Saving Bella Chapter 10

A/N: I don’t own anything: Well I do have this thing with pandas and their heads rock and it’s solar powered. I dunno my husband thought it was cool. It would be too if I was 5.So shout out to my girl Anadabyel for being Awesome as Always! Love you BB! And all my reviewers! Sorry I didn’t get a chance to reply individually but I thought you’d prefer to have this chapter and Anadabyel’s Wanted Chapter. So I’ve been a busy bee! Love Ya peeps!Saving Bella: Chapter 10JPOVLast time in Chapter 9:“Well I’ll see you kids later.” He slapped us both on the back as he walked out and we hollered “Bye Dad!” we said in unison, chuckling. “I’m going to go see Bella real quick and then I think I’m going to go shopping.” Emmett nodded as I walked up the stairs. “Hey what do you need to go shopping for bro?” He asked. As I walked down the hall to Bella’s room I answered “Sporting goods”.Now on to Chapter 10:I made my way to Bella’s room and found her lying on her bed. “Hey Darlin’.” I said as I walked through the door. She just stared at the ceiling. She didn’t acknowledge me but her heart rate increased a little. That was curious. “Bella?” I asked as I went and sat down next to her. She slowly turned her head to look at me. She had two black eyes, I could still smell the blood though it wasn’t fresh, it was strong. Her nose was extremely swollen and purple with a small cut across the top. Her eyes were blood shot and she looked like she had been crying? She didn’t even cry when she got hit with the tray. Had she been crying?“Bella, Darlin’ I know you’ve gotta be hurtin’ right now and you’re suppos’ to spend the afternoon with Em. I just wanted to apologize. I shoulda stopped the tray. I also wanted to see if you needed anything’ from me?” I expressed this as heartfelt as I could. I let her feel my remorse. I truly was sorry I didn’t stop the tray. “I’m fine.” She replied quietly and turned her head back, looking up at the ceiling, again.Is she mad at me? I apologized. “Bella, are you mad at me Darlin’?” I needed to know. I wanted to fix it if I could. There was a pause but she answered. “No I’m not mad at you Jasper, I’m mad at Mike for wanting to hurt you”. She is amazing, she knows the tray wouldn’t have hurt me and she’s not mad that she’s hurt. She’s mad at the action against me. “I am too and I’m gonna go have a talk with him right now so this doesn’t happen again. He was suspended for three days. But he’s gonna spend those next three days workin’ his butt off at his parent’s store.” I said with a smirk. “Jasper, don’t hurt him, it was an accident.” She said with emphasis on the last word. Despite today she still hadn’t gone back into her shell and I could help but be pleased about that nugget of information. But I wasn’t going to let this go.“Bella, I’m not gonna hurt him. Maybe scare the piss outta him but I’m not gonna hurt him. Ok?” I asked. “Jasper, please just leave him alone he didn’t do it on purpose.” she requested while looking me in the eye. Her eyes still had a vacancy but they were better. “Darlin’ technically he did do it on purpose he just got the wrong person.” I stated giving her a pointed look. She knew I was right. “But it wouldn’t have hurt you had it hit you, just leave him alone I don’t want any more drama, please?” She was almost pleading.I chuckled at her. “Bella, this isn’t about you really. He has a beef to pick with me so I’m gonna go let him pick it, away from the pryin’ eyes of the school. By the time he comes back everyone will have forgotten all about it. Besides the biggest gossip right now isn’t Mike. It’s whatever relationship is goin’ on between you, me, and Em, oh and Em without a shirt.” I said with a smile. “Hell yeah!” Emmett hollered up the stairs and I laughed. Bella’s eyes sparkled but she wasn’t ready to laugh, quite yet, though she was getting closer. She was letting feelings in and out very slowly, but it was progress.“Darlin’ I’m gonna go and let you spend the even’n with Em. Send him home when you want. Do you want me to come and help you sleep tonight?” I decided to ask her. It was selfish really. I wanted her say she wanted me around. She nodded. I growled at her. “Yes Jasper, please help me sleep tonight, my face is probably going to be too sore for me to sleep well and I…I don’t want to be alone.” She responded a bit more monotone than she had been before but I wasn’t going to push her. “Darlin’ you need to put some ice on your face to help with the swellin’, can you do that?” I asked. Hoping I wasn’t going to have to fight her for that too.