Saving Bella Chapter 6

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Saving Bella: Chapter 6


Last time in Chapter 5

She didn’t react. She didn’t speak, she didn’t hug me back. It was like holding a warm rag doll. But I just couldn’t let her go. Then I heard them pull up into the driveway.

This can’t be happening I thought internally. I couldn’t control the sobs I didn’t even want to try. I only knew I couldn’t project my sadness onto Bella because she was already too broken. So I kept it to myself. I couldn’t get control of it internally but I could keep from sending it out.

“Bella company!” Charlie called upstairs. I knew it was time to face the music.

Now on to Chapter 6:

I was surprised when Bella reacted almost instantly. Did she know who was here? Was she expecting them? Charlie said her friends never came around anymore. She squirmed to get out of my hold which I let her do. I gaped at her. Her eyes still vacant and she never gave me a second glance as she grabbed a sweater and made her way downstairs.

Should I go down? I knew who was down there. I could smell them. “Bella? Oh no honey what happened?” Charlie was asking her with concern. Confusion, anger, sadness radiating off of him. The other two in the room were just plain angry. “What do you mean Charlie?” one of them with a deep baritone voice asked. “she’s looks the same as she always does”. He was confused but he was angry, he knew I was upstairs. I decided I needed to go down. It would be weird for me to stay up here.

I slowly moved to the door and heard Charlie explain to the others “she was better this morning, she went out last night with Jasper, Jasper? Hey Jasper come down here!” Charlie called. I was already on the stairs when he called. I looked up to see the two men standing next to him. The slightly smaller one had Bella in his arms. I bit back a growl. I needed to not do that here. But he needed to let go of her.

“Jasper I’d like you to meet Sam” he pointed to a large dark skinned man “and Jake” he pointed to the dark skinned boy holding Bella. Werewolves. I could smell them a mile away, literally.

I nodded towards each but no one offered hands and Charlie gave us all a quizzical look. He looked back at Bella with sad eyes. She was just standing there while Jake had his arms wrapped around her. She didn’t return the embrace, she didn’t look at him, and she didn’t say anything. “What happened Jasper?” He asked me. Everyone looked to me for an answer.

I looked at Bella willing her out of this catatonic state as I spoke. “We were talkin’ and uhh….well I was just tryin’ to ‘splain to her how our leavin’ affected everyone in the family. I also may’ve mentioned that Emmett and Rosalie were on their way to visit.” I looked up at Charlie with sad eyes. I really wanted to cry again. I can’t believe this is happening and in front of these mongrels!

“So what you’re family is back? They are all coming back now?” Sam asked with hatred. “Do you have any idea what you pe-ople have done? Do you know the lives you have wrecked around here? Do you know what she’s been through? Do you know that I found her on the forest floor after being out in the rain for 11 HOURS! Do you? Huh you little shit?” He was pretty much yelling by the time he was done and his hands were shaking. My eyes never left Bella as he yelled at me. I can’t say that I blame him either.

Jacob’s arms were also shaking and I heard him grind his teeth. He still had Bella in his arms and that was not a good thing. I reached out for her and he turned her away from me with his body. I looked back at Sam and then at Charlie who obviously didn’t know the whole issue here. I looked back at Sam and nodded my head towards Jacob. I reached my hand out again. Trying to make Sam understand that Jacob needed to let her go. He wasn’t safe and I knew that.

“Jake man let her go, he’s not gonna hurt her with us standing here. Are you Jas-per?” He spit out my name. I just shook my head no. I reached for Bella and gently pulled her by the shoulders from Jacob’s grasp. His arms began to vibrate anymore and Charlie was definitely concerned. Jacob took a step back and a deep breath to calm himself down. I looked to Sam. “I’m sorry, we all are.” I mumbled as I drew Bella into my icy embrace.

I had to have her in my arms. Charlie, looked at me with anger, I can only assume it’s because we were passing Bella around like a can of beer at a barbeque. Of course it could be because she back to the way she was before I came. No one spoke. Everyone had a look of anger except Bella and I, she was blank and I was sad. I didn’t care that anyone knew it. I knew she was getting better and I made it worse.

I didn’t have anything to say so I just stood there holding Bella. She didn’t seem to care who had her or even if someone did. I pulled her closer rested her head on my chest and my chin on top of her head. And I waited. Why were these guys here anyway?

Almost as if he could read my mind, I scoffed internally at that thought; Charlie spoke up “Sam comes by weekly to check on Bella since he found her.” He told me solemnly. I nodded my head once in acknowledgement of the statement. I knew I needed to say something they were all looking at me.

