the way in silence with my arm around Bella’s shoulder.

I saw Emmett’s jeep when I pulled into the lot and went to find a nearby space. Go figure the 70+ year old man is jumping up and down the space next to his jeep waving us over. I looked over at Bella. Nothing. I sighed. I didn’t know what Emmett’s reaction was going to be but I knew he was going to be heartbroken. I pulled into the ‘suggested’ parking space. And immediately saw Emmett surveying the situation. He gave me a funny look and he was upset, curious, and confused. Rose stepped out of the jeep and joined Emmett. She was feeling nervous and guilty as she looked at us she also became curious.

I turned the truck off and held my finger up towards Em and Rose suggesting they give me a minute. Emmett’s brows furrowed but he didn’t move. I looked down at Bella she was still looking straight ahead. “Bella, I know you know we are here and this all a lot to take in at once. I’m sorry about that Darlin’. Do you want to go greet Emmett and Rose or would you prefer to go straight into the movie and maybe talk to them for a few minutes afterwards?” I honestly felt like I was talking to a child and I didn’t mean to treat her that way. But that seems to be the natural reaction to someone that is mostly comatose.

Emmett became angry as soon as I asked Bella that question but he didn’t know what was going on. He stepped towards the truck and again I held my finger up. He stopped but his anger was growing and so was Rose’s curiosity. I finally grabbed her chin and turned her face towards me. She let me. Blank Bella was still present but I pressed for an answer. “Bella? They are waiting.” And with that I turned her head to look towards Emmett and Rosalie. They saw. They saw that she wasn’t there, that she was looking around them, through them, past them, definitely not at them.

Rose gasped and Emmett growled too low for human ears. Rose grabbed Emmett’s arm either for support or to stop him I’m not sure. I turned her head back towards me and quirked my eyebrow signaling that I was waiting for answer too. “Now is fine” She answered. I hopped out of the truck and turned to lift her out. I didn’t ask. She was pretty much back to being a rag doll. Emmett and Rose came around the back of the truck to where we were standing. I turned Bella to face them. They gaped. I can’t say I blame them; it was seriously like looking at a zombie. And since she’s slept better for the last two nights she actually looks better than when I got here.

They both looked up at me. I nodded towards Bella. No one said anything so I decided to intervene. I stepped in between them. “Bella this is Emmett and this is Rose” I said pointing out the people as I introduced them. I faced Emmett and Rose “Guys, this is Bella.” I introduced with a sad smile. Emmett stepped forward and I moved out of the way. I didn’t know how she was going to react but I could feel his anger, concern, and longing. I’m sure he was going to hug her. “Hey Bells, it’s good to see you again. Thanks for lettin’ us come to movie with you guys.” Emmett tried to sound chipper as he walked up to her and hugged her gently. She didn’t respond.

“Hello Bella, it’s wonderful to see you again.” Rosalie said tentatively and fiddled with her hands in front of her unsure of what to do. I knew this was going to be uncomfortable. But there was no way to stop it. I also knew they needed to see the result of Fuckward’s choices. I looked over to Emmett who had stepped back next to Rose and was getting increasingly uncomfortable and sad.

“Shall we?” is all I said. I didn’t know what to do. This isn’t an everyday kind of situation. We all turned and headed towards the theater. Emmett bought tickets and the rest of us went to the concessions counter. “Bella do ya want anythin’?” I asked. She shook her head no. “What kind of drink do you want Bella?” I asked. She looked up at me but didn’t say anything. Finally I felt a little frustration come from her and then it was gone. I smirked. “A medium cherry coke and a small popcorn, please” I ordered. She was still looking at me and let me feel her frustration again. Rose just watched us.

When the cashier brought us the food I handed it to Bella roughly. She took it almost dropping the drink if I still hadn’t been holding on to it. The four of us headed for the theater and Rose leaned back to quirk an eyebrow at me and a nod towards Bella in question. I smiled. “I thought Emmett would like some popcorn.” I stated as if it was the most normal thing. “What the hell?” Emmett whispered. I chuckled.

“Well Em the way I see it I had to eat eggs for breakfast yesterday, the least you could do is eat popcorn today. Besides I’m gonna have to eat pizza when I get back to her house. “Dude, I understand eating when Charlie is around but it’s just us. Why would I eat popcorn?” I smiled. I hoped this was going to work. We took our seats with Bella between me and Emmett and Rose on the other side of Emmett. I still hadn’t answered Emmett so he knew something was coming. “Bella eat your popcorn.” I stated blandly.

She shook her head. Well so far that is what I expected. I whispered to Emmett to eat a piece so Bella couldn’t hear. He looked at me, but I think he got where I was going with this. He reached over and picked up a piece of popcorn and ate it. I smirked. I picked up a piece of popcorn and held it in front of Bella’s mouth. I waited about 30 seconds before I said “Bella open” and she did. I popped the popcorn in and she chewed and swallowed it. I may have enjoyed watching that a bit too much. I picked up another piece and held it in front of her. She shook her head.