“Yes, I’ll go get it in a minute.” She said. Before she even finished her sentence I heard Emmett in the freezer preparing something to bring up. “Em’s got it Darlin’, I’ll see you tonight. Take it easy on him” I nodded towards her bedroom door indicating Emmett who was still downstairs. “He’s new to takin’ care of humans.” I finished. She just nodded her head a bit. I didn’t want to hurt her face and I really wanted to kiss her forehead but I didn’t dare touch her head at all. I gently grabbed her right hand and brought it to my lips. “Even’n Miss Bella.” I said laying the accent on thick. Bowed my head towards her and took my leave.I met Emmett on the stairs as I was heading down. “Hey Em I know she’s probably not gonna want to eat now but she only got like two bites of lunch, before… So maybe you can see if you can get her to eat somethin’.” I shrugged. “And before you ask, yes you’ll have to eat with her.” I interjected. His shoulders slumped and he nodded his head. I chuckled and made my way downstairs. “Jazz?” He asked from the top of the stairs. I turned to face him. “What are ya gonna do to Newton?” He asked feeling curious and mischievous. I quirked an eyebrow at him “Got somethin’ in mind, Em?” He shrugged. “I think you need to scare him and scare him good. But if you accidently kill him I’ll help ya cover it up bro.” he said. I sniggered “Em I’m not gonna kill him. I’ll fig’re out what I’m gonna do when I get there. I guess we are gonna need some campin’ equipment just in case.” He laughed and went to Bella’s room. I hope they have a good time. Given the situation though, I doubt it’s going to be enjoyable for either of them. Maybe I’ll see if Rose wants to go to the sporting goods store with me. I didn’t know what I was going to do when I got there but I was definitely going to make an impression.I got in my truck and made my way back to our house. I’m sure Rose wants to know how Bella is. I don’t think she’s talked to Emmett since he left to pick Bella up. If nothing else I get to share all the comments from the Forks high gossip group about her shirtless husband. I smirked at that thought, I know we are desirable but Emmett really had them drooling when they saw him walk Bella to his jeep.As I pulled up in front of the house, Rose appeared at my driver’s side door. Yep she was anxious and worried. “Is she ok?” she asked I got out of the truck. “Yeah, as best as can be expected when you get hit in the face with a lunch tray at high speed.” I told her. She flinched at the thought. It wouldn’t hurt her but she knows how fragile humans are and especially Bella in her current condition. “So I was thinking of paying Mikey a visit at work….Would you care to join me?” I said with an evil grin. “Well I like where this is going, what is your plan?” she asked me mirroring the evil grin.“Scare the piss out of him.” I stated menacingly. She grinned like a maniac. “I like it. How are you going to do it?” she asked getting anxious and excited. So I told her my plan as we hopped in the truck to go ‘shopping’. I told her the whole story of what happened to Bella at school and about Emmett’s shirtless debut. She laughed at the shirtless part and was more than a little angry at the lunchroom incident. “What was he thinking!?!” she growled out. “Not Fuckward here Darlin’.” I shrugged. For some reason she was shocked at my answer. I looked at her questioningly. She knew what I was asking. Why was that comment shocking?“Well I think it shocked me because I just realized you haven’t called him anything but Fuckward since we got here. And I think Mike was actually coming after you because he blames our family for what happened to Bella.” She said. I pondered this for a couple of minutes. I figured that’s why he attacked me but he had no right. And yes I haven’t said HIS name since I found out what a fuck-wad HE is.I looked over to her. “So?” I asked, not sure if she was going somewhere with this train of thought. “Well I know that you are mad at Mike and all but honestly he was just helping Bella out, as he saw it. I think.” She added. I shook my head. “Not good enough Rose. He hurt her badly and honestly if I was human I’d probably be in the hospital right now. That was suppos’ to hit me in the back of the head, remember? He can’t get away with reacting like that. And I don’t want him anywhere near Bella ever again. I know his lustful feelin’s for her. He has always had them. And if we’re bein’ honest Fuckward didn’ like him around her either. So he’s probly not have the purest thoughts to go with those emotions.” I rambled a bit but I was frustrated.