Saving Bella Chapter 4

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Saving Bella: Chapter 4


Last time in Chapter 3

I paid for the book and we left the store. I put the book in the truck and turned Bella to walk down the street. It was cold but not unbearable. She didn’t question me she just let me guide her silently. As we walked down the street toward the coffee shop I knew was only a block down Bella’s head snapped up.

I couldn’t feel her emotions, her face did not betray any emotion but she began shaking. I followed her gaze to see what she was looking at. I didn’t understand but I felt that I should. I was missing something. Something important. “Bella?” I questioned her with worry.

Now on to Chapter 4:

“Bella?” I asked again. She reached out for my hand and lowered her head. She was still shaking but she grabbed my hand tightly and was holding on for dear life. I knew if I had been human her grasp would have hurt. I looked ahead. All I saw were two guys walking out of a bar. They were laughing and joking about a sports game they just watched and not paying us any attention. It looked like they were going to part ways so they stopped in the middle of the sidewalk to finish their conversation.

Was Bella scared of them? Had Fuckward spooked her for every man?

She continued to vibrate next to be and I’m fairly certain it was not because it was cold. The coffee shop I was bringing her to was the door just past the men. I made sure to angle myself between Bella and the men as we walked by. I had to catch a growl before it passed when I felt their lust increase as we passed. I knew it was for Bella and I didn’t like it.

Did she know them?

They didn’t say anything to us or acknowledge us until after we passed and I knew their eyes followed us but I just choose to ignore them. Keeping Bella close to me and away from them. Not like they could hurt her much with me around but I didn’t like that she was afraid of them.

I brought her in the coffee shop and we walked up to the counter. The only person in there was the pimply faced boy working as a Barista. I looked down at Bella who was still looking at her shoes. “Bella? What would you like? It’s on me.” I prompted her.

She looked up at me and shook her head. She looked back down at her feet. I sighed. Was I going to have to do it again so soon? We were going to go to dinner shortly after this so I guess we could just skip it. But I thought just sitting somewhere listening to the music and talking would be good. So I ordered us a couple of hot chocolates. Mine was only for show. I was not going to drink it if I didn’t have to.

Bella never commented, never moved, and never said anything. I got our drinks and led us to a pair of comfy chairs by a fireplace. It seemed like a nice relaxing setting. Bella sat down and I set her drink by her. She didn’t acknowledge it or me.

This was starting to feel like pulling teeth from a cranky alligator.

“Bella I bought you a drink, please at least drink it.” I asked.

I ran my hands through my hair. How do I get through to her?

“Bella do you want to go anywhere else? Do anything else while we are out?”

I didn’t even bother looking at her; I knew she wasn’t looking at me. I could still hear the men we passed outside talking about coming in here to check out ‘the punk with the little girly’. I was honestly hoping they chose to go somewhere else. I don’t think I would handle the situation well if they tried to make trouble for Bella.

I needed to know. Why was she so scared of them?

“Bella? Were you scared of those men? Remember I can’t feel your emotions.” I was hoping to get answer from her. I did. She nodded. I growled. She looked up at me with her vacant eyes. Looking through me again.

“Fuck! What do I have to fuckin’ do to get you to talk to me!?!” I growled at her. The way I acted most people would have been frightened but not Bella. She just looked at me. Again it was better than through me. She looked like maybe she’d answer and then the bell on the door dinged.

We both looked towards the door, only I knew who it was and this was not good. She looked back at me, her eyes slightly bigger but still vacant of emotion. Leave it to Bella to constantly surprise me though.

She picked up her hot chocolate took a sip and stood up. I grabbed my cup and made to stand up also while the men stood at the counter debating why coffee was so much in a coffee shop compared to everywhere else. Before I could get to my feet, Bella walked right in between my legs. I looked up at her with a questioning look. Now what is she doing?

I couldn’t get up with how she was standing and she was shaking but she managed to take another sip of her hot chocolate before she sat down in my lap. I moved my hands quickly to accommodate her because I still had my drink in my right hand. She curled up in my lap with her head nestled against my chest under my chin.

Her scent was mouthwatering Freesias and vanilla with a hint of her strawberry shampoo. I shook my head I couldn’t think like that. I set my cup down and wrapped my arms around her. In my arms I knew she was safe. I think so did she. I tried to send her some feeling of safety and fondness but again I can’t be sure if she felt them.

The men ordered their coffees and came to sit directly across from Bella and I. Big mistake.