I looked Sam in the eye “Thank you. Thank you for saving her. I do not condone what my bro-ther did. I don’t know what HE said to her and none of us knew that HE left her in the woods. I found out two days ago when I returned and Charlie had told me all the horror that has happened since we left.” I projected sincerity to everyone lightly. Bella would know that I was doing it the other would hopefully believe they felt it coming from my words. I wasn’t sure if the wolves knew of my gift.

Sam nodded his head curtly. Acknowledging that I as far as he knew I wasn’t responsible for Bella’s state. Though I knew the real story. He looked over at Jacob who managed to calm himself down but looked at me and projected nothing but utter loathing and hatred. “Jake let’s go”. He turned and headed for the door not watching to see if Jacob followed. He did.

Charlie followed them and let them out. I knew he was going to be mad I could feel his anger building along with his sadness. He was going back to how he felt the first day I came. Shit! I fucked this entire situation up! They’ve eaten and they’ve rested I reminded myself. I helped them to take care of some of the basics. Maybe I should just go. I’m making things worse now.

Fuckward had a point, our world is not for Bella. It’s not my job to pick up the pieces he left behind. Bella should be able to get over him without my interference. He told us it was for her own good that we left. He never truly stopped loving her. He was trying to save her. Save her from us and herself. Maybe I should call him. I should leave here and go call him. He can come and fix this shit if he wants to. He shouldn’t have ever brought her home. I’m the reason he left. It was my lack of control that started all of this off. I shouldn’t be here.

Of course it’s hard to control yourself in a room full of blood thirsty vampires, when you can feel all of their thirst. Shit I was ravenous, I felt like I hadn’t had a drop in years and her blood was going save me. I don’t need to think about this, again. I need to go. She’ll be better off without me. “Jasper” Charlie brought me out of my thoughts. I looked at him and he was sad. The anger has dissipated and he’s just sad without hope. I waited to see if he was going to ask me to leave. I couldn’t blame him if he did.

“Jasper, I don’t know what happened up there. But what I do know is that she was better just an hour ago. She’s letting you hug her and that’s still progress. Other than Jake, no one has been able to get that close. Including me.” he looked down. “Please, if you think you can help at all, if you can bring her back, please.” He whispered the last word, with a heavy sigh. I looked down at the angel in my arms. Her eyes were open and nothing changed. His words broke my icy heart but she didn’t even acknowledge them.

I just promised her upstairs that ‘I will try to make it up to you every day from now on if you’ll let me. You can use and abuse me how ever you want and I’ll never complain.’ If I leave and go call Fuckward I’ll be breaking that promise only an hour after I made it. I can’t call him! What was I thinking? If he showed up here Charlie would try to kill him and Bella may regress so far she’ll never make it back. I can’t do that to her. I nodded at him. “I’ll try”. It was all I could say. He didn’t know the full extent of the story. He didn’t know he has a vampire holding his daughter and he didn’t know the two men that just left were werewolves. And he couldn’t know any of this.

“Come on Bella, let’s go back up stairs.” I backed away from her and loosened my hold. She turned and walked up the stairs to room without so much as a backwards glance to me or Charlie. She could hear everything that was being said. She just chose not to react to it most of the time. I followed her silently up. When I reached her room she was back to laying on her bed face up blankly staring at the ceiling.

This is so much like two days ago when I first saw her. Only this time I’m not going to screw up like I did that day. I’ve already screwed up too much today. I went and laid down next to her on the purple quilt facing her. I didn’t know what to do. What to say. I just wanted to hold her and kiss her and make it all go away. Could I do that? Would that work? I sighed. That would be taking advantage of her in her current condition she’s hardly capable of consenting to anything. I need to put my hormones on the back burner here. Do vampires have hormones?

“Bella, Emmett and Rose are gonna to be here in about an hour now. Should I send them away or not?” I knew I had to ask it in a way that required her to answer. Glad I was still thinking on my toes here. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and set it on her stomach. “Bella, Emmett is really ‘sited to be comin’ for a visit. I can’t be the one to tell him you don’t wanna see him. So if the answer is no you don’t wanna see him then please call him yourself.” I looked from her to phone and rolled onto my back too. It was only a full size bed and it was cozy but we both fit. And again I waited.

About 10 minutes later Bella had made a decision. She picked the phone up and scrolled through the contacts finding Emmett’s number. I had turned my head to watch her. She still had the vacant look in her eyes. How she saw Emmett’s number is beyond me it looked like she was looking through the phone not at it. She held the phone out towards me while she remained looking ahead. I just looked at it. I wasn’t going to do this for her. If she wanted it done she had to do it.