“You like her don’t you?” She asked out of nowhere. Well I felt like it was out of nowhere. I just nodded my head. I wasn’t going to give her more than that. “How much?” she asked. Yeah like I didn’t see that question coming. “Rose, I dunno ok? Just let’s take care of the douche-bag and then we can talk about it. Alright?” I really didn’t want to have this conversation now, or ever really.We pulled up in front of Newton’s Sporting Goods store and went in. Mike was standing behind the counter when we walked in feeling mad and guilty. When he saw us he paled and was immediately scared and worried. Good. Rose went to pick up some of our normal camping supplies while I made my way to the counter taking note that Mrs. Newton was in the back store room and there was one other customer on the other side of the store. We were in a manner of speaking, alone. I smirked at him as I walked towards him slowly and menacingly. I wanted him to know I had a purpose and he was not going to like it. He backed up into the counter behind him. I made my way to him and stopped when I got to the outer portion of the customer service counter and stopped. I just stared him down. I thought I’d send him a bit of fear just to get the ball rolling. “C…c..can I…….y…” he stuttered out quietly. I grinned wider at him and leaned in on the counter. The smell of fear can be a beautiful thing. I reveled in it for a minute before I spoke; again making sure no one was around.“I think you can Mikey.” I said sneering his name. “You see there’s this asswipe that hurt a friend of mine pretty badly today. And I’m none too happy with him. Especially since the pain was actually meant for me.” I nearly growled the last part at him. He gulped and I noticed that he had a difficult time swallowing. “Now what do you think I should do about that?” I asked him. Actually wondering what he would say. He was frozen for nearly a minute when he finally got a burst of courage. Moron.“Well it was all y…your fault.” He tried to sound confident but he only sounded scared. Good. “I didn’t throw a tray at someone’s head.” I said accusingly. He flinched. “I didn’t hit a broken hearted girl in the face breaking her nose and giving her two black eyes.” I continued in the same tone. “And I am not the one that now has all of Forks’ police force gunning for me because of it.” I added with a smirk. He paled at that thought. And I continued threateningly. “You should be scared Mikey, you physically harmed the police chief’s daughter. His one and only daughter. Who was already having a difficult time, Mikey. She didn’t need physical injuries too.” He was really scared, not just of me but of Charlie also. I grinned like a fiend at that.“I…it w….was….y…your….f….fault.” He stuttered out? He was trying to gain his courage and I wasn’t stopping him. I wanted to hear how this was my fault and he needed to be a bit more verbal for that to happen. But I wasn’t going to help him either. “Y……….all….left….her.” He was getting better. “I didn’t leave her, Mikey. My family moved and Emmett, Rosalie, and I were away at college when it happened.” Of course we were actually here but that was the public story. “E…..Ed..ward….b….bro..oke…her.” he was getting angry now at the mention of Fuckward’s name, can’t say I blame him with that one.“She….she…was…beautiful….now…she’s…wasting away.” He was gaining more courage and words were beginning to flow freely and something told me I wasn’t going to like where he was going with this. I waited. “She was perfect and he….he ruined her!” Yep anger making a comeback. I just couldn’t believe the shit coming from his mouth. I raised my eyebrows in surprise at him but didn’t say anything. I wanted to see just how deep he was going to dig this hole. “She should have been mine! She was supposed to be mine! We would have been perfect together. Now look at her! She isn’t worth looking at! She gone!” He was moving closer to me now and yelling loudly. The customer in the store left when he heard the yelling. I heard Rose growling a few isles away. And Mrs. Newton was none the wiser to the confrontation at the front of the store. I was trying to keep my growl a minimum as I heard the crap spewing forth from this asshole. His? He thought she should be his? His what? Arm candy? Whore? He didn’t care about her. He liked the way she looked. He kept going interrupting my silent reverie. “She was supposed to be mine and now she’s nothing! No one wants her! She doesn’t even talk to anyone! It’s entirely your stupid brother’s fault! He should pay for what he’s done to her! You all should pay. If it wasn’t for your family she’d be fine! She’s useless now!” With that I jumped the counter and