The lust coming from them was sickening. What enraged me was their anger and mischievousness. They were up to no good and I knew it. I couldn’t do anything with Bella in my arms though and I didn’t want to scare her. I had to bite back a growl however. I could manipulate their feelings but if I manipulated them would it affect Bella? I couldn’t have that. I couldn’t scare her more. And didn’t know if my gift worked on her. Again always go for the obvious.

I sent feelings of contentment out that would keep the sharks across the room happy and Bella. “Bella can you feel that?” She looked up into my eyes. Hers were haunted, they almost made me want to shiver. I did it again “that, can you feel that?” I asked in a whisper. She slowly nodded her head. Ok so even though I can’t feel her she can feel me. Again, not good with the moron twins sitting here. They have done nothing but whisper how sexy it would be to wrap ‘that girl’ around them.

These men were pigs. Even worse than pigs. They were evil. They didn’t know I could hear them and I’m glad Bella couldn’t. They were going to cause trouble and I needed to get us out of here before that started. Bella returned her head to my chest. “Bella? Are you ready to leave, Darlin’?” I asked her just barely loud enough that the others might here. I wasn’t being cautious enough. I should have kept our conversation private.

She picked her head up and looked at me. “GET A ROOM!” One of the men belted out. Honestly I was surprised it took him this long to say something. They had a plan. It was just decided. Get us outside and jump me to get to her. Well she nodded her head that she as ready to leave. Now what? Do we try to wait them out or lead them outside so they can attempt to put their plan into action?

I needed to get Bella away from them. Just then my phone beeped with a text message.

Alice: Send her to the restroom

To save time I showed Bella the text. She paused staring at it like she had never seen a phone. Finally she looked into my eyes and I nodded with my head and pointed towards the restroom with my chin. She looked over her shoulder at the men and towards the bathroom then back at me. Very slowly she got up, set her drink down and walked off.

The smaller man stood up as soon as her back was turned. And I stepped in front of him. “Where do you think you are going?” I growled at him and narrowed my eyes. I know how scary I can look. I was hoping that would be enough. He just looked at me and narrowed his eyes. He glanced towards the restrooms and replied “Do you mind I have to take a shit.” The other guy stayed in his seat but I could feel the nervous anticipation rolling off of him. They were both lustful and the guy in front of me was agitated.

“I think I do mind and you can wait.” I stated menacingly.

I think these guys had too much alcohol in them. They sure couldn’t take a hint. So when the other one came to stand by his friend I decided I had enough of this game. I sent them a bucket load of fear. I started it slowly and allowed it to increase. As the other guy stood up he tried to act tough. More over he didn’t even try to hide his intentions. “We are going to get that pretty little thing of yours and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it, boy!” He stated.

I smirked. The fear increasing as I took a step closer to them. “Ya’ll need to get the hell out of here before she comes back. And I don’t ever want to see you again. Is that clear. If I so much as smell you, you will hurt!” I said with as much venom in my voice as I could.

They were shaking but their brains just weren’t working for them today. The first one I stopped raised a fist and swung it toward me. I dodged it easily but I could tell their fear response was not flight it was fight. Shit! “Outside!” I barked at them. They hesitated and I headed for the door. The followed. I stopped trying to scare them with emotions I was just going to have to take care of this the old fashioned way.

We walked around the corner and to the alley behind the coffee shop. I had left my phone on the table. Hopefully Bella would understand that meant to stay put. I didn’t know how far I was going to take this. Do I kill them? Do I just hurt them? The only person who saw us together was that pimply faced punk.

I gotta get back to Bella. This has got to be quick. I turned towards them. “Well fellas we can do this the easy way or the hard way.” They looked at each other and then back at me. “The hard way” they answered in unison. I sighed.

They stalked up to me trying to intimidate me. I sighed again. They each made a fist and lunged at me. I jumped back didn’t touch them and they both fell to the ground. Yep they were stupid and drunk. That made this easy. They scrambled to get up. I just stood there watching them trip over themselves.

“You stupid little punk!” the smaller guy screeched. I just stared at him. Then with a smirk I said “you moron you do realize I haven’t touched you right?” He looked at me incredulously, like that just wasn’t possible. I needed to get back to Bella I can’t dance around with assholes any longer. I stepped forward.

“You need to learn some manners and I’m going to teach you. You respect women. So I’m going to show you both what it’s like to be used and mistreated.” I said through gritted teeth. This scared them. Good.