She waited patiently for a minute until she realized I was never going to take the phone from her. “Not right now. Later.” She said in that same monotone hollow voice. Her hand still extended towards me with the phone. “How much later, Bella?” I still wasn’t going to take that phone from her. “Tomorrow”. She responded with only a few seconds of hesitation. That was progress. “uh-nuh, you do it” I told her. I was smirking internally, externally I was staring at the side of her head should she turn it to check for seriousness.

She brought the phone back in front of her and looked at it. “At this point Bella they could show up at any minute.” I drawled out. Almost enjoying her conundrum. She swung her arm back at me “Please?” she asked. She still wasn’t looking at me and I rather enjoyed making her react. She turned her head to look at me after another minute of holding the phone out to me. There was life in there again. My brain was doing a happy dance while my body sat stoically not betraying me. “Jasper, Please” she moved the phone in front of me. Her expression was still flat and I wasn’t going to give in. As far as I was concerned she was upset and nervous but she wasn’t a rag doll.

“Bella, just call ‘em and tell ‘em you don’t wanna see ‘em today and that they can come over tomorrow.” I told her again emphasizing my southern accent. After all I knew women liked it and I was trying to manipulate the situation. I decided to send her a boost of confidence to help her make the call. She looked at me when she felt it but didn’t move to make the call. I raised an eyebrow at her.

“I’ll explain if you make the call.” She stated. Even better now she was trying to bargain with me. “Why don’t you wanna make the call?” I asked honestly curious. I know she has something to tell me but I’m a patient man, I can wait until she finds another time to tell me. “Bella you can try to make all the deals in the world but I’m not makin’ that call.” I finally said. She truly was running out of time. Just then the phone vibrated with an incoming text.

Alice: They’ll b there in 7 min. Just mk the call Jazz.

Bella checked it first then showed me. Trying to hand the phone off to me. I smirked and shook my head. Bella shoved the phone at me and I just pushed her hand away. “She told you to Jasper”. She stated. I smirked again. “She’s not my mother Bella and she’s not even my wife anymore. You want it done you do it yourself. Otherwise let’s go downstairs to wait for them”. I sat up and swung my legs off the bed.

Bella looked at me. The spark in her eyes flared and she was angry now. I knew it. I don’t know how I knew but I just did. She was mad at me and that’s fine. I’m sure this is what Alice wanted anyway, she knew I wasn’t going to make that call just because she said to.

I stood up. “Shall we?” I asked as I reached my hand towards her. She looked back down at the phone and pressed send. I sighed and sat back down. “Yo Bro! What’s up?” I heard Em bellow through the phone. “Jasper? Helllooo?” Bella held the phone away from her ear because yeah Emmett is just that loud. “I know it’s you. Listen we are almost there. Should we go to Bella or the house?” I raised my eyebrow at her and nodded towards the phone, silently telling her to answer him.

“Emmett.” She said timidly. “Bella!” He yelled. “Bella, I’m on my way lil sis. Are you home? Where’s Jasper?” He was excited. No one could miss that in his voice. “Emmett.” Bella stated again in the same tone. “Bella?” He asked in a wondering voice “Is everything ok? Where’s Jasper?” Bella looked up at me with pleading eyes. Thank God she’s coming back. There’s emotion in them. “I’m here Em” I stated still looking her in the eye.

“What’s going on? Is something wrong? We’re almost there; we’re about a half hour out right now.” I smiled 7 minutes my ass. She lied to speed up the standoff. Thank you Alice. Bella’s body relaxed a bit. I knew the eminent threat of Emmett was stressing her but it had to be done. “Hello? Guys, what’s going on you’re really scaring me.” Emmett was serious now. I nodded towards the phone for Bella to talk. I still wasn’t going to get her out of this.

“Emmett can you come over tomorrow instead?” she asked flatly. I was just happy she was talking I almost didn’t care that there was no inflection in her voice. That her eyes didn’t still have a hollow quality to them. She was moving back in and I just needed to keep that door open with a one way sign pointing out. “Ummm…sure no problem Bells. Do you have school tomorrow?” I didn’t even think of that. She was going to have to go to school. And I couldn’t go back with her. None of us here could we had all already graduated.

I needed a plan. I couldn’t leave her at school for hours, alone. She could regress so quickly. I needed to be there with her. But how? “yes” she whispered. “Ok. I’ll see you after school then. Jasper you still there?” he sounded like someone just boiled his puppy in oil. “Yeah, I’m here Em. Thanks. You can just go to the house. I’ll be by later. Unless Bella wants me to leave now?” I said this asking her at the same time. Her head slowly turned to look me in the eyes again. I saw another spark flash in her eyes before they teared up again and she shook her head no.