had him pinned against the opposite counter. “USELESS?” I yelled at him. “What exactly were you going to use her for?” I asked menacingly. As I held him by the throat, his pulse was racing and the heat of his body was intense. He was terrified. And he should be. I knew my eyes were black with rage and I had to make sure to do things at a human pace when I jumped the counter. I was surprised I still had presence enough of mind to think about that. He wasn’t that big maybe 5’8” kind of a stocky boy but that didn’t compare to my 6’2” broad shoulders and muscular physique of a man. I was intimidating to him vampire or not. I sent him a wave of fear to keep him frozen and right where I wanted him. “I would like nothin’ more than to rip your tongue out and put it in a blender for the filth that just came outta your mouth.” I stated with as much hatred as I could.“I think that I should do the same thin’ to that little prick you call a dick. Because no one should ever talk about a woman like that! Not Bella, not anyone!” I yelled the last sentence into his face. I kept him pinned against the counter and was feeding him fear. He wasn’t even trying to get out of my grasp. Good. I didn’t have to pretend to let him struggle. “You are a lil pig, boy and you don’t deserve someone as fantastic as Bella. Just because she is goin’ through a tough time right now does not mean she is no good! That is ignorant you piss ass punk. So listen to me and listen well because I am only going to say this once. I. WILL. NOT. ALLOW. YOU TO HURT HER. AGAIN! I. WILL. HURT YOU! IF. I. EVER! HEAR. YOU. SAY THAT SHIT ABOUT HER AGAIN! Do I make myself perfectly clear?” I asked before letting go of him. I still needed to make my point crystal clear to this asshole but his fear was at an all time high without my influence. He just nodded, incapable of speech at the moment. Excellent. “Now tell me MIKEY what should I do about the incident earlier in the cafeteria?” He still never answered my question from earlier. At this time Rose came up with a cart full of camping equipment we would need if we actually went camping. She surveyed the situation and smirked. I returned her smirk. She gave off anger and longing. I got the hint. She had something she wanted to add. I let Mike go and just as a show of strength easily hopped back over the counter. He stood there looking like a fish gasping for his last breath. “Rose.” I nodded at her. “Get everythin’ we’ll need, Sis?” I asked as if nothing had just happened. “Yep.” She clipped a response with a smile. Yeah she was up to something. She looked over at Mike and smiled her dazzling smile. I grinned. “Do you think you could check us out, please?” she asked sweetly. He nodded and slowly and shakily he walked to the register. He was still afraid but some lust and amazement were starting to make an appearance as he glanced repeatedly at Rosalie. “He’s starting to ‘feel’ for you.” I whispered to her, making sure he couldn’t hear. She just bobbed her head slightly once acknowledging that she had heard and understood me.Rose and I waited quietly while Mike rang our purchase. After all they were the only sporting goods store in Forks and we still needed to keep up appearances. Mrs. Newton would see our purchase on the books since we would charge it all to Carlisle’s account. When our purchase had been rung up and paid for, all in silence, Rose looked over and winked at me. “I couldn’t help but notice you guys were arguing earlier” she said to Mike. He nodded his head. I presented him with a menacing smile as I picked up a rather large hunting knife that Rose had selected as part of our purchase and removed it from its sheath. “So what were you guys arguing about earlier?” She asked him, totally ignoring me. He kept his eyes locked on mine, his face got a bit paler, and his fear increased. I kept eye contact and slowly turned the knife in one hand while stroking the blade with a finger on my other hand. Good I think I may have begun to make an impression. “, it was nothing.” He said quietly and I quirked my eyebrow at him, never breaking my gaze. Rose leaned in a little showing off cleavage I’m sure. “Was it about Bella?” she asked sweetly, like she really had no clue. He just nodded his head. “You hit her in the face with a lunch tray right?” she asked innocently. He just dumbly nodded again. Not being able to look away from the threat that I was posing with just my presence. “Do you not like her?” She asked him. He kind of snapped out of it with that question. “I did, I do like her” he said quietly. “Do you like me?” she asked him. “Rose” I said lowly in warning grabbing her arm. I sent her my humor so she knew I was playing along. “What?” she looked back at me innocently. I almost chuckled. I wasn’t sure what she was doing but I had an idea. “No. Rose.” I stated looking at her and then back at Mike. He straightened slightly. He was accepting the challenge. “Jazz, I’m sure Mike doesn’t have any interest in me, do you Mikey?” She asked looking back at him with doe eyes. “Well, uhh…umm…you….Emmett?” he finally asked. “OH! You mean my boyfriend? The boyfriend who is currently taking care of poor injured Bella.” She said with disdain. “He’s not here, is he Mikey?” She asked sweetly. “Do you like me?” she asked again.