I stalked toward them. The larger one took a swing at me while the other one backed up. I caught his fist and squeezed. Not hard enough to break the bones but hard enough that the pain brought him to his knees. “Now listen here you stupid little shit. You leave my girl alone and all women for that matter. You and your friend here are nothing but worthless piles of shit and I will kill you if I ever see you again do I Make myself clear.” I said in a growl but loud enough they could both hear. I lightly hit the guy in the face breaking his jaw. Then sent him some lethargy knocking him out.

The other guy looked on figuring I just knocked him out cold. I took a step towards him and he backed up. Pussy. I stalked at a faster pace towards him. He was not getting away. He backed up and tripped over some trash. He fell down and I wasted no time walking up as fast as “humanly” possible and decked him. Breaking his nose and possibly his cheek bone. Then I knocked him unconscious too. I went to work quickly. I knew it was only a matter of time before Bella came looking for me.

I moved the two guys further back in the alley and ripped their clothes off. They were going to wake broken, battered, and nude in a very compromising position. I organized their bodies into a spoon and using strips made from their clothing tied them closely together. All of this only took about a minute thanks to my vampire speed. I needed to get back to Bella after all.

Just as I suspected Bella was pacing nervously in front of the coffee shop door outside in the cold holding my phone. When I came around the corner she saw me and let me feel her relief. It was nice to feel this coming from her. As I neared her though the feeling disappeared. She never smiled at me, she never said a word but she was looking at me. She handed me my phone.

I looked down at the screen it had an open message.

Alice: Stay there!

I nodded my head thankful that she sent the message and that Bella got it. She looked at me closely. I knew what she was looking for. Did I kill those men. I let her look. I didn’t say anything. I stared into those empty eyes. Once pools of molten chocolate now flat, lifeless, vacant. I just stared and let her stare at my black eyes. The black took over while we were still sitting in coffee shop. My anger at those men. They really should not have followed us. Someone was going to have to find them; They weren’t going to be able to get out of that by themselves. I laughed when I realized it’d probably be the Barista when he goes to throw the trash.

I can play her game. I knew she was getting cold but this silent treatment was getting ridiculous. So we waited. I never thought she was waiting for my eyes to return to their golden color but as soon as they did she relaxed her muscles just ever so slightly and turned and went back into the coffee shop. Me, I stood there. Was she waiting to see if they turned red or gold? She think I killed those me.

I did not understand this woman!

I decided to shoot Alice a quick text saying Thanks. Then I followed Bella into the shop.

She was sitting in the chair I was originally in drinking her hot chocolate. So I decided to play with her. I walked up to her looked down at her and she just stared straight ahead at my legs. I grabbed her under the arms, careful not to hurt her or spill the chocolate but maneuvered her just like a rag doll and sat down putting her back in my lap.

She didn’t say anything but she struggled to pull away and I chuckled at her. “No, no you wanna sit in my chair Missy then you do it when I’m not around.” I looked at her with a smirk as I held her squirming body in place. How does she keep that vacant look on her face?

She finally gave up and settled down. She returned to ignoring me and drinking her hot chocolate. The Barista watched the whole thing and gave off a ton of lust. I assume he was wanting her wriggling around in his lap. I have to admit she was hitting and rubbing on a body part that didn’t mind the attention. I can’t think like that. This is Bella and she’s broken hearted.

“Bella, I didn’t kill those men.” I felt she needed to know this. I’m sure because my eyes were black she still suspected I killed them despite the fact that my eyes weren’t red. Her body relaxed a bit more but she didn’t say anything. “I can go back and finish them off if you want though”.

She looked up to me, still without expression and shrugged.

She shrugged?

What did that mean? If those guys hurt her I will go back and kill them. Did they hurt her before and she really wants them dead?

“Bella, did you know them? Did they hurt you?” I was asking two questions at a time on purpose it required more than a head nod or shrug to answer. She again looked at looked at me for a long time and quirked an eyebrow waiting for an answer.

“They attacked me last year, those are the men…..” She couldn’t finish. I knew what she was going to say. Fuckward had told us what happened. I was all for killing them that night. But we didn’t. Now I was enraged, they had tried to attack her twice! “Bella, I know what you are talkin’ ‘bout, it’s ok Darlin’. I didn’t kill them but they deserve to die for the things they do to women. I’ll take care of it later”.