This time, Emmett without prompting picked up another piece of popcorn and popped it in his mouth. Bella opened her mouth and I deposited the kernel on her tongue. I smirked over at Emmett who sat there dumbfounded and Rosalie was chuckling silently. I picked up another piece and held it in front of her. She stared straight ahead. Emmett gave me a pleading look; I chuckled and shook my head. I knew Bella was playing him to a point but she needed to eat. He ate another piece and Bella opened her mouth.

After feeding her about 30 individual pieces throughout the movie while Emmett also ate exactly 30 pieces, it was quite clear none of us were watching the movie. I had moved to kneel before Bella whose stare was fixed on me or through me but here eyes had become slightly more focused. I was gently placing each kernel in her mouth and never got tired of having my fingers near her mouth, watching her lips close, her mouth move as she chewed and then her throat convulse with each swallow. I could do this all day. Emmett was watching me and Bella and Rose was cracking up every time Emmett ate a piece of popcorn. He was just swallowing them whole. Bella was eating diligently and had voluntarily taken a couple sips of her pop never breaking our eye connection.

This whole situation is reminiscent of the egg situation yesterday. I wonder what she thinks about, while we are doing this. I can’t say I kept count how much popcorn I fed Bella because I was more interested in the visual than the actual pieces. Emmett probably knows exactly how many pieces he ate though. I chuckled internally at all the popcorn he ate. We left when the lights came on and there were only a few sparse pieces of popcorn at the bottom of the bag.

We were headed out of the theater and I was leading Bella by the hand when Emmett grabbed me by the arm and stopped me. “Dude can I talk to you for a minute?” I looked at Bella. She was staring at the floor. “Bella will you be ok with Rose if I go to the restroom with Emmett. I’m sure he ate somethin’ that didn’t agree with him.” I said with a chuckle. Rose laughed and Emmett glared at me. Bella looked up, her eyes sparked again. She was on her way back. It seems that each time it was a bit easier to get her back. “I’ll be fine” she stated. I stuck my hand in my pants pocket and pulled out the truck keys. “Here you guys can go hang out in the truck.” I handed her my keys. She nodded and walked off for the truck. Rose looked at me questioningly, her emotions revealing her anxiety and nervousness at being alone with Bella.

“You can try to talk to her but don’t bring up anythin’ significant.” I said. She nodded to and followed after Bella. It was twilight out and the parking lot was getting dark. Briefly I worried about Bella being out there. But she’s with Rose and I knew she’d be safe.

I turned towards Emmett. “Well?” He walked away from me with a disgusted look on his face and headed for the men’s room. I chuckled and followed. I’m sure he wanted more than just an audience while he got rid of his popcorn. When he was done he turned to me and said “This is fucked up Dude!” I smirked at him “Which part?” I asked. “All of it. I just ate popcorn so Bella would eat popcorn. She looks horrible Dude. What the HELL happened to her?” He asked exasperated. “Emmett I told you last night, did you think I was making it up?” I gave him a pointed ‘I told you so’ look.

“Well I guess I thought you were exaggerating, man. I just didn’t think someone could be like that. She didn’t even say ‘hi’ or hug me back” He stated feeling as defeated as he sounded. I slapped him on the back. “Man, you can’t let it git to you. She does better when you have expectations, when you demand something from her. Everyone else around her has been lettin’ her just be and that wasn’t workin’. I push her, I demand things from her and I force feed her.” I looked at him to know how serious I was.

“This is all entirely HIS fault, Em, he doesn’t know that he broke her, but he left her without a second glance back to make sure she was ok. She was found in the forest after having been out in the rain for 11 hours by herself. She was nearly catatonic then. She’s not much better now. But Em she’s better now than when I got here two days ago. If you can believe that! Charlie has let me into his home. He sees that I’m makin’ her better. I’m havin’ dinner with them tonight and then I’ll come home so we can come up with a game plan. I need to hunt though and I have to go back to help them sleep. She looks so much better after two nights of sleep, its unreal.” I said. If Emmett could pale I think he just may have.

“She looked worse?” He asked. I sighed. “I told you this Emmett the circles under eyes now are nothing compared to what they were two nights ago. She has nightmares frequently.” He was still defeated and angry “I can stay with her while you hunt.” He offered. “Em, if it’s ok with her that’s fine. But I help them sleep. I know you want to help too but I have to be there for the sleeping portion.” I stated. “You help Charlie too?” He asked curious. I just nodded.

Just then I felt anger and fear and lots of it. I looked at Emmett who didn’t know. I took off running at a fast human speed looking for what was going. I heard Emmett call to and then he caught up “What’s up?” he asked. I couldn’t hear anything but I could definitely feel it. “Fear and Anger, lots of it.” I replied. We got to the parking lot and it was coming from where our cars were parked. Yeah this was my nightmare. I never expected what I saw happening.

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