“I..uh” he looked over at me and I shook my head slowly and carefully. He shook his head no. I was chuckling internally. “JAZZ! I saw that! If Mike wants to like me that is his choice!” she yelled at me feeling humorous. “No.” I stated. “I looked back at him. Is she useful?” I nodded towards Rose. His eyes got big and he became embarrassed though he was still mostly scared. “Is my SISTER useful to YOU, does she look GOOD enough for you!?” I asked with a growl. He backed up against the counter I had him pinned against minutes ago. He shook his head. “Useful?” Rose asked like she had no idea what was going on. “YES, dear sister, useful. This pig said Bella was no longer useful because Fuckward broke her.” I said keeping my eyes on him and speaking each word with purpose. She looked over at Mike and her sweet demeanor became that of the bitch that we all knew resided in there. Rose has no use for men like this, not even as a snack. “Is what he’s saying the truth?” She asked Mike with a look that could kill. He just stood there frozen. I continued to fiddle with the knife in my hand. Of course I wasn’t really going to use it but he didn’t need to know that. And I sent him an extra dose of fear to help. “Mike I would like to make a request. Do you know what that request is?” I asked angrily. He shook his head. I looked at Rose. “Do you see this beautiful woman standing before you?” he nodded. “Do you think you are good enough for someone like her?” he shook his head. He was getting it. ‘Good boy’, I thought. “Women like Bella and I want men. Not pieces of shit little boys like you that think we are a possession. And you will never be a man because you won’t ever get it. I should let my brother string you up like the worm you are and see if the pieces grow back that we cut off.” She sneered. I was honestly surprised at what she said but didn’t let either of them know. Instead I chuckled evilly. “Sis, would you go ahead and bring this stuff to the car and I’ll be there in a minute?” I asked never taking my eyes off Mike. “Sure brother dear. Oh and Jasper?” She asked waiting for me to respond. I looked over at her. She smiled just as menacingly “No blood.” I nodded. Mike was petrified at this point. I had him right where I wanted him. I watched Rosalie take the cart full of stuff and head towards the door without a glance back in our direction. I turned back to Mike whose eyes were wide as saucers as he glanced at the knife still in my hand. I smirked. Placing one hand on the counter I hopped back over to Mike’s side. He was shaking with fear. I was adding to it and honestly I wasn’t sure how much was really him and how much was me but it didn’t matter. He was beyond terrified and that is what I wanted. “I think you need to stay away from every woman in my family and that includes Bella. The Chief isn’t too happy with you either right now so you may not want to so much as run a stop sign for the next 20 years. And like I said if I hear that filth from your mouth EVER again I will not hesitate to cut your tongue out and feed it as an appetizer to the nearest mountain lion. The main course will be the rest of you, one piece at a time. Do I make myself crystal clear?” I stated all of this in a low and calm tone that made it even more menacing because of the lack of emotion interjected. I pointed the tip of the knife at him in a lackadaisical fashion like I didn’t have a very large 7” hunting knife in my hand. I gave him a pointed look to let him know that I was waiting for an answer. The best he could do was nod his head once. “Good, but I still want you to understand how serious I am. Since Rose said no blood, I guess it’ll just be skin.” I said with a smirk as I closed small distance between us.A/N: Thanks a ton to Poet’s soul for her awesome intimidation idea! It so made the chapter, I think. Thanks BB along with a boat load of other ideas you have suggested.

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