Since I had ripped their clothes to shreds I had their wallets, I knew who they were and where they lived. And I had a plan. “I won’t spill their blood, Darlin’ I won’t take that filth into me, and I won’t be their executioner but there will be justice, I promise”. She looked at me, no expression but I assume it was supposed to be a questioning look. In other words what was I going to do.

I sighed. “let’s get you some dinner Darlin’ and I’ll explain on the way home after, ok?”

She nodded her head and turned to finish her hot chocolate. “Do you want to take mine with you. I promise I didn’t touch it” I said with a smile. She shook her head no, so I deposited the full cup in the trash on our way out the door.

As we walked away from the store and passed the alley some grunting and groaning could be heard coming from that direction. Bella looked up at me and moved herself a bit closer. I smirked at her knowing exactly how those two morons were going to be found and put my arm around her shoulders. I think I’m looking for any excuse to touch her, hold her. I didn’t have to put her in my lap earlier. Although I was hoping she’d say something about it rather than wiggle and give up.

I didn’t have to put my arm around her now but I enjoyed feeling the warmth coming from her and closeness of her petite frame. She was so thin though. I think she is more breakable now than she ever was. Soaking wet she probably weighed 90lbs. “Bella, the Chinese place was ok right?” She nodded her head.

Thank God! I hope that means she’s going to eat. Carlisle did tell me not to force her though. Apparently when people quit eating their stomach shrinks and they can’t take in as much food as normal. But she did pretty well with those eggs this morning. It didn’t seem like we did much today but she slept for quite a while after she fainted. And I kept her that way because she needed it.

We arrived at the Chinese place and it was a buffet so I had to pay for a meal for me even though I wasn’t planning on eating. I didn’t argue I just paid. We found a booth to put our jackets in and I went with Bella through all the different stations. She never spoke. The good news was she never argued, either.

She piled a plate with egg rolls, orange chicken, rice, and sushi. Though it looked good enough, it didn’t smell that great and I really didn’t want to know how it tasted. I put a couple pieces of sushi on a small plate for me. I chose the same kind she got in case she wanted them. I doubt she’s going to eat all this food. I silently cursed myself bringing an anorexic to a buffet, from previous psych classes I knew that was a bad idea.

Technically she wasn’t anorexic though. I reminded myself. She’s depressed. She’s not worried about her weight. She just has no will to eat. That’s the difference. I was hoping to make small talk while we were there. There was only a few other people in the restaurant and they were kind of loud so I was hoping we would just go unnoticed.

Of course I thought wryly with a slight smirk on my face ‘who wouldn’t notice the vampire and the zombie at a Chinese restaurant?’ Yeah this is some bad sitcom right here. Bella caught my eyes with her blank stare and cocked her head. She couldn’t hear my internal monologue and wanted to know what I found humorous. Somehow I knew she wouldn’t find it so funny though. I shook my head at her.

“So Bella, would you like to do anything else tonight?” She was slowly eating her food for which I was grateful. It didn’t seem like she was going to make me eat for the second time today. I was mentally doing a happy dance over that one.

She continued to look at me and shook her head no. I couldn’t help myself I didn’t want to bring her home. I didn’t want to snap that door closed. But it had been a long day for her. I know she’s not used to doing this. I was going to give her a choice but not going was not an option. “Bella there’s a movie I want to see and you are going with me. Do you want to go tonight or tomorrow?”

Frankly I didn’t know what movies were playing but I did know I was taking her someplace. She looked up at me. She knew she didn’t have a choice. I just stared at her waiting for an answer. And I was going to blow a gasket if I didn’t get one. I tried to give her a look that conveyed this, my frustrated you better answer or else look.

Her body tense, she looked at table and she said “tomorrow” very softly. “Now was that so difficult to say Darlin’?” I asked because she did look like it was really that difficult to say. Then I realized we never finished the argument that caused her to faint. The one where I said ‘Bella, I’m not leavin’. Not until you’re better, Sweetheart. I can’t stand the thought of you livin’ like this’. And she blew up.

We still needed to have this conversation. I needed to find a movie to take her to tomorrow. I needed to take care of the rat-bastards that I left in the alley. And I needed to make sure she got a decent night’s sleep again tonight. I never typically felt busy but Bella is apparently high maintenance. No Bella’s not, saving her from her inner demons is. I groaned internally. I have a lot of work to do.

Just then my phone beeped with an incoming text.

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If you have some ideas of how Jasper is going to help knock Bella out of her shell, let me know. Do you know what he’s going to do the morons? Who sent the text message? Should Laurent or Victoria make an appearance? Leave me some love.

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