“I guess I’m stayin’ for a while then Em. You and Rose go get settled, hunt if ya’ll need to. I’m going to have to go tonight sometime.” I said while looking in her eyes. Her breath hitched ever so slightly. She was trying not to break down. “Umm… Bella? Do you think I could drop by for a just minute before we go to the house I have something for you.” I knew she couldn’t talk. I gave her a pointed look asking what the answer to the question was and she shook her head no. “Uhhh… Em I don’t think that’s a good idea right now. Please just go to the house. Whatever you have will keep till tomorrow right?” I asked. Bella’s body tensed waiting for his answer. She really didn’t want to see him today.

“Sure Bro, no prob.” He answered. “We’ll see you at the house. Give my lil sis a hug for me. Bye guys.” He tried to sound happier at the end but we could both tell that this just hurt him. I looked at her with sad eyes as I took my phone from her. “Do you understand how much seeing you means to him?” I asked. I didn’t want to make her feel bad but I did want her to understand that we didn’t just move on.

She turned her head away from me and nodded as her tears silently made their escape down her cheeks. I moved to lean on the headboard and rocked forward grabbing her under the arms and gently moving her to my lap. She curled herself into me. This reminded me of the coffee shop. She felt safe like this and I was happy to have her this way. I just wish it wasn’t because she was sad. I held her for a while and said nothing. I waited until her tears stopped flowing. Though she never all out cried I could smell the tears as they welled up in her eyes and feel them drop onto my t-shirt.

Eventually she stopped and I sat her up forcing her to look me in the eye. I was afraid of what I would see. Afraid she would have retreated once again. She hadn’t. She some light in her eyes and that gave me hope. “Do you want to talk? I think it would help me understand all of this if you can tell me what happened after your party until we left.” I knew she didn’t want to talk about this but how else was she going to get passed it?

Her eyes flashed again. I’d guess given the topic it was fear. I don’t care any flash is better than deadness. She shook her head quickly. I wasn’t going to give up that easily. “Have you told anyone Bella?” I asked sending her my concerned feelings. Again she shook her head. I sighed heavily. “Bella, you need to get it out. It’s literally killin’ you to keep all of this in. Please Darlin’, if you won’t tell me will you tell someone? I’ll get whoever you want to talk to.” My southern accent so dominant because of my worry for her I didn’t even notice right away the shiver that it caused in her.

She was statue Bella once again. It seems it takes her a while to make the decision so I let her be. Hoping if I waited long enough she would answer. After five minutes though I was becoming impatient. This was getting old. “Bella? Talk to me please.” I begged. Humor. Humor works sometimes. I slowly go up from the bed with her in my arms and returned her to the edge of the bed. She sat there looking at me. I’m sure wondering what I was doing so I gave her my signature smirk as I got down on both knees, I took both of her hands in mine.

“Miss Bella, I beseech you to bestow upon me the knowledge that I seek. I kneel before you not as a man in search of the truth but as a vampire in search of an answer with words.” I said as seriously as I could. Chuckling on the inside hoping she would say something. It worked! It worked better than I hoped for. She gave me a grimace, but I think it was meant to be a forced smile. She was trying! Thank God, Again! If I ever make it up there I’m going to owe him a lot of favors.

I smiled in response to her odd facial expression and looked into her eyes. They still had the vacancy about them but I got a response so I’m not going to be picky. “Jasper, not today. I will you but I just can’t today, ok?” I nodded. This was acceptable. “Ready for that movie then?” I asked. She was still getting out of this house if I had to carry her. Not that that would be a problem. She actually nodded. I knew I was pushing my luck but I thought I’d ask. “Do you want Em and Rose to meet us there or just for us to go?” I am trying to avoid yes/no questions so she has to talk. Her voice is beautiful and I need to hear more of it.

I wasn’t giving her all day to think this through. After a minute I prompted her. “Bella?” “Yes, I guess they can meet us there, just for the movie, and you call them.” I was taken aback. She spoke, she set conditions and she made a demand. Even without inflection in her voice the sound still made me happy. I pulled my phone out. Emmett was going to be ecstatic. I called them. After his boisterous whooping I told them to meet up at the theater in Port Angeles and we could pick out a movie. I also told him, that they were only invited for the movie, otherwise he could come and see her tomorrow.

I hoped he understood what I was trying to tell him. If not I’m sure Rose got it. And hopefully she’d explain it to him. Bella didn’t want to talk.

A/N: So raise your hand if you thought it was Rose and Emmett that pulled up at the beginning of the chapter? Yep thought so. Now tell me what you thought of this chapter. It’s moving slow but you just can’t push depression. It will pick up….eventually. Should Jake or Sam make more appearances?

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